Barbara Shaw of Bohespic

Map of the Bohespic Settlements (1867)

A Map of the Bohespic settlements (1867): Over Bohespic; Teighmore; Upper and Lower Gaskan; Teighnacoil; and Easter (Nether) Bohespic

in 1798 Donald McGilliwie of Gaskan married Janet Stewart of Mhullinavaddie (the Mill of the Wolf), which is to the west of Gaskan and just within the parish of Fortingall. There are several stories about Mhullinavaddie, including one about how it came by this name.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages, 29th June 1798

Donald McGilliwie in Gaskan, Bohespick, and Janet Stewart in Mhullin Mhadie, parish of Fortingall.

However, prior to his marriage, Donald had a dalliance with Barbara Shaw which led to a rather embarrassing situation.

Blair Atholl OPR, baptisms, 1798

Peter, lawful son to Donald McGillavie, Gaskan, and Barbara Shaw, Over Bohespic, begotten in fornication, born 2nd, baptised 24th October.

The wording of this entry is interesting as it says that Donald accepted that Peter was his 'lawful son' despite the circumstances of the birth and the fact that Donald could not marry Barbara Shaw. What Janet thought of this arrangement is not recorded, but at least she did not disappear back to her parents in Mhullinavaddie.

Blair Atholl OPR, baptisms, 1801

Duncan, lawful son to Donald McGillavie and Jannet Stewart was born the 20th, baptised 25th October.

It is possible that this is the same Barbara Shaw whose marriage to Robert Stewart appears in the Dull OPR, 25th June 1808. However, the Dull OPR entry is as enigmatic as usual stating just that they were "both in this parish". The IGI database records no children from this marriage, so all is conjecture.

What happens to Donald, Jannet and Duncan .................?

Peter Lamont of Gaskan married Catherine Dewar of Gaskan on 18th January 1830, Blair Atholl.

Catherine appears in the 1841 census under that name, but by 1851 it is Christy and by 1861 it is Christian, as it is on her death certificate. Catherine's parents were Donald Dewar, handloom weaver, and Catherine Dewar (maiden name also Dewar). With this information, and knowing that she was born in Dull parish, it should be simple to trace her family. Unfortunately there is a problem - there is no record of a Christian Dewar being born to a Donald Dewar and Catherine Dewar, but there are two Catherines. The first was born at Croftnamuic and baptised 27th March 1796, the second was born at Drumdewan and baptised 28th October 1798. Other possible siblings include: Alexander (bapt. 26th October 1788); John (bapt. 14th December 1790); Donald (bapt. 28th September 1793), all born at Croftmuic, and Peter (bapt. 2nd January 1798), born at Balhomas.

The Dull OPR also gives the marriage of Donald Dewar and Catherine Dewar, but at a much later date than expected.

Dull OPR, marriages, 17th April 1795

Donald and Cathrine Dewars, both in this parish, gave up their names to be proclaimed in order to marriage.

However, there is an earlier marriage of a Donald Deor and Catherine Deor, so these are probably the Croftnamuick Dewars.

Dull OPR, marriages, 10th December 1785

Donald Deor in this parish and Cathrine Deor in the parish of Kenmore gave up their names to be proclaimed in order to marriage.

Kenmore OPR, marriages, 11th December 1785

Donald Deor in the parish of Dull and Cathrine Deor in this parish gave up their names.

Croftmuick, Drumdewan and Balhomas are all very close to each other, suggesting that this is a single family and that the first Catherine died in infancy.

It seems that none of Peter and Catherine Lamont's children were baptised, but they do appear in the 1841 census for Tighnacoille of Bohespic, along with their grandmother Barbara Shaw.

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birth-place
Tighnacoille Peter Lamond 40y agricultural labourer Perthshire
Catherine Lamond 36y Perthshire
Donald Lamond 10y Perthshire
Peter Lamond 8y Perthshire
Barbra Lamond 6y Perthshire
Neil Lamond 4y Perthshire
Barbra Shaw 70y Perthshire

It is worth noting that the 1841 census for Over (Upper) Bohespic lists a Catherine Shaw, aged 75y, agricultural labourer, born in Perthshire. There are few people by the name of 'Shaw' in this area and to have two linked to Upper Bohespic suggests that these could be sisters.

By the time of the 1851 census Barbara Shaw had established herself as head of the household.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Bohespick (17) Barbara Shaw head u/m 80y woolen spinner Blair Atholl
Peter Lamont son marr 52y Ag. labourer Blair Atholl
Christy Dewar widow's son's wife marr 48y Ag. labourer Dull
Neil Lamont g.son u/m 14y herd boy Dull
Duncan Lamont g.son u/m 9y scholar Dull

Barbara Shaw died before 1855, and by the 1861 census all of Peter and Christy's children have left Tighnacoille.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Tighnacoille Peter Lamont head marr 64y Ag. labourer Blair Atholl
Christian Lamont wife marr 56y Dull

Christian Lamont died at Tighnacoille on 27th June 1865, aged 63 years. The informant on her death certificate was her son Neil, who was living at Carie, Rannoch.

Peter Lamont died 26th August 1868 at the Perth Infirmary, a supposed widower from Blair Athole as certified by the Infirmary's house porter, who knew nothing about Peter's parents.

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