The Seaton family in Loinmarstaig, Glengirnaig, Moulin parish

Kilmaveonaig church

Kilmaveonaig Episcopal church

There is something reassuring about having an early ancestor who is commemorated with an inscription on his tombstone. Many of the flat stones in the Kilmaveonaig churchyard have no inscription and, perhaps, this is not surprising as the people were native Gaelic speakers. However, the upright stone for Alexander Seaton provides an excellent starting point for researching his family history.

Alexander Seaton Inscription

Erected by the family of
Alexander Seaton
late of Stronchavie
in memory of their father
who died 5 July 1848 aged 88 years
and their mother
Margaret Kennedy
who died 20 July 1851 aged 75 years.
Donald Seaton
who died 23 February 1830 aged 20 years
(the rest of stone is flaked away)

When the Kilmaveonaig monument inscriptions were surveyed in 1974 by James R. Seaton, he also included that Alexander Seaton was the son of James Seaton and Jean McLagan, and had been born at Linmartig (Loinmarstaig) 18th May 1765. It is unclear whether this was part of the original inscription or an addition from personal knowledge of the family, which may have been his own relatives.

The Moulin OPR contains the marriage entry for James Seton and Jean McLagan in 1757. Men tended to marry in their thirties while girls were normally in their twenties, and if this was the case here then Jean probably was the daughter of Patrick McLagan and Christian Stewart, and was born 16th November 1734. This assumption is supported by the name of her second son being Patrick and her eldest daughter being Christian, which follows the traditional naming pattern. Consequently James's parent would be Donald Seaton and Janet, and the most likely couple are Donald Seaton and Jannet Menzies in Ardtulichan, Blair Atholl parish.

Map of Ardtulichan, 1783

Ardtulichan as shown on James Stobie's map of Perthshire (1783)

Ardtulichan is on the south side of the river Garry and within the parish of Moulin. Donald Seaton and Duncan Seaton were living there in the early 1700s but do not appear on the 1705 list of the Duke of Atholl's fencible men. They were probably brothers as they appear to have been of about the same age and their father may have been the tenant. Donald Seaton was married to Jannet Menzie, while Duncan Seaton was married to Elspeth Stewart.

According to family folklore Donald Seaton fought at the battle of Culloden. There is no evidence to support this claim and as he would have been in his mid-fifties this seems unlikely. However, such stories often have a grain of truth, and in this case seems to relate to earlier events.

In 1715 John Erskine, Earl of Mar, raised the Jacobite standard in an attempt to restore the 'Old Pretender' to the throne. In November of that year the indecisive battle of Sheriffmuir was fought and further north the Hanovarian forces re-captured Inverness. At the same time a smaller Jacobite force, led by William Mackintosh of Borlum, got as far south as Preston where they were forced to surrender. A large number of these Highlanders came from Blair Atholl and the surrounding area. The rebel prisoners were dispatched to various jails in Lancaster, Chester and Liverpool to await trial. Most of prisoners were of the opinion that the Government would not venture to execute any one of them, but after four of the English-born prisoners were found guilty of high treason and executed on the gallows, six hundred of the remainder declared themselves guilty and begged for transportation rather than capital punishment. At that time there was a labour shortage in the 'New Plantations' as they were called, and in March 1716 the merchants of Carolina petitioned the Council of Trade and Plantations that some of the rebels taken at Preston might be sent there. Consequently the prisoners were offered clemency if they agreed to sign indentures for seven years service in the Plantations.

The shipment of rebels from Liverpool commenced in the Spring of 1716. The first vessel to sail was the frigate 'Scipio', commanded by Captain John Scraisbrick, which took 96 rebels and was bound for Antigua and the New Plantations. Among the prisoners on board was "Daniel Seton, Mullion, Perth". Daniel is the anglecized version of Donald and Mullion, Perth, is Moulin parish in Perthshire. Although this is not conclusive proof, there are very few Seatons in the Moulin area and even fewer Donald Seatons.


Family folklaw claims that Donald Seaton performed an act of bravery for his master and in return, when they had sailed to England, Donald was released from his indenture and made his way back to Scotland a free man. Curiously his brother Duncan Seaton, who was not involved in the 1715 Rising, also went out to the New Plantations in America.

The Blair Atholl Kirk Session minutes of 19th March 1722 records that the Session was informed that Elspeth Stewart spouse to Duncan Seaton, sometime in Balrobie and now in the New Plantations abroad, was supposed to be with child some while ago, and witnesses were summoned. On 1st April 1722 Christian Stewart in Balrobie, Anne Stewart spouse to John Stewart in Blair, and Katharine McGlashan, midwife, reported to the Session that they had examined the breasts of Elspet Stewart, and they were not producing milk. The Session were not totally convinced and on the 22nd April 1722 the neighbours of Elspeth Stewart were examined but knew nothing, and once again Margaret Stewart and Christian Stewart, both in Balrobie, again confirmed that she was not producing milk. Obviously this was doing little for the Elspeth Stewart's reputation as a faithful wife and, on 9th September 1722 the Session agreed that the affair of Elspeth Stewart in Balrobie should be laid before the Congregation, after Sermon, to intimate that the allegations against her were unproven.

Duncan Seaton would not have taken the hazardous voyage to America during the winter months, but might have done so in the summer of 1721. Yet the insinuation that his wife had entered into an adulterous affairs suggests that he had been away much longer, and this is strange. Under normal circumstances a man would not leave his wife behind, unless he was thinking of emigrating and making preparations for the arrival of the family in a new home. She would not be able to run the farm on her own while he was away unless she was assisted by their relatives or by hired men and women who would need to be paid. Her brother-in-law Donald had returned from America by 1720 as his son James was baptised in Blair Atholl, 16th September 1720, so perhaps he was running the farm. How long Duncan stayed in the New Plantations is also unknown, but the only child born to him and Elspeth Stewart seems to be Isobel, 14th April 1728. Perhaps Duncan had been involved in the return of his brother or perhaps, the returning brother had told Duncan about the 'New World' and wanted to see if there was a future for them out there. The reason for Duncan Seaton's absence is unanswered.

As previously mentioned, Donald Seaton's son James married Jean McLagan in 1757 but the Moulin OPR does not record where either the bride or groom were living at the time.

Moulin OPR
James Setton and Jean McLagan, both in this parish, were legally contracted, booked and proclaimed and, no objection offered, were married 31st March 1757.

The couple had 10 children.........born at Loinmarstaig in Glen Girnaig which is on the opposite side of the River Garry from Ardtulichan and Balrobie.

Loinmarstaig, Glen Girnaig

Loinmarstaig, with original buildings behind the trees and 1800s house on the left


(Generation 3) The Children of James Seaton and Jean McLagan in Loimarstaig, Glen Girnaig

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Donald 14 Jan 1758 . . . d.
Patrick 31 Jul 1759 . . . d.
Christian 16 Jul 1761 Alexander Seaton 25 Jun 1782,
Kincraigie h.
Janet 26 Dec 1763 . . . d.
Alexander 18 May 1766 Margaret Kennedy 7 Nov 1801
Stronchavie h. 5 Jul 1848
w. 20 Jul 1851
James 18 May 1766 died in infancy . Loinmarstaig d. by 1771
Jean 22 Aug 1769 Alexander Robertson 6 Jan 1792 Easter Balrobie h.
James 30 Jul 1771 . . . d.
John 21 Dec 1773 Isobel McBeath 22 Feb 1805 Ekfrid,
h. 12 May 1852
w. 9 Jun 1882
Elizabeth? 2 Oct 1776 . . . d.

The last child may have been Elizabeth, but the pages of the Moulin OPR are torn and that piece is missing.


Alexander Seaton and Margaret Kennedy in Stronchavie

The marriage of Alexander Seaton and Margaret Kennedy appears in both the Moulin and Logierait OPRs.

Logierait OPR, 7 Nov 1801
Alexander Seaton in the parish of Moulin and Margaret Kennedy in this parish, booked for proclamation of banns of marriage.

Moulin OPR, 7 Nov 1801
Alexander Seaton ...........................................................................

Neither provide more than the bare essentials and there are at least two girls of similar age, named Margaret Kennedy, at this time. Fortunately the Minister of Moulin carried out his own census of parishioners over a five year period from December 1820, twenty years before the first official National Census of 1841, and Alexander Seaton and family are at Stronharvie, where all of their children were born.

Name Status Age Occupation Comment
Alexander Seaton head 55y farmer ex-Elder
Margaret Kennedy wife 46y
Margaret Seaton daughter 18y
James Seaton son 15y
Janet Seaton daughter 13y
Alexander Seaton son 8y
Jane Seaton daughter 5y
Robert Robertson servant 22y
Margaret McLauchlan servant 23y
Andrew Kennedy father-in-law 70y

Normally Kirk Elders were appointed for life, or until they felt that they were too old to carry out their duties, so it is unusual for Alexander Seaton to be described as an ex-Elder. In addition there is no mention of Alexander's son Donald who was born in 1809, nor is he mentioned anywhere in the Moulin census.

This census also shows that Margaret Kennedy's father was Andrew Kennedy, and combined with her age being 46 years, then she can be identified as Margaret Kennedy, daughter of Andrew Kennedy and Janet Robertson.

Logierait OPR, 9 Feb 1775
Margaret, lawful daughter to Andrew Kennedy and Janet Robertson in Tomdahyle (Tomdachoil) was baptised.

By the time of the 1841 census Margaret had married John Cameron and left for Canada with their family, James had also emigrated to Canada, Janet had married James Robertson and left Moulin parish, Donald had died, and Jean had married James Scott and moved to the parish of Bendochy.

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Tomhulan Alexander Seaton 75y farmer Perthshire
Alexander Seaton 25y farmer Perthshire
Elizabeth Seaton 25y Perthshire

Alexander Seaton, the younger, had married Elizabeth Duff in 1840, but his mother Margaret Kennedy is not listed. The family were employing two female servants, three agricultural labourers and a fox hunter.

According to his tombstone Alexander Seaton, late of Stronchavie died 5th July 1848 and was buried in the Kilmaveonaig churchyard beside several other Seaton tombstones, both upright and flat, which probably belong to close relatives.

Alexander Seaton Tombstone at Kilmaveonaig


(Generation 4) The Children of Alexander Seaton and Margaret Kennedy in Stronchavie

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Margaret 23 Jan 1803 John Cameron 30 Sep 1822
Noyan h. 28 Mar 1874
w. 28 Jan 1868
James 2 Jun 1805 . . St. Johns,
Janet 25 Aug 1807 James Robertson 6 Oct 1833
. h.
Donald 13 Aug 1809 unmarried . . d. 23 Feb 1830
Alexander 8 Dec 1812 Elizabeth Duff 14 Dec 1840
Bridge of Earn h. 25 Oct 1887
w. 1 Apr 1896
Jean (Jane) 18 Nov 1815 James Scott 4 Jun 1840 Mains of
Mains of
h. after 1862
w. 15 Feb 1862


John Cameron and Margaret Seaton in Moulin and Quebec

Moulin OPR, 30th September 1822
John Cameron and Margaret Seaton, both in this parish were married.

This is all that the Moulin OPR records about the couple, but before John Cameron left for Canada he was given permission to make copies of entries relating to his origins, so that they could go with him.

Moulin OPR, 8th June 1756
Baptised. John, son to James Cameron and Isabel Fergusson, his spouse, in Ovemehabor (illegible). (John Cameron's father)

Moulin OPR, 9th December 1756
Baptised. Janet, daughter to Patrick Forbes and Secil Campbell, his spouse, in Balnald?. (John Cameron's mother)

Moulin OPR, 11th November 1786
John Cameron and Janet Forbes, both in this parish, were booked in order to be proclaimed (and) were married the 22nd current (John Cameron's parents' marriage)

Moulin OPR, 24th November 1787
Baptised. Anne, daughter to John Cameron and Janet Forbes, his spouse, in ............... (John Cameron's sister)

Moulin OPR, 12th May 1790
Baptised. Margaret, daughter to John Cameron and Janet Forbes, his spouse, in ............... (John Cameron's sister)

Moulin OPR, 13th February 1794
Baptised. John, son to John Cameron and Janet Forbes, his spouse, in ............... (John Cameron)

Moulin OPR, 24th November 1798
Baptised. Jean, daughter to John Cameron and Janet Forbes, his spouse, in ............... (John Cameron's sister)

John Cameron and his wife Margaret Seaton had five children between 1825 and 1834: Janet, John, Jane, Margaret and Anne. Jane and Margaret were twins. All of the children were born in Moulin itself.

In 1835 John Cameron sailed from Aberdeen to Quebec where his brother-in-law, James Seaton, was living. James Seaton owned a large tract of land in the township of Aston, near Three Rivers and John Cameron went there to establish a home for his family, but found that it was an unbroken wilderness. Nothing daunted he took up one part where a cabin had been built the year before by lumbermen. He lived there on his own from autumn, through the winter, until the end of the following summer during which time he cleared enough land to make his first field. His nearest neighbours, who were French, lived more than a mile away, but they could speak neither Gaelic nor English, and John Cameron could speak no French.

In the summer of 1836 his wife, Margaret Seaton, and their five children, Janet, John, Margaret, Jane and Anna sailed from Greenoch on the 'Canada', a merchant ship built in Greenoch in 1831. During the trip Jane was nearly killed when a sailor up in the riggings accidently dropped a bucket of tar when she and her sister were playing on deck below. The bucket made a deep dent in the floor of the decking, but Jane escaped unharmed except for getting her head and dress covered with tar.

After a short trip of only 6 weeks the family arrived in Quebec, where John Cameron was waiting, and went James Seaton's place. They stayed there some time before travelling on to Three Rivers, and finally to the new family home in Aston, but without their son John who remained with his uncle. Margaret Seaton was not impressed with her new home in the wilderness, surrounded by strangers who could not speak English, and refused to stay there. So, after a few weeks, the family left for Montreal where they spent the winter. While in Montreal Janet (Jessie) married Edward Brown and went to Caldwell Manor (present-day Noyan), and a while later Jean went to live with them.

In the following Spring the rest of the family went to Caldwell Manor. In those days the Canadian railroad only ran from Montreal to St. Johns on the River Richelieu. So, from St. John, the family had to get an open sailboat which took them to a place about a mile south of the United States/Canadian border where James Seaton had another property. Here, John Cameron established himself as a store-keeper but times were hard and, after the business had struggled for four years, they returned to Montreal and finally in 1842 went back to Aston which was little changed from six years before. Now they commenced in earnest to clear the land and make a decent family home, enduring all the hardships of new settlers. Eventually more fields were established, a better house built and out-houses erected, but John Cameron and his wife never came to terms with their surroundings, especially as there was no protestant church nearer than three Rivers, twelve miles away.

Young John Cameron went into lumbering when he grew up and met his wife in Ontario, where he settled.

Margaret Cameron went to Caldwell Manor when she was 15, as there were no English schools near Aston. She married James Bustard and moved to Scottsburg, Virginia.

Anne Cameron went to the village of St. Gertrude, not far from Aston, where she taught in a boarding school.

Alexander Cameron also left the farm and went to the Eastern Township, but later returned and went to Keene, New Hampshire.

James Cameron settled on part of his father's farm but died suddenly of heart disease, aged only 35 and unmarried.

Elizabeth Cameron went to live with her sister at St. Gertrude but died when only nineteen years of age.

Donald Cameron married and went to Keene, New Hampshire, with his wife and child.

Margaret Seaton died in 1867 and was buried at Three Rivers. After her death John Cameron sold the farm to his son John and went to Caldwell Manor to live with his daughter Jessie. John considered living on the farm, but then changed his mind and sold it to his sister Anna. She split the 500 acres into farms for each of her five sons.


(Generation 5) The Children of John Cameron and Margaret Seaton in Aston, Canada

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
8 Aug 1825 Edward Brown . Caldwell Manor
John 5 Sep 1829 . . . h.
8 Apr 1832 . . . d.
Margaret 8 Apr 1832 James Bustard 1 Jan 1857
Franklin, Chataquay, NY
Havelock, Quebec h.
w. 1916
16 Mar 1834 Odilon LeBlanc 20 Jan 1863 Aston h.
Alexander 4 Oct 1837 Marie Donaldson 1860
Hyde Park,
h. 19 Jan 1922
w. before 1922
James .. Oct 1839 unmarried . Aston d. 1874
Elizabeth .. Dec 1841 unmarried . St. Gertrude d. 1860
Donald 28 Mar 1846 . . Keene,
New Hampshire


(Generation 6) The Children of James Bustard and Margaret Cameron in Havelock, Quebec

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
John 30 Oct 1858 . . . d. 1928
22 Apr 1860 . . . d. 1940
Alexander Seaton ... 1862 . . . d. 1909
Cyrus Darius Hystaspes 18 Apr 1863 . . . d. 1940
James Gustavus 14 Feb 1866 . . . d. 1889
Margaret Elizabeth 5 Nov 1868 . . . d. 1921
Thomas Donald 15 Mar 1871 . . . d. 1896
Eleanor Virginia 13 Mar 1874 . . . d. 1940
William T. 17 Mar 1876 . . . d. 1880


(Generation 6) The Children of Odilon LeBlanc and Anne (Mary-Ann) Cameron

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Paul Hector
3 Apr 1864 . . . h.
Jean Luc
4 Jul 1866 . . . h.
Marie Aure Virginie 17 Jun 1868 . . . h.
David Ernest Alphonse 7 Aug 1871 . . . h.
Marie Elizabeth Eugenie 12 Aug 1873 . . . h.
Marie Philippe Armand 3 Oct 1875 . . . h.


(Generation 6) The Children of Alexander Cameron and Marie Donaldson

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Ann . . . . h.
Edward . . . . h.
Florence . . . . h.
Rebecca . . . . h.
Elizabeth . . . . h.
Nelson . . . . h.
Margaret C. 22 Feb 1869 . . . h.
James D. 30 May 1870 . . . h.
Mary Annie ... Apr 1872 . . . h.
Jennie 22 Sep 1876 . . . h.


James Seaton in Quebec and Newfoundland, Canada

James Seaton emigrated to Quebec and moved to Newfoundland. He was editor of the Courier from 1846 to 1849, after which he became editor of the Times and General Commercial Gazette. However his views were not the same as those of the proprietor. In 1851 he went into partnership with John Thomas Burton (printer and publisher) and was editor the Newfoundland Express which started off as a weekly but became a daily newspaper by 1866. It continued as such for a whole year before Burton left the paper, after which time James Seaton became proprietor and editor, publishing irregularly three times a week until 1876.

Although James Seaton was married and had a family, nothing is known about them.


James Robertson and Janet Seaton in Perthshire

Moulin OPR, 17th January 1834
Baptised, a son to James Robertson and Janet Seaton, his wife, in ........ named Donald.

Moulin OPR, 15th February 1836
Baptised, a son to James Robertson and Janet Seaton, his wife, in Stronachavie named James.

Moulin OPR, 9th November 1838
Baptised, a daughter to James Robertson and Janet Seaton, his wife, in Port-na-craig, Logierait parish named Margaret.

Moulin OPR, 3rd June 1846
Baptised, a daughter to James Robertson and Janet Seaton, his wife, presently residing at Rait, parish of Kilspindie, named Jane.

(Generation 5) The Children of James Robertson and Janet Seaton in Perthshire

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Donald 17 Jan 1834 . . . d.
James 15 Feb 1836 . . . d.
Margaret 9 Nov 1838 . . . d.
Jane 3 Jun 1846 . . . d.


Alexander Seaton and Elizabeth Duff in Tomchulan and Bridge of Earn

Moulin OPR, 12 Dec 1840
Alexander Seaton and Elisabeth Duff, both in this parish, married 14th current.

Elizabeth's death certificate gives her parents as Alexander Duff, farmer, and Helen McDougal, who married in Logierait parish on 18th June 1810. She was born 14th October 1814. Her older sister Katharine was born in Logierait parish, 18th February 1812, but her two younger sisters were born in Moulin parish: Helen, 7th October 1816; and Margaret, 16th November 1824.

Alexander Seaton and Elizabeth Duff had eight children, all born at Tomchulan or nearby.

The family were still at Tomchulan at the time of the 1851 census, but at some time between 1854 and 1861 they moved to Bridge of Earn in the parish of Dunbarney.

1861 Census for Grant Farm, Dunbarney parish

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Alexander Seaton head marr 48y farmer of 119 acres Moulin
Eliza Seaton wife marr 46y Moulin
Margaret Seaton dau u/m 17y Moulin
Alexander Seaton son u/m 13y scholar Moulin
Isabella Seaton dau u/m 11y scholar Moulin
Donald Seaton son u/m 9y scholar Moulin
Isabella Sim neice u/m 15y scholar Moulin
Ann Clark servant u/m 21y dairymaid Moulin
James McIntosh servant u/m 28y ploughman Moulin
Samuel Cairns servant u/m 20y ploughman Newburgh, Fife
James Leven servant u/m 16y cattle boy Scoonie, Fife

1881 Census for Brickhall, Dunbarney parish

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Alexander Seaton head marr 66y farmer of 340 acres Moulin
Eliza Seaton wife marr 64y Moulin
Elizabeth Seaton dau u/m 30y Moulin
Donald Seaton son u/m 28y Moulin
Jessie Seaton dau u/m 26y Moulin
Catherine Duff visitor widow 66y lady's companion Moulin

Alexander Seaton married to Eliza Duff died at Cronan Farm, Coupar Angus, 21st October 1887. The informant was his son Donald Seaton.

1891 Census for Cronan Farm, Coupar Angus parish

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Elizabeth D. Seaton head widow 76y Moulin
Donald Seaton son u/m 39y farmer Moulin
Margaret Seaton dau u/m 48y Moulin
Isabella Seaton dau u/m 41y Moulin

Elizabeth Seaton died at Cronan, Coupar Angus, 1st April 1896 aged 80 years. She was the daughter of Alexander Duff, farmer, and Helen McDougal, both deceased. Informant was her son Donald Seaton.

Donald Seaton died 5 Jan 1910 at Ochiltree farm, Glenfarg, and left a will.


(Generation 5) The Children of Alexander Seaton and Elizabeth Duff in Tomchulin and Bridge of Earn

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Helen 24 Nov 1841 . . . d.
Margaret 6 Apr 1843 . . . d.
Elspeth 27 Nov 1844 . . . d.
Alexander 18 Jun 1846 . . . d.
Alexander 26 May 1848 . . . d.
Isabella Duff 8 Apr 1850 . . . d.
8 Feb 1852 . . . h.
Janet 21 Dec 1853 . . . d.


James Scott and Jean (Jane) Seaton in Mains of Rochallie, Bridge of Cally

Jane Seton, married James Scott, 8 Jun 1840 (Blairgowrie OPR) and 9 Jun 1840 (Moulin OPR).

First four children born in Bendorchy parish, last five in Blairgowrie parish.

Jane Seton, married to James Scott, farmer at Mains of Rochallie, Blairgowrie, district of Persie, died 15th February 1862 aged 45 years. Parents given as Alexander Seton, farmer, and Margaret Kennedy. Informant was her husband, James Scott.

(Generation 5) The Children of James Scott and Jean (Jane) Seaton in Mains of Rochallie, Bridge of Cally

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Charlotte 22 Aug 1841 . . . d.
William Alexander 9 Dec 1842 . . . d.
James Seton 5 Jul 1844 . . . d.
Daniel 20 Feb 1846 . . . d.
Alexander Seaton 17 Aug 1847 . . . d.
Charles (twin) 9 Jun 1849 . . . d.
Margaret (twin) 9 Jun 1849 . . . d.
Robert McDonald 29 Jan 1851 . . . d.
John 23 Sep 1853 . . . d.


Alexander Robertson and Jean Seaton in Easter Balrobie and Ardtulichan

Alexander Robertson in (Easter) Balrobie and Jean Setton in Loinmarstaig, Moulin parish, married 6th January 1792. The first three children were born at Easter Balrobie, but after 1800 the family moved to Ardtulichan.

Alexander Robertson must have died before 1841 as only his widow and children appear in the 1841 census for Ardtulichan.

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birthplace
13. Ardtulichan Jean Robertson 70y independent Perthshire
John Robertson 40y cattle dealer Perthshire
Thomas Robertson 30y ag. labourer Perthshire
Peter Robertson 25y ag. labourer Perthshire
Margaret Skinner 14y ag. labourer Perthshire

By the time of the 1851 census for Ardtulichan........................................

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
15. Ardtulichan Jane Robertson head widow 80y former farmer's wife Moulin
John Robertson son u/m 53y cattle dealer Moulin
Alexander Robertson son u/m 48y farmer of 13 acres Blair Atholl


(Generation 5) The Children of Alexander Robertson and Jean Seaton in Easter Balrobie and Ardtulichan

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Margaret 28 Feb 1793 . . Ardtulichan d.
John 18 Oct 1795 . . Ardtulichan d.
Alexander 3 May 1800 . . Ardtulichan d.
Donald 28 Oct 1804 . . Ardtulichan d.
Thomas 28 Jun 1807 . . Ardtulichan d.
Peter 1 Jul 1810 . . Ardtulichan d.


John Seaton and Isabel McBeath in Ekfrid, Middlesex Co., Ontario

John Seaton and Isabel McBeath married 22 Jan 1805.

Isabel was the daughter of Alexander McBeath and Susan Stewart who married 6 Jan 1775. Her father farmed at Clachglas in Glentilt, where she was born 20 Apr 1783, but shortly after her birth the family moved to Croftvikewan where her sisters Susan and Christian were born. Her brother Archibald married Margaret Setton (parentage not determined yet) and they emigrated with their seven children to Bainsville, Ontario (1817-19). Perhaps Archibald encouraged John Seaton and his wife to do likewise.

It is assumed that John Seaton, his wife and seven children emigrated to Canada before 1820 s they do not appear in the 1820 Moulin census. According to the 1851 Canadian census, their daughter Susan was born in Quebec while their daughter Margaret was born in New London, Ontario, in 1837. By 1851 John Seaton was farming Lot 14 Concession 4, Ekfrid in Middlesex Co. Ontario.

Name Profession Birthplace Religion Age
John Seton farmer Scotland Free Church 80y
Alexander Seton farmer Scotland Free Church 40y
Elizabeth Seton . Scotland Free Church 34y
John Seton labourer Scotland Free Church 31y
Isabella Seton . Scotland Free Church 68y

There is a Donald Seton living very close and this may be another son.

Name Profession Birthplace Religion Age
Donald Seton farmer Scotland Free Church 33y
Elizabeth Seton . Scotland Free Church 21y

John Seaton died 12 May 1852 and was buried in the Lotan cemetery where there is a stone erected to his memory. After the death of her husband Isabel McBeath lived with her youngest daughter Margaret who was married to David McDonald. Isabel died at Ekfrid 9 Jun 1882 and was buried in the Lotan cemetery. Her tombstone says that she was a native of Perthshire and was aged 106 years and 3 months. A bit of an exageration but not bad, considering that she was 99 years old!


(Generation 5) The Children of John Seaton and Isabel McBeath in Ekfrid, Ontario

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
James 21 Feb 1806 . . . d.
Isabel 17 Jan 1808 . . . d.
Alexander 22 Apr 1810 . . Ekfrid,
d. Oct 1887
Jean (Jane) 2 Aug 1812 John Eddie . . h. 1880
Donald 20 Jun 1814 . . . d.
25 Aug 1816 . . Ekfrid,
d. 6 Jan 1898
John 8 Nov 1818 Margaret McDougall . Ekfrid,
w. 18 Feb 1858
Susan ~1821 Alexander McDougall ~1844 Ekfrid,
h. after 1871
w. after 1871
Margaret 10 Oct 1827 David McDonald ~1844 Ekfrid,
h. 25 Dec 1888
w. 8 Aug 1911


Alexander Seaton

The 1851 census shows that Alexander Seaton farmed Lot 14 Concession 5 which was next to his father's farm at Lot 4 Concession 14. Both of these farms were of 100 acres and about half of the native woodland had been cleared for cultivation.

Alexander seems to have sold his farm by 1861 as he does not appear in the census for that year. By the 1871 census he had returned as a married labourer but his wife was not with him. He died in October 1887.


John Eddie and Jane Seaton

Jane Seaton married John Eddie at Ekfrid 25 May 1837. His parents were William Eddie and Elizabeth McDonald. The family moved to Minnesota around 1856. Information on the family can be found in 'Nairn to Ekfrid and West' written by Blake McGill.

(Generation X) The Children of John Eddie and Jane Seaton in Ekfrid, Ontario

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
William ~1838 . . Ekfrid d.
John ~1839 . . Ekfrid d.
Elizabeth ~1840 . . Ekfrid d.
Isabella ~1842 . . Ekfrid d.
~1845 . . Ekfrid d.
Jane ~1847 . . Ekfrid d.
Susan ~1849 . . Ekfrid d.
Hugh 6 Jul 1850 (Lydia) Eastman 10 Mar 1880 Arnett,
h. 8 Apr 1935
w. 29 Oct 1920
James born
. . Minnesota d.


John Seaton and Margaret McDougal

John Seaton married Margaret McDougall, the daughter of Angus McDougall and Alice McMillan. She died 18 Feb 1858, aged only 34, and was buried in the Lotan cemetery where there is a memorial stone.

In 1871 John Seaton was listed as a contractor and was living with Angus Black and his family. Angus had married his niece Isabella McDougall in 1870.

In 1891 John Seaton was living alone at Strathgroy, aged 68 years and blind. It is possible that he married Mary Sheldon who was a widow.

John Seaton, 70 years old, profession not given, widower, born in Perthshire Scotland, presently living in Strathroy, son of John Seaton and Isabella (McBeath), married Mary L. Sheldon, 32 years old, widow, born in New York City, presently living in Strathroy, daughter of Fred and Mary Sheldon, 29th March 1895 at Strathroy


Alexander McDougall and Susan Seaton in Ekfrid

Susan Seaton married Alexander McDougall around 1844.

(Generation X) The Children of Alexander McDougall and Susan Seaton in Ekfrid, Ontario

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Ann ~1844 . . Ekfrid d.
Isabella ~1846 . . Ekfrid d. 1 May 1883
Jean (Jane) ~1848 . . Ekfrid d.
John ~1850 . . Ekfrid d.
Alexander Seaton 25 Oct 1853 Ann Decou . Ekfrid d. 1940
Margaret 27 Apr 1855 . . Ekfrid d. 31 Oct 1877


David McDonald and Margaret Seaton in Ekfrid

Margaret Seaton married David McDonald around 1844.

(Generation X) The Children of David McDonald and Margaret Seaton in Ekfrid, Ontario

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Alexander Seaton 11 Nov 1845 Martha Corneil 15 Dec 1870 Ekfrid h. 12 Feb 1923
w. 18 Feb 1929
Ann 10 Jul 1849 Duncan McColl ~1870 Ekfrid h. 1875
w. 20 May 1918
John Seaton 31 Mar 1852 Ann Graham 2 Oct 1883 Ekfrid h. 11 Jul 1936
w. 14 Mar 1890
Susan 15 Jan 1854 Donald Graham 20 Nov 1879 Ekfrid h. Jan 1936
w. 30 Jan 1910
William 10 May 1856 Mary Graham 11 Oct 1888 Ekfrid h.
Donald Seaton 24 Jun 1858 Ann Switzer 20 Jun 1889 Ekfrid h. 1937
w. 14 Feb 1893
David 10 Jun 1860 Mary McEachern 4 Jan 1899 Ekfrid h.
James 24 Jun 1861 Mary Robson 15 Dec 1927 Ekfrid h.
w. 18 May 1933
Archibald 1 Apr 1862 Elizabeth Bell 19 Sep 1900 Ekfrid h.
Margaret 30 Jun 1866 unmarried . Ekfrid d. 17 May 1875
Mary Jane 12 Oct 1869 Frederick Eaton 7 Oct 1891 Ekfrid h. 8 Jul 1961
w. 9 Jun 1895
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