James Fraser and his family

The Fraser Stone In memory of
James Fraser
farmer Tomanbuie
who died 7th August 1831
Ann Stewart his wife
who died 11th September 1876
Also of
Duncan Fraser their son
who died 16th December 1845
Elizabeth Fraser sister of
the above James Fraser
who died 22nd June 1858
John Fraser their son
who died at Jackston
16th December 1880 aged 72 years
and was buried in Auchtergaven.

It was thought that there were no living descendants from this family, but recent discoveries suggest that this might not be the case. Certainly, it is known that many people share a common ancestory with this family.

The Fraser stone appears to have been erected in 1831, but the uniformity of lettering and chronology of dates suggests that it was actually erected after the death of John Fraser in 1880. This might account for the error in Elizabeth Fraser's date of death, as she actually died in 1859.

From her death certificate we know that the parents of James and Elizabeth Fraser were John Fraser, farmer in Tomanbuie, and Elizabeth Stewart. The couple were married 2nd April 1773, Blair Atholl and at the time, both were living at the homesteads of Balnald of Borenich.

A list of their children who were baptised and entered into the Old Parish Register is available using the link at the bottom of the page "Tomanbuie births in "The Stewarts of Blair Athol".

James Fraser of Tomanbuie was the third son of John Fraser and Elizabeth Stewart. On 22nd January 1808 he married Ann Stewart of Bruchbane. She was the eldest daughter of John Stewart and Christian Cameron, (see - Bruchbane births in "The Stewarts of Blair Atholl"). Unfortunately, the names of only three of their children appear in the Blair Atholl register of baptisms (those of John, Peter and Elizabeth), but there is no mention of Duncan.

John, born 21st February 1809, was working as a wright on his mother's farm at Milltown of Balnald during the 1841 census. By 1851 his occupation is given as carpenter, and as such he probably also acted as the local undertaker as a John Fraser is noted as the undertaker on a number of death certificates. He died at Jackston on the 16th December 1880, aged 72 years, and was buried in Auchtergaven. His name is also on the Fraser stone in Borenich burial ground.

Peter, born 10th September 1812, was farming with his mother at Milltown of Balnald during the 1841 census and probably continued to farm at Balnald of Borenich and Jackston.

Duncan was at Milltown of Balnald during the 1841 census, and his recorded age suggests that he was born between 1815 and 1820. By 1841 he had apparently married Flora Matheson by whom he had a son, John, born in Lochalsh 22nd September 1840 and baptised on the 20th June 1843. Duncan died 16th December 1845 and is commemorated on the Fraser stone in Borenich burial ground. His son, John, appears in the 1851 census with the rest of the Fraser family at Balnald of Borenich. He may have been with them since the death of his father.

Elizabeth, born 12th June 1827, was at Milltown of Balnald during the 1841 census, aged 14 years and might have been attending the local school.

There is a further complication in tracing this family. Another James Fraser and Ann Stewart were living just over the hill in Logierait. They married in 1784 and had four children, all born in Logierait: Christian, born 22nd November 1786; Margaret, born 28th November 1788; Elizabeth, born 20th June 1792; and Robert, born 27th March 1797. Thus all the Frasers living at Carnlee (Carnlaith) and Heathton of Pitnacree belong to this family and not the Tomanbuie family. Christian the school-mistress who died in 1858, and her younger sister, Elizabeth, who died in 1859, are buried in Logierait churchyard.

Fraser family tree

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