The Descendants of Duncan Seaton in Loinconlach of Glen Girnaig


Ruins of the older buildings at Loinconlach in Glen Girnaig

The Moulin OPR records that Duncan Seaton was born at Loinconlach of Glengirnaig in 1760.

Moulin OPR, 1760
May 11th. Baptised, Duncan to Duncan Seatton and Margaret Robertson in Conlach.

There does not seem to be a marriage entry for Duncan Seatton and Margaret Robertson in any of the Perthshire OPRs. This is unusual, but there is evidence that the family could have been Episcopalian and did not worship at the parish church. Duncan's son Duncan was still farming at Conlach when his first son was born 22nd November 1789, so the Elspeth Setton in Conlach who married David Stewart in Levadge, 11th January 1785, appears to be the sister of the younger Duncan.


(Generation 1) The Children of Duncan Seatton and Margaret Robertson in Loinconlach

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Duncan 11 May 1760 Girsael Robertson 3 Jan 1789 Ceannamoin h.
Elspeth ~1765 David Stewart 11 Jan 1785 Levadge h. Dec 1807
w. Mar 1819


Duncan Seatton and Girsael Robertson in Loinconlach and Ceannamoin

The Moulin OPR for 3rd January 1789 records that "Duncan Seton in this parish and Girsael Robertson of the parish of Blair Athol were married. To claim that this was the same Duncan Seaton would be speculative without the Blair Atholl OPR which is a little bit more informative.

Blair Atholl OPR, 12 Jan 1789
Duncan Setton in Loinconlach, Moulin parish, and Grissel Robertson in Cairnbaddie (married).

The spelling of the name of Duncan's wife is quite variable: Girsael; Grissel; Grizel; Girsel; and of course the anglecized version - Grace. One would expect her to marry in her twenties, so she might be the daughter of John Robertson and Janet Campbell, born at Cairnbaddie, 10th January 1765.

It is known from his son's death certificate that Duncan Seaton was a farmer at Loinconlach where his second child, Alexander, was born. However, the ground there is poor and only fit for raising sheep, so it is not surprising that soon afterwards the family moved over the hill to Ceannamoin in Blair Atholl parish. The ground at Ceannamoin is much flatter and more productive, and this is where the rest of the children were born.

There is a record which states that on 23rd April 1791 James Robertson of Lude promised a one year tack (lease) from Whitsunday 1791 to Whitsunday 1972 for that part of Keannamoin (Ceannamoin) presently possessed by John Gow. Duncan Seaton paid 7 5s Sterling on 8th March 1793 and continued to do so annually until 1798 when he paid 5 on account. Perhaps he was unwell as John Forbes paid 3 16s to account on Duncan Seaton's rent. Finally on 8th March 1800, Grizzel, widow of Duncan Seaton paid 12 19s for Ceannamoin, but that was the last payment. His eldest son would only have been 10 years old.


(Generation 2) The Children of Duncan Seatton and Girsael Robertson in Loinconlach and Ceannamoin

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Donald 22 Nov 1789 unmarried . Donavuilt d. after 1841
Alexander 18 Nov 1792 1w. Margaret Moon
2w. Catharine McLauchlan
1w. 1819?
2w. 24 Dec 1826
Orchil-more h. 5 Mar 1865
1w. by 1826
2w. 5 Jan 1893
Christian 31 Jul 1796 unmarried . Clune-more d. after 1851
John 21 Nov 1799 Elizabeth (Betsy)
20 Nov 1831 Fonvuick h. 28 Jun 1879
w. 20 Jan 1897


Donald Seaton in Donavuilt

Donald Seaton was born at Loinconlach, before the family moved to Ceannamoin in Glen Fender.

Moulin OPR, 22 Nov 1789
Donald, (son) to Duncan Seton in Conlach and Girsael Robertson his spouse (baptised).

Apparently he did not marry and nothing is known about him until 1841 when he was living, with his sister Christian, at Donavuilt of Clune (Tonavuilt). This was a very small settlement beside the Allt Cluain stream. He may have been living here for some time as his brother, John Seaton in Donavuilt, married Elizabeth Seaton from Fonvuick in November 1831.

Donavuilt of Clune

The remains of stone footings at Donavuilt with the Allt Cluain in the background

Very little of Donavuilt exists today except stones from the original footings. In the early 1800s the land which used to be part of Donavuilt was divided between the adjacent farms and, after that, the settlement was used by agricultural labourers and artisans. Even so, in the 1841 census there were three houses being occupied.

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birth-place
1 Donald Seaton 45y handloom weaver Perthshire
Christian Seaton 40y Perthshire
2 Christian McLaren 60y Perthshire
3 Janet Stewart 55y Perthshire
John Stewart 25y male servant Perthshire
Isabella Stewart 22y Perthshire
Janet Stewart 1y Perthshire

Although a Donald Seaton and Christian Seaton appear in the 1851 census at Bridge of Tilt, these are from a different family and there is no further trace of Donald.


Alexander Seaton and Margaret Moon in Balchroic

Alexander Seaton appears to have married Margaret Moon before 1820 but there is no marriage recorded in any of the OPRs. The couple had one child, born in Moulin parish. Margaret Moon appears to be the daughter of Donald Moon and Cicel Setton in Orchil-more, who had been born at Wester Balrobie, 15th December 1797.

Moulin OPR, 18 Feb 1820
Donald, (son) to Alexander Seaton and Margaret Moon his wife in Balchurich (baptised).

The place seems to be Balchroic which was just to the west of Aldclune, beside the Killiecrankie battle-site. The couple and son also appear in a census of parishioners carried out by the Minister of Moulin over a five year period from December 1820. He recorded them living at Balknock which was listed between Aldclune and West Mains of Urrard in his census. Christian Moon and Alexander's aunt Elspeth Seaton (widow Stewart) were also living at this address.

Name Status Age Occupation Comment
Alexander Seaton head 27y tailor
Margaret Moon wife 23y
Donald Seaton son 1y
John Stewart head 45y farmer
Christian Moon wife 34y
Christian Stewart daughter 11y
John Stewart son 7y
Peter Stewart son 4y
Elspeth Seaton head 66y cottar widow Stewart
Alexander Stewart son 24y shoemaker
Christian Stewart daughter 30y

John Stewart and Christian Moon were married 6th April 1807 (Moulin OPR). It is possible that Margaret Moon and Christian Moon were cousins as the surname of Moon is uncommon. They were not sisters as Margaret's sister Christian married Alexander Logie in Little Dunkeld, 2nd December 1826. This Christian Moon, spouse to John Stewart, was the daughter of John Moon and Christian McIntosh.

Margaret Moon died at some point before 1826 when Alexander Seaton married his second wife.


Alexander Seaton and Catharine MacLauchlan in Orchil-more

Blair Atholl OPR, 24 Dec 1826
Alexander Seaton in Mains of Orchil, Moulin parish, and Catharine MacLauchlan in Clune-beg, married.

As Alexander Seaton was a tailor it was not too difficult to move from one dwelling house to another, and when their first son was born the family were back at Balchurich (Balchroic). There were nine children in total and all of the others were born at Orchil-more except James, the last child, who was born at Lagnabuig.

Perhaps Alexander was not a very good tailor as he is given as a mason in the 1841 Census for Orchil-more.

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birth-place
Orchil-more Alexander Seaton 40y mason Perthshire
Catharine Seaton 30y Perthshire
Margaret Seaton 11y Perthshire
Grace Seaton 8y Perthshire
John Seaton 6y Perthshire
Christian Seaton 3y Perthshire
Alexander Seaton 11m Perthshire

The location of the family by 1851 has not been established, but by the time of the 1861 census they were living at Croftlia in Logierait parish.

Dwelling Name Occupation Related Status Age Birth-place
32 Alexander Seaton labourer head marr 66y Blair Atholl
Catharine Seaton wife marr 55y Moulin
Christian Seaton dau u/m 23y Moulin
James Seaton scholar son u/m 13y Moulin
Catherine Gray scholar niece u/m 7y Logierait
William McNaughton scholar nephew u/m 5y Logierait

William McNaughton was born at Torvuick, parish of Moulin, 3rd September 1855. He was the son of Thomas McNaughton, 33 year old farmer born at Toberndonich, and 24 year old Ann McLauchlane born in Glen Fincastle. They were married in Moulin in 1853 and already had a living daughter.

Alexander Seaton, tailor married to Catharine McLauchlan died at Croftlea, Logierait parish, 5 Mar 1865 aged 70 years. Parents given as Duncan Seaton, farmer, and Grace Robertson, both deceased. Informant was his daughter Catharine Seaton.

Catharine McLauchlan was living in Cargill in 1881.

Dwelling Name Occupation Related Status Age Birth-place
Road Catherine Seaton former general servant head widow 74y Moulin
Margaret Seaton housekeeper (unemployed) dau u/m 44y Moulin
Grace Steuart dau marr 42y Moulin
Helen Steuart g. dau u/m 4y Dundee

Catherine Seaton, widow of Alexander Seaton, labourer, died at Damhead, Cargill, on 5th January 1893. Parents given as John McLachlan, farmer, and Leah Ferguson, both deceased. The informant was her son Alexander Seaton, who was present.


The Children of Alexander Seaton and Margaret Moon in Balchroic

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Donald 18 Feb 1820 1w. Elizabeth Louisa Robertson
2w. Jessie Wylie
1w. 21 Jul 1843
2w. 1867
and Rhynd
h. 2 Nov 1883
1w. 4 Nov 1863


The Children of Alexander Seaton and Catharine McLauchlan in Orchil-more

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Duncan 11 Feb 1828 Mary Christian Anderson 12 Aug 1853 Keys Close,
h. after 1881
w. after 1881
Margaret 13 Jun 1830 . . Cargill d.
Grace 9 Aug 1832 ... Stewart . Dundee d.
John 1 May 1834 . . . d.
Christian 10 Jun 1836 . . . d.
Alexander 2 Jun 1838 Isabella Turpie 11 Jun 1869 Newmiln,
Jean 25 Mar 1841 . . . d.
16 Nov 1843 . . . d. after 1865
James 14 Jun 1846 . . . d.


Donald Seaton and (Elizabeth) Louisa Robertson

Donald Seaton and Elizabeth Robertson were married in 1843 and the marriage banns were recorded in the OPRs of both Moulin and Dull.

Moulin OPR, 16th July 1843
Donald Seaton in this parish and Elisabeth Robertson in the parish of Dull - married 21st current.

Dull OPR, 16th July 1843
Donald Seaton in the parish of Moulin and Elizabeth Robertson in this parish gave up their names to be proclaimed in order to marriage.

In some ways these entries are strange as Elizabeth Robertson was not given that fore-name when baptised.

Dull OPR, 10th January 1818
Louisa, daughter to James Robertson and Christian Stewart in Fiarmore (Fiermore) was baptised.

Whatever the reason, her name appears as both Louisa and Elisabeth in various documents throughout her life.

The couple's first child, Christian, was born in Blair Atholl parish around 1845, but the baptism is not recorded in the Blair Atholl OPR. Christian is listed with the family in the 1851 census, but not the 1861 census, and Donald Seaton claimed to have only 5 children alive in 1855, so she must have died in infancy.

By 1847 Donald had taken his family south to the City of Perth in search of work, and the next three children: Margaret; James; and Jean (Jane) were born there. In 1851 the family were living at Low Street in Perth, which was a narrow lane off the Dunkeld road, just to the north of St Ninian's Cathedral.

Dwelling Name Occupation Related Status Age Birth-place
Low Street Donald Seaton carrier porter head marr 31y Moulin
Louisa Seaton wife marr 32y Dull
Christian Seaton dau u/m 6y Blair Atholl
James Seaton son u/m 2y Perth

Their daughter Margaret is absent from the family group as she was staying with maternal grandparents in Fiermore.

Dwelling Name Occupation Related Status Age Birth-place
Fiermore, Fincastle James Robertson farmer of 30 acres head marr 72y Blair Atholl
Christian Robertson wife marr 69y Blair Atholl
John Robertson son u/m 26y Dull
jean Robertson dau u/m 23y Dull
Margaret Seaton g.dau u/m 4y Perth

Shortly afterwards Donald Seaton and his family moved to Edinburgh and were in South Leith by February 1853 when their son Alexander was born.

Louisa Seaton was born 13th April 1855 at 8 Giles Street, Leith. Parents given as Donald Seaton, railway labourer, 35 years old, born in Blair Atholl and Louisa Robertson, 36 years old and born in the parish of Dull. Louisa was her 6th child, having 2 boys and 3 girls (sic), all still alive.

Louisa Seaton died of whooping cough in 1858 when she was only 3 years old and was buried in the Newington Necropolis.

The 1861 census for Trinity College, Edinburgh shows the family living at Carrubber's Close, High Street.

Dwelling Name Occupation Related Status Age Birth-place
32 Carrubber's Close Donald Seaton railway porter head marr 41y Moulin
Louisa Robertson wife marr 42y Dull
Margaret Seaton dau u/m 14y Perth City
James Seaton son u/m 12y Perth City
Jean Seaton dau u/m 10y Perth City
Alexander Seaton son u/m 8y Leith
John Seaton son u/m 2y West Church,

Louisa Robertson died 4th November 1863


The Children of Donald Seaton and (Elizabeth) Louisa Robertson in Perth and Edinburgh

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Christian ~1845 died in infancy . Perth d. 1851-55
Margaret ~1847 James Thomas Ferguson 1884
St. Giles
. h.
James ~1849 . . . d.
27 Dec 1851 James Macbeth 1874
Ogden City,
h. 20 Feb 1947
w. 10 Jun 1923
Alexander 6 Feb 1853 . . . d.
Louisa 13 Apr 1855 died in infancy . Carruther's Close,
High Street
d. 22 Jul 1858
John 1860 Christina Macbeth
(Tine Macbeth)
. Glasgow h.


Donald Seaton and Jessie Wylie

After the death of his first wife, Donald Seaton married Jessie Wylie in 1867. Donald was working as a railway porter and so was Jessie Wylie's brother Daniel.

On 2nd July 1867 at 32 Gilmore Place in Edinburgh, Donald Seaton, railway porter and widower aged 47 years, living at 36 Grassmarket married Jessie Wylie, machinist and spinster aged 36 years, living at 22 William Street. His parents were given as Alexander Seaton, tailor, and Margaret Moon, both deceased. Her parents were given as John Wyllie, keeper of lunatic assylum, and Christina Munday???, both deceased.

The couple's first two children, Donald and Robert, were born at the White Hart Inn in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh (Greyfriars parish).

The 1871 census return for St. Giles in Edinburgh shows his two sons by his second wife, Donald Wylie Seaton and Robert Wylie Seaton. It also shows a Margaret Seaton (his daughter from the first marriage) and a grand-daughter Jessie R. Seaton (Jessie R. Ferguson).

By 1881 Donald and his family had moved to Easter Rhynd House.

Dwelling Name Occupation Related Status Age Birth-place
Easter Rhynd House Donald Seaton poultry farmer head marr 61y Moulin
Jessie Seaton wife marr 52y Musselburgh
Donald Seaton scholar son u/m 13y Edinburgh
Robert Seaton scholar son u/m 11y Edinburgh
Jessie Seaton
(Jessie Fergusson)
scholar g.dau u/m 11y Edinburgh
John Seaton
(John Fergusson)
scholar g.son u/m 9y Edinburgh

Donald Seaton, poulterer, died 2nd November 1883 at Old Manse, Rhynd, aged 60 years. His parents were given as Alexander Seaton, farm servant, and Margaret Moon, both deceased. The informant was his son Donald Seaton.

Donald and Robert were about 14 and 12 years old when their father died, so they work on fishing boats and farms to help the family. Robert moved to Glasgow and earned his blacksmith journeyman license. In 1901, his mother Jessie Wylie was living with him. Robert married Elizabeth Denny from Paisley in 1905 They and their children emigrated to Ontario, Canada in the summer of 1914. Robert Seaton then found work as a blacksmith in Flint, Michigan, at the Buick Motor Plant.


The Children of Donald Seaton and Jessie Wylie in Edinburgh and Rhynd

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Robert Wylie 23 Feb 1871 Elizabeth Denny 1905 Michigan h.
Donald Wylie . Jessie McLaren . Michigan h.


Duncan Seaton and Mary Christian Anderson in Dundee

Dundee OPR, 12th August 1853
Contracted 28th July 1853 Duncan Seaton, ploughman, and Mary Christian Anderson, both in this parish. Married 12th August.


Alexander Seaton and Isabella Turpie in Newmiln, Cargill

On the 11th June 1869 Alexander Seaton, ploughman at Hillfoot of Kettins aged 26 years, married Isabella Turpie, maid servant at Higham, Dunbog in Fife, aged 19 years. Witnessed by Alexander Clark and Margaret Seaton. His parents were given as Alexander Seaton, deceased labourer, and Catherine McLachlan. Her parents were David Turpie, farm servant, and Janet Rhynd.

By the time of the 1881 census the family were living at Newmiln, Cargill.

Dwelling Name Occupation Related Status Age Birth-place
Alexander Seaton road surfaceman head marr 37y Moulin
Isabella Seaton wife marr 31y Cupar, Fife
John Seaton scholar son u/m 10y Longforgan
Jessie Seaton scholar dau u/m 7y Cargill
Alexander Seaton scholar son u/m 6y Cargill
Cathrine Seaton dau u/m 4y Kettins
Isabella Seaton dau u/m 3y Cargill
Christina Seaton dau u/m 1y Cargill
Margaret Seaton dau u/m 3m Cargill

On 6th December 1895 at Burn's Restaurant, County Place in Perth, Robert Menzies, bachelor and ploughman aged 24 years, married Jessie Seaton, general servant and spinster, aged 22 years. His parents were given as John Menzies, ploughman, and Helen Petrie. Her parents were given as Alexander Seaton, ploughman and Isabella Turpie.


Christian Seaton

Christian Seaton was living at Donavuilt with her brother, Donald Seaton the weaver, in 1841. It is assumed that he died as, in the the 1851 census, Christian was living alone at Clune-more, close to Donavuilt.

Dwelling Name Occupation Related Status Age Birth-place
14 Christian Seaton ag. labourer head u/m 55y Blair Atholl

Christian Seaton probably died between 1851 and 1855 as she does not appear in the 1861 census and there is no post-1855 death certificate.


John Seaton and Elizabeth (Betsy) Seaton in Fonvuick

John Seaton was living at Donavuilt with his brother and sisters before he married.

Blair Atholl OPR, 20 Nov 1831
John Seaton in Donavuilt and Elizabeth Seaton in Fonvuick, married.

Elizabeth (Betsy) Seaton was the daughter of Duncan Seaton and Margaret Cameron. Although her father originally came from Balrobie, her parents had lived at Rinancoillach before moving to Fonvuick, but Margaret's birth and baptism are not recorded in the Blair Atholl OPR for either place. As she was 93 years old when she died in 1897, she must have been born at Fonvuick.

The 1841 Census for Fonvuick shows a number of families, many of whom were related by marriage. The designations of 'junior' and 'senior' for the two John Setons merely indicate that one was older than the other.

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birth-place
14 John Seton jnr. 41y ag. labourer Perthshire
Betsy Seton 37y Perthshire
Duncan Seton 8y Perthshire
Donald Seton 6y Perthshire
John Seton 4y Perthshire
James Seton 3y Perthshire
Christian Seton 1m Perthshire
Margaret Cameron 75y independent Perthshire
Mary Saunders 7y ag. labourer Perthshire

Margaret Cameron, of independent means, was the mother of Betty (Elizabeth/Betsy) Seton. Mary Saunders was Betty's niece Mary Colville Saunders, the daughter of John Saunders and Margaret Seaton, born Blairgowrie, 25th January 1835.

15 John Seton snr. 46y farmer Perthshire
Christian Seton 42y Perthshire
Duncan Seton 18y Perthshire
Elisabeth Seton 12y Perthshire
John Seton 10y Perthshire
Robert Seton 8y Perthshire
Donald Seton 5y Perthshire
George Seton 2y Perthshire

John Seton, senior, was the older brother of Elizabeth (Betsy) Seton, the wife of John Seton, junior. The Blair Atholl OPR shows that John Seaton, senior, in Fonvuick and Christian Seaton in Ardtulichan married 16th December 1827. However they did not have their children's names entered in the register of baptisms.

16 John Robertson 70y farmer Perthshire
Elisabeth Robertson 65y Perthshire
James Robertson 35y Perthshire
Elisabeth Robertson 25y Perthshire
John Robertson 23y Perthshire
John Seton 12y ag. labourer Perthshire

John Robertson's wife was Elizabeth (Elspeth) Seaton who was living at Balnald of Fincastle when they married in 1796. John Robertson and Elizabeth Seaton were the parents of Isabella, the wife of John Seaton in Ardtulichan, and 12 year old John Seton was their son.

25 Grace Seton (58y) absent Perthshire

Grace Seaton was the sister of James Seaton and Peter Seaton who moved to Ardtulichan from Coille Bhrochain.

By the time of the 1851 census there were fewer Seatons at Fonvuick.

Dwelling Name Occupation Related Status Age Birth-place
6 Grace Seton spinning yarn head u/m 68y Moulin
7 Betsay Seton ag. labourer's wife wife marr 46y Blair Atholl
Christian Seton scholar dau u/m 9y Blair Atholl
Robert Seton scholar son u/m 7y Blair Atholl
Allan Seton scholar son u/m 5y Blair Atholl
Alexander Seton son u/m 3y Blair Atholl

The 1871 census shows John Seaton for the last time.

Dwelling Name Occupation Related Status Age Birth-place
Fonvuick cottages John Seton farm labourer head marr 71y Blair Atholl
Betty Seton wife marr 67y Blair Atholl
Christian Seton dairymaid dau u/m 29y Blair Atholl
Robert Seton ploughman son u/m 27y Blair Atholl

John Seaton, farm servant married to Betsy Seaton, died at Fonvuick 28th June 1879 aged 79 years. Parents given as Duncan Seaton, deceased farmer, and Grace Robertson, deceased. Informant was his son James Seaton.

Elizabeth Seaton, widow of John Seaton, crofter, died at Fonvuick on 20th January 1897 aged 93 years. Parents given as Duncan Seaton, crofter, and Margaret Cameron, both deceased. The informant was her son James Seaton, who was living in Foss.


The Children of John Seaton and Elizabeth (Betsy) Seaton in Fonvuick

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Duncan 20 Aug 1832 Ann McDonald 1856 Little Dunkeld h.
Donald 22 Aug 1834 . . Fonvuick d. after 1841
John 22 Apr 1836 . . Fonvuick d. after 1841
James 1 Jan 1839 unmarried . Foss d. after 1897
Christian 4 May 1841 . . Fonvuick d. after 1871
Robert 26 Apr 1843 . . Little Dunkeld d. after 1881
Alexander 5 Jan 1846 Sarah Agnes Hook 1871 Georgetown,
h. 10 Feb 1902
w. 1 Nov 1934
Allan 15 Jun 1848 . . Fonvuick d. after 1851
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