Daniel Seaton and Elizabeth Glass - The Salutation Hotel, Perth

This account lacks definite proof at various points but makes an interesting hypothesis until proven otherwise.

Salutation Hotel

The Salutation Hotel, South Street, Perth

The Salutation Hotel claims to be the oldest inn in Scotland, but most of the current building dates the early 1800s.
The two Blackwatch Highlanders are a more recent addition as originally their niches were two long windows on either side of the columns.


Donald Seaton and Ann Robertson in Badro, Moulin parish

Moulin OPR, 11th December 1779
Donald Seaton and Anne Robertson, both in the parish of Moulin, were booked in order to be proclaimed for marriage – Married on the 30th current.

Donald Seton was born around 1750 and probably lived in Badro, as this is where the couple's first two children were born.

Moulin OPR, 5th December 1780
Donald Seton in Badro and Anne Robertson his spouse had a child baptised. The child’s name – Christian.

Moulin OPR, 1st May 1782
Donald Setton in Referaig (Renvaig of Badro?) and Ann Robertson his spouse had a child baptised at Logierait and named John.

The baptism was also recorded in the Logierait OPR at the same time as some others from Moulin parish. It would seem that the Minister of Moulin was absent for some reason, and the Minister of Logierait recorded all the marriages and baptisms which he had carried out in Moulin in his own OPR. Subsequently, these were entered into the Moulin OPR. Whatever the reason, it does show that the family were still in the Badro group of settlements.

Logierait OPR, 4th May 1783
John, lawful son to Donald Seaton and Ann Robertson in Badaro (Badro), foresaid (Moulin) parish, baptised. Born the 30th April

Although there does not seem to be a baptismal entry in the Moulin OPR for Helen, her death certificate shows that she was another daughter, born around 1785, and that her father was a farmer.

Moulin OPR, 11th May 1788
Baptised. Donald to Donald Seton in Moulin and Ann Robertson his spouse.

Moulin OPR, 24th July 1790
Baptised. Margaret to Donald Seton and Ann Robertson his spouse, Moulin.

Moulin OPR, 5th February 1792
Baptised. Jean to Donald Seton and Ann Robertson his spouse.

Moulin OPR, 13th November 1793
Baptised. Duncan to Donald Seton and Ann Robertson his spouse in Moulin.

Moulin OPR, 15th November 1795
Baptised. Anne to Donald Seton in Tomnamoin and Ann Robertson his spouse.

The baptism of James was recorded three times in the Moulin OPR but all give the same basic details so the earliest entry has been taken here.

Moulin OPR, 12th October 1799
Baptised, James a son to Donald Seton and Anne Robertson his spouse in Tomnamoin, born 12th and baptised 12th.

When James R. Seaton surveyed the pre-1855 inscriptions at Moulin churchyard in 1976, he recorded the monument (32) to Helen Seaton and added in parenthesis (father Daniel Seaton, mother Ann Robertson, four brothers, three sisters). Whether this information was from his own family records or gleaned from the OPRs in uncertain, but it does suggest that most of Helen's siblings reached adulthood.

The family was still at Tomnamoin, and Donald Seaton was still alive, when his daughter Christian married in 1805.


The Children of Donald Seaton and Ann Robertson in Moulin parish

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Christian 5 Dec 1780 Robert Ballantine 8 Jul 1805 Tomnabrak,
Logierait parish
John 30 Apr 1783 Janet Dewar 6 Nov 1820 Pitcaithly h. 12 Sep 1833
w. 11 Feb 1834
Helen ~1785 John McGlashan 16 Apr 1821 Toberargan h. 11 Mar 1852
w. 6 Jun 1857
11 May 1788 Elizabeth Glass
(Betty Glass)
3 Dec 1810 Perth h. 27 Jun 1832
w. 1865
Margaret 24 Jul 1790 . . Tomnamoin d.
Jean 5 Feb 1792 . . Tomnamoin d.
Duncan 13 Nov 1793 . . Tomnamoin d.
Anne 15 Nov 1795 . . Tomnamoin d.
James 12 Oct 1799 . . Tomnamoin d.


Robert Ballantine and Christian Seaton in Tomnabrack, Logierait parish

Christian Seaton married Robert Ballantine. The Moulin OPR provides no information about Christian Seaton, except to say that she was from Moulin parish, but luckily the Logierait OPR is much more forthcoming.

Moulin OPR, 7th July 1805
Robert Ballantine in the parish of Logierait and Christian Setton in this parish. Married 8th July.

Logierait OPR, 7th July 1805
Robert Ballantine, wright in Tomnabrack in this parish and Christian Seaton, daughter to Donald Seaton in Tomnamone, Moulin parish gave up their names for Proclamation of Banns in order to marriage. Granted marriage lines, same day.

No further information has been found concerning this couple.


John Seaton and Janet Dewar in Bridge of Earn

John was born in 1783 and there is nothing more documented about his early life. However, all circumstantial evidence suggest that he was the coachman who married in Edinburgh in 1820.

Edinburgh marriages, 6th November 1820
John Seaton, coachman in St Andrews parish and Janet Dewar, parish of Kilfarms (Kinfauns)

In some documents the surname of John Seaton's wife is given as Anderson and is also used as a middle name for their daughter Janet, so she may have been using Anderson as an 'alias' name for Dewar.

Edinburgh baptisms, 19th September 1821
John Seaton, coachman, and Janet Dewar his spouse in St Cuthbert's parish a daughter born 30th August last, named Janet Anderson.

This appears to have been their only child, but Edinburgh is notoriously bad for recording baptisms. The use of Anderson as a middle name easily identifies Janet's marriage in Moulin, which also appears in the Perth OPR.

Moulin OPR, January 9th 1841
David Conacher in this parish and Janet Anderson Seaton in the West Church parish of Perth – married 14th current.

Perth OPR
At Perth the 8th day of January 1841, David Conacher, grocer in the parish of Moulin, and Janet Seaton, in the West Church parish of Perth, daughter of the late John Seaton, vintner Pitcaithly House – Elder Lauchlan MacPherson – The persons before names were regularly proclaimed and married.

This links nicely to the Perth Burial Register (PE1/20/2) which records that John Seton, vintner, died of rheumatism 12th September 1833 aged 49 years and was buried at Greyfriars, Perth, but there does not seem to be any monument for him in the burial ground.

The change in John Seaton's circumstances is quite remarkable. In 1821 he was a coachman with no obvious signs of wealth, yet twelve years later he was a vintner living at Pitcaithly House, in the countryside at Bridge of Earn, just south of the City of Perth. This change in fortune, almost certainly, is linked to his younger brother Daniel.

The Perth Burial Register (PE1/20/2) records that Jenet Setton, spouse to the deceased John Setton, died of a liver complaint 11th February 1834 aged 48 years and was buried at Greyfriars, Perth.


The Children of John Seaton and Janet Dewar in Bridge of Earn

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Janet Anderson 30 August 1821 David Conacher 8 Jan 1841 Toberargan,
h. 7 May 1874
w. 8 Jul 1870


The Children of David Conacher and Janet Anderson Seaton

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
David 3 Jun 1841 unmarried . . d. 21 Dec 1861
John 25 Aug 1842 unmarried . South Africa d. 1 Feb 1887
Alexander 28 May 1847 unmarried . Moulin d. 6 Jun 1899
Helen Janet 2 Nov 1850 . . Moulin d. after 1881
James 2 Nov 1850 . . . d.
Archibald Adam ~1859 . . Broughty Ferry d. 31 Mar 1903

Monument to David Conacher and Janet Anderson Seaton

Monument to David Conacher and Janet Anderson Seaton in Moulin churchyard

There is a monument inscription (100) to the family in Moulin churchyard: Erected by David Conacher, merchant in Pitlochry amd his wife Janet Seaton in memory of their son David who died 21st December 1861 aged 20 years. The above Janet Seaton died 8th July 1870 aged 49 years. The above David Conacher died 7th May 1874 aged 65 years. Their second son John died at King Williamstown, South Africa, 1st February 1887 aged 48 years. Their third son Alexander died 6th June 1899 aged 52 years. Their fifth son Archibald Adam died at Broughty Ferry 31st March 1903 aged 44 years.

However, Janet Seaton's death certificate gives rise to confusion concerning the name of her mother - Janet Seaton, married to David Conacher, merchant in Pitlochry, died 8th July 1870 aged 49 years. Parents given as John Seaton, inn-keeper and Janet Anderson, both deceased.


John McGlashan and Helen Seaton in Toberargan, Moulin parish

The Minister of Moulin's 1820 census shows John McGlashan as head of a family in Toberargan, but Helen Seaton does not seem to be in the Moulin parish at that time.

Name Status Age Occupation Comment
John McGlashan head 33y wright
Christian Stewart mother 67y
Alexander McFarlane 19y apprentice
Isobel Fleming grand-daughter

Moulin OPR, 14 Apr 1821
John McGlashan and Helen Seaton, both in this parish, married 16th current

The 1841 census for Moulin shows the couple and their domestic servant (Moulin 4/5)

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birth-place
John McGlashan 53y carpenter Perthshire
Hellen McGlashan 53y Perthshire
Isabella Scott 19y servant Perthshire

By 1851 John McGlashan had moved to the Atholl Turnpike (Moulin 4/26)

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Atholl Turnpike John McGlashan head marr 62y master carpenter Logierait
Hellen McGlashan wife marr 63y Moulin
Elizabeth Robertson visitor u/m 63y Moulin
John McRae lodger marr 28y wood turner Inverness-shire
Jean McRae lodger's wife marr 26y Forfarshire
Jessie McRae lodger's dau u/m 2m Dundee
Alexander McLauchlan servt u/m 18y carpenter Dull
Paul Grant lodger u/m 25y Inverness-shire

There is a monument inscription (32) to the family in the Moulin churchyard - John McGlashan, wright in Pitlochry died 11th March 1852 aged 65y. Wife Helen Seaton died 6th June 1857 at Toberargan.

Helen McGlashan, widow of a master joiner, died at Toberargan on 6th June 1857 aged 72 years. Her parents were given as Donald Seaton, farmer, and Ann Robertson, both deceased. The informant was her neighbour David Conacher.

Her neighbour David Conacher was married to her niece, Janet Anderson Seaton, daughter to the late John Seaton, vintner, in Pitcaithly House.


Daniel Seaton and Elizabeth Glass in Perth

Daniel (Donald) Seaton was quite young when he married, only 22 years old, and appears to have a modest income.

Perth OPR
Perth, the first day of December 1810, contracted: Daniel Seaton, waiter with George Thomson at Salutation Inn in the West Church parish of Perth and Betty Glass in same parish, daughter to James Glass, vintner there - Elder Alexander Imrie - The persons before named were regularly proclaimed and married the third day of December said year by the Rev. Mr Daniel Mackenzie, Minister of the West Church parish, Perth.

It is remarkable that, in not much more than 20 years, he amassed a fortune of over £6,000. It can only be concluded that both he and his wife were very shrewd in their business dealings. Elizabeth was the daughter of James Glass and Nelly (Helen) Lillie who married 31st May 1790. Elizabeth (Betty) was born 19th February 1792 and her sister Helen (Nelly) was born the following year.

The Glass family had another connection with the Blair Atholl area as Elizabeth's sister Helen married John Cameron, the inn-keeper in Blair Atholl. There is a very strong possibility that the Seatons were obtaining illicit whisky (i.e. duty-free) from friends and relations in the Blair Atholl area, and selling it through their establishments in and around Perth. There are numerous tunnels under the streets of Perth, some leading down to the river and others between adjacent buildings. It would have been extremely easy to move small casks into the premises using this rabbit warren of tunnels without arousing suspicion.

(Nelly Lillie or Glass died of a stomach complaint, 5th August 1815, and was buried at Greyfriars, after which James Glass may have married Janet Anderson)

Daniel Seaton's first child, Mary Ann, was born in Perth 16th December 1813, but she died of 'teething' on 23rd July 1814 and was buried at Greyfriars. It is interesting to note that her father was still described as a 'waiter'. Their next child, Elizabeth, was born at Bridge of Earn in the parish of Dunbarney, 19th July 1818, which was when Daniel Seaton took over management of the Moncrieff Arms. There were three other children: Daniel (Donald); James; and Mary Ann, born 1820, 1822 and 1823 respectively.

The Perth Courier of 1825 stated:

"Pitkeathly Spa was never more gay than at present. The hotels are overflowing and the numerous private lodging houses in Bridge of Earn are nearly all occupied. Not withstanding the latest additions to Seaton's establishment (The Moncrieff Arms) we understand he finds it necessary to enlarge it still further for the great increase in visitors."

Throughout the Victorian era, the Pitkeathly Spa Wells continued to flourish with baths, tea-rooms, ladies private rooms, smoking rooms and a reading room. The extensive grounds were popular and provided recreational activities such as tennis, bowls and croquet giving unrivalled opportunities for social intercourse with members of the opposite sex.

Pitkeathly water enjoyed a remarkable reputation far and wide. A friend of Sir Arthur Sullivan wrote from London saying "Please send another twelve dozen more Pitkeathly waters as soon as possible. Sir Arthur thinks it is the most delicious water he ever drank." The spa water was available at many chemist's shops and supplied at the cost of 6d per gallon.

Eventually Pitkeathly was faced with new competition from the bracing air of the seaside holiday. The buildings used by the visitors still retained their period charm, but slowly were converted into dwelling houses, and the Moncrieff Arms eventually became a nursing home.

It is unclear how early on the Seatons had both the Moncrieff Arms and the Salutation Hotel to run, but it would appear that Daniel brought in his older brother John to assist him. As John Seaton and his family were living at Pitcaithly House it is seems likely that he was managing the Moncrieff Arms, while Daniel lived in the Salutation Hotel.

Daniel Seaton, vintner, died of an inflamation 28th June 1832, aged 44 years, and was buried at Greyfriars (PE1/20/2).

An advertisement in the Perthshire Courier dated 5th July 1832 shows that Elizabeth Glass was just as capable as her husband.

"Salutation Inn and Hotel, Perth; and Moncreiffe Arms, Seaton’s Hotel, Bridge of Earn.

Mrs Seaton begs leave to intimate to the numerous Friends and Supporters of her late Husband, Mr Daniel Seaton, that she will carry of the Business of these Establishments in all their Departments; and trusts by un-remitting attention to the comfort and convenience of Those attending both Houses, to obtain a continuance of that patronage, which her Husband so extensively enjoyed.

Perth, 4th July 1832."

When Daniel Seaton died an Inventory of his Personal Estate was recorded in the Perth Sheriff Court Book. It states that he died on the 27th June 1832 and that Helen Glass took over his estate as executrix dative qua relict which consisted of:

First, cash in the house, 10s
Second, 2 shares in the Perth Banking Company valued at £330
Third, 2 shares in the Wine Company of Scotland values at £75
Fourth, 9 shares in the North British Insurance Company valued at £135
Fifth, 15 shares in the National Bank of Scotland valued at £206 5s
Sixth, 5 shares in the Forfarshire and Perthshire Insurance Company with interest due valued at £58
Seventh, furniture and stock in trade for the Salutation Hotel valued at £2,638 18s 10d
Eighth, furniture and stock in trade for the Moncrieff Hotel, Bridge of Earn, valued at £1,319 14s 6d
Ninth, farm stock and growing crops at Pitkeathly valued at £874 10s
Tenth, outstanding accounts due to the deceased, £752 1s 3½d

In total £6,389 19s 7½d

Item nine is interesting as it shows that Daniel had branched out into farming but there is no indication as to how this was being run, in addition to the two hotels.

The 1841 census for Perth gives Elizabeth Glass living with her children in South Street, and must have been living in the Salutation Hotel as it includes 12 servants and 6 guests. Interestingly the next property contains 45-year-old Margaret McLaughton who also is given as inn-keeper, so perhaps the duties were shared.

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birth-place
South Street Elisabeth Seaton 45y inn-keeper Perthshire
Eliza Seaton 20y Perthshire
James Seaton 15y Perthshire

By the time of the 1851 census Elizabeth had moved to Princes Street in Perth. Strangely, for someone who should have been financially independent by now, she was taking in lodgers. Her next-door neighbour raises a host of questions about the Glass family.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
(21) Princes Street Elisabeth Seaton head widow 60y retired hotel keeper Perth
Eliza Seaton dau u/m 30y Dunbarney
Afred Brown lodger u/m 19y clerk England
Benjamin Brown lodger u/m 23y draughtsman England
Joseph Parkman lodger u/m 22y clerk England
George Group lodger u/m 25y engineer England
George Hughes lodger u/m 27y mechanical engineer England
Jean Craigie servt u/m 18y general servant Auchtermuchty
(22) Princes Street Elisabeth Glass head widow 74y Woolwich, Kent

The reason for Elizabeth's need to take in lodgers may be explained by the 1851 census return entry for her unmarried, thirty-year-old son Daniel. He was a Civil Prisoner in Perth County Prison, being a bankrupt hotel proprietor.

Daniel Seaton died of consumption 21st June 1851, aged 30 years, and was buried at Greyfriars. Father given as Daniel Seaton, vintner.


The Children of Daniel Seaton and Elizabeth Glass of the Salutation Hotel, Perth

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Mary Ann 16 Dec 1813 died in infancy . Perth d. 23 Jul 1814
19 Jul 1818 . . Dunbarney d. after 1861
23 Dec 1820 unmarried . Perth d. 21 Jun 1851
James 17 Jul 1822 unmarried . Edinburgh d. 29 Nov 1885
Mary Ann 15 Aug 1823 William Smith 6 Jun 1853
Edinburgh h. after 1865
w. 23 Dec 1865


James Seaton in Edinburgh

The 1881 census for Edinburgh shows the unmarried James Seaton, aged 59 years, at the Queensberry House of Refuge where he was the official gate-keeper.

James Seaton, single and former hotel waiter aged 67 years, died of pneumonia at Queensberry House, 64 Canongate, Edinburgh on 29th November 1885. Parents given as Daniel Seaton, hotel keeper, and Elizabeth Glass, both deceased.

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