The Descendants of John 'Bonnety' Stewart of Balcastle and Bankfoot

The John Stewart Stone

The Stewart Memorial Stone in Borenich Burial Ground

John "Bonnety" Stewart was the grandson of Duncan and Janet Stewart, and this is a well-documented family as, in 1912, Alexander Stewart Ross of Thomson, Nova Scotia, published a genealogy of his ancestors, tracing them back to Donald and Janet Stewart of Balhastle, Loch Tummel.

This is an important document as it was written from the Canadian perspective, and appears to have been based on information from family bibles, family documents and personal recollections. Its content is not based upon the Blair Atholl parish records, and the scant amount of information relating to the Stewarts who remained in Strathtummel, suggests that contact between the two branches was lost very quickly.

The full "Genealogical Record of the Loch Tummel Branch of the Clan Stewart (1712 - 1912) Compiled by A. S. Ross, Thomson, Nova Scotia" is available in the Record Room, but this does not include the families which remained in Strathtummel.

Contrary to popular belief Donald Stewart and Janet Stewart were not living originally in Balcastle, as is shown by the Blair Atholl OPR.

Blair Atholl, 1754
Donald Stewart in Uchdnanetaig and Janet Stewart in Balintepaill (i.e. Balchapel) of Fincastle, Parish of Dull (married) July 17th

Donald and Janet had four children whilst living at Uchdnanetaig: Alexander; Christian, Robert and John, and it was not until after the birth of John, that the family moved from Uchdnanetaig to Balcastle. Balcastle is only a short walk to the west of Uchdnanetaig, but probably provided more space for the growing family. The last two children, Patrick and Helen, were born at Balcastle.

A. S. Ross's Genealogical Records says that Robert was born about 1760, and was the father of 'Deacon' Robert and Donald Robert Stewart of Lochaber, Nova Scotia, but no mention is made of his wife, nor their other children. However the Blair Atholl OPR contains the following information.

Robert Stewart and Janet Robertson both in Balcastle of Borenich married November 25th

Robert Stewart in Balcastle and Janet Robertson his wife had a child born 17th and baptised 21st October named Donald

Robert Stewart in Balcastle and Janet Robertson his wife had a child born 6th and baptised 9th March named Helen.

Robert Stewart in Balcastle and Jannet Robertson his wife had a child baptised 27th December named Alexander.

Robert, son to Robert Stewart and Jannet Robertson in Bailchastle born 17th May and baptised 20th.

Janet, lawful daughter to Robert Stewart and Janet Robertson his spouse in Bailchastle born 4th November and baptised 9th.

John, lawful son to Robert Stewart and Janet Robertson his spouse in Bailechastel born 8th December and baptised 12th.

In addition to these children, there is good reason to believe that Robert Stewart and Janet Robertson also had a daughter called Elizabeth who was born between 1802 and 1805.

It is uncertain when Janet Robertson died, but Robert was still alive in 1841 and appears in the census as a cottager, aged 80, living at Balcastle with his married son John, and John's family. Robert's sister, Helen, also appears in the 1841 census, living with her husband just down from Balcastle, at Croftdouglas. There is no further record of Robert, and it is assumed that one of the flat stones in the Borenich burial ground marks his resting place.

John had married Ann Stewart of Bohally in 1838. Ann’s death certificate shows that her parents were William Stewart, farmer, and Isabella MacDonald, but there is no record of her birth in the OPRs. It seems that William only had his sons baptised.

Blair Atholl, 1838
John Stewart in Bailecastle of Borenich of this parish and Ann Stewart in Bohally, parish of Dull married 4th February.

At the time of the 1841 census John and Ann Stewart were sharing a house with John's father and two children, as well as a servant girl who was probably related to them.

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birth-place
3 Robert Stewart 80y cottager Blair Atholl
John Stewart 30y handloom weaver Blair Atholl
Ann Stewart 30y Blair Atholl
Jannet Stewart 2y Blair Atholl
female un-named 2w Blair Atholl
Helen Stewart 10y servant Blair Atholl

The newly born girl was christened Isabella, probably after her maternal grandmother. The first daughter had already been named after her paternal grandmother. In 1843, their first son was born and was named Robert after his paternal grandfather. Unfortunately he died in 1846, and was presumably buried, like his grandfather, in the Borenich burial ground, where the headstone records his short life.

By the time of the next census in 1851, three more children had been born, grandfather Robert Stewart had died, and John Stewart was no longer working as a weaver but had set himself up as a dyke contractor to support his family. The import of cheap cotton materials from the mill-towns of northern England was making life impossible for traditional weavers, and the flax mill at Borenich seems to have gone out of business around this time.

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birth-place
3 John Stewart 39y dyke contractor Blair Atholl
Ann Stewart 39y Blair Atholl
Jannet Stewart 11y scholar Blair Atholl
Isabella Stewart 9y scholar Blair Atholl
Christy Stewart 7y scholar Blair Atholl
John Stewart 5y scholar Blair Atholl
Ann Stewart 3y Blair Atholl

Soon after 1851 the family left Balcastle, and when the first edition of the Ordnance Survey for Perthshire was published in 1867, the settlement was described as "in ruins". Meanwhile, John had changed his occupation yet again, and was now the innkeeper of the Diamond Inn at Bankfoot. The valuation roll for Bankfoot shows that the property was owned by Thomas Dow of Strathtummel, and this must be Thomas Dow of Balnabodach who is recorded as "house proprietor" in the 1851 census.

Apparently the name of the inn was inspired by the diagonal arrangement of some of the roof slates, but the premises turned out to be a diamond for all concerned. It provided John 'Bonnety' Stewart with enough income to be able to send his youngest son, Alexander, to train as a lawyer in Edinburgh. It is purely conjecture, but perhaps Thomas Dow and 'Bonnety' had more than one business arrangement, which you can read about in Donald Dow's tale of The Battle of Corrymuckloch.

The Diamond Inn

John Stewart and his family outside the Diamond Inn, Bankfoot

This photograph shows the Diamond Inn, and it is just possible to see the diamond pattern of roof slates on the stables that gave the inn its name. From the heights of the children, the photograph must have been taken about 1855. The group would seem to be John Stewart (with hat and moustache, the locals had nicknamed him 'Bonnety'), sitting beside his wife, with four of his five older children: John, Jannet, Christy (or possibly Isabella) with Ann behind him. The stables have long since gone, but the location of the inn, on the east side of the Dunkeld Road at the north end, can still be identified. Although the present house on the site is either of more recent origin, or the original stonework has been harled over, it is still known as 'Diamond Cottage' by the locals.

Life was obviously better for the family in Bankfoot, as shown by the following entry for Dunkeld Road, Bankfoot, in the 1861 census for Auchtergaven.

Name Relation Age Occupation Birth-place
John Stewart head 50y inn-keeper Blair Atholl
Ann Stewart wife 49y Dull
Jannet Stewart daughter 21y domestic worker Blair Atholl
John Stewart son 14y scholar Blair Atholl
William Stewart son 11y scholar Auchtergaven
Donald Stewart son 6y scholar Auchtergaven
Alexander Stewart son 4y scholar Auchtergaven

Ann Stewart died on 14th September 1866, after which Janet acted as housekeeper and helped to look after the younger children. Janet never married and died in 1875. Isabella had married Peter Stewart in 1859. John's son Donald is probably the Uncle Dan who eventually emigrated to South Africa.

The 1871 census for Dunkeld Road, Bankfoot shows a much smaller family.

Name Relation Age Occupation Birth-place
John Stewart head 60y inn-keeper Blair Atholl
Janet Stewart daughter 31y house-keeper Blair Atholl
William Stewart son 19y mill-wright Auchtergaven
Alexander Stewart son 13y scholar Auchtergaven

After the death of his daughter Janet in 1875, John 'Bonnety' Stewart retired and by 1881 he was living on his own on the south side of the Dunkeld Road. In his declining years he was living with Isabella and Peter who looked after him.

Name Relation Age Occupation Birth-place
John Stewart head 70y retired inn-keeper Blair Atholl

John 'Bonnety' Stewart drew up his will on 12th January 1878 in his residence at Bankfoot and died six years later, at 10.25pm on 13th January 1884 of a malignant disease of the liver. This will and testament, as well as the inventory at the time of his death, is all available at the Scottish Record Office (Perth Section pages 296-306). The will enjoins that his mortal remains should be interred in the churchyard of Barrauch (i.e. Borenich). All goods and gear were to be exposed for sale by public auction after being advertised, and the proceeds were to be shared equally by the surviving members of his family:

1. Isabella Stewart, wife of Peter Stewart
2. Christina Stewart, wife of Hugh Cairrncross
3. John Stewart
4. Annie Stewart, wife of John Sime
5. William Stewart
6. Donald Stewart
7. Alexander Stewart

In the event, as recorded in the inventory, “subsequent to the date of his settlement the deceased retired from business and his furniture and household effects were disposed of, partly by public auction, and partly by one of his daughters with whom he was living”. He left cash in the house amounting to £12.7s.6d., and his silver watch and personal effects were valued at £5.0s.0d. With bank accounts and life assurance, his personal estate amounted to £281.7s.3d.

A stone was erected in Borenich cemetery in his memory and reads:

memory of
John Stewart
sometime farmer Balcastle
afterwards innkeeper
who died 13 Jan 1884 aged 72 years
Ann Stewart his wife
who died 14 Sept 1866 aged 56 years
And of their children
who died in 1846 aged 3 years
who died 11 March 1875 aged 35 years
who died in Edinburgh
25 January 1906 aged 59 years


The descendants of John 'Bonnety' Stewart are numerous, and have spread throughout the world. The following information covers all of the known descendant lines, but does not continue up until the present day in order to respect personal privacy.

(Generation 4) The children of John 'Bonnety' Stewart and Ann Stewart of Balcastle and Bankfoot

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Janet 1839 unmarried . Bankfoot d. Mar 14 1875
Isabella 1841 Peter Stewart Jul 22 1859 Bankfoot h. after 1900
w. by 1900
Robert 1843 died in infancy . Balcastle d. 1846
Christina 1844 Hugh Lamont Cairncross Jul 6 1869 Edinburgh h. May 10 1891
w. Nov 30 1900
John 1845 unmarried . Edinburgh d. Jan 25 1906
Ann Apr 22 1849 John Muir Sime Jul 8 1873 Dundee h. Apr 13 1910
w. Mar 18 1913
William 1850 Elizabeth Gray Jun 19 1878 Ardrossan h.
Donald 'Dan' 1855 . . South Africa h.
Alexander 1857 Mary Beaton 1887 Edinburgh h. 1929

John Stewart, the son of "Bonnety" was said to have been a cabinet-maker in Edinburgh, but his death certificate suggests that he was a wright. He never married but a couple of stories about him have been passed down through the family.

As an example of Highland hospitality it is recounted that Bonnety's son John, on deciding to take a holiday and visit his relatives, would set out with no luggage except a clean white handkerchief, a toothbrush in his pocket, and his gnarled walking stick, made from the stem of a vine, in his hand.

Even John's funeral was a Highland event never to be forgotten. His coffin was brought to Pitlochry by train from Edinburgh and transferred to the undertaker's horse-drawn hearse. To help the mourners on their long and winding journey to Borenich, refreshments were provided at the local hotel. Unfortunately the undertaker took too eagerly to the hospitality and had to be left behind in Pitlochry. The mourners eventually arrived at Borenich burial ground only to find that they could not open the hearse to remove the coffin, as the keys were still in the pocket of the undertaker - back in Pitlochry!

(Generation 5) The children of Peter Stewart and Isabella Stewart of Bankfoot, Auchtergaven
(grandchildren of John 'Bonnety' Stewart and Ann Stewart of Balcastle and Bankfoot)

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
John Jul 8 1859 . . . h.
Mary Ann Apr 21 1861 . . . h.
Margaret Jan 6 1865 David Kennedy Jan 3 1900 . h.
Peter Dec 17 1870 'Tina' Cairncross (cousin) Oct 4 1916 Edinburgh h. after 1950
w. Oct 22 1950
Janet 1873 . . . h.
Isabella 1876 . . . h.
Christina 1878 . . . h.
Susan Butter Dec 9 1879 . . . h.

Isabella Stewart married Peter Stewart on the 22nd July 1859 at Bankfoot, Perthshire. She was only eighteen at the time, and was working as a housemaid, probably in her father's inn. Peter was twenty five, the son of John Stewart, labourer, and Elisabeth McGiliwie and was born on 15th June 1834, in Little Dunkeld. He was working as a waiter in the Royal Hotel in Dunkeld at the time of his marriage which was witnessed by Duncan Fraser and John Stewart.

Isabella Stewart and Peter Stewart took up residence in Brae Street, Dunkeld, where Mary Ann was born in 1861, just after the census for that year. Strangely, Peter's son John is given as having been born in Caputh parish instead of Auchtergaven, and the same error is made for Mary Ann in 1871. Ann Stewart, Isabella's sister, was visiting the family to help prior to the birth of Mary Ann.

1861 Census - (Schedule 62) Brae Street, Dunkeld

Name Relation Age Occupation Birth-place
Peter Stewart head 25y waiter Little Dunkeld
Isabella Stewart wife 20y Blair Athole
John Stewart son 1y Caputh
Ann Stewart visitor 12y Blair Athole

When Margaret was born, the family was living at Balmacneil Cottage, but by December 1870 when Peter was born, times were becoming difficult. The family had moved to the village of Waterloo and Peter Stewart snr was working as a general labourer. Luckily this was a temporary set-back, and by the time of the 1871 census Peter was re-employed as a waiter.

1871 Census - (Schedule 27) Waterloo, Auchtergaven

Name Relation Age Occupation Birth-place
Peter Stewart head 34y waiter Little Dunkeld
Isabella Stewart wife 29y Blair Athole
John Stewart son 11y scholar Auchtergaven
Mary Ann Stewart daughter 9y scholar Caputh
Margaret Stewart daughter 6y scholar Little Dunkeld
Peter Stewart son 3m Auchtergaven

Susan Butter Stewart was born in 1879 while the family were living at Blealoch, Auchtergaven. Peter had given up waitering and was now working as a railway surfaceman.

1881 Census - East Nether Blealoch Cottar House, Auchtergaven

Name Relation Age Occupation Birth-place
Peter Stewart head 45y railway labourer Little Dunkeld
Isabella Stewart wife 42y housewife Blair Athole
Peter Stewart son 10y scholar Auchtergaven
Janet Stewart daughter 8y scholar Auchtergaven
Isabella Stewart daughter 5y scholar Auchtergaven
Christina Stewart daughter 3y Auchtergaven
Susan B. daughter 1y Auchtergaven

In 1900 Margaret Stewart, housekeeper at Dunkeld Road Bankfoot married Dave Kennedy, mason of Dunkeld Road, Perth. Peter Stewart her father was recorded as a retired church officer, and the ceremony was witnesed by her sister, Janet.

Peter became a captain in the 10th Highland Light Infantry, and after the death of his first wife, he married his cousin Tina Cairncross. The marriage took place on 4th October 1916 at the Maitland Hotel, Shandwick Place Edinburgh, while he was on leave from the British Expeditionary Forces. The occupation of his deceased father was given as forester, and the ceremony was witnessed by Jean Sime, another cousin. After the war they lived in Upper Grove Place, Edinburgh. They had no children.


(Generation 5) The children of Hugh Lamont Cairncross and Christina Stewart of Edinburgh
(grandchildren of John 'Bonnety' Stewart and Ann Stewart of Balcastle and Bankfoot)

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
James S. 1870 . . London h.
John Alexander 1873 Annie McKenzie Beaton 1902 Edinburgh h. 1927
w. 1959
Jane A. L. 1876 . . Edinburgh h.
Christina 'Tina' Jun 16 1877 Peter Stewart (cousin) Oct 4 1916 Edinburgh h. after 1950
w. Oct 22 1950
Hugh Lamont 1880 . . Edinburgh h.
William G. 1882 . . Edinburgh h.
Hannah Kerr 'Chuckie' 1884 Joseph Wightman Brown Jul 14 1909 Edinburgh h. 1968
w. 1948

Christina Stewart married Hugh Lamont Cairncross on the 6th July 1869 at Bankfoot. She was twenty-four years old and living at 24 Drummond Place, Edinburgh. Hugh was twenty-seven, the son of James Cairncross, and Janet Lamont.

1881 Census - (Schedule 71) West Claremont Street (renamed Saxe Coburg St.), St Cuthbert, Edinburgh

Name Relation Age Occupation Birth-place
Hugh L. Cairncross head 40y chemist Perth
Christina S. Cairncross wife 36y Strathtummel
James S. Cairncross son 11y scholar Edinburgh
John A.
son 7y scholar Edinburgh
Jane A. L. Cairncross daughter 5y scholar Edinburgh
Christina Cairncross daughter 3y Edinburgh
Hugh L. Cairncross son 1y Edinburgh
Margaret Stewart neice 16y visitor Ballinluig
John Stewart brother-in-law 34y joiner, visitor Strathtummel

Hugh Lamont Cairncross Snr. died on 10th May 1891 at 3 Roseburn Terrace, Edinburgh.

1901 Census - (Schedule 62) St Peters Place, Merchiston, Edinburgh

Name Relation Age Occupation Birth-place
John A.
head 27y dental surgeon Edinburgh
Jane A. L. Cairncross sister 25y Edinburgh
Christina Cairncross sister 23y assistant in fancy warehouse Edinburgh
Hugh L. Cairncross brother 21y chemist's assistant Edinburgh
William Cairncross brother 19y chemist's assistant Edinburgh
Hannah K. Cairncross sister 17y Edinburgh
John Stewart uncle 54y joiner and builder Blair Atholl

James S. Cairncross moved to London where he worked as a chemist.

On 14th July 1909, Hannah Kerr Cairncross of 304 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, married Joseph Wightman Brown, chemist and druggist, at the Maitland Hotel, Shandwick Place Edinburgh. His parents were given as Thomas Brown, baker, and Agnes Wightman. Christina Cairncross witnessed the ceremony.

Tina Cairncross of Church Hill Place, Edinburgh, married her cousin, Captain Peter Stewart on 4th October 1916 at the Maitland Hotel, Shandwick Place Edinburgh, while he was on leave from the British Expeditionary Forces. Her father's occupation was given as pharmacist.

John A. Cairncross's wife, Annie McKenzie Beaton, was the sister of Mary Beaton who married Alexander Stewart, the youngest son of John "Bonnety" Stewart. John Cairncross and Annie Beaton had two children: "Chrissie" who married Lyall Johnston (who was related through his first marriage to Euphemia Muir Sime); and Eric Cairncross who married Helen ........ and lived in Edinburgh.


(Generation 5) The children of John Muir Sime and Ann Stewart of Broughty Ferry, Dundee
(grandchildren of John 'Bonnety' Stewart and Ann Stewart of Balcastle and Bankfoot)

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
John May 11 1874 Jessie Laing Hay Jun 30 1904 Dundee h. Jul 27 1930
w. Apr 24 1950
Mary Kerr Feb 10 1876 died in infancy . Dundee d. Jun 25 1880
Anne Stewart Feb 15 1878 Thomas William Davie Nov 20 1909 Dundee h. 13 Oct 1938
w. 1952
Peter Dec 7 1879 . . . d. 1930?
Alexander Stewart Feb 27 1882 Mildred Hord Leiper Mar 3 1915 Atlanta and Elmhurst, N.Y. h. Jun 6 1936
w. Dec 20 1973
Euphemia Muir Jan 31 1884 Lyall Johnston about 1920 . h.
w. Apr 26 1935
Jane Ann Gibson May 12 1886 Henry Inglis Aug 31 1921 . h. Mar 1952
w. Apr 26 1946
Winifred Cairncross Mar 7 1889 died in infancy . Dundee d. Jul 22 1889
William George Jul 14 1890 Agnes 'Nan' Crawford Barclay Sep 10 1925 Dundee h. Feb 4 1950
w. 1984
James 'Hamie' Irons Jul 8 1892 unmarried . Dundee d. Jul 7 1972

John Muir Sime and Ann Stewart

John Muir Sime and Ann Stewart

On the eighth day of July 1873 at Bankfoot, John Sime, power-loom factory manager, of Croft’s Lane, Liff and Benvie, married Ann Stewart, domestic servant of Hawkhill Place, Perth Road Dundee. His parents were given as John Sime, power-loom manager and Euphemia Muir. The ceremony was witnessed by his brother, Peter Sime.

John Sime was born in 1844 and was presumably named after his father. He adopted the middle name of Muir, possibly to avoid confusion with his father, as both John Simes were mill managers in Dundee. In the Dundee Directory of 1874-75, John Muir Sime is listed as manager of the Clepington Factory, Dens Road, with a home address of 17 Graham Place. However by 1881 he seems to have joined his brother’s company of Bell and Sime (timber merchants)

1881 Census - 179 Blackness Road, Rosefield Place, Dundee. (Parish of Liff and Benvie)

Name Relation Age Occupation Birth-place
John Sime head 36y wood merchant’s clerk Dundee
Ann Sime wife 31y Loch Tummel
John Sime son 6y scholar Dundee
Ann Sime daughter 3y Dundee
Peter Sime son 1y Dundee

Their daughter Mary Kerr Sime had died on 25th June 1880 when she was only 4 years old.

By February 1882 the family had moved to 'The Cottage', Hill Street, Broughty Ferry, where the rest of their children were born. Unfortunately, Winifred Cairncross Sime died in 1889, only 4 months after her birth.

1891 Census - 'The Cottage' 30 Hill Street, Broughty Ferry, Monifieth

Name Relation Age Occupation Birth-place
John Sime head 47y accountant Dundee
Ann Sime wife 41y Strathtummel
John Sime son 15y architect's apprentice Dundee
Ann S. Sime daughter 13y scholar Dundee
Peter Sime son 11y scholar Dundee
Alexander Sime son 9y scholar Broughty Ferry
Euphemia Sime daughter 7y scholar Broughty Ferry
Jane Sime daughter 4y scholar Broughty Ferry
William George Sime son 8m Broughty Ferry
Helen Hutchison servant 10y domestic servant Broughty Ferry


(Generation 5) The children of William Stewart and Elizabeth Gray of Ardrossan
(grandchildren of John 'Bonnety' Stewart and Ann Stewart of Balcastle and Bankfoot)

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
John 1880 . . . h.
Elizabeth 'Eba' 1884 . . . h.

Bonnety's son William is described as a mill-wright in the 1871 census for Auchtergaven. He was obviously ambitious as soon afterwards he was working as an engineer in Glasgow. On 19th June 1878, whilst living at Overnewton Street Glasgow, he married Elizabeth Gray of Wallace Bank House, Elderslie, Johnstone. She was the daughter of Andrew Gray, land steward, and Grace Millar.

They had at least two children. John was born in 1881 in Lanark and Elizabeth 'Eba' was born four years later in Ardrossan.

1901 Census - 6 Church Place, Ardrossan, Ayrshire

Name Relation Age Occupation Birth-place
Elizabeth Stewart wife 49y mechanical engineer's wife Renfrewshire
John Stewart son 21y law clerk Lanarkshire
Elizabeth Stewart daughter 17y scholar Ardrossan

On 7th June 1911 at the Alexandra Hotel, Glasgow, Elizabeth Gray Stewart of Eglinton Road, Ardrossan, married Walter Fairlie Hart, bank clerk, of Brechin Road, Kirriemuir. The occupation of Elizabeth's father is given as marine engineer. The ceremony was witnessed by Jean Gibson Sime (Elizabeth's cousin) and David Stewart Hart.

Walter Hart eventually became a bank manager, and their daughter Elsie Hart married Lindsay Hamilton who worked for the Highlands and Islands Development Board.


(Generation 5) The children of Donald 'Dan' Stewart and ............. of South Africa
(grandchildren of John 'Bonnety' Stewart and Ann Stewart of Balcastle and Bankfoot)

Virtually nothing is known about Donald 'Dan', except that he married, had three children and emigrated to South Africa. His son Robert 'Bob' married and had a daughter (Sylvia Lee Davies), who is thought to live in Johannesburg.


(Generation 5) The children of Alexander Stewart and Mary Beaton of Edinburgh
(grandchildren of John 'Bonnety' Stewart and Ann Stewart of Balcastle and Bankfoot)

Alexander went on to study law and eventually practised in Edinburgh. In the 1881 census he was in 'digs' in Dundee.

1891 Census - 27 Taits Lane, Dundee

Name Relation Age Occupation Birth-place
Alexander Stewart boarder 24y Law Clark (general) Auchtergaven

In 1897 Alexander Stewart married Mary Beaton, the sister of Annie McKenzie Beaton, wife of John Cairncross. Alexander was buried in Pitlochry. In 1930 their only daughter Margaret 'Rita' (1903-1992) married Alexander Hardie Merrie (1903-1889).


(Generation 6) The children of Alexander Stewart Sime and Mildred Hord Leiper of Atlanta and Elmhurst, N.Y.
(grandchildren of John Muir Sime and Ann Stewart of Broughty Ferry, Dundee)
(great-grandchildren of John 'Bonnety' Stewart and Ann Stewart of Balcastle and Bankfoot)

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Mildred Lafon May 30 1916 Paul Theodore Zimmermann May 29 1937 Decatur, GA h. Apr 13 1985
w. May 30 2000
Mary Alexa May 10 1918 Albert Phillips Mitchell Dec 31 1942 Falmouth, MA h. Jun 5 1980
w. 2000
Alexander Feb 14 1920 Algene Flake Elliott Sep 4 1944 Blairsville, GA h. Dec 3 1993
William Leiper Mar 9 1923 Betty Ann Mackorell Dec 23 1947 Decatur, GA h. Oct 31 1994


The Descendants of John 'Bonnety' Stewart

The Descendants of John 'Bonnety' Stewart of Balcastle and Bankfoot


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