Peter Scott and Janet Robertson in Marshfield, PEI

Balindrich, Strathbrand

Balindrich in Strathbrand, parish of Little Dunkeld

The earliest record, so far discovered, for this family is the marriage of Peter Scott's parents in 1772. Peter's father was George Scot, but George's birth does not seem to have been recorded in the OPRs. No attempt has been made, as yet, to discover the parentage of Margaret Anderson, the wife of George Scot. (Note: some records use the surname 'Scott', while others use 'Scot'.)

Little Dunkeld OPR, 31st May 1772
George Scot in this parish and Margaret Anderson in Dull parish gave up their names for proclamation in order to marriage, and were proclaimed this day for the first time, and no objection (offered).

Margaret Anderson seems to have come from Weem parish and not Dull parish, as the corresponding proclamation of banns is in the Weem OPR with nothing in the Dull OPR.

There are no records of births for the couple until 1777 when Margaret was baptised. The next child was a boy, baptised as Charles which may be the name of his paternal grandfather. Peter was the second son, born in 1783.

Little Dunkeld OPR, 16th October 1783
George Scot and Margaret Anderson (in) Ballinrich had a son born 16th October 1783 and baptised Peter Scot.

On the same page as this entry (which actually is for the year 1784), there are another three baptisms for families in Ballinrich with dates from 1782 and 1783. Perhaps this was a visit by the minister to, what he considered, a distant part of his parish. Probably, it was even worse for ministers who had parishes with detached parts, such as Dull parish.

This OPR entry is unusual as it gives the surname as well as the forename. The reason for this in unclear. Ballinrich, probably is the same as Balindrich, as shown on James Scobie's map of Perthshire. As it is in Strathbrand (Strathbran) there may be a link between Peter Stewart in Prince Edward Island, and his neighbour William Scott who also came from Strathbrand.


The Children of George Scott and Margaret Anderson in Balindrich, Strathbrand.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Margaret Dec 1877 . . Strathbrand d.
Charles Jan 28 1781 . . Strathbrand d.
Peter Oct 16 1783 Janet Robertson Nov 2 1806 French Fort,
Lot 35, PEI
Elizabeth Dec 1787 . . Strathbrand h.


Peter Scott and Janet Robertson in French Fort, Lot 35, PEI

The marriage banns for Peter Scott and Janet Robertson were called in both Little Dunkeld parish (2nd November 1806) and Weem parish (13th November 1806)

Little Dunkeld OPR, 2nd November 1806
Peter Scot in this parish and Janet Robertson in the parish of Weem were publicly proclaimed for one Sabbath in order to marriage, and no objection offered.

Weem OPR, 13th November 1806
Peter Scot in the parish of Little Dunkeld and Janet Robertson in this parish were booked etc.

Their first child, Christian, was born in Scotland before the family emigrated but does not appear in any of the OPRs. It is said that they arrived in PEI around 1808 and settled initially on the North River. The baptisms of their first children took place in Charlottetown and some births took place at Lot 32. Latterly the family settles at French Fort, Lot 35, where they were the first family with the surname of 'Scott'.

The 1841 census shows that Peter Scott was a farmer and that three of the family were born in Scotland. It is assumed that Christina was the third person, after Peter and his wife, but she married Malcolm Forbes in 1828. The census lists the family as: 1 female under 16 years (Jessie); 2 males and 2 females aged 16-45 years, but which ones were still living at home is difficult to verify. The card index of births gives Janet's surname as 'Robinson' rather than 'Robertson'.

Mr Ludlow Jenkins wrote an article entitled "Old Times, South of the Hillsboro'", printed in 'The Guardian', 29th April 1938, in which Peter Scott is mentioned. It would seem that Peter Scott was carrying a sack of barley meal on his back from his old home at North River, to his new home at French Fort, when he was chased by a bear. Peter Scott got such a fright that he shouted loudly enough to scare off the bear. Problems with bears were a rare occurance.


The Children of Peter Scott and Janet Robertson (or Robinson) in French Fort, Lot 35, PEI.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Christina ~1807 Malcolm Forbes Mar 27 1828 Lot 49? h. 7 Aug 1873
w. 16 Aug 1888
Margaret (Jane) Jan 4 1810 Neill Stewart Mar 26 1833 Rosetta Farm, PEI h. 23 Oct 1886
w. Mar 1893
George Jun 3 1812 Jane Cairns Mar 22 1838 Mount Stewart h. 16 Oct 1888
w. 21 Sep 1889
Ann Jun 22 1814 John Alexander
Apr 4 1839 . h. 14 Feb 1867
w. 2 Aug 1879
John May 22 1816 Catherine McBeath Apr 4 1861 . h. 23 Mar 1892
w. 21 Jul 1875
Jul 10 1819 . . Mass. US d. 3 Mar 1850
Elizabeth Aug 4 1821 . . French Fort, PEI d. 27 Feb 1890
Alexander Dec 15 1823 . . French Fort, PEI d. 23 Dec 1891
Jessie ~1829 Alexander Scott Feb 12 1857 h. 8 Sep 1906
w. 23 Apr 1899


George Scott and Jane E. Cairns in Mount Stewart, Queens Co., PEI

George Scott married Jane E. Cairns on 22nd March 1838. She was the daughter of John Glen Cairns and was born in Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway in 1820.

Both are buried at Mount Stewart.


The Children of George Scott and Jane E. Cairns in Mount Stewart, Queens Co., PEI

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Peter Feb 25 1839 Adaline T. Coffin . Mount Stewart, PEI h. 17 Mar 1921
w. 6 Jan 1920
Jane A. Feb 25 1839 William J. Logan . St. Andrews, PEI h. 1909
w. 1925
Jessie Elizabeth Jul 1850 Duncan Coffin 1868 Mass., US h. 28 Sep 1893
w. 1923
Mary Ellen Feb 25 1852 James Robert Coffin . Pictou Co., N.S. h. 16 Dec 1913
w. 8 May 1903
Margaret Maria Apr 1858 Elias Coffin . Vernon River, PEI h. 12 Feb 1921
w. 17 Jan 1935


John Alexander Stewart and Ann Scott in ..........PEI

Ann Scott married John Alexander Stewart, 4th April 1839. He was the sixth child of John 'French Fort' Stewart and Mary Hide (Hyde) born 6th June 1796. The family lived at Sawmill Farm on Lot 36 until 1818, after which time they moved to Brantford Farm on the north side of the Hillsborough River.

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