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Latest Web-site Additions

Date Latest Addition or Update
15 Sep 2011 Robert Scott and Isobel Douglas of Duntanlich, Dull, and Beckwith Township, Ontario- new -
15 Sep 2011 The Campbells of Balcastle, Borenich, Blair Atholl- update -
1 Sep 2011 The History of Uchdnanetaig and its Limekiln- new -
1 Sep 2011 The History of Tomanbuie of Borenich- new -
1 Sep 2011 New Link to 1st Edition of Ordnance Survey Maps on our Gazetter- update -
1 Dec 2011 1841 census - Notes on Donald Stewart in Woodend of Port-an-Eilean- update -
22 Dec 2011 The Descendants of James Douglass of Lick, Foss, Parish of Dull- new -
17 Jan 2012 Donald Stewart of Croftdouglas and Burnstown, Ontario- new -
17 Jan 2012 Donald Stewart and Helen Stewart of Uchdnanetaig and Croftdouglas- new -
1 Jun 2012 Patrick McGilliwie (or Lamont) of Bohespic and Conlach, Moulin parish- new -
1 Jun 2012 Neil and Patrick McGilliwie (Lamont) of Bohally and Balnald- new -
1 Jun 2012 William Lamond and Helen Low of Bohespic- new -
1 Jun 2012 Robert Lamond of Tulliemet and Blair Atholl- new -
1 Jun 2012 Alexander McGillawee of North Easthope, Ontario- new -
1 Jun 2012 John McGillawee of Elma Township, Ontario- new -
17 Aug 2012 John Douglas and Jean Livingstone of London, Ontario- new -


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