Genealogical Record of James Stewart of Esquesing Township, Ontario

compiled by Dallas Manicom, one of his many descendants.

Stewart's Castle

'Stewart's Castle', built by James Stewart for his second wife, Janet McGregor (© Dallas Manicom)

James Stewart was born on Oct 4 1787 in Croftcarnoch of Borenich, Blair Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland. He was christened on Oct 7 1787 in Blair Atholl, died on Apr 19 1865 in Esquesing Township, Halton, Ontario and was buried in Boston Church Cemetery, Esquesing Township.

* *

Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the day of life is fled
There in heaven with joy to greet thee
Where no farewell tear is shed.

* *

James emigrated to Ontario Canada on Jul 23 1818 and brought with him a letter of introduction [testificate] from the Kirk Session of Blair Atholl.


James Stewart testificate from the Blair Atholl Kirk Session (© Dallas Manicom)

"That the bearer James Stewart is a native of
this parish and resided therein mostly from his
infancy till the date hereof, behaving himself
soberly, honestly and inoffensively, free from
public scandal or grounds of Church censure
proven or alleged, so given by order and of ...ment
of our Kirk Session and attested(?), Blair 23rd July
1818 by John Stewart (Minister)
William Robertson
Patrick McGlashan, Elders"

He received approval for a crown land grant of 100 acres in Esquesing Township, in the County of Halton, Ontario, and lived near the farm of the parents of his first wife, Elizabeth, with some other Scots. He eventually owned 700 acres and operated his own sawmill on the property.

James's first wife, Elizabeth Stewart who he married in Halton County Ontario about 1824, was the daughter of John Stewart (known as 'Father of the Scotch Block') and Margaret Lamond. Elizabeth was born in 1802 in Rannoch, Fortingall, Perthshire, Scotland. She died in 1841 in Esquesing Township, Halton, Ontario, and was buried in Boston Church Cemetery, Esquesing Township, Ontario.


(Generation 3) The Family of James Stewart and Elizabeth Stewart in Esquesing Township, Halton, Ontario.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
John c1826 unmarried - Esquesing Twnshp d. 1860
Robert Mar 10 1828 Ann McGregor* 1855 Guelph,
d. Jul 15 1918
James Feb 14 1832 Joanna McGregor* c1863 Esquesing Twnshp d. Apr 6 1883
Mar 24 1834 1h. James H.
2h. Archibald Campbell
1h. May 24 1859

2h. Dec 20 1872
Esquesing Twnshp
and Guelph
1h. Apr 29 1864
2h. May 1899
w. Aug 30 1918
c1840 Robert Michie Jan 23 1869 Esquesing Twnshp h. Sep 10 1885
w. Jan 28 1889

* the daughters of Laughlin McGregor of Esquesing Township.


James's second wife was Janet McGregor, whom he married around 1847. Janet was born in Scotland around 1815, died in 1890, and was buried in Boston Church Cemetery, Esquesing Township, Ontario.

(Generation 3) The Family of James Stewart and Janet McGregor in Esquesing Township, Halton, Ontario.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Janet Dec 1848 Dugald McKechnie c1868 Esquesing Twnshp h. Dec 24 1879
w. Jun 20 1906
Mary Mar 31 1850 William Luxton
Jan 4 1880 Hamilton h. Feb 2 1891
w. Jan 12 1938


Not much is known about James's eldest son John. He is commemorated on his mother's tombstone giving his date of birth, 1826, and that of his death, 1860.


James's second son Robert Stewart left home when his mother died in 1841, to live with their maternal grandparents, John Stewart and Margaret Lamont of Craiglea House, Esquesing Township. He was left only $5.00 in his father's will in 1865 and contested it.

"Robert started work as a carpenter, under the aegis of two uncles (his mother's brothers Alexander and Robert) when they were building the St. Lawrence Hall on King Street East in Toronto in 1851, and became a master builder".

In 1855 Robert married Ann 'Annie' McGregor, daughter of Lachlan McGregor and Elizabeth Bell. Ann was born on Mar 1 1831 in Eramosa Township, Wellington, Ontario. She died on Sep 27 1922 in Guelph, Wellington, Ontario. She was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Guelph.

"After marrying Ann McGregor, they settled in Guelph. Here he opened a planing, flooring, and sash factory and gained a reputation as a man of sterling business integrity. When he died of flu and pneumonia in 1918 (Spanish flu?), at the age of 90, Robina and her sister Phoebe inherited all his real and personal property, with the proviso that they provide for their mother and their widowed sister, Annie Singer. The company passed to Robina’s brother Edward and his family".

(Generation 4) The Family of Robert Stewart and Ann "Annie" McGregor in Guelph, Wellington, Ontario.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Jan 10 1856 Alexander
McCheyne Hill
Jan 12 1876 Guelph,
Wellington Co.
h. Oct 12 1908
w. Oct 4 1952
Jul 1 1862 unmarried - Guelph,
Wellington Co.
d. 1940
Mary Scott c1865 died in infancy - Guelph,
Wellington Co.
d. c1867
Ann Urquhart 1866 Edward Siegmund
May 2 1898 Guelph,
Wellington Co.
h. Jan 12 1918
w. Jan 29 1943
Helen Scott
Nov 4 1868 James Beattie Apr 27 1892 Fergus,
Nicol Twnshp,
Wellington Co.
h. Jan 27 1934
w. Jun 9 1938
Charles Edward
'Little Charlie'
Jun 15 1871 died in infancy - Guelph,
Wellington Co.
d. Sep 16 1871
Robina Lamont Oct 22 1872 unmarried - USA and Canada d. Dec 6 1968
Jessie Ellen c1873 died in infancy - Guelph,
Wellington Co.
d. c1877
Edward McLean Feb 12 1875 Clarissa Winnibelle
Batty, 'Clara'
Dec 24 1913 Guelph,
Wellington Co.
h. 1939
w. 1984
Robert Douglas Jun 15 1877 1w. Lucy Hamilton Smith
2w. Anna Lillian Leybourne
1w. May 12 1903

2w. Feb 7 1920
Wellington Co.
h. 1954
1w. 1918
2w. Nov 6 1983


James's third son, James Stewart, ran away from home with his brother Robert after their mother died, and lived with their grandparents at Craiglea House. Like his brother Robert, he was left only $5.00 in his father's will.

In November, 1854, James's brother Robert had gone into partnership with Edward Copping, who had been a fellow worker with his uncle's firm in Toronto and when Copping left the partnership, it gave James the opportunity to entered the Lumber and Millwork business with his brother. They operated Stewart’s Planing Mill at the same Lot #20, Paisley Street, Guelph until 1863, then moved to the banks of the Speed River at the Eramosa Bridge.

Around 1863 James married Joanna McGregor, daughter of Lachlan McGregor and Elizabeth Bell. Joanna was born on Apr 13 1842 in Eramosa Township, Wellington, Ontario, and was the younger sister of his brother Robert's wife.

In 1869 they built their third factory on Upper Wyndham Street. James Stewart stayed with Robert for 10 years, then he went into a wood manufacturing business with Mr. Thomas Gowdy but this dissolved after 7 years, after which James went to Detroit, Michigan in the United States, where his last two children were born.

He died on Apr 6 1883 in Detroit, Michigan, USA, and was buried in Woodmere Cemetery, Detroit, where there is a monument to his memory.

(Generation 4) The Family of James Stewart and Joanna McGregor in Guelph, Wellington, Ontario.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
James Jan 23 1864 Nellie Elizabeth Demay May 10 1887 Detroit,
Chicago, Illinois
h. Jun 6 1892
w. Jul 12 1947
Lachlan McGregor Jul 8 1866 unmarried - Salem,
Oregon, USA
d. Aug 25 1887
Alexander T. Jun 29 1867 Alice Maud
Jun 17 1919 Chicago,
Illinois, USA
h. Apr 27 1940
w. Mar 1 1934
John Peter Dec 24 1870 Etta Abigail
Sep 28 1910 Chicago, Illinois h. Nov 27 1912
w. May 13 1958
Ruby c1873 - - Detroit,
Michigan, USA
d. after 1880
Anna Louise Apr 8 1878 Robert Harrington
Jun 6 1900 Chicago, Illinois h. after 1930
w. Dec 1972
Violet Elizabeth Jan 13 1883 unmarried - Jacksonville,
Florida, USA
d. Apr 27 1928


James's eldest daughter, Margaret Elizabeth Stewart, married James Henderson Laidlaw on May 24 1859 in the United Presbyterian Church, Guelph. He was the son of James Laidlaw and Anne Henderson, and was born on Sep 30 1831 in Esquesing Township Halton Ontario. He died on Apr 29 1864 in Esquesing Township Halton Ontario and was buried in the Boston Church Cemetery, where there is a monument to his parents and their family.

(Generation 4) The Family of James Henderson Laidlaw and Margaret Elizabeth Stewart
in Esquesing Township, Halton, Ontario.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
John Calvin Jun 13 1860 Susannah 'Susie'
Dec 12 1892 Vancouver,
British Columbia
h. Jun 24 1925
w. 1940
Anne Apr 29 1862 Henry 'Harry'
Oct 6 1866 Portage-du-Fort,
Pontiac, Quebec
h. before 1934
w. Nov 20 1934

After the death of her first husband Margaret Elizabeth, married Archibald Campbell on Dec 20 1872 in Guelph Wellington Ontario. He was the son Duncan Campbell and Janet McGregor Archibald and was born on Apr 26 1811 in Fernan, Kenmore, Perthshire Scotland. He died in May 1899 in Acton Halton, Ontario.


James's daughter Christina Ann, 'Christy' Stewart, was only 1 year old when her mother died in 1841. She was left property in her father's 1865 will. On Jan 23 1869 she married Robert Michie in Esquesing Township Halton Ontario. He was the son of William Michie and Margaret Stivert, and was born about 1837 in Esquesing Township, Halton, Ontario. He died on Sep 10 1885 in Esquesing Township, after an accident.

Acton Free Press, 17 Sep 1885
Sad Fatal Accident

About eleven o'clock last Wednesday night Mr. Robert Michie, of Esquesing, was found in the Stewarttown pond beneath the N. & N. W. Railway bridge. His body was terribly bruised and mangled and, notwithstanding the earnest effort of Dr. Todd, the unfortunate man died in a few hours. He was in Georgetown during the afternoon, slightly under the influence of liquor, and it is supposed that, in making his way homeward in the darkness, on the railway track, he made a mis-step and fell off the bridge, into the pond, a distance of fifty-four feet. A wife and several children mourn his sudden death.

(Generation 4) The Family of Robert Michie and Christina Ann Stewart
in Esquesing Township, Halton, Ontario.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Elizabeth Ann Nov 21 1859 - - Esquesing Twnshp d. Aug 8 1928
Margaret Mar 1862 Edward McFadyen Apr 4 1884 Esquesing Twnshp h. May 15 1916
w. Apr 26 1884
Mary Jane Dec 14 1863 - - Esquesing Twnshp d. Mar 21 1902
William c1868 - - Esquesing Twnshp d. after 1928
Isabella 'Bella' Mar 9 1870 Colin Cameron Sep 21 1920 Woodbridge, Vaughan, York Co. h. after 1928
w. after 1928
Ellen Christina 'Nellie' Jan 29 1876 Alexander Bell Dec 23 1902 Acton, Halton h. before 1921
w. after 1928


Janet Stewart, James's eldest daughter by his second marriage, was left 100 acres (Concession 5, Lot 10) in her father's will of 1865. She married Dugald McKechnie around 1868. He was the son of Gilbert McKechnie and Jessie McDougall, and was born about 1843 in Esquesing Township. He died there on Dec 24 1879. Janet died of 'general debility'on Jun 20 1906 in Esquesing Township and was buried in the Boston Presbyterian Church cemetery. She is commemorated on the same tombstone as her parents, along with two of her children, Lizzie and John.

(Generation 4) The Family of Dugald McKechnie and Janet Stewart
in Esquesing Township, Halton, Ontario.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
James 'Jim'
Jan 16 1869 Arabella 'Belle'
May Jamieson
Nov 17 1904 Red Deer,
h. Jun 20 1966
w. May 15 1946
William Gilbert
Mar 21 1870 unmarried - Sylvan Lake,
d. May 29 1926
Mary E. 'Minnie' Oct 5 1871 unmarried - Hamilton,
Wentworth Co.
d. Jan 2 1950
John 'Jack' 1873 unmarried - Brandon,
d. Apr 17 1892
Euphemia Nov 11 1875 Henry 'Harry'
Sep 17 1912 Hamilton,
Wentworth Co.
h. 1954
w. Feb 27 1967
Annie Isabella Nov 12 1876 John Campbell Jul 4 1913 Detroit,
h. after Jul 4 1913
w. May 5 1959
Elizabeth Jane
May 1880 died in infancy - Esquesing Twnshp d. Nov 23 1881


Mary Stewart, James's second daughter by his second marriage, married William Luxton Snow on Jan 4 1880. He was the son of Thomas Snow and Mary Luxton, and was born in 1848 in South Molton, Devon, England. He died on Feb 2 1891 and was buried in Boston Church Cemetery. Mary died of acute peritonitis at 49 Gairfield Street, Hamilton, on Jan 12 1938. She was buried in United Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Mansewood, Ontario. There is a memorial to Mary, her husband and her daughter Mary.

(Generation 4) The Family of William Luxton Snow and Mary Stewart
in Esquesing Township, Halton, Ontario.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Mary Ellen Oct 18 1883 - - Waterdown,
Wentworth Co.
d. Dec 10 1903


Robert's eldest daughter, Margaret Elizabeth Stewart, married Alexander McCheyne Hill on Jan 12 1876. He was the son of Alexander Hill and Margaret Gailey, and was born on Feb 1 1848 in Newtownstewart, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The 1901 census for Guelph described as a traveller, which probably meant a travelling saleman. He died on Oct 12 1908 in Guelph, Wellington. Both he and his wife were buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Guelph.

(Generation 5) The Family of Alexander McCheyne Hill and Margaret Elizabeth Stewart
in Guelph, Wellington Co.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Jessie Thompson Feb 3 1877 unmarried - Guelph,
Wentworth Co.
d. Jul 2 1972
Marion 'May' Stewart Dec 31 1878 Norman Shirley
Dec 1916 Pullman,
Washington, USA
h. Aug 30 1984
w. Apr 29 1960
Edgar Murray
Oct 13 1882 Adeline Olive
Jul 28 1926 Winnipeg,
h. Aug 14 1940
w. Aug 21 1942
Anita Elliott Feb 16 1886 Wylie Wellington
Aug 25 1920 Amherst,
Nova Scotia
h. Feb 19 1960
w. Oct 7 1985


Robert's daughter Ann Urquhart Stewart married Edward Siegmund Singer on May 2 1898 in Guelph. He was the son of Simon and Annie Singer. The marriage entry says that Edward was 48, a widower living at Lorraine, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and worked as a lumberman. Edward was born in 1847 in Colmar, Haut-Lorraine, France. He died on Jan 12 1918 in Guelph and was buried in St Georges Cemetery, Guelph. Ann died on Jan 29 1943 in Guelph and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Guelph.


Robert's daughter Helen Scott 'Nellie' Stewart married James Beattie, son of John Beattie and Janet Wilson, on Apr 27 1892 in Fergus, Nichol Township, Wellington Co. James was born on Jan 12 1862 in Maple Grove Farm, Fergus, and died there on Jan 27 1934. He was buried in Belsyde Cemetery, Fergus.

(Generation 5) The Family of James Beattie and Helen Scott 'Nellie' Stewart
in Fergus, Nichol Township, Wellington Co.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Dorothy Stewart Apr 14 1893 Omphroy Saveuse
de Beaujeu
Dec 1 1920 Montreal h. c1935
w. Apr 26 1980
John Frederick McDonald, 'Jack' May 8 1899 Jeanne Marie
van Norman
c1921 Fergus,
Nichol Twnshp
h. Dec 7 1963
w. after 1963
Robert Athol Stewart Feb 1904 Helen Elizabeth
c1921 Chatham h. Aug 26 1965
w. after 1965


There is a detailed account of the career of Robina Lamont Stewart and her contribution to the training of nurses at


Robert's son Edward McLean Stewart married Clarissa Winnibelle Batty "Clara", the daughter of Lewis Allen Batty and Margaret Medill Terriff, on Dec 24 1913 in Toronto, Ontario. Clarissa was born on Mar 27 1892 in Palmerston, Perth Co. She was buried in 1984 in Woodlawn Cemetery Block C, Guelph, where there is a monument to Edward and his wife.

When his father's steam planing mill in Wyndham Street was destroyed in Guelph’s most spectacular fire in 1921, the site was redeveloped for a new downtown post office and Edward relocated to his Cardigan Street lumberyard. The family lumber business was finally closed in 1962 by Edward’s son, Robert.

(Generation 5) The Family of Edward McLean Stewart and Clarissa Winnibelle Batty
in Guelph, Wellington Co.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Madeline Douglas
1915 - - Guelph,
Wellington Co.
Robert Alan
Jul 1 1916 unmarried - Guelph,
Wellington Co.
d. Jan 2000
Muriel Elwood
1918 Lt. Edward Floyd
c1947 Guelph,
Wellington Co.
d. Aug 2014


Robert's son Robert Douglas Stewart married twice. His first wife was Lucy Hamilton Smith, the daughter of James Cowie Smith and Emily Georgina Petrie, whom he married on 12 May 1903. She was born 22 July 1877 in Hamilton, Wentworth Co., died 7 February 1918 and was buried at Woodlawn Memorial Park, Guelph. There appears to be no trace of their two children who may have died during the 'Spanish Flu' pandemic. His second wife was Anna Lillian Leybourne, the daughter of John Leybourne and Emily Chesley, whom he married on 7 February 1920 in Toronto. In 1921, Robert was staying with his elderly mother, Annie McGregor Stewart, and was described as a widower, which is strange as his second wife didn't die until 6 Nov 1893, in Guelph.

(Generation 5) The Family of Robert Douglas Stewart and Lucy Hamilton Smith
in Guelph, Wellington Co.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Neil Douglas
1904 - - Guelph,
Wellington Co.
d. after 1911
Helen Georgina
1906 - - Guelph,
Wellington Co.
d. after 1911


James and Joanna's eldest son James Stewart was in the lumber business and married Nellie Elizabeth Demay at Woodland Park, Cook, Illinois, May 10th 1887. She was born in Bay City, Michigan, May 12th 1870 or perhaps 1868 as the census returns give conflicting information. Likewise her parents may have been born in France or in England. They had two children who both died in infancy.

James was only 28 when he died on 4th June 1892. He was buried at Woodmere Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan, and both he and his children are commemorated on the family monument.

After the death of James, his widow married Percival Douglas Bird, had three children (Percival D, Gertrude and Jucanata) and finally settled in San Diego, California, where she died 12th July 1947.

(Generation 5) The Family of James Stewart and Nellie Elizabeth Demay in Chicago, Illinois.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Bessie May Jul 9 1889 died in infancy . Chicago, Illinois d. Aug 25 1889
James Norman Apr 1891 died in infancy . Chicago, Illinois d. May 24 1892


Obituary for Lauchlan Stewart in the Oregon Statesman, 2nd September 1887

In Salem, at 11 p.m., Thursday, August 25, 1887, of typhoid fever, Lauchlan Stewart, aged 21 years. Young Stewart died after an illness of three weeks. His former home was in Chicago, from which place his mother was summoned and arrived last Monday night. He was a worthy young man and during his residence here made many friends by his manly conduct and frank manners. He will be buried this morning at ten o'clock from the residence of Arthur West, on Liberty street, two doors north of the old Mansion house. Rev. H. A. Newell will conduct the services, and the remains will be interred in the I.O.O.F. cemetery. Friends respectfully invited.

(There is a fine memorial stone in the Salem Pioneer Cemetery).

Lachlan's maternal aunt, Sarah McGregor was married to John West of Salem, and Arthur West was their son.


James and Joanna's son Alexander T. formed the highly successful A.T. Stewart Lumber Co., in Chicago. Alexander married Alice Maud Binden, daughter of Alfred H. Binden and Mary Frances Sturtevant of Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, on Jun 17 1919 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She was the widow of George F. Martin, who she had married on Jun 29 1886 in Wakefield Massachusetts.

Alice was born on Sep 24 1864 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts. She died on Mar 1 1934 in Chicago, Illinois and was buried on Mar 5 1934 in Woodmere Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan. Alexander T. Stewart died on Apr 27 1940 in Chicago, Illinois and was buried on May 1 1940 in Woodmere Cemetery. There were no children from the marriage.


James and Joanna's son John Peter John married Etta Abigail McGill, daughter of Clayton Webb McGill and Sophronia Abigail Gay, on Sep 28 1910 in Chicago, Illinois. In 1910, he was working as a lumber merchant with his older brother Alexander T Stewart. Etta was born on Oct 12 1878 in Bowen Village, Hancock, Illinois, and died on May 13 1958 in Augusta, Hancock, Illinois. John Peter died on Nov 27 1912 in Chicago, Illinois, and was buried in Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago.

(Generation 5) The Family of John Peter Stewart and Etta Abigail McGill
in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
James Sep 15 1911 Marion Virginia
1933 Chicago
h. Oct 3 1995
w. 1980

Marion Virginia Swats, the daughter of Robert Lee Swats and Byrdie Swats of Bowen, Hancock, Illinois. Marion was born about 1911 in Davidson, Tennessee.


James and Joanna's daughter Anna Louise married Robert H. Adams, son of Robert Adams and Marion ....., on Jun 6 1900 in Chicago, Illinois. The marriage ended in divorce. Robert was born in Jul 1872 in Canada and died after 1930 in Chicago, Illinois. Anna died in Chicago in Dec 1972.

(Generation 5) The Family of Robert H. Adams and Anna Louise Stewart in Chicago, Illinois.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Robert H. Apr 13 1905 Dorothy c1937 Chicago
h. Jun 5 1989
w. after 1989

Robert H. Adams and his wife lived in Tucson, Arizona.


John Calvin Laidlaw married Susannah Campbell "Susie" daughter of William Campbell and Lucy Elliot on Dec 12 1892 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Susannah was born on May 10 1863 and died on Jun 28 1940 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Obituary - reprinted in the Georgetown Herald July 8, 1925

The funeral of John C. Laidlaw, aged 65, who passed away at his home, 1666 West 11th Avenue Vancouver BC, on Wednesday will be conducted on Friday at 10 am from the T J Kearney Co's chapel to Ocean View Burial Park. Mr Laidlaw was born in the county of Halton Ontario, graduated from the Ontario Agricultural College in Guelph. In 1879 he moved to Manitoba and to BC in 1904, and engaged in the lumber business in this city. He is survived by his widow, 3 daughters and 2 sons: Mrs P (Anna) Feast, Mrs A (Kathleen) Finlayson of Kerrisdale; Miss Jean and Frank Laidlaw at home and James at Kamloops; 1 sister Mrs A L Purvis of Edmonton.

(Generation 5) The Family of John Calvin Laidlaw and Susannah Campbell in Vancouver, B.C.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Anna Campbell Apr 19 1894 Percy Charles
Jan 17 1917 Vancouver, B.C. h. Oct 18 1958
w. Jul 27 1974
Kathleen Neville Jun 28 1895 1h. Alexander
2h. Edward Julius
1h. Jul 6 1921

2h. Feb 2 1940
Vancouver, B.C. 1h. Jul 6 1934
2h. Dec 1 1959
w. Aug 5 1977
Helen Maria
Jun 13 1897 - - Vancouver, B.C. d. Aug 8 1995
John Francis
May 8 1900 Jean Gladys
Jun 1 1927 Vancouver, B.C. h. Oct 14 1970
w. Apr 19 1983
William James Mar 24 1904 - - Tranquille B.C. d. Nov 7 1925


'Annie' Henderson Laidlaw married Henry 'Harry' Purvis, son of Dr George Alexander Purvis and Clarissa Van Valkenburgh, on Oct 6 1886 in St Pauls, Hamilton, Wentworth Co., Ontario. Henry was born about 1861 in Portage-du-Fort, Pontiac, Quebec, and died before his wife. Anne died on Nov 20 1934 in Edmonton, Alberta, and was buried in Boston Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Esquesing Township.

(Generation 5) The Family of Henry Purvis and Anne Henderson Laidlaw
in Portage-du-Fort, Pontiac, Quebec.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
John 'Jack'
Laidlaw Michael
Nov 26 1887 1w. Anna Scholastica
2w. Elsie .....
before 1916
before 1940
Detroit h. after 1942
1w. Sep 10 1978
2w. after 1940
Clarice Jan 20 1890 Andrew Fred
Aug 25 1920 Inglewood
h. Apr 29 1966
w. Mar 13 1984
Douglas Lamont Nov 14 1893 name unknown c1922 Edmonton,
d. after 1934
Jessie Margaret
Dec 22 1894 unmarried - Edmonton,
d. after 1949


Jessie Thompson Hill A.T.C.M. was an Associate of the Toronto Conservatory of Music.


Obituary - Spokane Daily Chronicle May 3, 1960

Marion Stewart Golding, wife of Professor Emeritus Norman S. Golding of Washington State University, died Friday. She had lived in Pullman for the last 27 years. Besides her husband, a son, Dr Thomas A. S. Golding, Tampa, Florida, is among the survivors. The body was taken to her birthplace, Guelph, Ontario, for services and burial.

There is a very full account of the life of Professor Norman S. Golding and his wife May at


Edgar married Adeline Olive Earls (1892-1949), the daughter of William Earls and Rebecca Ellenor Troughton. She is listed in the 1901 Census as an 8-year-old schoolgirl living with her parents in Clonedergole, near Clones. In the 1911 Census she is listed as an unmarried 17-year-old Queens University undergraduate living with her sister Frances, a servant, and three shop assistants at the Earls' boot shop in Fermanagh Street, Clones. She is probably the Miss A. Earls, aged 23, teacher, who sailed on Aug 25 1916 from Liverpool for Montreal on the "Metagama" (CPR Atlantic Line, Capt G.S. Nelster, 7654 tons).

The Winnipeg Tribune, August 14, 1940
Chief Engineer of the Western Region (Canadian National Railways) Dies

Edgar Murray McCheyne Hill, chief engineer for the western region of the Canadian National Railways, died early today in the General Hospital where he had been admitted on July 29. For several weeks before he went to the hospital he had been ill and for two months he had been unable to be at his office. He was 58 years of age and lived at 977 McMillan Ave.

He was appointed chief engineer of the western region on January 1 1940. Before his promotion he had been engineer of construction and right-of-way. One of the best known employees of the system in its engineering department of Toronto University, Mr. Hill went to B.C. on a Dominion lands survey. The next year he went on a survey for the old Canadian Northern Railway. He started in railway work in 1903 as a rod man in the engineering department of the Canadian Northern in Winnipeg. He kept at this branch of the work all the years since, except for service overseas during the Great War.

He enlisted with the Canadian Engineers in 1916 and was sent to France within two weeks of his arrival in England. He transferred to the Royal Engineers in the Imperial Army and won his captaincy in 1917.

Mr Hill was a member of Augustine United Church; a member of Dorchester Lodge of St. John's, A.F. and A.M., and a member of the Winter Club. He was a member of the Executive of the Association of Professional Engineers of Manitoba.

He was married in 1926 in Winnipeg to Olive Earls, a native of Clones, Ireland. Besides his widow, he is survived by his mother, Mrs Alexander Hill of Guelph; two daughters, Mary and Anne, and son John, all at home, and three sisters, Jessie Hill of Guelph; Mrs Norman Golding of Pullman, Washington, and Mrs W. W. Baird of Amhurst, N.S. His father died In 1908.

(Generation 6) The Family of Edgar Murray McCheyne Hill and Olive Adeline Earls in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Mary Frances
- Robert Atkinson
- Amherst,
Nova Scotia
w. after 1940
Margaret Eleanora
- David Stanley
- Nova Scotia h.
w. after 1940
John Murray Earls c1939 Anne Christie - North Hatley h. Nov 16 2011


Anita Elliott Hill married Wylie Wellington Baird on Aug 25 1920 in Guelph. He was the son of Samuel J. Baird and Martha Augusta Black. Wylie was born on Jan 12 1887 in West Leicester, Cumberland, Nova Scotia. He died on Feb 19 1960 in Amherst Cumberland Nova Scotia. Anita died on Oct 7 1985 in Amherst, Cumberland, Nova Scotia.


James Beattie's daughter Dorothy Stewart Beattie married Omphroy Saveuse de Beaujeu, son of George Raoul Léotalde Guichard Humbert Saveuse de Beaujeu and Marie Henriette Lamothe, on Dec 1 1920 in Guelph. Omphroy was born on May 17 1880 in Coteau-du-Lac, Quebec. He was a banker by trade and died near Marseilles, France, around 1935. Dorothy arrived in New York as a widow in 1936.

"May 17, 1880, we the undersigned priest pastor of this parish, have named a boy Jean Paul Philippe Omphroy Thomas Hugues, born the same day of the legitimate marriage of Georges Guichard Raoul Léotalde Beause Humbert, Vicomte de Beaujeu, Esquire and Lord of Soulanges and New Longueuil, and Dame Marie Henriette Lamothe, of this parish. The godfather is Jean Georges Jules Raoul Monongahela Saveuse de Beaujeu, brother, and godmother is Marie Rose Henriette Charlotte Isabeau de Beaujeu, sister of the father have signed with us. Were present at the ceremony of baptism, Dame Adelaide Aubert de Gaspé, widow of Beaujeu, Henriette de Beaujeu, grandmother of the child, and Marie Louise .... Hubert Villemonde, ... Pierre de Beaujeu, brother, which have signed. Rosa Beaujeu, Saveuse de Beaujeu, Adelaide, Aubert de Gaspé widow of Beaujeu, Reni de Beaujeu. Antoine Latour Ptre priest (Source: Quebec, Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967, Coteau-du-Lac (St. Ignatius), 1880".


James Beattie's son John Frederick McDonald, 'Jack' married Jeanne Marie van Norman about 1921. Jeanne was born about 1901 in Brussels, Belgium. She died after 1963 in Toronto. He died on Dec 7 1963 in Toronto and was buried in Belsyde Cemetery, Fergus.

Veteran County Clerk, John F Beattie dies

Clerk of Wellington County for the last 30 years and serving in the dual position of clerk-treasurer since 1949, John F Beattie, Fergus, died Saturday in Toronto Hospital in his 64th year. He had been hospitalized on this occasion for a few weeks, undergoing treatment for a condition that developed from injuries received in falls on two different occasions resulting in fractures to the hip. The sudden passing of Mr. Beattie terminates a three generation service to the county in the clerkship that dates back to 1871. His grandfather, John Beattie, former Reeve of Nichol Township, took over the office that year, being succeeded on his death in 1897 by his son, James Beattie. John F. Beattie took over in 1933. Mr. Beattie was also appointed Treasurer of the County in 1949 on the retirement of the veteran George M. Fox. The three generations of the Beattie family also held the dual post of Inspector and Treasurer of the Wellington County Home for the Aged since it opened in 1877. Mr Beattie is survived by his wife, the former Jeanne Marie Van Norman, one brother, Robert Athol S. of Chatham and a sister, Dorothy Stewart Beattie (Madame O. de Beaujeu) of Montreal. [Obituary - City Page, Guelph]


James Beattie's son Robert Athol Stewart, 'Bun' married Helen Elizabeth Davis about 1926. Helen was born about 1906. He died on Aug 26 1965 in Chatham, Kent, Ontario. He was buried on Aug 28 1965 in Belsyde Cemetery, Fergus.

Obituary - Aged 61 years, of 6 Sparks Drive, Chatham, Ontario at St. Joseph's Hospital, Chatham, on Wednesday August 26, 1965. Beloved husband of Helen Elizabeth Davis Beattie, dear father of Mrs. Gary Hawkins (Eleanor), Chatham, Mrs Neil J. Moir (Barbara), Victoria, B.C., brother of Madame Omfroy de Beaujeu, Montreal, dear grandfather of James Beattie and Elizabeth Moir of Victoria, B.C.


Edward's son Robert Alan McLean Stewart, a Guelph businessman, local historian, and collector, was born in Guelph on July 1, 1916 and died in Guelph in January 2000. Except for a period overseas during World War II, he lived his entire life in Guelph. Mr Stewart was unmarried. He received his education from Miss Hayward's Private School (1921-1922), Guelph Public Schools (1923-1929), and Appleby College in Oakville (1929-1934). He started working for his father at Stewart Lumber Limited as a clerk in 1934, was made Vice-President in 1937 and President in 1939 after his father's death. The family lumber business ran until 1968 when it went into voluntary liquidation. Mr Stewart served in the Royal Canadian Air Force between May 1942 and June 1945, with a year in Britain where he served with Training Command.

He was very involved with the local history community as a member of historical societies and as a contributor to Guelph's written heritage. He authored and published a two volume "A Picture History of Guelph 1827-1978". He was involved in many other associations such as the Stewart Society of Edinburgh, the Royal Canadian Air Force Association, the Historical Automobile Association of Canada, the UEL Association of Canada, and the Royal Canadian Legion.


Muriel Elwood Maclean Stewart Shaw passes away at age 95 - Obituary August 20, 2014

Muriel Elwood Maclean Stewart Shaw, 95, passed away at her home in Hillsborough. She was the third child of Edward and Clarissa Stewart of Guelph. Following her father’s death in 1939, Muriel left home to complete her nurses training in Montreal and Bermuda. It was in Bermuda, during World War II, that love knocked on her door in the form of a handsome American naval officer, Edward Shaw. Eventually, they married and, while raising five children, relocated from North Carolina to Connecticut and then back to North Carolina. When her children were older, Muriel, in her 50s, returned to nursing the elderly and infirm until her retirement at age 80.


During the First World War Douglas Lamont Purvis served in the 49th Battalion C.E.F. and was reported as wounded.

Ottawa Journal, Wednesday, February 7, 1923
Justice Moved Fast For Train Bandit - Eight Year Sentence, Five Days After Hold-up

Within five day of the robbery of the express messenger at Canadian National Train Co. on the outskirts of ....?, February 1, Douglas Lamont Purvis alias Douglas Lamont Curtis, is under sentence of eight years at Prince Albert penitentiary. Arraigned before Mr. Justice MacDonald in Court of King's Bench today, Purvis entered a plea of guilty and sentence was immediately passed. He will leave tonight under escort for the provincial penitentiary to commence his sentence. With a bench warrant issued for the return of currency and other valuables to the Canadian National Express Company, except some $11 spent by Purvis before his capture.

"I have been a railway brakesman all my life," said Purvis in a statement to the court, "and have for year been the only support for my widowed mother. Returning from three year service in France, borrowed some of her savings and got married. Last September I lost my position with the railway in Edmonton. I did not have enough to bring my wife and baby here, so I left them in Edmonton. Since then I have only had work for two month and my object in pulling off the job was to get money to settle my debts and pay back my mother."


Margaret Michie married Edward McFadyen, son of Archibald McFadyen and Sarah McMurchie, on Apr 4 1884 in Georgetown, Halton, Ontario. Edward was born about 1852 in Erin Township, Wellington Co. He died on May 15 1916 in Orangeville, Dufferin, Ontario. Margaret died on Apr 26 1884 in Esquesing Township Halton Ontario.

(Generation 6) The Family of Edward McFadyen and Margaret Michie in Esquesing Township, Ontario.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Margaret Christina Apr 25 1884 John Campbell
Dec 20 1917 Esquesing Twnshp h. Sep 1940
w. after 1928


James 'Jim' Stewart McKechnie married Arabella 'Belle' May Jamieson, daughter of Henry Jamieson and Marion Airth, on Nov 17 1904 in Red Deer, Alberta. Arabella was born on Aug 7 1880 in Pembroke, Renfrew, Ontario, died on May 15 1946 in Kamloops, British Columbia, and was buried on May 20 1946 in Pleasant Street Cemetery, Kamloops. Her husband, Jim, died on Jun 20 1966 in Kamloops, and was buried in the same place.

(Generation 6) The Family of 'Jim' Stewart McKechnie and 'Belle' May Jamieson in Red Deer, Alberta

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Janet Stewart Jul 28 1905 Rev. Dwight
Brooker Davidson
Oct 23 1942 Red Deer,
h. Mar 5 1982
w. Oct 17 1999
Ethel May Nov 20 1907 John Reginald Houghton Mar 14 1929 Calgary,
h. Nov 18 1963
w. Nov 17 1977
Donald Campbell Oct 11 1926 - - Burnaby,
British Columbia
d. Feb 11 2006


The Rev William Gilbert McKechnie has been described as being "almost 6 feet tall with deep blue eyes". As a child, 'Gib' had very poor eyesight and although doctors felt sure that surgery would help, it was not successful and left him completely blind. Gib's niece Jean (Janet) became his right hand! She learned braille and would read to him for hours. He in turn paid for her to go to Teacher's College. He worked along with his older brother James in the latter's lumber business before being ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1919.

On August 4, 1922 the very first Protestant church in Sylvan Lake was dedicated to the glory of God and in memory of the early pioneers of the area, hence the name Sylvan Lake Memorial Presbyterian Church. However, this was not the very beginning of this church. For several years previously, people had gathered for worship in their homes and, later, in the Hazelwood Hotel and Dingwall Boarding House. These services were conducted by the people themselves or student ministers until finally their first resident minister, Rev. W. G. McKechnie, was appointed by the Board of Missions. Besides taking responsibility for their own worship services, these early Christian pioneers set about raising funds for a church building.

On January 5, 1921 the Ladies Aid Society was formed for this express purpose. By means of chicken suppers, teas, musical concerts and other activities the Ladies Aid Society and the Board of Managers were able to purchase the land and the building materials required. The church was erected with volunteer labour and furnished with still more money raised by the Ladies Aid Society. The guiding force behind these activities was Rev. McKechnie who, despite being blind, was a familiar and well-loved personality, known from Rocky Mountain House to Red Deer. He held services not only in Sylvan Lake but also at Evarts, Arbutus, Gibson, Prairie Creek and Rocky Mountain House. He made his home at Sylvan Lake in a small house near the church.


Shortly after the 1891 Census, John 'Jack' McKechnie and his brother James arrived in Brandon Manitoba about April 12, 1891. It turned out that John had contracted pneumonia and typhoid fever on the train and the doctor didn't know what it was. He died there less than a week later.


Euphemia 'Effie' McKechnie married Henry 'Harry' Stipe, son of Simon Peter Stipe and Susan Depew, on Sep 17 1912 in Detroit, Michigan. 'Harry' was born on Jun 26 1869 in Barton Township, Wentworth Co., died in 1954 in Hamilton, Wentworth Co., and was buried in Hamilton Cemetery. 'Effie' died on Feb 27 1967 in Hamilton, Wentworth Co., and was buried in the same place. They had a daughter and a son.


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