The Testament Dative and Inventory
of John Robertson in Calvine, 1733

John Robertson The Testament Dative and Inventory of the goods, gear, sums of money and debts which pertained and belonged to the umquhile (deceased) John Robertson, son to the deceased James Robertson in Calvine, the time of his decease which was in the month of (blank) 17.., faithfully made and given up by Jannet Robertson, only sister germain in life to the said defunct and spouse to Finlay Cameron in Calvine, and him for his interest, executrix dative qua nearest in kin, decerned to the said defunct by the Commissary of Dunkeld upon the day and date of these presents as the decreet dative following on an edict duly executed and endorsed in itself more fully bears.

Imprimis (Firstly), there is given up, pertaining and belonging to the said defunct time foresaid of his decease, the particular goods and gear underwritten, valued and estimate as follows, viz.

Item. Three cows and an ox valued at fifty three pounds six shillings and eight pennies.
Item. Two stirks at ten pounds.
Item. Five horses and two foals all at sixty pounds.
Item. Seven sheep and two year-olds at fourteen pounds.
Item. The sowing of six firlots (of) victual reckoned at the third curn and valued at eight merks per boll, in all twenty four pounds.
Item. The household furniture, valued at twenty pounds, all Scots money.

Summa Inventory.

Debts resting (owing) to the said defunct, time foresaid of his decease:

Item. The sum of one hundred merks by Alexander Stewart in Drumnacrich.
Item. By (blank) Robertson in Kindrochit, the like sum of one hundred merks.
Item. By Donald Robertson in Mealdoulaish, the like sum of one hundred merks.
Item. By Duncan Robertson of Dalnamine, the sum of fifty merks, all Scots money.

Summa said debts.

This testament was confirmed at Dunkeld, the second day of January 1733 years. Alexander Steuart, wadsetter of a part of the Lands of Invervack became cautioner for the executrix.


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