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Borenich Burial Ground

(Family History in the Parish of Blair Atholl)

Borenich Burial Ground

Borenich Burial ground, Strathtummel, Perthshire, Scotland

Borenich burial ground is in a field on the north side of Loch Tummel, not far from the Queen's View. Most people give it scarcely a glance as they drive along the road towards Tummelbridge, but the curious sometimes stop and walk down the hill to have a closer look. Probably they are surprised to find that the burial ground has a visitor's book and information leaflets.

However it is obvious, from entries in the visitor's book, that some people are visiting the burial ground in the hope of tracing their ancestors. The information leaflet can do no more than scratch the surface in this context, so this web-site has been established to assist those interested in the families who once lived in this part of Strathtummel to discover their roots. This web-site contains historical information about the burial ground, and relates what is known about the people buried there, including marriages, births and census returns.

Latest Addition

Janet Campbell and her husband emigrated to Nova Scotia from Blair Atholl parish aboard the 'Sarah' in 1801 and settled at Barney's River, Pictou. Her monument inscription records that she was 101 years, 1 month and 1 day old when she died. Her obituary says that she left eight children, fifty-five grandchildren, fifty-five great grandchildren and four or five great great grandchildren. We think that we have uncovered their ancestors in Bohespic. If you think otherwise, or can add to the generations, please contact us.

The family of Donald Robertson and Janet Campbell of Barney's River, Pictou, Nova Scotia

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