The Testament Dative and Inventory of Robert Robertson, tacksman of Kinaldy, 1759

The testament of Robert Robertson tacksman of Kinaldy (1759) is really an official record describing how his affairs were settled.

Robert Robertson The Testament dative and inventory of the goods, gear, debts and sums of money which pertained and was resting to the deceased Robert Robertson in Over Kinaldy at the time of his decease which was in the month of (blank) 1758 years, truly made and given up by Grizell Robertson, the relict, and James Robertson, the son of the defunct, and conjunct executor dative discerned to him by the Commissary of Dunkeld upon the day and date of these presents as the decreet dative following on an edict duly executed and endorsed in itself more fully bears.

Imprimis (Firstly), there is given up, pertaining and belonging to the said defunct Robert Robertson (at) the time foresaid of his decease which were partly valued and partly rouped, and sold as follows, viz:

The house furniture, inventoryed and valued on the tenth day of June in manner underwritten:

To witt - a large closs bed (a box bed) at 1;
Item, a large press (cupboard) at 16s 8d;
Item, a large syde seat at 6s 8d;
Item, two large bedsteads at 10s;
Item, two creel chests at 6s 8d;
Item, two chests at 4s;
Item, a chest to hold horse corn at 2s;
Item, two partitions with two doors at 8s 3d;
Item, a salt chest and hanging table (single leaf table?) at 1s 8d;
Item, two soles for the partitions at 8d;
Item, a partition door lock and key as 1s 2d;
Item, a vessell(?) board at 1s; 8d
Item, a pewter plate and two pewter trencher at 3s;
Item, a wooden plate and wooden trencher at 4d;
Item, one iron crook tongs and grate iron at 4s;
Item, six scooning hooks at 1s;
Item, four barrels, an adze and hatchet at 4s;
Item, a flaughter spade at 1s;
Item, two door locks at 1s;
Item, (foot) plough irons at 6s;
Item, five glass bottles at 5d;
Item, a foot spade, dung raick (rake), plough hoop(?) and dung shovel at 1s 1d;
Item, a chess (cheese?) creel and three muck grapes at 1s 1d;
Item, two doors at 6d;
Item, a little wheel and a large wheel (spinning wheels?) at 7s 9d;
Item, ten pair of currells(?) at 2s;
Item, wool cards (for carding wool) at 8s;
Item, sole (several?) caibbs for fothering of beasts at 1s;

Amounting in whole to 5 14s 2d

Item, two swine valued at 6s 8d;

Follows the bestiall as valued and rouped and bought as after mentioned. viz:

Item, twenty nine goats by James Stewart in Ballintuim at 7s 1d Sterling each;
Item, a mare, a colt and a three year of horse by Samuel Reid of (Pitnacree and) Blairfettie at 4 Sterling;
Item, a mare, a colt and a three year of horse by Donald Robertson in Kinaldy at 3 18s 6d;
Item, a mare, and a colt by Duncan Robertson of Auchleeks at 2 10s Sterling;
Item, a mare, and a foal by Alexander Culbert in Kinaldy at 1 3s 6d Sterling;
Item, a horse by Duncan Robertson of Auchleeks at 2;
Item, another horse by Alexander Culbert in Kinaldy at 2 13s 4d;
Item, a horse by Duncan Stewart in Balinluig of Kindrochit at 3 7s 6d;
Item, a horse by Robert Stewart in Bridgend of Tilt at 8s 6d;
Item, two cows and a stirk by John Campbell in Drumnacastle at 4 8s Sterling;
Item, a cow and a calf by Alexander Culbert in Kinaldy at 2 10s 6d;
Item, a bull by Donald Robertson in Pitagowan at 1 7s Sterling;
Item, a swine and pig by John Robertson in Kinaldy at 8s 4d Sterling;
Item, a poll by (William) Stewart, tacksman at the Mill of Blair, at 14s 4d;
Item, a mare and two followers valued at 3;
Item, a four year old purle (pearl coloured horse?) valued at 2 4s 5d Sterling;
Item, a horse at 1 15s
Item, five cows and calves, two luigs (Gaelic 'laoigh' - young cow) and a yald(?) cow at 17 2s 8d ;
Item, twenty nine sheep and lambs at 5s 10d each sheep with the lambs;

Summa invertory

Follows the debts resting to the defunct:

There is given up, resting to the defunct, the time foresaid of his decease, the sum of thirty five pounds Sterling money, or thereby, due by the deceased Mrs Silbeylla Robertson, who was spouse to Eugan McDonald of Glentilan, also deceased, and by Miss Mary McDonald, their daughter, both or one or others of them by tack obligation or other writt some way due.

This testament was confirmed at Dunkeld, the nineteenth day of June 1759 by Thomas Bisset, Commissary Deputy, and Robert Robertson, merchant in Perth became cautioner for the executors.


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