Session Minutes of Blair Atholl Parish (1718-23)


alternative title

St. Bride's - the Old Church of Blair Atholl Parish

At the appoinment of Dr Hamilton, minister, after the late Mr Duncan Stewart, minister, it was reported to the new minister that Neil Duff in Achinruie kept the door box (for offerings), but there was no pulpit for preaching, no utensils (such as communion cup) belonging to the kirk, no school within living memory and no Session records. So the earliest written Session records date from 1718.

Although the previous minister was referred to as the late Mr Duncan Stewart, he was certainly not dead as the Session minutes show later on. Mr Duncan Stewart was minister at Blair Atholl from 1690 until August 1715 when the Duke of Atholl wrote to the Presbytery at Dunkeld telling them that he would no longer tolerate the minister who, being both Episcopalian and a Jacobite, would not pray for the Hanovarian King. However, it would seem that he continued to preach in the chapel at Aldclune until his death in 1727.

18th March 1718

The Session consisted of:
Mr John Hamilton (minister)
Patrick Robertson in Blairfettie
John Stewart in Blair Atholl
Neil Duff in Achinruie
James Robertson in Clunes

Complaint by Margaret Cattanach (McIntosh) in Baluain that Christian McDonald, a widow of several years in Pitagowan, was too intimate with her husband Duncan McGregor.

6th April 1718

Donald Robertson in Tomnaculag and Katharine Tossach (McIntosh) in Tirinie, accused of fornication.

(24th September 1718) Donald Robertson in Tomnaculag confessed his guilt of fornication with Katharine McIntosh in Mualich-more and paid 6 Scots to the Treasurer of the Poor's Monies.

Patrick Cuthbert sometime in Tomnaguie, now servant to Kincraigie, younger, at Faskally and Margaret Robertson in Kincraigie, accused of fornication.

(9th July 1718) Patrick Cuthbert, previously accused of fornication with Margaret Robertson in Kincraigie, now in Faskally, Moulin parish. The Blair Atholl Session requested the Minister of Moulin to send him to them.

(24th September 1719) Margaret Robertson in Dalginross was repentant of her sin and Patrick Cuthbert paid her fine.

(31st January 1720) Patrick Cuthbert claimed that he paid 5 Scots, a considerable time ago, to Donald Gow deceased Beadle.

19th April 1718

John McDonald servant in Inverslanie, Glentilt and Isabel Stewart servant maid to Inverslanie, now in Toldamph had an illegitimate child. They confessed their sin to John McFarland in Sheneval of Glentilt and Thomas Moon in Toldamph. (see baptisms: 19th April 1718)

10th September 1718

Proposals for Church Elders:

John McGlashan in Blair
John Stewart, merchant in Blair
Robert Stewart in Cuilt-beg
Mungo Campbell in Clunemore
William Stewart in Croftcrombie
Patrick Stewart in Little Lude
Donald Young in Croftvickewan
Finlay Robertson in Runmore

John Cameron in Dalnamine and Margaret Robertson in Dalnamine, accused of fornication.

John McDonald in Dalinrich, Glengarry, and Christian McGlashan in Cuiltvuick, Glen Bruar, accused of fornication. Fined for their guilt (8th September)

Donald McKenzie in Rinancoillach and Katharine Scot in Cnappaig, Brae of Lude, accused of fornication. (see baptisms: 15th August 1718)

(10th March 1719) Neither would appear before the Session as Katharine Scot went to Moulin parish to nurse a child at Lettoch.

(19th March 1719) Donald McKenzie in Rinancoillach did not appear to answer the charge of fornication

(24th September 1719) Donald McKenzie in Rinancoillach alleged to have relapsed with Katharine Scot.

(29th May 1720) Donald McKenzie in Rinancoillach to appear before the congregation, repentant for his sins.

John Robertson in Tomkindrochit and Margaret Robertson his wife, accused of prenuptial fornication. (Charles Conacher in Blair was cautioner for their fine).

John Menzies servant to Tirinie and Janet Stewart in Dalginross, accused of fornication. (see baptisms: 1st August 1718)

(24th September 1719) John Menzies in Kincraigie confessed his fornication with Janet Stewart in Dalginross, and paid 5 Scots, but Janet had no money to pay her fine.

(29th December 1719) Donald Stewart paid the fine for Janet Stewart in Dalginross.

John Stewart in (Wester) Baluain and Janet McGlashan his wife, accused of prenuptial fornication.

(9th July 1719) John Stewart alias McCreil (McColl?) in (Wester) Baluain and Janet Gow alias McGlashan accused of prenuptial fornication. (see baptisms: 3rd May 1719)

Donald Robertson in Brae of Lude and Isabel Robertson his wife, accused of prenuptial fornication.

(9th July 1719) Donald Robertson in Breakach, Lude, and his wife Isabel Robertson accused of prenuptial fornication.

John McDonald in Fascharie and Isabel Stewart servant maid to George Moon, accused of fornication.

Donald Stewart in Croftcrombie and Margaret McGlashan in Drumnacrich, accused of fornication.

(6th October 1718) William McGlashan in Port-an-eilean desired baptism of the illegitimate child of his sister Margaret (McGlashan) in Haugh of Blair, promising maintenance and education for the child. Witnessed by William Stewart in Croftcrombie, and James Murray, school-master in Blair. (see baptisms: 7th October 1718) (9th July 1719) Donald Stewart in Croftcrombie and Margaret McGlashan in Drumnacrich, accused of fornication. (26th July 1719) Confessed and ordered to repent before the Congregation.

(8th April 1722) Margaret McGlashan had still not satisfied the Session, nor paid her mulet. Barron Red (Reid) in Strathard at his family so the Minister wrote to Mr Bissett concerning her. William McGlashan in Port-an-eilean, cautioner for her, summoned to the Court.

11th September 1718

Consideration of a school at Struan supported by the Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge in Scotland. Also proposals for repair to the bridge at Errochty.

The following family heads were asked to propose Elders, to be moral, judicious, honest and knowing men:

Patrick Robertson, elder, in Blairfettie
James Robertson in Kindrochit
Niel Duff in Achinruie
Alexander Robertson in Cuiltaloskin
Robert Robertson in Apersuaine or Invervack mill

Struan Elders:
Alexander Robertson in Bohespic
John Robertson alias McInduine in Bohespic
John Calmanach in Grennich
Alexander Stewart in Balnabodach

Glen Errochty Elders:
John Stewart in Tulloch
Patrick Robertson in Blairfettie
John McLean in Trinafour
Charles Robertson in Kinaldy
Donald Robertson in Wester Blairfettie
James Robertson in Auchleeks

Glen Athole Elders:
Duncan Robertson in Dalinturuaine
John Duff in Dalnamine
Donald Robertson in Dalinrich
James Robertson in Clunes
John Cameron in Calvine
Aeneas Robertson in Pitagowan
Donald McFarlane in Cailbruar
Alexander Forbes in Pitaldonich

26th February 1719

Donald Tossach (McIntosh) in Drumnacrich wished to retract his marriage contract with Janet McGlashan in Kindrochit.

(4th December 1719) Donald McIntosh at the Bridge of Tilt paid 6 Scots for his retraction of marriage to Janet McGlashan. 3 was given to John Stewart, box master in Blair Atholl, in payment to what was borrowed out of the collection to give to Alex Tait, glazier in Dunkeld, for glazing the Manse.

Margaret Forbes, widow at Invervack, had an illegitimate child by Neil Stewart there. (see baptisms: 7th February 1719)

(19th July 1719) Margaret Forbes, claimed that the father was Neil Stewart in Invervack, and he confessed, but the Session had a suspicion that the real father was his brother Robert who was a married man, but could not prove it.

(11th December 1719) Robert Gow, late Beadle received from Neil Stewart in Invervack, his bill which Donald Stewart in Glaicneid, his brother, had given in.

(29th December 1719) Donald Stewart, again claimed that he had not fathered a child by Margaret Forbes. Duncan Stewart, married and aged about 40 years said that he knew nothing of the matter, and Neil Stewart, married and aged about 40 years said likewise.

Katharine Cameron in Daleanichy had an illegitimate child by John McPherson. (see baptisms: 20th July 1720)

(19th March 1719) John McPherson, servant to John McIntosh in Daleanichy, went to Edinburgh at Lenten last. (This may account for the baptism being delayed until 20th July 1720, when the child was about a year old). Ephie Murdoch, John McIntosh's wife in the head of Glentilt in Daleanichy, mother to John McPherson on whom Katharine Cameron fathered her child, ordered to appear at the next session.

(8th October 1721) Katharine Cameron fornicatrix with John McPherson wanted to pay her fine.

Margaret McVurich, servant to Neil Stewart in Blairuachdar, was alleged to be with child.

Donald Robertson, Kincraigie's land, farm servant to Kincraigie, younger, in Faskally and his party Katharine McIntyre, alias Wright, in Mualich-beg wanted to have their illegitimate child baptised. Cautioners: Duncan Robertson in Mulaich-more, Alexander McIntyre, alias Wright, in Mualich-beg, and John McGlashan in Blair. (see baptisms: 26th February 1719)

(19th March 1719) Donald Robertson in Kincraigie confessed carnal knowledge once again with Katharine McIntyre in Mualich-beg.

(21st June 1720) Donald Robertson in Tirinie, formerly absolved from the scandal of fornication with Katharine McIntyre did not appear when summoned.

1st March 1719

The following were listed as possible Elders:

Duncan Stewart in Pittenicy
William Stewart in Croftcrombie
Finlay Robertson in Runmore in Clunemore
Patrick Stewart in Little Lude, Glen Fender
Donald Stewart in Balcastle of Borenich
Alexander McGlashan in Tomnavuick, Tennandry
Alexander Stewart in Tulloch
Alexander Stewart in Balnabodach
Donald McGilagouie (McGilliwie) alias Lamond in Bohespic
John Stewart in Tulloch of Glen Errochty
Niel Duff in Auchinruie
Alexander Robertson in Cuiltaloskin
James Robertson in Kindrochit
Donald Robertson in Dalinturuaine, Glengarry
John Robertson in Kincraigie

Donald Kennedy in Dalvorest wished to retract his marriage contract with Elspeth Robertson in Inchgrenich.

(13th September 1719) Donald Kennedy in Dalvorest had been 3 times proclaimed in order to marriage with Elspeth Robertson in Inchgrenich, but again retracted.

(25th September 1719) Aeneas Grey, alias Angus Reoch in Inchgrenich, unmarried and about 26 years of age, said that Donald Kennedy would not have Elspeth Robertson as her relations would not give all that Donald desired in tocher goods (dowry). Aeneas Grey said that after contract the woman fell sick and had a grievous swelling on one of her feet which "turned to bealing and running, and continued a good time", but now she was well and recovered. Both sides claimed the other had retracted, and Donald would not take her now as she had rejected him earlier.

8th March 1719

James Robertson in Blairfettie
Duncan Robertson in Kinaldy
Patrick Robertson, tutor to Auchleek's children, at the Mill of Aldclune
Angus Robertson in Pitagowan
James Robertson in Clunes

19th March 1719

Elspeth (Isabel?) Stewart in Walter Gald's Croft accused of fornication.

29th March 1719

James Stewart in Haugh of Blair

Alexander Robertson in Kindrochit of Struan fathered twins to Elspet Robertson in Struan. Donald Robertson land-labourer in Croftdow gave bail for their baptism. (see baptisms: 29th March 1719)

(9th July 1719) Alexander Robertson in Struan and Elspeth Robertson in Struan accused of fornication.

(11th December 1719) Alexander Robertson in Struan paid his fine of 5 Scots.

9th July 1719

Margaret Cuthbert (in Dalginross) was alleged to be with child.

(8th September 1719) She fathered the child upon Patrick McGlashan, miller in Kindrochit and claimed that it took place in Kilmaveonaig's cornyard. He denied it but said that he was drinking with her the same night and called witnesses: John McGlashan's wife in Kilmaveonaig, Alexander Kennedy in Wester Craggan, Janet Gow, servant to John Cree, Donald McIntyre in Wester Monzie and Donald Robertson in Kilmaveonaig.

(at Blair Castle) Patrick McGlashan once again denied that he had fathered a child by Margaret (Meg) Cuthbert. Witness Donald Robertson in Kilmaveonaig, married man about 48 years old, said he knew nothing. Witness Alexander Kennedy in Wester Craggan, married man about 40 years old, said he knew nothing. Witness Donald McIntyre in Wester Monzie, unmarried man about 21 years old, serving in Kilmaveonaig in the same house as Meg Cuthbert, said that the rest of the family made sport of her, as her shoulders and backside of her mutch were "puddled with gutters", but did not observe it until Neil Tais, younger, one of the men servants pointed it out. Neil Tais, aged about 21 years said that about Halloween he had been asked by Meg to supply a pint of ale, but knew nothing.

(25th September 1719) Barbara McGlashan in Kilmaveonaig, mistress of Margaret Cuthbert said that Meg took a long time to to come back in, after serving beer, but knew no more of it.

(10th July 1820) Patrick McGlashan purged himself by oath.

(16th July 1821) Margaret Cuthbert was absolved conditionally as she wanted to pay her fine.

John Robertson in Tomkindrochit and Christian Robertson his wife, accused of prenuptial fornication.

Neil Stewart in Strathgroy and Christian McVarline his wife, accused of prenuptial fornication. Fined for their guilt (8th September)

19th July 1719

Complaint by Marrion Stewart in Tomicaldonich, Glengarry, that Christian Robertson, spouse to Charles Robertson in Tomicaldonich was too intimate with her husband (Alexander Robertson?).

8th September 1719

Isabel Stewart, servant to Donald Kennedy in Dalvorest was said to be with child.

24th September 1719

Donald McLaren, waulker at the waulk-mill of Blair Atholl was alleged guilty of fishing on the Lord's Day and not permitted baptism of his child, a while. Consequently he refused to pay the baptism fee to the Session.

22nd November 1719

Donald Gow made Beadle in place of Robert Gow

Alexander McDonald alias Alexander 'Beg' Mannoch in Trinafour alleged guilty of adultery with Christian Stewart, spouse to Alexander McDonald alias Alexander 'Mor' Mannoch in Trinafour.

(11th December 1719) Alexander 'Mor' Mannoch claimed that Alexander 'Beg' Mannoch had forced his wife, and confessed to him in the presence of Aeneas Mannoch in Dalnamine, Patrick Mannoch in Trinafour, unmarried and aged about 20 years, and Donald Mannoch in Trinafour, married and aged about 30 years. Alexander 'Beg' Mannoch at first denied it and then frankly confessed to his guilt on: 9th January (St Gillan's Market) in his own barn; at the end of October 1718 in her own house in her husband's absence; and in June 1719 in a little bothy a long half-mile from his house. Andrew Cattanach, in Achastle in Fincastle Glen, was sleeping in the said house on 27th/28th October but saw nothing.

(29th February 1720) Alexander 'Beg' Mannoch now claimed that he did not force her and asked for reconciliation by Donald 'Og' Robertson in Blairfettie, Alexander McLean in Dalchalloch, Donald Robertson in Trinafour and the son of Alexander Robertson in Dalnacardoch. A sum of 100 merks and no public hearing was discussed. Alexander 'Beg' Mannoch had bought Christian Stewart a silver heart at the St Michael's market in 1719 which she wore on her breast.

(9th October 1720) Alexander 'Beg' Mannoch was fined 30 Scots, by a vote of the Sessioners, which he promised to pay by Martinmass next.

(15th October 1721) Alexander 'Beg' Mannoch in Trinafour, adulterer with Christian Stewart, wife of Alexander 'Mor' Mannoch in Dalriach had his corns (crops) arrested.

(17th December 1721) Alexander 'Beg' Mannoch still to pay 30 Scots as his fine, which was to be employed for payment of repairs at the schoolhouse.

(14th January 1722) Alexander 'Beg' Mannoch paid 5 merks of the remainder of his fine to Alexander Robertson in Cuiltaloskin in part payment of the timber for the schoolhouse.

(25th February 1722) Alexander 'Mor' Mannoch in Dalnamine appeared before the Session with Donald Gray, weaver in Clunes of Glengarry as cautioner, to have a lawful child baptised, begotten betwixt himself and Christian Stewart his wife.

(20th May 1722) Christian Stewart, spouse to Alexander 'Mor' Mannoch in Dalinreach was summoned, but did not appear.

(3rd June 1722) Christian Stewart, spouse to Alexander 'Mor' Mannoch was summoned, but did not appear.

(10th June 1722) Christian Stewart in Dalruich did not appear but her cautioner, Donald Gray in Clunes, promised that she would appear the next Day of Sermon.

(9th September 1722) Christian Stewart, adultress with Alexander 'Beg' Mannoch in Trinafour, was ordered to appear before the Presbytery at Dunkeld.

29th December 1719

Alexander McGregor in Calvine and Janet Robertson his wife, accused of prenuptial fornication.

13th January 1720

Complaint by Charles Connacher, merchant in Blair Atholl, upon Isabel Stewart, spouse to John Gow, smith, that she had accused him of burning her peats in his fire four days ago, but was in error.

17th January 1720

The Presbytery agreed to baptise the illegitimate children of Meg Cuthbert and Katharine Cameron, (20th July 1720).

Barbara Forbes in Brae of Fascally told the Session that her father left 50 merks Scots to the poor of the parish, to be held by the Session, but the mortification was to be dispensed by her or their children, as they pleased, to some object of pity. This day appointed to Margaret Grey in Tirinie and Alexander Robertson in Strathgroy(?) one year's rent (interest), equally divided between them, and one year's rent to Margaret Forbes in Lude's Ground, and a third year's rent to the son of Alexander McLaren, waulker at the waulk-mill of Blair Atholl (see 27th April 1720).

26th January 1720

John McGlashan in Blair Atholl was discharged for 2 years rent, mortification by Alexander Forbes sometime in Urrardmore.

29th January 1720

John Gow in Haugh of Blair and Janet Robertson in Kindrochit, accused of fornication.

(31st January 1720) John Gow alias McGlashan in East Mains of Blair Atholl confessed his fornication with Janet Robertson now in Kindrochit, Struan.

(2nd July 1721) John Gow and Janet Robertson were exhorted both publicly and privately.

(23rd July 1721) Janet Robertson and John Gow appeared before the Session and were absolved from church censure.

(3rd December 1721) The stair of the south side of the kirk needed repair and John McGlashan in Blair suggested that the fine of John Gow be employed for that purpose.

7th February 1720

Complaint by Donald Robertson, cottar in Cuiltbeg that Margaret McGlashan wife of Robert Stewart in Cuiltbeg, said that he had stolen malt and bear (barley) from her barn.

(21st February 1720) Donald Stewart in Balinuarain had been grinding vituals in the Mill of Blair Atholl some days ago, when Donald McIntosh in Drumnacrich had been checking sacks, including Robert Stewart's ones, looking for a peck of his grain. (The millings seem to have been mixed up, somehow)

29th February 1720

Elspeth Gow in Breakach, Lude, claimed that Robert Stewart, younger also in Breakach, tried to force her, which he denied but Alexander Stewart, her husband, affirmed. Robert Stewart claimed that the couple annoyed him and hated him. Their neighbour John Robertson was called to the Session and said that the two families argued over sheep and grazing cattle.

(8th May 1720) The Session appointed the Clerk to draw out the Session Minutes concerning Robert Stewart and Elspeth Gow in Sinigaig or Beakach, Lude, to be tabled before the Presbytery.

(29th May 1720) The business of Elspeth Gow and Robert Stewart had been tabled before the Presbytery at Kirkmichael, who had found it only as scandalous carriage. Robert Stewart would be rebuked before the Congregation.

3rd April 1720

Christian Mannoch in Tomcraggach in Glenerrochty, and Margaret Gow alias McGlashan in Trinafour were declared scandalous persons.

10th April 1720

Donald Robertson in Dauchinlialash, Strathgroy, was refused baptism for his son, as he had been miserably drunk on the Sabbath day a while back. It was agreed that he must find an honest man, free from scandal, to hold his child at baptism.

(5th June 1720) Donald Robertson, tinkler in Strathgroy craved a testificate having given satisfaction for his sin of drunkenness.

27th April 1720

The Session were told that the deceased Aeneas or Angus Forbes sometime in Trinafour, had left a written mortification to the poor of 50 merks Scots, but there was no good account of it....

(30th July 1721) Alexander Forbes in Drumcastle and William Forbes in Bochonie to be summoned before the Commissariot Court , concerning the 100 merks Scots left in largesse to the poor by Angus Forbes.

(22nd October) James Robertson, Kindrochit, was appointed to bring in those persons concerned with the testament of Angus Forbes. John Forbes in Achinruie appeared. Alexander Forbes in Drumachastle and William Forbes in Bochonie were also involved.

.... Also the deceased Charles Robertson in Clunes of Glengarry had made a formal testament and left (blank) merks Scots, mortified for the poor of the parish.

.... Also Alexander Stewart alias McChoist (?) made a testament written by a Notary of 50 merks Scots....

.... Also the deceased Alexander Forbes alias McIuner sometime in Urrard left 50 merks Scots which was put in the hands of Mistress Murray, spouse to the deceased Mr William Murray, late Chamberlain to His Grace the Duke of Atholl. Also the deceased (blank) sometime spouse to Alexander Forbes foresaid in Urrard, when she died, left 10 merks Scots in the hands of the Rev Mr Duncan Stewart, late minister of the Gospel in Blair Atholl....

(The Commissariot Record of Dunkeld, 1682-1800, lists the following: Janet Robertson in Cottartown of Fascally, relict of Mr Alexander Forbes, alias McInair, officer of the Baronry of Blair Athole, T 5th March 1711. Alexander Forbes's mortification was lent to John McGlashan in Blair Atholl who paid interest (rent) at 5%. Janet Robertson's mortification was lent to Neil McInvane (Forbes?) but he was unable to repay - see 10th December 1721)

.... Also the deceased Donald Ferdardson sometime in Pitnacree left 20 merks Scots in the hands of Charles McKay (McLaren) in Pitnacree, for the poor of the parish. (See 8th July 1722).

.... Also Robert Stewart in Ard Kincael had a bond of Patrick Stewart, his father's mortification....

(25th June 1721) The Session was informed of a mortification in the hands of Robert Stewart in Ard Kincael, and a written testament of the mortification. The Session requested to see the testament.

(8th July 1721) Robert Stewart told the Minister that his father's mortification of 50 merks Scots was to be disposed on his nearest of kin, but that there was no written testament. He was summoned to appear before the Session.

(17th September) Robert Stewart, in Ard Kincael was summoned to the Regality Court.

.... Also the deceased (blank) Rotson (Robertson) of Auchleeks left 200 merks Scots for pious uses and in a formal testament.

Jannet Graheme in Blair was reported as a scandalous person.

1st May 1720

Mungo Campbell in Clune
John Stewart in Clune
William Stewart in Croftcrombie
William Stewart in Carrick

Jannet Graheme was examined and said that she did not know if she was with child or not. She claimed that Donald McKenzie in Rinancoillach committed guilt with her, between Christmas and Yule at Rinancoillach in his father's house in the night time.

(19th May 1720) Donald McKenzie claimed that any child was not his. Jannet then claimed that it took place when she was in service in his father's house and said that Elspeth McKenzie, spouse to David McKenzie in Rinancoillach and John Stewart, servant in Urchil-beg had seen 'ill appearance' between them. John Stewart, about 60 years of age and married said that no 'ill appearance' had been seen or heard by him. Donald called upon Christian McKenzie his father's hired woman, as a witness. Christian McKenzie, unmarried about 20 years of age, swore that Donald went to bed at his father's house and she never saw any 'ill appearance' and said that Jannet had alleged that Donald and a little boy went to the south side of the town to look to some cattle and Jannet Graheme went also. When questioned as to whether it was during the night or the daytime that Donald McKenzie was guilty with her, Jannet said that it occurred in the daytime in the open fields beside the bridge of Sinigaig, and that she had provaricated as she thought that the Session might believe that Donald had not forced her.

(21st June 1720) Jannet said that Donald had found her in the barn all alone when his sister went to the mill. Also at the furtherest advances of a night, Margaret Forbes came upon them in his father's house in the very act of uncleanness, and that Margaret set Donald's hair aflame with a light. Duncan McIntosh, witness, did not appear.

(25th June 1720) Donald McKenzie in Rinancoillach, alledged to be trilapse with Janet Graheme in Easter Tulloch, did not appear before the Session. The Beadle was appointed to arrest his affects into the hands of Donald Gray and Mr Mungo Campbell

(24th July 1720) Donald McKenzie in Rinancoillach, appeared before the Session and was sharply rebuked in hazard to be excommunicated for his contrary and stubbornness, and to appear before the Presbytery in Dunkeld.

(20th August 1720) Donald McKenzie and Janet Graheme were exhorted to confess their guilt. David McKenzie in Rinancoillach was summoned. Donald Gray, in whose hands Donald McKenzie's effects were arrested, gave up the Minister's receipt of the 25th, saying that his son was debtor to Donald McKenzie but he was not concerned (involved).

(3rd September 1720) David McKenzie did not appear before the Session. Janet Graheme with her child in her arms appeared, but Donald McKenzie denied being its father.

(10th September 1720) Janet Graheme alledged that David McKenzie came and found Donald McKenzie in the very act of fornication, in the barn, 7 years ago. David McKenzie about 40 years (sic), a married man, claimed that he never saw Donald McKenzie and Janet Graheme 6 or 7 years ago, in the barn, or at anytime after or before. He had not heard if they were scandalous, but heard Donald and John Stewart say that they could not be quit of her, and that he saw her come out of the barn weeping after they had laid upon her such sayings. John Stewart in Breakach was summoned.

(11th February 1722) The Treasurer was appointed to pursue the son of Donald Gray in whose hands an arrestment was laid, for it to be forthcoming.

(16th July 1723) Janet Graheme complained that when she, and her babe in arms, were going past Rinancoillach they were abused by Elspet McKenzie, wife of David McKenzie, as her brother Donald McKenzie denied fathering the child. Elspet McKenzie called her husband who abused her, beat her so that she bled. She also called Alexander McKenzie and her hired man, Alexander Mc.....? to beat her again, but they refused.

It was enacted in the Head Court at Logierait, April 28th, that no traveller should travel with baggage on the Sabbath Day: that their baggage should be taken from them until Sabbath Day be over.

8th May 1720

Mungo Campbell in Clune
John Stewart in Clune
The Lairds of Lude, Urrard, Fincastle
John McGlashan in Blair Atholl

Mr Robert Wright, schoolmaster at Dull was removed from there, but the Presbytery were well satisfied with him.

29th May 1720

Nanie Trangach, alias Agnes Robertson, at Mill of Kincraigie was alleged to be with child and said to be a relapser.

(21st June 1720) Agnes Robertson, alias Trangach, in Tirinie, a relapser, confessed to be with child by John Menzies in Tomnaguie.

(22nd June 1720) Agnes Robertson in Tirinie, a relapse in fornication, was to repent in front of the congregation.

(8th July 1720) Nanie Robertson was exhorted to repentance.

(16th July 1720) Agnes Robertson appeared before the Session again and was exhorted to repentance.

(16th July 1720) Nan Trangach paid part of her fine, which was modified as she was old and infirm.

Katherine MackIntyre sometime at Mualich-beg, now in Tulliemet, was alleged to be with child. If true, another relapser.
(It appears to have been untrue, however - see 5th November 1721)

Elizabeth Bannerman in Tombnacullack (Tomnaculag), sometime nurse to Kincraigie, younger, was reported to be with child. Also a relapser.

(12th August 1720) Elizabeth Bannerman named Alexander Robertson in Tomnaguie, Tirinie, as father of her child. Asked whether she was guilty with any other man since, being absolved of the first and last scandal about 2 years ago in Little Dunkeld, said replied "no". She had committed the guilt at (words obliterated) and a second time at his mother's brewhouse, as she went about breakfast to get dressed. The child was about a month old. She had left the child, that morning, at his mother's house without chapping at the door or speaking to any person. She had stayed until the door opened and then went to Alexander Tais's house and told his wife what she had done. Then to her mother's house in Fascallie's land where the Officer found her this night. She said that nobody advised her to lay down the child.

(8th December 1721) Alexander Robertson in Tirinie was charged to pay his fine and sit on the Stool. His concubine, being nurse to a child in Lettoch would be summoned by the Beadle of Moulin.

(21st April 1723) Elizabeth Bannerman fornicatrix with Alexander Robertson in Tomnaguie, appeared before the Session and confessed her guilt. Formerly in Moulin parish.

(28th April 1723) Elizabeth Bannerman appeared before the Session for the second time.

Elspeth Robertson in Blair was related as one guilty of horrible imprecations on James McLaren in Blair, in that he had a sick right hand, greatly swollen and tormenting him such that he was likelier to die than live. Summoned to the Session.

Mr James Murray, Session Clerk for 2 years and 3 months, as he was demitting office, asked for his session fees to be paid. He also had paid "half a crown out of his own pocket" in making the schoolhouse at Blair, watertight. In addition he had paid for beer and men to dig divots (presumably for the roofing).

(5th June 1720) 10 Scots was given to Mr James Murray for repairing the schoolhouse, and for his Session fees.

5th June 1720

The Laird of Lude
James Stewart of Urrard
John McGlashan in Blair Atholl
John Stewart in Campsie
Mungo Campbell in Clunes

The Charity School had been moved from Blair to Struan (together with Mr James Murray). A schoolmaster was very much wanted at Blair, and it was agreed to have Mr Robert Wright for a trial period, so he was admitted as schoolmaster and Session clerk.

14th June 1720

Alexander Robertson in Cuiltaloskin
William Stewart in Carrick
Niel Duff in Achinruie
John Calmanach in Grennich
Mr James Murray schoolmaster at Struan
James Robertson in Kindrochit
John Stewart in Tullich

The Elders were to be ordained.

A school and school-house for pupils and master to be built before harvest.

Isobel Stewart in Strathtummel asked for a testificate so that she could return to her former parish where she had been a relapse.

(11th June 1721) Isobel Stewart, in Tressait who had brought forth a child was summoned to produce her testification.

26th June 1720

John McIntosh at Bridge of Tilt was questioned by the Session, that his son Robert was keeping a school in prejudice to the legal school and contrary to the law. If it was found that his son was a proficient teacher then he should be sent to (the Laird of) Lude for encouragement.

The Session clerk wrote to the minister at Dull parish about Dorothy McGlashan, a married woman in Dull parish who went hence with child.

(11th June 1721) Dorothy McGlashan, alias Robertson, spouse to Patrick Rutherfuird in Glenquoick was found guilty of adultery with Alexander Robertson, lister in Kindrochit, and was exorted to repentance. (Note: Lister is an old Scots term for 'arrow-maker', but the Session clerk meant 'Litster' - a dyer of cloth)

(15th October 1721) Dorothy McGlashan in Invervack was summoned for her adultery with Alexander Robertson, dyer at Bridge of Tilt.

(10th December 1721) Alexander Robertson in Kindrochit was ordered to the Stool next Sabbath.

(22nd April 1722) Dorothy McGlashan to be absolved of her scandal next Sabbath.

(29th April 1722) Dorothy McGlashan appeared and was absolved of her scandal. The Beadle was appointed to arrest her effects, in the hands of Kindrochit and his brother, until her mulet of 20 Scots was paid. The Beadle was to tell Alexander Robertson, Bridge of Tilt that the Presbytery appointed him to satisfy in the habile.

(3rd June 1722) Alexander Robertson, dyer, summoned but did not appear.

(17th June 1722) Alexander Robertson, to sit in sack-cloth.

(1st July 1722) Dorothy McGlashan called to pay her fine and produced a deceat for that equivalent against the Beadle which was rejected.

(26th August 1722) Alexander Robertson, dyer at Kindrochit, sat in the public place of repentance.

(27th January 1723) Alexander Robertson, dyer in Kindrochit, appeared before the Committee of the Presbytery at Blair for his adultery with Dorothy McGlashan, and showed some signs of repentance upon his application to them for absolution from Church censure. Ordered to pay, the following day, his fine - modified to 15 - or his bill for the fine.

(17th March 1723) The Session approved the Committee's agreement with Alexander Robertson at the Bridgend of Tilt.

(27th March 1723) Alexander Robertson agreed to pay a 10 fine with a bill payable at Whitsun next.

(7th April 1723) Dorothea McGlashan sought her absolvitor, which the Session refused until she gave up Charles Robertson's bond, against whom there was a Decreet of Fathering.

(1st July 1723) Alexander Robertson, deliquent with Dorothy McGlashan in adultery, petitioned the session to ease his 10 bill as he was a young man, newly set up, and had lately sustained greater losses. His fine was decreased by 4 2s to 5 18s, and would be given to any poor person the session thought fit.

Isobel Stewart and John Mannoch in Fascarie of Glentilt were said to have had an illegitimate child.

(18th June 1721) Elizabeth? Stewart and John Mannoch, servants to John Robertson in Fascarie were repentant and absolved from church censure.

24th July 1720

Janet Robertson most frequently at Kinaldy, was said to have an illegitimate child unbaptised.

(31st July 1720) The child of Janet Robertson in Kinaldy had been baptised by Mr George Robertson at the Market of Kinlochrannoch, but as the father was unknown, the Beadle would summon her.

(4th February 1722) The Session was informed that Janet Robertson in Kinaldy brought forth a child a year ago, alledge to belong to Donald Robertson in (blank).

(11th February 1722) Janet Robertson in Kinaldy was referred.

7th September 1720

Robert Robertson, son to Bohespic and Margaret Robertson appeared before the Session desiring to be purged of a scandal.

11th June 1721

Mr James Murray schoolmaster at Struan
Niel Duff in Achinruie
William Stewart in Balnabodach
James Robertson in Kindrochit
John Duff in Dalnamine
John Calmanach in Grennich
John Stewart in Tullich

Christian Stewart, in the house of Donald Stewart, her brother in Wester Invervack was alleged to be big with child and summoned.

(22nd June 1721) Christian Stewart in Invervack confessed to be with child by James Menzies, servant to Capt. James Menzies of Comrie. They both being servants, and had committed guilt about Halloween. Further confessed that she had brought forth a child to Duncan Robertson in this parish, which was baptised about Andersmass 1715, and had satisfied for this fault in Mr Duncan Stewart's time. (Note: Andersmass was the Feast of St Andrew, held about 24th November and also the Perth Horse and Cattle market held 11th December).

(25th June 1721) Christian Stewart was summoned to bring in her absolvitor.

(8th July 1721) Christian Stewart being in Weem was summoned to bring in her absolvitor.

(20th August 1721) Christian Stewart in Invervack, brought to bed (about to give birth) summoned from Weem.

(10th September 1721) Christian Stewart in Invervack, had her child christened at Weem, and had a testificate of it.

Elspeth Stewart, in Bohespic Lower (Nether) had brought forth a child and fathered it on Duncan Forbes in Auchleeks. She already had a child born in fornication with (blank) Robertson, in this parish, 8 years ago. Both were servants of Mr James Robertson of Auchleeks and the child was a month old. Duncan Forbes confessed his guilt and his brother, John Forbes in Achinruie became cautioner for him. Duncan 'Gow' McGlashan (i.e. the smith) in Croftcarnach acted as cautioner for Elspeth Stewart.

(18th June 1721) Duncan Forbes in Auchleeks was repentant before the congregation.

(2nd July 1721) Duncan Forbes with Elspeth Stewart were exhorted both publicly and privately.

(8th July 1721) Duncan Forbes in Auchleeks, fornicator with Elspeth Stewart in Bohespic, being exhorted both publicly and privately, were absolved from church censure, but still owed his fine.

(17th December 1721) Duncan Forbes servant to James Robertson in Auchleeks paid 3 of his fine which was given to Mr James Murray to pay some of the arrears of the workman, Donald Robertson (in Pitagowan), at the schoolhouse.

(14th April 1723) Elspeth Stewart, fornicatrix with Duncan Forbes, relapser, and Duncan McGlashan, smith, her cautioner , were summoned to attend the Morality Court on 21st April.

(28th April 1723) Elspeth Stewart, fornicatrix with Duncan Forbes, in Auchleeks had not satified, as yet.

18th June 1721

Grigor Murray and Alexander McIntyre were appointed as sessioners.

Mr Thomas Gilbert was admitted Session Clerk and Precantor.

22nd June 1721

Raichell Cameron who was guilty of fornication with John Menzies to repent in front of the congregation (see baptisms 1 May 1721).

(8th July 1721) Rachell Cameron was exhorted to repentance.

(30th July 1721) Rachell Cameron appeared before the Session and was absolved of church censure.

(8th December 1721) Rachell Cameron was content to pay her fine modified to 10 shillings Stirling, upon her getting a sword in pawn in the custody of John Stewart, who was to receive the fine and give up or restore the sword.

John Mannoch in Croftmore was to be summoned.

(25th June 1721) John Mannoch had not come home.

Alexander Robertson in Tirinie was to be summoned.

(25th June 1721) Alexander Robertson had not come home.

The Beadle had forgotten to summons Margaret Cuthbert in Dalginross.

The following were listed as possible Elders:

John Scot in Tenandry
Robert Moon in Borenich
John Robertson McWilliam Roy in Bohespic
Mr James Robertson in Auchleeks
John Duff in Dalnamine
James Robertson in Clunes
Angus Robertson in Pitagowan
Donald McFarlane in Cailbruar
George Richie in Baluaine
Donald Stewart in Urrard-beg
Robert Stewart in Blairuachdar
Charles Conacher in Blair
Grigor Murray tacksman at Catherine's Mill
William Stewart in Inverslanie
Duncan Campbell in Drumnabechin
William Stewart in Nether Campsie
Patrick Stewart in Little Lude
Patrick McGlashan in Wester Monzie
George Stewart at the Mill of Kincraigie
Finlay Robertson in Strathgroy
Charles McLaren in Kilmaveonaig
Malcolm Stewart in Tulloch
Donald Stewart in Pitaldonich
Alexander McLauchlane in Fonvuick

25th June 1721

Lilly McDonald was alledged to be a relapse in fornication with Donald Stewart, fiddler in Tynacraig.

(8th July 1721) Lilias McDonald in the Muir of Blair was not at home, and re-summoned.

(30th July 1721) Lillie McDonald and Donald Stewart were not in the country (parish).

(20th August 1721) Lilias McDonald confessed that she had brought forth a child to Donald Stewart, violer (fiddler) and that Mr Stewart had baptised the child at harvest, 4 years ago. She again confessed guilt with him at Drumachyan, parish of Logierait, and the child was born born about Whitsun 1719 in Marr, and baptised by Mr Angus McDonald, parish of Craithie. She had not been present herself, but her mother Mary McDonald in Invervack, another woman and a man were present. Her mother was summoned.

(3rd September 1721) Donald Stewart, fiddler, was sick and excused. Lilias McDonald confessed that she was with child a 3rd time, fathered by Donald Stewart, weaver in the Muir of Blair, in his own house when she was winding plaid-yarn.

(10th September 1721) Donald Stewart and Lilias McDonald confessed (to guilt) 7 weeks before Beltane or 6 weeks after Candlemass 1720. Donald 'Ban' (Stewart), fiddler, confessed to having a child with Lilly McDonald which was baptised at Moulin, and that another begotten in Fortingall parish was baptised in Marr. Mary McDonald, Lilly's mother in Kindrochit was summoned.

(17th September 1721) Donald Stewart, weaver, Carndessail, told by My Lord Duke to remove hence. Donald Stewart, fiddler, being at his harvest was excused.

(24th September 1721) Donald Stewart, fiddler, was spoken to (rebuked) by the Minister in public.

(15th October 1721) Donald Stewart, fiddler, was absolved from church censure and appointed to pay 5 of fine in respect that he was poor.

(3rd December 1721) Donald Stewart, fiddler, did not appear before the Session. The price of a horse resting (owing) to him by Alexander Stewart in Pitdornie was arrested.

(10th December 1721) Donald Stewart, fiddler, had his fine modified to 10 merks Scots.

(12th December 1721) Donald Stewart, weaver, and Lilias McDonald were reported as co-habiting together and summoned.

(7th January 1722) Donald Stewart, weaver, and Lilly McDonald were absolved of scandal.

2nd July 1721

Robert Stewart in Auchdrumnahaugie of Glenerrochty complained that Charles Robertson his neighbour (Auchleeks?) had alleged that he was guilty of adultery with his wife. In the presence of Patrick Robertson, son of Auchleeks and Alexander Robertson in Tomnagruagach (Tomcraggach?) he desired to be either convicted or cleared of the scandal.

(23rd July 1721) Charles Robertson declared that his jealousy was groundless. Both he and Robert Stewart were severely rebuked. Robert Stewart was strictly charged not to haunt the other's house and to shun the company of his wife. Charles Robertson was charged not to raise any groundless calumnies and scandals. Christian Robertson, spouse to Charles Robertson was rebuked for her former groundless jealousies of her husband, and exhorted to live amicably with him and shun the company of Alexander Stewart.

8th July 1721

Isobel Stewart in Dalginross, fornicatrix, with (blank) was summoned.

Donald Robertson and Janet Robertson his wife in Tomnaculag were charged with antenuptial fornication.

(16th July 1721) Donald Robertson was sick with his wife attending him.

(30th July 1721) Donald Robertson in Tomnaculag was still sick.

(6th August 1721) Donald Robertson was still sick.

(10th September 1721) Donald Robertson in Tomnaculag appeared on the Stool of Penitence and was absolved from the scandal.

(26th November 1721) Donald Robertson in Tomnaculag was asked to pay his fine for his fornication, but replied that he had no money at present. He was order to the Stool (of Penitence, again).

(7th January 1722) Donald Robertson in Tomnaculag was told that his bill was modified to eleven shillings.

(11th February 1722) The Treasurer was appointed to pursue the protracted bill of Donald Robertson.

6th August 1721

James Murray
Alexander Robertson in Cuiltaloskin
John Stewart in Clune
Charles McLaren in Kilvameonaig
Charles Conacher in Blair
Grigor Murray

Grizell Stewart under scandal with Patrick Forbes in Haugh of Blair. Her testament that she desired was stopped.

Janet McCallum lacking a testament was deferred until she got an absolvitor from Mr Duncan Stewart.

A testificate was given to Alexander Robertson in Barcastle in Grant's land.

20th August 1721

John Calmanach, in Tressait, scandalous with Christian Calmanach in Grennich was summoned.

A testament was given to Patrick McDonald school-master at Aldgirnaig, as he was born in the parish.

10th September 1721

Duncan McIntosh, in Ard Campsie was summoned.

James Stewart, Dalvolich (Dalvorest?) in Glentilt was summoned.

Duncan Robertson, in Monzie, Glenfender, was summoned.

(3rd December 1721) Duncan Robertson in Monzie confessed guilt with Margaret McKenzie in Dalmore's house 6 years ago, and alledged that he had satisfied and paid a crown of her mulet. Told to go to Mr Innis to get an absolvitor.

The Session appointed the Beadle and 2 Elders to go, turn about, to observe that none be out talking together or in change houses (inns) at Sermon time every Sabbath.

17th September 1721

William Stewart in Uchdnantaig in Borenich, executor for his father Alexander Stewart, in Balnabodach, was summoned.

(22nd October 1721) William Stewart in Uchdnanetaig was interrogated whether he had the effects of the deceased Alexander Stewart in Balnabodach, as 50 merks should have been given to the poor of the parish by his testament. He denied that he had the effects. Christian Stewart, relict (widow) did not appear before the Session and was excused. Niell Cuthbert, as Master, was summoned to Blair.

(1st July 1723) The Session gave up a bill granted by Niel Cuthbert in Balnabodach of 52 6s 8d, payable Martinmass next, for the mortification granted and made by the deceased Alexander Stewart in Balnabodach legated 50 merks to the poor.

1st October 1721

Rev Mr John Hamilton was at Weem for the Eucharist. Mr Fergus Ferguson preached at the Castle and the church.

22nd October 1721

James Murray
Niel Duff
John Stewart in Tulloch
Alexander Robertson in Cuiltaloskin
James Robertson in Craig
James Robertson in Kindrochit
Grigor Murray

5th November 1721

Katherine McIntyre confessed to be with child to Donald Robertson a second time (see 26th February 1719), it having taken place in the barn of Alexander 'Beg' ( ) in Kilmaveonaig, 23rd and 25th September last and Friday after Gilespick own's market with Donald Robertson, servant to Donald 'Roy'. Alexander Shaw, servant to John McGlashan in Kilmaveonaig heard them in the barn, John (McGlashan) and his wife also.

(19th November 1721) Katherine McIntyre said that no other fathered her child, but Donald Robertson denied the charge.

(31st May 1722) Katherine McIntyre questioned by the Session and Donald Robertson confessed his guilt with her by the burnside of Kilmaveonaig on the Market night. Because he had so stiffly denied his guilt several times he was denied baptism for the child. He then granted a bill of 40, and the child was baptised. (The Minister was probably embarrassed as Donald Robertson was his servant - see Baptisms 31st May 1722)

(23rd September 1722) Donald Robertson, relapser with Katherine McIntyre was ordered to stand in the place of public repentance on the next Sabbath.

(10th March 1723) Katherine McIntyre, relapser, appeared before the Session.

(7th April 1723) Katherine McIntyre was absolved of Church censure and ordered to pay her fine, or find a cautioner for it.

(19th May 1723) Donald Robertson and Katherine McIntyre had their fines modified to 10 each.

19th November 1721

Robert Robertson in Blair, a sickly man, and his poor family were to be considered against (given alms from) the next Sabbath's collection.

26th November 1721

Robert McLauchlane in Shierglas was to be minded next Sabbath for John Kennoch alias Stewart, his infant's nurse fee.

3rd December 1721

A sum of 30 9s 10d Scots was collected and subscribed, for a new church in the parish of Durness.

10th December 1721

The 10 merks which had been mortified by the mother of Barbara Forbes had been lent to Niell McInvane (alias Forbes?) but he was not able to repay it. (see 27th April 1720)

17th December 1721

Margaret Cameron in Bonfrier (?) was said to be with child. (This might be Christian Cameron in Bruchriach)

(11th February 1722) Christian Cameron in Bruchriach was referred.

(18th March 1722) Christian Cameron confessed that she had brought forth a child to Donald Robertson in Auchleanie, who confessed guilt with her, acknowledging the child it was baptised and called Patrick. His brother Alexander Robertson was cautioner for him and Donald Robertson in Kirktown was cautioner for her. A crown to be given, out of the fine, for making seats and tables for the schoolhouse of Struan, and to buy the timber.

(20th May 1722) Donald Robertson in Auchleanie was excused for not appearing.

(1st July 1722) Donald Robertson, fornicator with Janet (Christian?) Cameron appeared and was absolved.

(4th November 1722) Christian Cameron in Bruchriach was rebuked for her fornication with Donald Robertson in Auchleanie.

(23rd December 1722) Christian Cameron fornicatrix with Donald Robertson was told of her fine to be paid to Mr James Murray.

(29th March 1723) Christian Cameron fornicatrix with Donald Robertson in Auchleanie was told that her fine of 5 15s Scots had to be paid by Donald Robertson in Kirktown, her cautioner.

(19th April 1723) Donald Robertson in Struan, cautioner for Christian Cameron was ordered to pay 4 of her fine, lodged in his hands in part payment to Mr Murray on his receipt, thereof.

7th January 1722

Donald Robertson in Pitagowan was given 4, out of the fines, for his work on the schoolhouse at Struan.

11th February 1722

Alexander Gow in Cuilt-more, a distressed man, was to be considered (for financial help) after the mulets and fines had come in.

19th February 1722

Margaret Calmanach spouse to Duncan Stewart in Mualich-more entered a complaint against Duncan Robertson there.

(18th March 1722) John McDonald in Tirinie, a married man of about 40 years, said that he neither saw nor heard any misbehaviour betwixt Margaret Calmanach and Duncan Robertson until after Candlemass last when there was a controversy between them about swine. Robert Robertson, there and Niell Stewart in Kincraigie said the same. The matter was referred.

(9th September 1722) The complaint of Margaret Calmanach against Duncan Robertson, both married persons, of offering violence to her chastity seven times, was referred to Dunkeld Presbytery.

(17th December 1722) The complaint of Margaret Calmanach, spouse to Duncan Stewart now in Monzie, against Duncan Robertson, in Mualich-more of an attempt upon her chastity and of intended rape, had been laid before the Presbytery of Dunkeld, Tuesday last, the 11th December. They found that there had been some attempt upon her, but that she had succumbed in her own probation by confessing that she had employed him to hang up a creel in the house, none being present but themselves. Duncan Robertson claimed that there was envy and malice in the charge.

The Presbytery ordered the Session to lay the matter before the Congregation the next Lord's Day.

4th March 1722

The Session consisted of:
The Minister
Mr Mungo Campbell
John, Alexander and William Stewarts
Mr James Murray
Charles Conacher
Charles McLaren

John McGlashan in Blair paid in 2 merks and a half as a year's rent (interest on) 50 merks legacy left by Alexander Forbes late officer at Blair, part of which was given to Donald Stewart in Brae of Clune and the other merk was given to Elspeth Forbes in Bohespic.

19th March 1722

The Session consisted of:
The Minister
Mr Mungo Campbell
Gregor Murray
Mr Gavin Benga(?)
John Stewart

The Session was informed that Elspet Stewart spouse to Duncan Seaton sometime in Balrobie, now in the New Plantations abroad, was supposed to be with child some while ago. Informed witnesses were summoned.

(1st April 1722) Christian Stewart in Balrobie, Anne Stewart spouse to John Stewart in Blair, and Katharine McGlashan, midwife, had examined the breasts of Elspet Stewart, and they were not producing milk.

(22nd April 1722) The neighbours of Elspeth Stewart were examined but they knew nothing. Margaret Stewart and Christian Stewart, both in Balrobie, again confirmed that she was not producing milk.

(9th September 1722) The Session agreed that the affair of Elspeth Stewart in Balrobie should be laid before the Congregation, after Sermon, to intimate that the allegations against her were unproven.

(Duncan must have survived working in the New Plantations as a daughter, Isobel, was born to Duncan Seaton and Elspeth Stewart in Ardtulichan, which is next to Balrobie, on 14th April 1728).

John Ferguson late smith at Blair, now in Rinrorie, was to get from John Stewart, treasurer, half a crown out of the fines in full payment of the snecks (latches) made to the church doors, and bands to doors in the manse.

25th March 1722

Isobel Hay confessed that she was with child to Alexander Scot tailor at Balrobie, having committed guilt at Strathgarrie. Appointed to satisfy at Moulin.

1st April 1722

The Session consisted of:
The Minister
Mr Mungo Campbell
John, William, Robert and William Stewarts
Alexander Robertson
Robert McLauchlan
Charles Conacher
Charles McLaren
Gregor Murray (Sessioner)

The Session considered Mr Stewart's letter laying before them the pitiful condition of Finlay Donald McLaren's motherless suckling infant, whose nurse threatens to put away the child from her unless she was given her fees in hand. It was resolved that a day be appointed for the collection to be given to that ends. The Session would make up the difference if the collection was too little.

Aeneas (Angus) Tossach in Croftdow complained that he had been thrice proclaimed with Margaret McDonald, daughter to Patrick McDonald in Tomintianda, but she had resiled (changed her mind). Father and daughter were summoned.

(8th April 1722) Patrick McDonald and Margaret McDonald were away from home when summoned, and the daughter was out of the parish.

Charles Conacher was given 15 shillings for iron for the sandglass case. (It was common for a preacher to use an hour-glass to time his sermon. This did not restrict the sermon to one hour. A minister in full flow might tell the Congregation that they should take another glass, and just turn the sermon-glass over).

22nd April 1722

There was a letter from Rev Mr John McInnes, minister of Crathes saying that his Session had examined one who called herself Margaret Stewart, daughter to (blank) Stewart in (blank), who confessed that 8 years ago or thereby she had brought forth a child in the house of (blank) in Badenoch, to Duncan Robertson in Pitagowan by whose advice, being a married man, she had fled out of the parish of Blair. Duncan Robertson to be summoned.

(29th April 1722) Duncan Robertson acknowledged having a child with Margaret Stewart in Toldunie, born about 12 years ago in Badenoch and baptised there. He had not witnessed the baptism and had heard nothing of the child for 7 to 8 years, and could not tell if it was still alive or dead. He was a married man when the child was gotten. The case was referred to the Presbytery.

(9th September 1722) The affair of Duncan Robertson in Pitagowan was referred to the Presbytery in Dunkeld.

31st April 1722

Isobel McLauchlane in Monzie was brought to bed on the 29th April and Robert Stewart acknowledged the child. John Stewart his brother and Donald McLauchlane in Drumnabechin were cautioners for a bill, and had the child baptised. (see Baptisms - 31st May 1722)

(10th June 1722) Robert Stewart in Breakach, fornicator with Isobel McLauchlane in Monzie compared (appeared before the Session).

(29th June 1722) Robert Stewart was absolved of his scandal and promised to pay his mulet at 25th August, next.

(9th December 1722) Isobel McLauchlane in Sinigaig, fornicatrix with Robert Stewart in Breakach appeared before the Congregation and Session and was rebuked.

(30th December 1722) Isobel McLauchlane fornicatrix with Robert Stewart was absolved of Church censure and was fined.

(However, on his death-bed, Donald Stewart in Inverslanie admitted that he was the true father and that it had been covered up by his brothers in Shinigaig, as he had been a married man - see Kirk Session Minutes, 4th November 1750)

20th May 1722

The Session consisted of:
The Minister
Mr James Murray
John Stewart
, in Tulloch
Alexander Robertson, in Cuiltalosgin
Alexander, William and John Stewarts
Niell Duff
Blairfettie and Kindrochit (Sessioners)

Donald Robertson, son to Alexander Robertson in Dalinreach appeared.

3rd June 1722

Christian McAdhamh in Dalnacardoch summoned.

(1st July 1722) Christian McAdie in Dalinruich was summoned but did not appear.

(22nd July 1722) Christian McAdie was summoned but did not appear.

7th June 1722

John McIntosh in Daleanachie had entered a complaint, long ago, against Eveoig McPherson his wife, being jealous of her. The Session found the complaint to be groundless and exhorted both to live peacefully together, and Eveoig to shun the company of Kenneth McKenzie. (Eveoig McPherson might be Ephie Murdoch or McPherson - see Session Minutes, 26th February 1719).

(29th June 1722) John McIntosh and Everig McPherson his wife where exorted by the Session again. Kenneth McKenzie was examined and dismissed. John McIntosh asked for an extract of the proceedings, which was given to him.

The Session appointed the Beadle to arrest in the hands of Patrick McIntosh, son to John McIntosh, Kindrochit of Tilt, 10 merks Scots obtained by Patrick and Alexander Ferguson in Levadge, for the poor of the parish.

10th June 1722

Donald Robertson in Dalinruich, son to Alexander Robertson there, was ordered to see the Minister when he returned home.

(1st July 1722) Donald Robertson in Dalinruich confessed that he went to Mr Robert Stewart in Lawes, with a child belonging to Duncan Robertson in Aulich (Fortingall parish), the father being married. The mother was Katherine Robertson in Aulich, now in Carrie. The father of the child was sick. The child's name was John.

John McDonald, servant to Duncan Kias in Dalnamine, fornicator with (blank) McGlashan, daughter to Paul McGlashan in Cuiltvuick, now deceased, was summoned. (This probably dates back to 10th September 1718).

(10th March 1723) John McDonald in Dalnamine, fornicator with Christian McGlashan, now deceased, was ordered to pay 5 of his fine to Mr James Murray by the following week.

(19th April 1723) John McDonald fornicator with Christian McGlashan, now deceased, appeared, was absolved from the scandal and was ordered to pay 5 of his fine to John Stewart, treasurer, by the following week or it would be increased to 10.

17th June 1722

A testificate was given to John Robertson, a blind man in Dalginross, and Jannet Robertson his wife, bed-fast.

29th June 1722

Katherine Scot in Kilmaveonaig was summoned. (This probably dates back to 10th September 1718)

8th July 1722

A lass in Kindrochit, Tilt, daughter to James McIntaylor in Toldunie was reported to be with child and was summoned.

The Session was informed that there was 20 merks Scots of a mortification left in the hands of Charles McLaren in Pitnacree, these 7 years, and the rents (interest) thereof were unpaid.

(5th August 1722) Charles McLaren declared to the Session that at Martinmass 1716 he was given 20 merks Scots, the mortification of the deceased Donald McFerchardson (Ferguson), sometime in Pitnacree, and begged their pardon for (not paying) bygone rents (interest) and offered a number of small tabs (promissory notes). The Session would consider his request.

(19th August 1722) The interest of the 20 merks held by Charles McLaren would be discussed next Session.

22nd July 1722

The Session consisted of:
The Minister
James Murray
James Robertson
in Craig (of Clunes)
Alexander Robertson
Donald Robertson
Alexander Stewart
William Stewart
Niel Duff

Donald Robertson in Fonvuick was summoned but did not appear.

Christian Stewart was said to have gone a begging with her children.

The Session announced that if any person could win out of the mosses, twelve joists for the bridge at Struan, 18 foot long and 12 inches square, then they would have 20 shillings Scots.

(14th October 1722) There were two trees of 17 foot in length, provided for the bridge of Struan, lying at Carrick. The Beadle was instructed to inspect them.

(4th November 1722) Donald Gordon and Donald Robertson in Carrick, both had a joist for the bridge at Struan, whereof one was sold to the Session for 2 merks. Duncan Robertson in Dalreach had one joist in Mealdoulash. Donald Robertson in Pitagowan had one, Duncan Robertson in Dalinturuaine had one, and Patrick Gow, there, had one.

29th July 1722

The Session appointed Charles McLaren to take up offerings in the body of the church (on the Sabbath), and William Stewart in the loft(?) and the aisle.

5th August 1722

Patrick McDonald who wished to open a school in the parish had given to the Minister a letter of recommendation from Mr Stewart.

Alexander Hay in Strathtummel who was suffering a grave illness was to be given the church collection for the next 14 days.

Thomas Fraser was chosen as temporary Beadle, there being a secret complaint by Lillias McDonald against Donald Gow, Beadle.

12th August 1722

John Calmanach in Bohally, Sessioner.

Lilly McDonald had lodged a complaint that Donald Gow the Beadle had taken her into his house about a month before Candlemass last, on the Sabbath day at Sermon time, and had closed the door. She claimed that he sought carnal calling with her, despite her being big with child. When she said that she would not, unless he forced her, he said that he would not force her. Then they both came out and he rang the bell (for sermon time).

The Session appointed Gregor Murray, John Stewart and Robert Stewart to examine her about the complaint. She told them that Donald Stewart promised to marry her if she maintained the story invented by him against Donald Gow. When questioned, Donald Stewart denied that he had any art or part in the matter. He paid 4 Scots as part of the mulet for his guit with Lilly McDonald.

Isobel Stewart daughter of the said Donald Barron (an alias name for Donald Stewart?) being aged 16 or 17 years, said that Donald Gow had taken Lilly into his own house and thrown her into his bed. However when examined she denied all, and said that Lilly had promised her half an ell of linen if she maintained the false story.

Lilly McDonald confessed that she was with child again, by Donald Barron and that the child was gotten in the stable of Angus 'Mhor' in Tomkindrochit, the 5th week of summer. She claimed that he lay with her 3 or 4 times. Firstly in the wood at Rinrory when he went to get his meall from Urrard. Secondly in Pitlochry where he gave her ale and .....(?) in the house of Alexander Gow, younger. Thirdly in the wood of Toldamf where he lay at night when is was reported that My Lord Duke was to take men for sojours (soldiers?). Fourthly in the (corn)kiln of Thomas Reid where he lay at night when he went to sack the foresaid meall, and that she came to him by night. He denied that he knew her at any of these places but could not deny his being in these places.

(14th August 1722) Isobel Stewart told the Session that she was in the same places and beds as her father and Lilly, and she knew that her father had to do with Lilly twice. Donald Stewart confessed his guilt in Thomas Reid's kiln, five nights after mid-summer market and at Pitlochry under the high road eighteen days before Lammas. Both were rebuked and exhorted by the Session. Their desire for marriage was deferred until the Presbytery was acquainted with the matter, and forbidden to meet until married.

(9th September 1722) The Minister agreed to the marriage of Lilly McDonald and Donald Stewart if they both desired marriage.

Janet Robertson in Kindrochit confessed that she was with child by Donald McGlashan at the mill, and that she lay with him in his mother's house many times, lastly 8 or 14 days after Beltane.

(19th August 1722) Donald McGlashan and Janet Robertson admitted carnal dealings more often than twice. Both were rebuked and exhorted to repentance. He desired to pay his mulet or give his bill. She was ordered to the Stool on the next Sabbath.

(30th September 1722) Donald McGlashan and Janet Robertson, both in Kindrochit, were ordered to the Stool and to pay their fines.

(4th November 1722) Janet Robertson, in Kindrochit, Tilt, was absolved from Church censure with a fine to pay to John Stewart.

(16th December 1722) Donald McGlashan fornicator with Janet Robertson, late in Kindrochit, was absolved from Church censure and ordered to pay his fine.

2nd September 1722

The Session agreed that Grizzel Robertson in Kinaldy would get the next (Sabbath) collection at Strowan.

9th September 1722

Mr Alexander McIntyre who was schoolmaster from Martinmass 1713 to Martinmass 1716 desired a testificate, which the Session unanimously granted and the Clerk was instructed to draw it up.

16th September 1722

John Huisson, gardener to His Grace the Duke of Atholl entered a complaint that Katharine Stewart, servant to John Cowan in the parks, John Cowan and Isobel McIntosh, his wife, slandered him with adultery, which he desired they might prove or undergo the penalty of the law.

(20th September 1722) The foresaid complaint was found to be of no value.

23rd September 1722

The Session consisted of:
The Minister
James Murray
John Stewart
in Tulloch
John Calmanach in Grennich
Alexander Robertson in Cuiltaloskin
Niel Duff
William Stewart
in Carrick

Donald Robertson in Fonvuick was summoned but did not appear.

This day Mr John Cowper preached at the Castle (Atholl House).

30th September 1722

The Session Elders voted that Mr Mungo Campbell should accompany the Minister to the Synod at Perth on 9th October 1722.

21st October 1722

The Session was informed that Christian Fraser in Achinruie, late servant in Blairfettie's house, was with child, and was summoned.

(4th November 1722) Christian Fraser in Achinruie, was summoned but did not appear.

(23rd December 1722) Christian Fraser confessed to be with child to John Lauder, wright in Dunkeld, and that he had carnal dealings with her in Blairfettie's house at the beginning of harvest last.

(17th February 1723) John Lawder confessed guilt with Christian Fraser and acknowledged himself to be father of her child. He was ordered to give satisfaction at Struan on 3rd March next. (Which he did)

(29th March 1723) John Lawder pleaded to delay paying his bill until he had work in the country (local area).

(25th May 1723) John Lawder, wright, fornicator with Christian Fraser in Achinruie was absolved from all scandal. His fine of 3 and her fine of 2 to be given to Mr Murray for the schoolhouse.

The Session was informed that Jannet Stewart daughter of Archibald Stewart in Kincraigie had come from the house of Thomas McKenzie in Rinancoillach, with child, and was summoned.

(28th October 1722) Jannet Stewart confessed that she was with child to Thomas McKenzie in Rinancoillach, and that he had carnal dealings with her, first in March in his own house in the night-time, and when he returned from Edinburgh in June, and many times betwixt and after that time. Also that none lay in that end of the house with him, and that she had told him before she came away that she was with child by him. She said that she was 20 years old or thereby. Thomas McKenzie summoned.

(11th November 1722) Jannet Stewart in Kincraigie adhered to her former confession and added that after Thomas had ado with her, they were ever as married person from the middle of March till she was put away. Next day, after he first lay with her, she was going out with the cows. Thomas turned her back and bade her go to the house and look after her business there. She sifted meall all that day. John (blank), son to Dalmore, was there and stayed that night, and there being nothing but a thickness of a ...(?) between, that were he awake he might have heard Thomas lay with her, that night being the second time.

That Sabbath night before he went to Edinburgh he had to do with her and next day she was going to wash and shear some sheep belonging to his son Donald, and he bade her haste home again for that he would nor could not want her a night out of his house.

There was a cow near to calving another night and she had a mind to sit up with her all night, but he would not let her, and in the morning, early as she was rising and had on her petticoat, he drew her to him and lay with her. James Stewart the herd was sitting by the fire and might have seen him do it. After that when Thomas had returned from a wedding at Moulin, he lay with her all night.

Thomas McKenzie was summoned but did not appear.

(18th November 1722) Thomas McKenzie denied the allegations point blank. Jannet Stewart answered that she could suffer to be torn between horses if she told anything of him but the truth. Thomas confirmed that he was at a wedding at Moulin but denied that he had carnal dealings with her. Margaret Stewart in Cuilt-beg who was (a servant?) at Thomas's house, and was said to be jealous of Thomas's relationship with Jannet, was summoned as a witness.

(17th December 1722) Jannet Stewart was asked if ever the shoemaker (blank) McIntosh lay with her by day or by night, and she said no.

Thomas McKenzie was summoned but did not appear.

(17th February 1723) Thomas McKenzie was ordered to attend the Presbytery for his continuancy, Tuesday next. Jannet Stewart also.

(17th March 1723) Thomas McKenzie and Jannet Stewart were ordered to attend the Presbytery.

(31st March 1723) Thomas McKenzie appeared and stiffly denied that he ever had any carnal dealings with Jannet Stewart who was brought to (child)bed on 29th March current. He was exhorted to confess and ordered to be at the Presbytery of Dunkeld 17th April next betwixt ten in the forenoon and two in the afternoon. Thomas desired that Alexander Robertson his hired man in Rinancoillach and Betie McKenzie servitrix to Duncan Robertson at the Mill of Faskallie be summoned as witnesses for his exculpation - which the Session granted him. Janet Shaw, widow in Mualich-more to be summoned.

(7th April 1723) Jannet Stewart adhered to her former confession and Thomas McKenzie as stiffly to his denial. Alexander Robertson, aged about 20 years, declared that Donald Tossach lay in the chamber about Hallowmass 1721.

Donald Tossach, souter (shoemaker) at Faskallie was summoned and confessed that he lay the whole night betwixt Betie McKenzie and Janet Stewart about Hallowmass. And again that he lay a night in Thomas's bed in the chamber, Thomas being at Fealar.

(13th April 1723) Thomas McKenzie adhered to his denial of Jannet Stewart with child in her arms. She confidently affirmed that she had no other father on earth to her child. Donald Tossach denied having carnal dealings with Jannet Stewart but confessed that he lay in the same bed with her and Betie McKenzie about Beltane 1721. Alexander Robertson declared that Donald Tossach lay in bed with the two lasses at Beltane.

David Bell in Knockferaig(?) aged about 30 years, declared that Alexander Robertson told him that Donald was working in Thomas's house at that night and asked where he would get to lay down, and Janet Stewart replied what needed him ask that seeing he knew where to lay. Donald had a pair of shoes to finish and said he would have them done that night before going to bed. Donald and Jannet sat by the fire. Thomas McKenzie was from home about mid-summer, or betwixt, and Lammas 1721.

Betie McKenzie aged 20 or thereby declared that about Hallowmass 1721, Donald Tossach laid himself down in the bed with herself and Janet until day(break). She could not remember whether she or Jannet woke first, or if they rose together.

Janet Shaw aged about 40 years declared that, at harvest 1721, she saw Jannet Stewart rubbing down her hair and crying to Donald "Fie on you. What have you to do with me?", and that she heard Jannet say that she was with child to Thomas McKenzie. But she, and all of them, declared that they never saw or heard any misbehaviour betwixt Thomas and her, until of late.

Alexander Robertson tailor in Clune-more, unmarried and about 40 years, ddeclared that he knew nothing of any indecent carriage betwixt Donald Tossach and Janet Stewart, nor betwixt her and Thomas McKenzie.

Donald Tossach and Betie McKenzie were ordered to appear before the Congregation next Sabbath, April 21st, for laying in one bed together.

(21st April 1723) Jannet Stewart was ordered to the Stool and would get baptism for her child upon her getting a cautioner.

(2nd July 1723) Thomas McKenzie confessed his guilt and made provision for the child with Alexander Stewart in Urchil-beg as cautioner, and paid his fine.

25th November 1722

Such snow and drift this day, that no man could hardly go out of doors.

2nd December 1722

There was no Session as the stormy weather hindered the summoning of, and appearance of, deliquents.

23rd December 1722

The Session consisted of:
The Minister
Alexander Robertson
John Stewart
William Stewart
Mr Murray
Niel Duff

Elspet Fraser in Achinruie was summoned but did not appear.

Christian Cameron in Balinluig, Kindrochit, a poor widow, pleaded for help to pay doctors for drugs for her son. It was agrred that she should get 4 of the first and readiest fine in the parish.

13th January 1723

The affairs mentioned were delayed and referred until the days grow longer, upon the Elders request.

20th January 1723

Testificates were given to Donald Robertson in Trinafour, Donald McDonald in Dalinriach and Donald Robertson, younger who were going to search for, and prove some cattle (searching for stolen cattle?)

27th January 1723

Jannet McGlashan, fornicatrix with Donald Stewart in Croftcrombie was summoned.

Isabel Stewart in Clachglas was summoned.

John Stewart in Toldamph and his wife were were summoned for antenuptial fornication.

Donald Calmanach in Old .....? a poor old man troubled with a rupture, to get a shilling stirling, and Donald Ferguson in Balnakillie. (this entry is unfinished and crossed out - so much for the poor and needy!)

10th February 1723

Blairfettie to be paid 3 merks Scots by John Stewart, treasurer, as 3 years rent on the schoolhouse.

3rd March 1723

A testificate was given to Donald Gray in Clunes, Glengarry.

Jannet Robertson, sometime fornicatrix with Charles Robertson brother to Robert Robertson in Invervack was to be searched for and summoned. The said Charles Robertson was also to be summoned, whenever he could be found.

(10th March) Jannet Robertson and Charles Robertson to be sought for and summoned.

10th March 1723

The Session, calling to mind that Mr Duncan Stewart (the previous minister) uplifted some of the fines (which were then) laying over in the time of vacancy, ordered the Beadle to get a list of them and of the persons who paid them.

(17th March) The Session was informed that Mr Duncan Stewart pursued and took up the fine of Alexander Robertson, fornicator with Helen Gow. Fincastle had paid his fine at Martinmass 1722. Also Alexander 'Ban' Robertson in Tomcraggach, found guilty of fornication with Elspet Stewart both now in Auchleeks, formerly in Bohespic, was pursued by Mr Duncan Stewart for his fine.

11th March 1723

A testament was given by Rev Mr Adam Fergusson dated 11th March, showing that James Bruce had given satisfaction to the Kirk Session at Logierait and was absolved of Church censure, desired that baptism might be administered to his child begotten in fornication with Jannet Wallace. This was granted (see baptisms - 11th March 1723)

17th March 1723

John Stewart, the treasurer, advanced 6 sheets of paper for recording the minutes on, 2 sheets for himself and 2 for the clerk for the accounts at a cost of 2s 6d.

The Session requested the Minister and John Stewart to converse with Mr Duncan Stewart regarding the foresaid mulets (fines).

(13th June) The Minister, Mungo Campbell and John Stewart had conversed with Mr Duncan Stewart to report which fines had been uplifted. Viz:

Robert McLauchlane in Tenandry as a remainder of a fine for adultery .....................6 13s 4d
Alexander Calmanach, sometime in Tressait .........................................................10 0s 0d
Robert Tossach in Balnabodach .............................................................................3 6s 8d
Alexander Robertson in Bochonie .........................................................................5 0s 0d
William Gow in Trinafour, as cautioner for his sister .................................................3 6s 8d
James Mannoch as cautioner for his nephew .........................................................10 0s 0d
Alexander Robertson in Auchleeks ........................................................................2 0s 0d

Total...................................................................................................................40 6s 8d


Alexander Stewart in Balnabodach for building up the dykes of the Kirkyard of Blair.....26 13s 4d
Donald Rannoch for cleansing the ground and laying sand on the dykes........................2 13s 4d
Alexander Stewart in Blair for making doors for the north and east porch.......................2 0s 0d
John Moon and Duncan Moon for building up the doors................................................4 0s 0d
Duncan Gow, smith at Blair, for making ironwork for the doors.......................................1 4s 0d
And the iron for it.....................................................................................................1 12s 0d
Neil Stewart in Balintuim for timber for the north and east doors....................................1 1s 8d

Total.......................................................................................................................39 4s 4d

Balance.....................................................................................................................1 2s 4d

Attested to by John Stewart in Ard Campsie, one of his elders or sessioners, dated Bridgend of Tilt 3rd June 1723.

Also attested to by Donald Young in Croftvickewan, another of his elders or sessioners.

Also by Finlay Robertson, elder or sessioner, in Rinrory. The last two declaring that they could not write.

14th April 1723

A testificate was given to George Robertson in Pitaldonich.

Grizell Stewart in Riemoraig was said to be with child.

(21st April) Grizell Stewart was not in the parish.

(28th April) Grizell Stewart was called but did not appear.

(19th May) Grizell Stewart was called but did not appear.

(30th June) Grizell Stewart in Riemoraig was called but did not appear, she being weak after the mizells (measles).

Christian Robertson McPhail in Pitagowan was said to be with child.

(21st April) Christian Robertson was unwell.

(28th April) Christian Robertson was still unwell.

21st April 1723

The Session consisted of:
The Minister
John Stewart
in Blair
John Stewart in Tulloch
William Stewart in Croftcrombie
William Stewart in Campsie
William Stewart in Carrick
Robert Stewart in Blairuachdar
Alexander Stewart in Balnabodach
Alexander Robertson in Cuiltalosgin
Charles Conacher in Blair
Charles McLaren in Pitnacree
Neil Duff in Auchinruie

There was a proclamation that Thursday 25th April would be a day of public thanksgiving for God's mercy in averting the plague.

The Minister reported to the Session that he had a call from the Parish of Kenmore with a presentation from the Earl of Breadalbane, also the Presbytery of Dunkeld and Presbytery of Auchteredon and the Parish of Comrie.

(25th April) It was decided to convene a day when the Heritors, Gentlemen, Heads of Families and Elders of the United Parishes could meet and condense an answer to the Reasons of Transportation (i.e. Why their Minister should not change Parishes). The 2nd May was agree upon.

(28th April) A petition was sent to John, Duke of Atholl, at Huntingtower, seeking his support.

(13th June) Half a crown was given to Patrick Gow, for taking the petition to Huntingtower.

(All efforts during May seem to have had no come to nothing, and by 13th June it was obvious that Dr Hamilton was leaving the parish as he gave the Session the accounts for his intermission. Office bearers were paid their fees and the rest of the money from the fines was given to the poor of the parish. During this time, a number of other ministers preached on the Sabbath and this might have been in preparation for choosing the next minister for the parish).

28th April 1723

The Session ordered a poor man, John Robertson in Ardindeor, to get a fine for bathing his horses.

A testificate was given to James Pitillo, merchant in Aldclune

Grissel Robertson admitted that she was with child, which she fathered upon John Robertson, son of Angus Robertson in Pitagowan.

(19th May) Grisell Robertson and John Robertson were called but did not appear.

(25th May) Grisell Robertson and John Robertson were not at home. He is in Badenoch and she is in the shealls (summer sheilings)

(30th June) John Robertson in Pitagowan was summoned, but did not appear.

(7th August) John Duff in Dalnamine was cautioner for John Robertson. John Forbes in Sheneval was cautioner for Grizel Robertson in Pitagowan.

12th May 1723

A testificate was given to Duncan Moon, a distressed, sick man in Balinuaine. One eye is lost and the other in hazard.

25th May 1723

A testificate was given to Alexander McKennoch in Chamberbane, Margaret Gray his wife, and their two children.

13th June 1723

Katherine McIntyre in Mualich denied being with child

Dr Hamilton presented his accounts. Viz:

John Stewart, treasurer, September 8th 1719 (presumably money carried forward) ...............................12 0s 0d
Donald McKenzie's fine ................................................................................................................12 12s 0d
........ Robertson in Kindrochit Mill for antenuptial fornication with Christian Robertson, his wife ..............5 0s 0d
(see 10th September 1718, which differs)
Donald Robertson in Tomnaculag who fell with Katherine McIntosh in Mualich .....................................6 0s 0d
Duncan Robertson's party in Bochonie .............................................................................................3 16s 0d
Robert Stewart in Cuilt-beg ..............................................................................................................2 0s 0d
Donald McLauchlane in Drumnabechin, cautioner for his sister in Breakach.
Given to Alexander Gow in Cuilt-more, 5th December 1722 ..................................................................2 0s 0d


John Stewart to pay the glazier .........................................................................................................5 6s 0d
John Stewart to pay the clerks ........................................................................................................13 0s 0d
John Gow, smith at Invervack, for mending the locks of Struan Kirk ..........................................................16s 0d
Mr Samuel Stewart, surgeon in Dundee, for healing Margaret Tossach's legs, a poor lass in Kindrochit ....4 0s 0d

(In addition, money was sent to the Presbytery of Dunkeld on a regular basis. This may have come from fines, the Sabbath collection or both - it is impossible to tell - but, as they do not mention people from Blair Atholl parish, they have been ommitted).

Donald Gow and Duncan Campbell in Drumnabechin were told to get up their bills.

Mr Thomas Gilbert, session clerk, gave a receipt to Kindrochit for his bill for John Stewart in Baluaine and Janet Robertson, his wife.

30th June 1723

A testificate was given to Agnes Flyming and Janet Stewart her daughter, in respect of a report that a sheep had been found in her house, such was drowned in the burn, but was never judically proven.

The Session voted on whether Patrick Forbes and his mother should get a 5 fine. It was carried.

Elspet McCollie in Baluaine was summoned, but did not appear.

Elspet Stewart in Tynacraig was summoned, but did not appear.

Alexander McGrigor in Calvine, and his wife were summoned, but did not appear.

1st July 1723

Testificates were given to Donald Stewart, son of the deceased John Stewart, alias McOilon(?) in Balinuarain, and Patrick McGilivie, a poor cripple lad in Balnakilie.

Blairfettie (Patrick Robertson) requested payment of 18 19s 4d for the Struan schoolhouse.

Margaret Cuthbert petitioned the Session for help to maintain her and her baby, and was given 5 out of the fines.

Niel Stewart in Strathgroy paid 5 and was absolved, but not his wife.

Alexander Robertson, dyer in Kindrochit, had 5 of his fine added to the Struan collection, and sent to the Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge.

Patrick Fraser and his wife in Tomintianda were fined 5 for antenuptial fornication and must give satisfaction, otherwise increased to 20.

Alexander Stewart, a poor cripple in Bohespic, was given 5.

James Smith, wright in Aldclune, was given 5 in charity from the fine of John Mannoch McDonald in Rinrory. Likewise, 5 was given to Janet Stewart at the Mill of Blair who was bed-fast.

Thomas Fraser, cautioner for Janet Graham was ordered to give 5 to Isobel Ferguson, a cripple in Blair.

Patrick Forbes was given 5 from the fines of John McGlashan and Katherine Scot.

Robert Mc......... in Blair was given 5. Likewise, Charles McLaren McTossich in Pitnacree, Isabel Stewart in Tenandry, John Robertson in Ardindeor, Elspet Robertson in Grennich, Isobel Gray in Balnabodach, John Robertson in Auchinruie, and John and Margaret Forbes, there.

Donald Calmanach at Aldnaclure was ordered to give 40s to John Stewart Keannach in Blair.

The deceased William McIntosh's bill, as cautioner for Christian Cameron was endorsed to Angus Forbes in Year of Auchleeks.

Elspet Stewart in Blairuachdar was given 4, and blind Isobel Robertson in Kindrochit of Struan was given 20s.

The Minister mentioned the mortifications: Robert Stewart in Ard Kincael, held his father's mortification of 50 merks and a testament, but the testament was never shown. Also, Charles Robertson in Clunes of Glengarry had left 200 merks, but there was no satifaction (it was unaccounted for). Angus Forbes in Trinafour had left 100 merks (which presumably was unaccounted for either).

21st July 1723

Mr Robert Bisset, minister at Strathardle preached. (He became the subsequent minister of Blair Atholl parish).

26th July 1723

A testificate was given to Margaret Ritchie

7th August 1723

Margaret Stewart in Riemoraig had a child, born Tuesday 30th July last, which she fathered upon Alexander Robertson in Lower Monzie. Donald Stewart in Riemoraig, her father, cautioner. (There seems to be confusion here. Is it Margaret Stewart or Grizell Stewart? - see Session Minutes for 14th April 1723 and Baptisms for 8th August 1723).

18th August 1723

James McGlashan in Carrick was to get the 5 allocated to Janet Stewart at Katherine's Mill who had died the month before. (See 1st July 1723).

20th October 1723

Isobel Stewart in Croft, Strathtummel was said to be with child.

(10th November) Isobel Stewart in Dalginross and Donald Scot, there, gave up their names in order to marriage.

A placed minister to preach here.

(The Kirk Session Minutes cease at this point and do not resume until 1741).

Blair Atholl parish Session Minutes, 1741-49

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