Seatons of Little Dunkeld parish


Tomgarrow in Strath Brand


The Little Dunkeld OPR contains the following baptism dated 27th March 1796 on page 218.

Little Dunkeld OPR
John Seaton and Margaret Cameron in Tomgarrow had a son born 25th March (indistinct) and baptised at Little Dunkeld, named Duncan.

The same baptism also appears in the Little Dunkeld OPR on page 229, but this time there are differences.

John Setton and his wife Margaret Cameron at Edinburgh Castle had a son born 27th or 28th of March and baptised at Little Dunkeld, named Duncan Setton.

The indistinct part of the first entry may have said that the child was born out of wedlock as John Setton and Margaret Cameron got married several years later, in August 1801.

Little Dunkeld OPR, 2nd August 1801.
John Setton and Margaret Cameron in Tomgarrow, both in this parish, gave up their names and were proclaimed without objection (and married).

The second baptismal entry was probably added at that time, making Duncan a lawful son. The mention of Edinburgh Castle would seem to indicate that John Seaton had been enlisted in the army.

There is a very strong possibility that John Setton and Margaret Cameron had a daughter named Helen who was born around this period. Helen later married Donald Farquharson.

(Note: There is another couple with identical names who married at Dull, 26th November 1785).

To make things even more complicated there were two Duncan Seatons born in Little Dunkeld in the late 1790s and both had a father named John. One married Isabel Stewart in 1819 and the other married Mary Clark in 1825.


Duncan Seaton, the merchant, and Isabel Stewart

It is thought that the afore-mentioned son of John Seaton and Margaret Cameron, was the one who married Isabel Stewart, 20th November 1819, at Findowie. This is based on the fact that Findowie is in Strath Brand and fairly close to Tomgarrow.

Little Dunkeld OPR, 20th November 1819
November 20th. Duncan Seaton, farm servant in Findowie and Isobel Stewart, servant there, no objection (and married).

The Minister of Moulin's 1820 census show Duncan Seaton and Isobel Stewart his wife at Aldclune, where Duncan was a merchant. However, Duncan's age is given as 35 and Isobel as 28 years old. To be in Moulin parish, rather than Blair Atholl parish, they had to be living on the east side of the river.

The 1841 census shows the couple in Moulin parish.

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Duncan Seaton 50y merchant Perthshire
Isabella Seaton 45y Perthshire

Duncan Seaton seems to have died before the 1851 census and the couple do not seem to have had any children.

Isabella Seaton, widow of Duncan Seaton, agricultural labourer, died at Aldclune, parish of Moulin (Tenandry), 11th March 1861 aged 68 years. Her parents were given as John Stewart, agricultural labourer, and Helen Stewart (same maiden name), both deceased. The informant was J(ohn) Stewart her brother.

From her death certificate it would seem that Isobel Stewart was born 3rd October 1790 at Levadge. Her parents, John Stewart in Levadge and Helen Stewart in Dauchinlialash, married 8th February 1788 (Blair Atholl OPR). Two brothers are known to have been born at Levadge: Malcom, 17th November 1788; and Alexander, 11th November 1792. Her brother John was born at Ceannamoin, 30th March 1800, and died at Aldclune aged 75 years.

John Stewart, unmarried gardener, died at Aldclune, parish of Moulin (Tenandry), 16th April 1875 aged about 77 years. His parents were given as John Stewart, general labourer, and Helen Stewart (same maiden name), both deceased. The informant was unrelated.

It is worth noting that John's brother David Stewart in Levadge married Elspeth Setton in Conlach (Loinconlach), Moulin parish, 11th January 1785, and that Donald Stewart in Tomnacuag and Susan Stewart in Levadge, married 10th August 1790. (both Blair Atholl OPR).

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