The Descendants of Duncan Seton and Elspeth Scot in Loinmarstaig


Some of the older ruins at Loinmarstaig in Glengirnaig

Moulin OPR
4th March 1760. Duncan Setton and Elspeth Scot, both in this parish, being legally contracted, booked and proclaimed, and no objections offered, were married April 3rd 1760.

All of their six children were born at Loinmarstaig in Glengirnaig. When James's baptism was being recorded the registrar wrote his father's name as James Setton, in error, obviously confusing Duncan with James Setton in Loinmarstaig who was married to Jean McLagan. It is quite likely that Duncan and James were brothers.


The Children of Duncan Seaton and Elspeth Scot in Loinmarstaig, Glengirnaig

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
James 21 Dec 1760 . . Loinmarstaig d.
Donald 26 Sep 1762 . . Drumchorrie d. after 1820
Isabel 11 Mar 1765 James Forbes 20 Mar 1806 Mains of Urrard h. before 1820
w. after 1820
Alexander 13 Jul 1768 . . Loinmarstaig d.
Elspeth 8 Feb 1771 . . Loinmarstaig d.
Anne 13 Mar 1774 Patrick Hay 4 Dec 1796 Moulin village h. after 1841
w. after 1841


Donald Seaton in Drumchorrie

The Minister of Moulin carried out his own census of parishioners from December 1820, twenty years before the first official National Census of 1841, and Donald Seaton and his sister Isabel are listed at Drumchorrie.

Name Status Age Occupation Comment
Donald Seaton head 56y farmer
Isabel Seaton sister 54y
Donald Forbes her son 13y servant
John Hay 11y servant

Donald Forbes was the son of James Forbes and Isabel Setton, born 2nd April 1807 (Moulin OPR).

John Hay was Donald's nephew, the son of Patrick Hay and his sister Anne.


James Forbes and Isabel Seaton in Mains of Urrard

James Forbes and Isabel Seaton married 20th February 1806. Their only child seems to have been Donald Forbes born 2nd April 1807 (Moulin OPR).

Moulin OPR, 28th February 1806
James Forbes and Isabel Setton, both in this parish, married 20th (March).

Moulin OPR, 2nd April 1807
Born 30th March 1807 and baptised 2nd April, a son to James Forbes and Isabel Setton his wife in Mains of Urrard, named Donald.

Isabel Setton was James Forbes's second wife. He had previously been married to Janet Setton as shown by the Minister of Moulin's 1806 census of parishioners.


Patrick Hay and Anne Setton in Moulin village

Patrick Hay and Anne Seaton married 4th December 1796. The Minister of Moulin's 1820 census shows them living in the village of Moulin where Patrick was working as a tailor.

Name Status Age Occupation Comment
Patrick Hay head 54y tailor
Ann Hay wife 46y
Ann Hay daughter 15y
Patrick Hay son 8y
Duncan Hay son 5y

Peter Hay and his wife were still living in Moulin in 1841 (Moulin 3/1).

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birth-place
Moulin village Peter Hay 75y . Perthshire
Anne Hay 65y . Perthshire
John Hay 30y . Perthshire
Peter Hay 25y . Perthshire

The Children of Patrick Hay and Anne Setton in Moulin village

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Isabel 31 Aug 1800 . . Moulin d.
James 10 Apr 1803 . . Moulin d.
Anne 4 Feb 1806 . . Moulin d. after 1820
John 3 Jul 1809 . . Moulin d. after 1841
Peter 13 Jan 1813 . . Moulin d. after 1841
Donald 22 Sep 1815 . . Moulin d. after 1851

The Moulin Minister's census may have Donald Hay listed as Duncan Hay as both seem to have been born in 1815.

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