The Family of Robert Lamond of Tulliemet and Blair Atholl

Map of Dalnabo, parish of Logierait

Map of Dalnabo, parish of Logierait

Robert Lamond of Auchnabeach, parish of Logierait, said that he had been born in the parish of Blair Atholl. This simple fact cannot be verified, nor can his parents be identified with certainty, but by recording what is known about him and his family, eventually their ancestry may be revealed.

Robert Lamond married Margaret Carr, an event recorded in the Old Parish Records for both Blairgowrie and Logierait, but neither indicates where he was living.

Blairgowrie OPR, (marriages) 1st November 1840

Robert Lammond in this parish and Margaret Carr in the parish of Logierait.

Logierait OPR, (marriages) 8th November 1840

Robert Lamont in Blairgowrie and Margaret Kerr in Balenluig gave up their names in order of marriage.

Margaret Carr, or Kerr, was the daughter of John Kerr and Grizel Stewart (marriage recorded in Logierait and Dull, 6th June 1812). She was born in Logierait parish on 27th March 1814 and was baptised the following day. Other children from the marriage were: John, born 16th May 1816; James, born 5th November 1819; and Grisel, born 3rd July 1823.

The 1841 census shows that Robert and Margaret moved in with her parents soon after they were married. As both of them are described as labourers it would seem probable that Robert was a farm-hand in Blairgowrie.

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Dalnabo John Kerr 60y labourer Perthshire
Grace Kerr 60y Perthshire
Robert Lamond 20y labourer Perthshire
Margaret Lamond 21y labourer Perthshire

Although the OPR states that their children were born at Ballinluig of Tulliemet while the census gives their home at Dalnabo, this does not imply that they had moved residence as Dalnabo is the dwelling at the southern end of Ballinluig. The epithet 'of Tulliemet' is important as there are two places in Logierait parish called Ballinluig, the other one being to the north of Dunfallandy House.

Logierait OPR, (baptisms)

Margaret, lawful daughter to Robert Lamond and Margaret Carr in Ballenluig was born 25th September 1845 and baptised 6th October.

Grace, lawful daughter to Robert Lamond and Margaret Carr in Ballenluig of Tullymett was born 4th October 1847 and baptised 21st January 1848.

Alexander, lawful son to Robert Lammond and Margaret Carr in Ballinluig of Tullymet was born 5th February 1851 and baptised 13th

Charlotte, lawful daughter to Robert Lamond and Margaret Carr in Ballinluig of Tullymet was born 18th August 1852 and baptised 7th October 1852

Three more children were born after the introduction of civil registration of births in 1855.

Catherine, born 27th March 1855, Logierait.

Amelia Reid, born 4th July 1857, Logierait.

Isabella Berry, born 20th July 1859, Logierait.

In the 1851 census Robert and his family were still at Dalnabo, but had their own home.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Dalnabo (62) Robert Lamond head marr 42y common labourer Blair Atholl
Margaret Lamond wife marr 39y Logierait
Margaret Lamond dau u/m 6y scholar Logierait
Grace Lamond dau u/m 4y Logierait
Alex. Lamond son u/m 1y Logierait

Margaret's parents were living in the adjacent dwelling at Dalnabo.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Dalnabo (63) John Kerr head marr 73y common labourer Logierait
Grace Kerr wife marr 70y Logierait
John Kerr g.son u/m 6y scholar Logierait

By 1861 John Kerr had died and Robert was looking after his mother-in-law.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Dalnabo (62) Robert Lamond head marr 46y ag. labourer Blair Atholl
Margaret Lamond wife marr 48y Logierait
Margaret Lamond dau u/m 15y domestic servant Logierait
Alexander Lamond son u/m 11y sawmill labourer Logierait
Charlotte Lamond dau u/m 8y scholar Logierait
Catherine Lamond dau u/m 6y scholar Logierait
Amelia R. Lamond dau u/m 3y Logierait
Isabella B. Lamond dau u/m 3y Logierait
Grace Kerr mother-in-law widow 79y pauper
former ag.lab.

Their daughter Grace was no longer part of the household as she was working as a domestic servant to the family of Rev. Samuel Cameron, minister of Logierait Parish.

By 1871 Robert and his family had left Dalnabo and moved to Auchnabeach (Auchnabeich), which is west of Tulliemet House.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Auchnabeach (83) Robert Lamond head marr 54y labourer Blair Atholl
Margaret Lamond wife marr 53y Logierait
Margaret Lamond dau u/m 25y domestic servant Logierait
Alexander Lamond son u/m 21y farm labourer Logierait
Catrine Lamond dau u/m 16y domestic servant Logierait
Emily Lamond dau u/m 14y scholar Logierait
Isabella Lamond dau u/m 12y scholar Logierait
James A. g.son u/m 2y Logierait
Robert S. g.son u/m 2y Logierait

James Alexander Lamond, a natural son to Grace Lamond, was born 5th September 1868 at Auchnabeach, parish of Logierai. Although the birth certificate does not name his father, it is fairly certain that it was James Alexander, the son of David Alexander and Martha Clark of Glenisla. In adult life, James jnr. emigrated to Illinois, USA, for four years before returning to Scotland. He didn't stay long as two years later he emigrated to Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, where he was a rancher.

Robert Scott Lamond, a natural son to Margaret Lamond, was born 27th September 1868 at Auchnabeach, parish of Logierai. Once again the birth certificate does not name his father, but the middle name is proably significant.

In 1871 Grace Lamond was working as a housemaid to the family of William Hendry, who farmed at Bardmony near Alyth. On 9th February of the following year she married James Alexander, the son of David Alexander and Martha Clark of Glenisla. She gave her place of residence as Achnaguie Logierait. In 1915 they were living at Burn of Kilry, just to the north of Alyth.

Charlotte Lamond was not with the family either, as she was working as a domestic servant for John McDougall, the farmer at nearby Balnafuaran.

Robert Lamond died on 22nd November 1880 at Auchnabeach of Tullymet aged sixty-five. The death certificate which was witnessed by his son Alexander states that Robert's father was Archibald Lamond, tailor, deceased. There are no details given about his mother which makes it very difficult to establish Robert's origins. The documentary evidence suggests that his date of birth was between 1809 and 1815, probably towards the later date.

After Robert's death Margaret Carr went to live with James and Grace Alexander. Her son Alexander went to work as a general servant to Donald McGregor who was both inn-keeper and farmer in Balinluig.

Interestingly, it has been suggested that Robert had two brothers, Alexander and John, who emigrated to Canada, but the evidence for this assertion is unclear.


Alexander McGillawee of North Easthope township, Perth Co. Ontario

Alexander married Christian Stewart in 1837, but the Dull OPR provides scant information.

Dull OPR (marriages)
Alexander MacGilliwie and Christian Stewart both in this parish gave up their names to be proclaimed in order to marriage, 13th May (1837).

Alexander McGillawee wrote about his grandparents, Alexander and Christian, in 'History of the Pioneers of North Easthope, Canada', where there are several photographs relating to the family.

We know so very little about where our grandparents came from in Scotland - Glenquaich - we think it was Amulree.

My grandfather's name was Alexander McGillawee, and he settled on his farm, Lot 21, Concession 3, North Easthope, and on the southern part of Lot 21, Concession 6, one hundred and fifty acres. This is the third house. The first would not likely be much. Grandfather Alexander McGillawee built this house and barn, which has since been remodelled. He had a dog that he trained to work for him only, as long as he was about, and the dog understood Gaelic.

My father's name was James McGillawee, and like most of the Highland people, he first spoke Gaelic. He was the last of his family to die - seven years ago, 1927, at seventy-six years of age.

Grandfather was seventy-five and grandmother eighty-seven years of age. My father bought Lot 20, Concession 5, and Lot 22, Concession 5. We farmed that land also.

In the Old Country, my grandfather - Alexander McGillawee, was gamekeeper at Grandtully Castle. When the owner was away my grandfather lived in the castle, but when the owner was in residence, my grandfather lived at the 'Lodge'.

I am sorry we have so little to tell. We were not interested when we might have been told. Now, no one is left to tell us.

My grandfather and my grandmother came to New York from Perthshire in the S.S. 'The Lady Lake' when my aunt, Mrs Fisher, was a baby. In my grandfathers's family there were, Mrs Fisher (mother of Mr John Fisher, Mr James Fisher, Mr Archie Fisher, Dr Alexander Fisher, all of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Miss Christina Fisher, of Toronto, and the brilliant youngest member of that family, Miss Catherine Fisher, Editor, New York), Mr (Mrs?) McMillan, Archibald McGillawee, James McGillawee (my father), Christine McGillawee, Katherine McGillawee, Alexander McGillawee, and Dr McGillawee (deceased) of Kitchener, Ontario. Eight children in all.

Alexander McGillawee
Eldest son of James McGillawee
Grandson of Alexander McGillawee

Many of the pioneer settlers of North Easthope had been evicted from Glenquoich, and the McGillawees probably assumed that this was their ancestral home as well. Passengers 48 to 51 on the 'The Lady Lake' (Lady of the Lake?) are listed as Alexander, Christian and Margaret McGillavry. Their ages are also given, but difficult to read. From New York they probably sailed up the Hudson River and the Erie Canal.

Alexander died on 11th March 1885 and was buried in the St. Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery, North Easthope. He was about 75 years old. His wife, Christine Stewart, died 11th September 1894 in North Easthope at the age of 87.


The Family of Alexander McGillawee and Christian Stewart of North Easthope township, Perth Co. Ontario

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Margaret c1837
Alexander Fisher Dec 10 1862 North Easthope h.
Janet c1840
.... McMillan? . North Easthope d.
Christian c1842
. . North Easthope d.
Archibald Feb 28 1844
Grace McDonald Dec 25 1872 North Easthope h.
Cathrine c1847
. . North Easthope d.
Alexander c1849
. . North Easthope d.
James Jul 6 1851 Jeannie McDonald . North Easthope h. 1927
John Nov 6 1854 unmarried . Kitchener, Ontario d. Feb 13 1924

Canadian census returns state that Margaret was born in Scotland, but there does not seem to be a baptism in any of the Old Parish Record and she could have been born during the journey to Canada.

John McGillivrie, son of Alexander McGillawee and Christine Stewart, died 13th Feb 1924 in Kitchener, Ontario. His death certificate states that he was born 6th Nov 1854, unmarried and a medical doctor. His nephew, A. Fisher of Toronto (also a medical doctor), was the informant. His obituary in the Journal of the American Medical Association (April 12th 1924) says that he graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine in 1888, and for twenty-six years was the city health officer for Kitchener, Ontario.


The Family of Archibald McGillawee and Grace McDonald of North Easthope

Archibald McGillivrie, 27, yeoman of North Easthope, son of Alexander McGillivrie and Christine Stewart married Grace McDonald daughter of James McDonald and Catherine Crerar. Witnesses: Peter McDonald and Duncan Stewart, both of North Easthope. 25th December 1873. (A similar entry exists for 1872). Their children were:

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Catherine c1874 . . . d.
Alexander Mar 19 1876 . . . d.
Christeena Apr 16 1877 . . . d.
James Oct 4 1878 . . . d.
Margret Apr 4 1880 . . . d.
Grace Sep 13 1881 . . . d.
Archibald Jan 5 1883 . . . d.
John Aug 20 1885 . . . d.
Robert Jan 25 1887 . . . d.
Peter Aug 29 1888 . . . d.

In 1911 Robert was working as a farm labourer for John McMillan (Lot 20, Concession 10, North Easthope). He was unmarried.


The Family of James McGillawee and Jeannie McDonald of North Easthope, Lot 26, Concession 5

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Christine Mar 9 1880 . . . d.
Alexander Nov 28 1881 . . . d.
Margaret Sep 9 1887 . . . d.
Jean S. May 26 1889 . . . d.
James Stewart Feb 6 1894 . . . d.
Joseph M. Apr 9 1896 Margaret Tough . . d.

In the 1911 census all of the children were working on the farm. Also present was a grand-son, Ross s. McGillawee, who was born August 1908.


John McGillawee (or Lamond) of Elma township, Perth Co. Ontario

Presumably Alexander encouraged his brother to join him in Canada as, in the late 1850s, John and his wife Catherine settled at Lot 34, Concession 9 in Elma township, Perth County, not far from his brother. Although he used the name 'Lamond' for official documents, he was known as 'McGillawee' like his brother

There is some confusion as to the identity of John's wife. Although Canadian records name her as Catherine McPhail and internet sources detail her parentage, their (assumed) marriage in 1846 give Catherine a different surname.

Kenmore OPR (marriages)
John Lamond in this parish and Catherine Campbell of the parish of Weem gave up their names for proclamation, 12th December (1846).

Weem OPR (marriages)
John Lamont in the parish of Kenmore and Catherine Campbell in this parish gave up their names in order to marriage, 13th December (1846).

The 1851 census for Weem parish seems to show the couple and their first daughter living on the north shore of Loch Tay at Balnasuim.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Balnasuim (2) John Lamond head marr 32y shepherd Perthshire, Balnasuim
Catherine Lamond wife marr 27y Carwhin, Balnasuim
Margaret Lamond dau u/m 4y Perthshire, Balnasuim

The 1851 census enumerator had tried to be precise with the designation of birth-place. The only slight confusion could be over 'Carwhin'. In most old document Carwhin, or Carawhin, was the name used to denote the district just to the west of Balnasuim. It comprised homesteads such as Balnareich, Croftvellick and Margdow. However, Blarmore had previously been called Carwhin.

This census information conflicts with John Lamond's claim to be 'A Native of Blair Athole', unless he had meant that his forebears had come from that district. The only other John Lamond/Lamont in the area was 28 years old and unmarried, so this would seem to be the same John Lamont who had married in 1846.

Children of John Lamond (McGillawee) and Catherine McPhail of Elma township, Perth County, Ontario.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Margaret Apr 5 1848
James S. Holmes . Lot 3, Conc. 7
w. Jul 29 1924
Christine Mar 18 1852
Alfred A. Allison Oct 17 1876 Lot 10, Conc. 4
Elma, Perth Co.
w. Aug 20 1935
Catherine Oct 3 1855
James M. Gray Nov 19 1879 Lot 32, Conc.8
Elma, Perth Co.
w. May 5 1914
Archibald 1862
Mary Ellen Kyle Oct 24 1900 Lot 34, Conc. 9
Elma, Perth Co.
h. Oct 14 1931
w. 1950

24th October 1900. Archibald McGillawee 37 of Perth County, born Elma, son of John McGillawee and Catherine McPhail married Mary Kyle of Wellesley, daughter of John Kyle and Euphemia Hislop. Witnesses: John Holmes of Elma and Janet Kyle of Wellesley.

If John and Catherine were following the Scottish naming tradition, and this is possible as the third daughter would be named after the mother (Catherine), then John's parents would have been Archibald Lammond (or McGilliwie) and Christine (Christian).

John Lamont has a fine marble column erected to his memory in the Donegal Cemetery. Strangely there is no mention of his wife, but the records show that she died 11th September 1894 in North Easthope at the age of 87. The inscription reads:

John McGillawee died February 9th 1898 aged 82 years and 6 months. Native of Blair-Athole, Perthshire, Scotland. 'Into thy hands, O Lord'.

On the side of the column there is an inscription to his son Archibald, Archie's wife and their adopted son

Archie McGillawee 1862 - 1931. His wife Mary Ellen Kyle 1872 - 1950. William G. Moore 1883 - 1951.

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