Alexander Seaton in Loinmarstaig


Loinmarstaig in Glen Girnaig (Ordnance Survey, 1st edition, 1867)

The Seaton surname is uncommon in Perthshire, but there is a small enclave in an area which overlaps the parishes of Blair Atholl, Dull and Moulin. So, when three Seaton families are linked to the Loinmarstaig homestead there must be the suspicion that these families were related in some way.

The earliest family was that of Alexander Setton and Christian Robertson.

Moulin OPR, 30th March 1736
March 12th. Alexander Setton in this parish and Christian Robertson in B P (Blair parish) being legally contracted, booked and proclaimed and no objection offered were married March 30th.

Unfortunately this predates the Blair Atholl OPR marriages, otherwise more would be know about the origins of the couple. It can only be assumed that Alexander Seaton was from the Badro area of Moulin as their first two children were born at Cnoc na dilt: Margaret, 8th March 1737; and Donald, 30th April 1738.

The Blair Atholl OPR does not mention any further children until 1753, a gap of nearly 15 years. There is no recorded marriage for a second couple named Alexander Setton and Christian Robertson during this period, so it must be assumed that the children born in 1753, and afterwards, belong to the same family: Christian, 2nd February 1753; Elspet, 15th February 1755; and Girzel, 12th February 1758. All of these three children were born at Loinmarstaig.

The 15 year gap might be explained if Alexander Seaton had enlisted in the army, but there is no evidence to support this.

The second family to be linked with Loinmarstaig is that of James Seaton and Jean McLagan who were married in 1757. Their first child, Donald, was born at Loinmarstaig in January 1758, just a few weeks before the Alexander Setton's last last child was born. This overlap suggests that the two Seaton families were related. From their estimated relative ages, James probably was the nephew of Alexander, a younger brother of Donald and Duncan Seatons in Balrobie and Ardtulichan.

The third couple to be linked with Loinmarstaig are Duncan Seaton and Elspet Scot who married 3rd April 1760. Although the Moulin OPR just states that both were living 'in this parish', it can be assumed that Duncan was at Loinmarstaig as all six children were born there. Once again, Duncan probably was Alexander's nephew and James's brother.

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