Bohespic and the McGilliwie (Lamond) families

Map of the Bohespic Settlements (1867)

A Map of the Bohespic settlements (1867): Over Bohespic; Teighmore; Upper and Lower Gaskan; Teighnacoil; and Easter (Nether) Bohespic

Although an early charter of 1621 mentions the 61/2 merk land of Bohespic called "the 3 land of Wester Bohespic" and "the 2 merk land of Gaskan", the Bohespics seem to have been rented as a single entity. In 1727, Alexander Robertson was the tenant for both Bohespics (which included Gaskan) and his rental for Over Bohespic was 8 stone of cheese, a quart of butter or 40 merks, a cow or 20 merks, two wedders (two castrated male sheep) and 24 hens. He paid the same for the 4 merk land of Easter Bohespic. This would have been more land than a single family could have worked, so it is almost certain that Alexander Robertson had several sub-tenant families in Bohespic, which may have included McGilliwies.

One thing is for certain - the McGilliwie families or Lamonds, as they came to be known, had been living in the Bohespic settlements for a long time. In 1738 Thomas Bissat, Commissioner at Dunkeld fined Donald and William McGillivie, both of Gaskan, 10 each for taking wood from David Stewart's Wood of Kynachan.


William McGillivie was married to Elspeth Robertson, but there is no record of this event as marriages in the Blair Atholl OPR are not recorded before November 1743, by which time their son William had been born.

Blair Atholl OPR, baptisms

William McGillivie in Bohespick and Elspeth Robertson his wife had a child baptised February 14th, called William.

December 8th 1743
William McGillivie in Bohespick and Elspeth Robertson his wife had a child baptised, named Ann.

November 10th 1745
William McGillivie in Bohespick and Elspeth Rotson
(i.e. Robertson) his wife had a child baptised, named Elspeth.

March 2nd 1749
William McGillivie in Gaskan and Elspeth Robertson his wife had a child baptised, named John.

William McGillivie in Bohespick and Elspeth Rotson his wife had a child born October 8th, baptised 13th, named James.

Donald was probably older than William and the Margaret who married in 1752 could have been Donald's daughter.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 1752

William Robertson in Dalinturuanie and Margaret McGillivie in Gaskan, 28th December.

The couple had at least five children: Donald, b 19th August 1757; Hellen, b 19th Jul 1759; Katherine, b 25th September 1761; Duncan, b 5th July 1764 and Margaret, b 27th June 1767.

It was not until 1754 that Gaskan became a separate rental and the estate book for that year records that the 2 merk land had five tenants paying 72 Scots between them. Duncan Lammond leased a five shilling land for 13 10s Scots. To give some idea of what this meant, a twenty shilling land was normally equivalent to 11/2 merk, or about 50 acres, but as both the shilling and the merk were units of currency, the exact size of the holding varied depending on the productivity of the land.

In 1757 Duncan Robertson, Alexander McGlashan, Donald Stewart, Duncan Lammond and William McGillivry were given the Gaskan tack (lease) for 11 years on payment of 83 Scots.

It is worth noting that although the OPR does not change the surname from McGilliwie to Lammond until about 1800, the Blair Atholl estate was using both surnames, simultaneously, at a much earlier date. Whether the people themselves were using different names, or whether the factor was trying to distinguish between different McGilliwie families, in unknown. What is certain is that by the early 1760s there were two Duncan McGilliwies living at Gaskan. Normally this would cause confusion with subsequent generations, but in this case one Duncan had mainly daughters, whilst the other only had sons.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 1760

(sic) McGilliwie in Over Gaskan and Janet McDonald alias McChruim in Drumnacharie in Fortingale parish 31st March

The name 'Donald' is an error on the part of the registrar. The corresponding entry in the Fortingall OPR clearly states the groom's name as Duncan.

Fortingall OPR, marriages, 19th March 1760

Duncan McGillewie in Bohespick in the parish of Blair Athol and Janet McDonald in Drumnacharg were lawfully booked.

Likewise the baptismal records for all of the children give the parents as Duncan McGilliwie and Janet McDonald. The baptismal record of Ann in 1765 refers to her father as Duncan McGilliwie senior. Normally one might think that Duncan McGilliwie senior was the father of Duncan McGilliwie junior, but given that these are records of births and baptisms, it is more likely that the registrar was trying to distinguish between the two Duncan McGilliwies who were both living at Gaskan.


The Family of Duncan McGilliwie (senior) and Janet McDonald of Over Gaskan

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Donald Mar 13 1762 . . . d.
Margaret Jan 29 1764 . . . d.
Ann Oct 29 1765 John Calmanach Apr 22 1788 Achinruie h.
Katherine May 25 1768 Patrick Robertson Aug 17 1794 Over Bohespic h.
Christian Sep 13 1770 James Robertson Feb 2 1793 Over Bohespic h.


A few years later Duncan McGilliwie (junior) of Gaskan married Janet Douglas

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 1764

Duncan McGilliwie in Gaskan and Janet Douglas in Domnaheidhch, Dull parish, June 5th.

Janet was the eldest child of Donald Douglas, farmer in Domnaheich, and Helen Bennet. She was nineteen at the time of her marriage

The Family of Duncan McGilliwie (junior) and Janet Douglas of Gaskan

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
William Oct 2 1765 Margaret Cumming May 10 1798 Gaskan h.
Donald Feb 17 1768 died in infancy . . d.
John Aug 2 1769 died in infancy . . d.
John Sep 10 1772 . . . d.
Donald Dec 31 1778 Janet Stewart June 29 1798 Gaskan h.

The John McGilliwie of Gaskan who married Janet Robertson of Dalinturuaine on 7th June 1763, probably was a younger brother of Duncan McGilliwie (senior), but things started much earlier when John had to make himself scarce for a while.

Blair Atholl OPR, baptisms, 1762

John McGilliwie now in Tormhuick and Janet Robertson in Tombicaldonich had a child begot in fornication July 14th, baptised the 20th named Donald.

John was hiding in Moulin parish at Torvuick, which was on the south side of the river Tummel. Tomcaldonich, where Janet was living, was just to the north of Dalnamine on the road to Inverness. Obviously things settled down after the marriage as John returned to the area and farmed at Croftdow in Glen Errochty.

Blair Atholl OPR, baptisms, 1765

John McGilliwie and Janet Robertson in Croftdou had their child born June 14th, baptised the 16th named Alexander.


In 1768 the rental book mentions D. Lamont and D. McGillavrie, who are probably the two Duncans. This suggests that William McGillivry had died by 1768 and that his lease was transferred to Duncan (junior).

At present there is no definite proof that Duncan (junior) was William McGillivry's son, but there is circumstantial evidence. Firstly, Duncan (junior) seems to have followed the traditional way of naming children after their grandparents, with his eldest son named after his paternal grandfather and the second son named after his maternal grandfather. Secondly, William McGillivry's daughter Elspeth was still living at Gaskan in 1769 when she married, so William's family continued to live at Gaskan after his death. Thirdly the Population Statistics collated by the Atholl Estate in 1778 states that Duncan McGilliwie had the 1/4 merk land of Gaskan, which is roughly the same area that William had farmed, whereas Duncan McGilliwie (senior) had the 1/2 merk land of Gaskan.


The Family of Patrick Robertson and Elspeth McGilliwie of Gaskan

In 1769 Elspeth, the daughter of William McGilliwie and Elspeth Robertson, married Patrick Robertson who was probably the son of Duncan Robertson, one of the other Gaskan tenants.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 1769

Patrick Robertson in Gaskan and Elspeth McGilliwie there, December 19th.

The baptisms of only two children are mentioned in the Blair Atholl OPR but, considering the gap between the two dates, there could have been others.

Blair Atholl OPR, baptisms

1770. Patrick Robertson and Elspeth McGilliwie in Bohespick had their lawful daughter, born December 9th, baptised 15th named Janet.

1779. Patrick Robertson and Elspeth McGilliwie in Gaskan of Bohespick had a lawful daughter, born the fifteenth and baptised the twenty third of February, named Elspeth.


The Blair Atholl OPR mentions marriage retractions as well as marriages which did take place. Whether it was Thomas Crawford in Faskally, or Janet McGilliwie in Gaskan, who had second thought about their betrothal in 1771 is unknown, but Janet was obviously undaunted as she married Alexander McGregor of Achadh Mor instead - just five months later. Achadh Mor was one of two dwellings now submerged under Loch Errochty by the hydroelectric dam.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 1771

Thomas Crawford in Faskallie and Janet McGilliwie in Gaskan, 30th August (retracted).

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 1772

Alexander McGregor in Achmore and Janet McGilliwie in Gaskan, January 28th.

The parentage of Janet is unknown. Normally girls married in their early twenties, whilst young men married after they were thirty. This would suggest that Janet was born around 1750.


The Population Statistics collated by the Atholl Estate in 1778 mentions John McGillivrie as being a married cottar in Gaskan, with no children. This brings into question as to exactly when this population survey was carried out because John didn't marry until February of the following year. John was probably the son of William McGillivie who was born in 1749.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 1779

John McGilliwie in Gaskan and Elspeth Robertson in Nether Bohespic, 25th Febuary.

In the same way, the Atholl Estate Population Statistics for 1778 lists Alexander McGillivrie in Over Bohespic as being a pendicler (i.e. working a small piece of land) and having no sons. Once again he did not marry until the following year, but the expression 'having no sons' suggest that he was married at the time of the population survey.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 1779

Alexander McGilliwie in Over Bohespick and Janet Stewart in Chamberbane, 17th December.

Three of their children have their baptisms recorded in the Blair Atholl OPR.

Blair Atholl OPR, baptisms

1787. Alexander McGilliwie in Glaickbhodich and Janet Stewart his wife had a child born 12th and baptised 18th March named Ann.

1788. Alexander McGilliwie in Glaickbhodich and Janet Stewart his wife had a child baptised 21st November named Donald.

1791. Alexander McGilliwie in Glaickbhodich and Janet Stewart his wife had a child baptised 14th January named Duncan.

Glaickbhodich appears as Glackvoidoch on James Stobie's map of Perthshire (1783). It is not named on the 1st edition of the Ordnance Survey map for Perthshire (1867), but is shown as two unroofed buildings and a sheepfold, to the east of Black Park and Mullinavadie.

The following entry in the Perth OPR possibly relates to the same couple.

Perth OPR, baptisms, 1798

Nelly MacGilliewie, lawfull daughter to Alexander McGilliewie, labourer in Perth, and Janet Stewart his spouse and baptised the fifteenth of July said year by Mr Duncan MacFarlan, Minister of the Gaelic Chapel in Perth. Perth, Thursday the twelfth of July, One thousand and Seven hundred and Ninety Eight, was born.


The Family of John Calmanach and Ann McGilliwie of Achinruie

In 1788 Ann, the daughter of Duncan McGilliwie (senior) and Janet McDonald, married John Calmanach (i.e. Dow) of Achinruie.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 22nd April 1788

John Calmanach in Achinruie and Ann McGilliwie in Gascon.

The couple had two daughters.

Blair Atholl OPR, baptisms

1789. John Calmanach in Achinrie and Ann McGilliwie his wife had a child born 6th and baptised 10th May named Janet.

1791. John Calmanach in Achinrie and Ann McGilliwie his wife had a child baptised 20th February named Cicel.


The Family of James Robertson and Christian McGilliwie of Over Bohespic

In 1793 Christian, the daughter of Duncan McGilliwie (senior) married James Robertson of Over Bohespic.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 2nd February 1793

James Robertson, Over Bohespic, and Christian McGilliwie in Gaskan of Bohespic.

There appear to have been no children from this marriage.


The Family of Patrick Robertson and Katherine McGilliwie of Over Bohespic

In 1794 Katherine, the daughter of Duncan McGilliwie (senior), married Patrick Robertson of Over Bohespic.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 17th August 1794

Patrick Robertson in Over Bohespic and Katherine McGillivie in Gaskan

As far as is known there were only two daughters from this marriage.

Blair Atholl OPR, baptisms

1795. Patrick Robertson in Over Bohespic and Katharine McGillivie his wife had a child baptised 12th July named Isabel.

1810. Ann, lawful daughter to Peter Robertson and Catherine MacGilliwie, spouses in Dalriach, was born 17th September and baptised 20th.


The Family of Donald McDonald and Christian McGilliwie, or Lamond, of Over Bohespic

Christian in Over Bohespic is another person whose parentage is uncertain.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 1795

Donald McDonald and Christian McGilliwie both in Over Bohespic, 14th January.

Donald and Christian had two daughters while they were living in Over Bohespic.

Blair Atholl OPR, baptisms

1796. Donald McDonald in Bohespic and Christian McGilliwie his wife had a child baptised 29th February named Janet.

1800. Cirsty, lawful daughter to Donald McDonald and Christian Lamond, Over Bohespic, born 11th May, baptised 15th.

The following entry in the Kirkmichael OPR possibly relates to the same couple.

Kirkmichael OPR, baptisms, 13th May 1808

Donald McDonald in Cuthil (?) and Christian Lamond his spouse had Betty (baptised).


The Family of William McGilliwie and Margaret Cumming of Gaskan

In 1798 William McGilliwie and Margaret Cumming had their wedding banns called in both Blair Atholl and Fortingall parishes.

Fortingll OPR, marriages, 29th April 1798

William McGilliwuie in Bohespick, parish of Blair in Atholl, and Margaret Cumming in Auchtarshin in this parish. 2nd June (married)

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 10th May 1798

William McGillavie, Gaskan, this parish and Margaret Cumming in Achtarsin in the parish of Fortingall.

William appears to be the son of Duncan McGilliwie (junior) of Gaskan, but the Population Statistics collated by the Atholl Estate in 1778 states that Duncan McGilliwie (junior) had no sons. William would have been thirteen at the time, so perhaps the collator meant that Duncan had no fully grown sons who were working the farm with him. There is also the possibility that William was working as a herd boy on another farm.

The Blair Atholl OPR contains no record of any children having been born and baptised, but William and Margaret had at least one child - a daughter, Margaret. She died at Gaskan on 20th February 1876 and her death certificate states that she was born around 1806 and had worked as a domestic servant.

The 1841 census shows that a Margaret Lamond, aged thirty, was living at Gaskan with Duncan Cumming, a sixty-year-old farmer. In the 1841 census the age of an adult was rounded down to the nearest five years, and this would fit if Margaret Lamond was thirty-four at the time of the census. As Margaret Lamond's mother was a Cumming from Fortingall parish, it is quite likely that Margaret Lamond was living with one of her relatives.

Margaret has not been traced in the 1851 census, but by 1861 she was back at Gaskan.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Gaskan (18) Margaret Lamont head u/m 55y ag. labourer Blair Atholl

Margaret Lamond 1871 census..................?.


The Family of Donald McGilliwie and Janet Stewart of Gaskan

Donald McGilliwie married Janet Stewart of Mullinavaddie (the Mill of the Wolf) in 1798. Mullinavaddie is to the west of Gaskan and just within the parish of Fortingall. There are several stories about Mullinavaddie, including one about how it came by its name.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 29th June 1798

Donald McGilliwie in Gaskan, Bohespick, and Janet Stewart in Mhullin Mhadie, parish of Fortingall.

Prior to his marriage Donald had a dalliance with Barbara Shaw which led to a rather embarrassing situation.

Blair Atholl OPR, baptisms, 1798

Peter, lawful son to Donald McGillavie, Gaskan, and Barbara Shaw, Over Bohespic, begotten in fornication, born 2nd, baptised 24th October.

The wording of this entry is interesting as it says that Donald accepted that Peter was his 'lawful son' despite the circumstances of the birth and the fact that Donald could no longer marry Barbara Shaw. It is uncertain whether the child was brought up by Donald at Gaskan, or by Barbara at Over Bohespic, but the child was accepted into the community and eventually became a tenant farmer himself. For more details about Barbara Shaw and her son Peter, see - Barbara Shaw of Bohespic.

What Janet thought of this arrangement is not recorded, but at least she did not disappear back to her parents in Mhullinvaddie, as she gave birth to a son in 1801

Blair Atholl OPR, baptisms, 1801

Duncan, lawful son to Donald McGillavie, Gaskan, and Jannet Stewart was born the 20th, baptised 25th October.


In 1801 James Stobie, the Duke of Atholl's factor, wrote "I made a neat division of Bohespike in the hill as well as the arable, forming the whole into regular farms and taken offers from the best of the tenants which amounts to about 260 - 40 more than double the old rent. I kept out from offering every person who had an indifferent character".

Obviously the factor did not consider William Lamond to be of "indifferent character" as, in 1802, he was leasing the "westmost sett of Over Bohespick, less two acres for widow Robertson". James Stobie's wording that he had "taken offers from the best of the tenants" also seems to imply that William was already a tenant, or sub-tenant. The rent was fixed at 19, but seems to have been split equally with Patrick Lamond, William's brother.

As with so many of the Bohespic McGilliwie / Lamonts, the parentage of William and Patrick is unclear.

Patrick married Ann Gow of Blairfetty, the daughter of John Gow, a farmer, and Betsy or Betrice (sic) Robertson.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 8th November 1803

Patrick McGilliwie in Over Bohespic and Ann Gow in Blairfetty (married)

The Blair Atholl OPR records the baptism of only one of Patrick and Ann's children - that of Donald Lamont, but death certificates and census returns show that there were other children in this well documented family. Patrick moved to farm at Conlach (Lyneconlach) in the parish of Moulin by 1820, but may have farmed at Bridge of Tilt prior to this.

For more information about this family see - Patrick Lamont (McGilliwie) of Bohespic.

The marriage of Patrick's brother, William, to Helen Low appears in both the Logierait and Blair Atholl OPRs.

Logierait OPR (marriages)

William Lammond in Blair Athole parish and Helen Lowe in this parish registered their names for proclamation of the Banns of marriage, thrice Sunday first. 9th November 1803.

Blair Atholl OPR (marriages)

William McGillavie, Over Bohespic and Helen Low, Bailehnoic (?), parish of Logierate November 14th (1803)

For more information about this family see - William Lamont (McGilliwie) of Bohespic.

The Atholl estate rentals book for 1808 shows that Donald McGillavrie was paying 11 for a quarter of Easter Bohespic, and this may be the same Donald who had married Isobel Robertson in 1805.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 9th August 1805

Donald Lamont in Bohespic and Isobel Robertson in Blairfetty (married)

This may be the same Donald McGillawie who was paying 3 15s. for a pendicle in 1818. There are no baptisms recorded for any children, if the couple did have a family.

The last unidentified Lamont is Christian, who may have been Donald's sister.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 31st December 1809

Duncan McDonald in Bohespic and Christian Lamont in Bohespic (married)

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