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Blair Atholl

Ritchie Parents in the parish of Blair Atholl

Date Parish Ritchie
Spouse Comments
1694 Blair Atholl Duncan (unknown) in Cuilt-more
1694 Blair Atholl David (unknown) in Balinuarain
30 Dec 1712 Dull John Margaret Robertson in Ardkincael and Shierglas
~1718 Blair Atholl Janet Donald Murray in Cuilt-more
~1718 Blair Atholl Isobel John Menzies in Balnald of Clune
~1721 Blair Atholl George Margaret Addison Kirk Elder and Treasurer
in Baluaine, then Bridgend of Tilt
~1721 Blair Atholl Alexander Jannet McDonald, 1st wife in Over Bohespic
~1721 Blair Atholl Elspeth Thomas Frazer Officer at Blair
~1722 Blair Atholl Elspet George Calder in Glen Fincastle
~1723 Blair Atholl John Janet Stewart in Baluaine, then Urrard-beg
~1727 Blair Atholl Alexander Jannet Forbes, 2nd wife in Over Bohespic
~1735 Blair Atholl Alexander Margaret McGregor, 3rd wife in Over Bohespic
~1735 Blair Atholl Donald, deceased Isobel Stewart in Balinuarain
22 Dec 1735 Dull Donald Elspeth Robertson, 1st wife in Lurgbhea and Tomanraid
29 Jul 1736 Moulin Jean Duncan Stewart in Aldclune
12 Aug 1740 Moulin Jonet (Janet) John Campbell in Little Dunkeld
25 Jan 1742 Dull Isobell Thomas Scot in Grandtully
20 Dec 1743 Blair Atholl Margaret Robert Stewart,
Kirk Officer
in Bridgend of Tilt
27 Nov 1746 Blair Atholl Elspeth Alexander Fergusson in Drumnacrich
13 Jun 1748 Blair Atholl George jnr. Margaret Gow in Balinuarain
8 Aug 1748
18 Aug 1748
Blair Aholl
Donald Christian Kennedy, 2nd wife in Tomanraid, Glen Fincastle
21 Dec 1748
12 Jan 1749
Blair Atholl
Margaret Angus Robertson in Invertilt
20 May 1750
12 Jun 1750
Blair Atholl
Janet Neil McIntosh
(Neill Tossich)
in Balintoul
1 Jan 1751 Blair Atholl Jean James Robertson in Balinuarain
2 May 1752
12 May 1752
Blair Atholl
Isobel Alexander Stewart in Miltown of Blair
4 Jan 1753 Blair Atholl Margaret Charles Robertson, 1st husband in Kilmaveonaig
10 Aug 1754
22 Aug 1754
Blair Atholl
Patrick Forbes in Glaicmore of Shierglas
22 Nov 1754 Blair Atholl John Katharine Kennedy, 1st wife in Kilmaveonaig
17 Apr 1755 Blair Atholl Isobel James Robertson in Kincraigie
10 Jun 1755 Moulin Anne Donald McLaren in Coille Bhrochain
15 Aug 1755 Blair Atholl Duncan Elizabeth Crie in Balinuarain
18 Nov 1755 Moulin Donald Ann Robertson, 3rd wife in Pitfeolain
1756? Blair Atholl Margaret Samuel Stewart, 2nd husband? in Kincraigie
29 Apr 1758 Blair Atholl Christian John,
illegitimate son
in Tomanraid
19 Jun 1759 Blair Atholl Christian Duncan Campbel(l) in Over Campsie
1 Jan 1760 Blair Atholl John Elspeth Robertson, 2nd wife in Dalginross
24 Jan 1761 Dull Christian Donald Cameron in Dull parish
28 Dec 1761
31 Dec 1761
Blair Atholl
Duncan Janet Robertson in Pitdornie and Levadge
and Bonskeid
12 Dec 1763 Dull Christian Malcolm McDonald in Dull parish
10 Aug 1765 Dull Donald (un-named) McFarlain in Dull parish
6 Jun 1767 Dull Betty George Caldel in Dull parish
31 Jul 1774 Edinburgh George Janet Kennedy, 1st wife in Dalginross
28 Jul 1779 Blair Atholl George Janet Robertson, 2nd wife in Dalginross
6 Nov 1779 Fowlis Wester Maurice Mary Menzies in Monzie
24 Mar 1781
9 Apr 1781
Blair Atholl
George Betty Stewart, 3rd wife
(Betty Steuart)
in Dalginross
15 Dec 1789 Blair Atholl George Elisabeth Stewart in Dunkeld
31 Jan 1790 Blair Atholl Margaret John McLaren in Caltomb of Struan
5 Jan 1790 Blair Atholl Margaret John McDonald in Tighnacoille
1 Nov 1790 Blair Atholl Isabel Donald McBeath in Strathgroy
28 Apr 1792 Dull Duncan Grace Stewart in Glacneid
14 Aug 1792
25 Aug 1792
Blair Atholl
and Perth
Margaret Alexander Henderson in Perth
15 Apr 1794 Blair Atholl George Cecil McIntosh, 1st wife in Mualich-more
24 Apr 1803 Dull Mary John Cameron in Dull parish
13 Jun 1803 Blair Atholl George Janet Robertson, 2nd wife in Mualich-more
17 Jul 1803 Logierait Duncan Margaret Moan (Moon) in Dunkeld
9 Jun 1804 Dull Ann John Seaton in Edinburgh
30 Jun 1811 Dull William Jean Tyrie in Coshieville
27 Nov 1818 Moulin Margaret James Douglas in Torvuick
8 Oct 1826 Blair Atholl George Janet McPherson, 1st wife in Brae of Lude
15 May 1828 Blair Atholl Isabella Catherine,
illegitimate daughter
in Mualich-more
13 Nov 1836 Blair Atholl George Isabel Stewart, 2nd wife in Brae of Lude
23 Dec 1838 Blair Atholl Janet John Robertson in Blairuachdar
17 Jun 1856 Blair Atholl Alexander Elizabeth (Betsy)
in Garryside
12 Dec 1856 Blair Atholl Jean (Jane) George Young in Aldclune
12 Dec 1857 Dunkeld,
Cathrine John Stewart
in Dunkeld
20 Dec 1865
(1 Jan 1866)
Blair Atholl Alexander Margaret Bell in Mualich-more


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