Donald and Jean Seatons in Clackmannanshire


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John Stenhouse and Jean Seaton

Moulin OPR, 24th November 1833
John Stenhouse in the parish of Dollar and Jean Seaton in this parish, married.

The couple returned to Dollar parish and lived there until about 1850, after which they moved to Tillicoultry. John's surname is given as Stenhouse, Stonhouse, Stanhouse and Stanehouse in the various documents, whilst his wife is given as both Jean and Jane, with various spellings of Seaton.

At the time of the 1841 census the family were living at Cairnpark Street, Dollar.

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birth-place
Cairnpark Street John Stonhouse 25y banksman at colliery Clackmannan
Jean Stonhouse 25y not Clackmannan
James Stonhouse 7y not Clackmannan
Catherine Stonhouse 4y Clackmannan
Peter Stonhouse 2y Clackmannan
Daniel Seaton 30y labourer not Clackmannan

At a colliery, the banksman was in charge of the workforce at the pit head, and organised the removal of full tubs from the cage, replacing them with empty tubs.

By 1851 John Stenhouse and his family had moved to Tillicoultry, but John Stenhouse was away from home at the time of the census.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Douglasland, Tillicoultry Jean Seaton wife marr 36y engineman's wife Blair Atholl
Catherine Seaton dau u/m 14y assists mother Dollar
Peter Seaton son u/m 12y scholar Dollar
Margaret Seaton dau u/m 9y scholar Dollar
Jean Seaton dau u/m 7y scholar Dollar
Isabella Seaton dau u/m 4y Dollar

Ten years later Catherine had married Anthony Campbell, a glass-blower, and the rest of the family had moved to Alloa.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Alloa John Stenhouse head marr 44y labourer Dollar
Jane Stenhouse wife marr 45y Blair Atholl
Peter Stenhouse son u/m 21y glass-blower Dollar
Isabella Stenhouse dau u/m 12y scholar Dollar
Janet Stenhouse dau u/m 10y scholar Tillicoultry

By the time of the 1871 census Margaret had married Andrew Dickson and Jane (Jean) had married Henry Robertson.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Craigard Place, Alloa John Stenhouse head marr 55y teaser in glassworks Clackmannan
Jane Stenhouse wife marr 54y Pitlochry
Janet Stenhouse dau u/m 19y Pitlochry

In a glassworks the teaser was responsible for stoking the furnace to ensure that the molten glass was fit for working.

John Stenhouse died in 1880 and his wife went to live with her daughter Janet's family as shown in the 1881 census.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Main Street, Falkirk Peter Black head marr 27y iron moulder Tillicoultry
Janet Black wife marr 27y Alloa
Peter Black son u/m 3y Cryston, Stirling
John Black son u/m 1y Cryston, Stirling
Jane Black dau u/m 1m
Jane Stenhouse mo-in-law widow 65y Blair Atholl

Jane Seton, widow of John Stenhouse, labourer, died 1st October 1895 at Bonnybridge, parish of Falkirk, aged 88 years. The informant was Peter Black, her son-in-law. Her parent were given as (unknown) Seton and (unknown).

So her death certificate does not help to identify her origins in Moulin parish. If she was aged 88 years in 1895, then she was born around 1815 and would have been about 18 when she married. However, all of the Jean, Jane or Janet Seatons appearing the Moulin, Dull and Blair Atholl OPRs are known to have married other people, so her baptisms was not recorded in the OPRs. Likewise, the Minister's 1820 census of Moulin parish does not identify her. The only 5-year-old by that name was the daughter of Alexander Seaton and Margaret Kennedy in Stronchavie, and she married James Scott, farmer at Mains of Rochallie, Blairgowrie, in 1840.

However, there was a clue in the 1841 census where a labourer named Daniel Seaton, and aged about 30 years, was living with the family of John Stenhouse. It seemed likely that this was an older brother of Jean Seaton. Daniel (Donald) Seaton did not leave the Clackmannan area but his recorded age varied in the subsequent census returns. In 1851 he was 33 years old, by 1861 he was 47, in 1871 he had aged to 66 years old and when he died in 1873 he was 70 years old.

Donald Seton, unmarried labourer, aged 70 years died at Castle Street, Alloa, on 17th September 1873. There is no doubt that he was Jean Stenhouses's brother as the death certificate was witnessed by Catherine Campbell, his niece. It also shows that his parents were Peter Seton and Elizabeth Seton.


The Children of John Stenhouse and Jean Seaton in Dollar and Tillicoultry

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
James ~1834 . . . d.
Elizabeth 11 Oct 1835 . . . d.
Catherine 25 Jun 1837 Anthony Campbell 1856 . h.
Peter 4 Aug 1839 . . . d.
Margarate 27 Jun 1841 Andrew Dickson 1863 . h.
Jane 11 Nov 1843 Henry Robertson 1869 . h.
Isabella ~1849 . . . d.
Elizabeth 15 Jan 1849 . . . d.
Janet 31 Aug 1851 Peter Black 1877 . h.
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