The Testament Dative and Inventory of John Macklauchlan in Dalginross, 1771

John Macklauchlan The testament dative and inventory of the goods, gear, debts and sums of money which pertained and were resting (owing) to the umquhile (deceased) John McLauchlan sometime in Dalginross (at) the time of his decease, which was in the month of (blank) 1770 years. Truely made and given up by John McLauchlan in said Dalginross, tailor, lawful son of the said defunct and executor dative qua nearest in kin, discerned to him by the Commissary of Dunkeld upon the day and date of these presents as the decreet dative, following on an edict duly executed and indorsed in iself more fully bears.

Imprimis (Firstly), there is given up, pertaining and resting to the said umquhile John McLauchlan the time foresaid of his decease, by Patrick Stewart in Croftmore, the sum of six pounds seven shillings and nine pence Sterling, by his accepted bill to the said defunct dated the seventh day of September 1769 years, payable at the term of Martinmass 1770 years.
Item, the annual rents (interest) due thereon.

Summa Inventory

This Testament was confirmed at Dunkeld the twenty second day of March 1771 by Mr Thomas Bisset, Commissary, and Alexander McLauchlan, tenant in Drumnabechin became cautioner for the executor by bond.


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