The Testament Dative and Inventory
of John McGlashan in Easter Baluaine, 1772

John McGlashan The Testament dative and inventory of the goods, gear, debts and sums of money which pertained and was resting to the deceased John McGlashan, in Easter Baluaine, at the time of his decease which was on the fourteenth day of January last, truely made and given up by Alexander McGlashan, senior, in Wester Invervack (Dondamharg), executor dative qua creditor decerned to the said defunct by the Commissary of Dunkeld upon the date hereof. And that in payment to him of sixteen shillings Sterling money expended by him on the defunct's funeral, including that of his coffin, and of his spouse who predeceased him a few days, appearing with receipts of the furnishers sustained by the said Commissary. Item. In payment to him of eight shillings and sixpence Sterling money contained in the said John McGlashan, the defunct's accepted bill to John Wilson, gardener at Blair in Athole dated the fifth day of May 1770, payable against Martinmass then next, and of the annual rents (interest) thereon and paid out by the Executor with receipt dated the seventeenth day of March last, on the back of said bill. And lastly in payment to him of the expenses of this present confirmation including that of the rouping as the decreet dative following on an edict duly executed and endorsed in itself more fully bears.

Imprimis (Firstly), there is given up, pertaining and resting to the said umquhile (deceased) John McGlashan time foresaid of his decease, the goods, gear and effects following as rouped in virtue of the said Commissary as warrand bearing date the eighteenth day of January last, viz:

Item. One wheel at 5s
Item. An ash bucket at 1s
Item. Two teathers at 1s 4d
Item. A water stoup at 6d
Item. A plate at 10d
Item. A salt bucket at 6d
Item. A coag (cog?) at 8d
Item. A dish at 9d
Item. A creel at 2d
Item. A horse at 1 14s 4d
Item. A jack and hammer at 2s
Item. A cow at 1 14s 4d
Item. Victuals at 18s 4d
Item. A pair of creels at 1s
Item. A tub at 4s 10d
Item. An axe at 1s 2d
Item. A crook at 1s 6d
Item. A cornfork, womble (wimble?) and hammer at 4s 3d
Item. A spade at 2s
Item. Two chairs at 1s 8d
Item. A grape at 5d
Item. A board at 4d
Item. A trumpery (ornamental) at 4d
Item. Two sacks (mattresses) at 2s 6d
Item. A trumpery at 2s 7d
Item. A canvass at 10s
Item. A spade at 2s 6d
Item. A tub at 1s 1d
Item. A pot at 7d
Item. A trumpery at 7d
Item. Sumnna (?) at 6d
Item. A wornel at 11d
Item. A lock at 8d
Item. Tongs at 8d
Item. A chest at 3s
Item. A chest at 1s 6d
Item. A chest at 7s
Item. A wornel at 11d
Item. A (blank) at 1s
Item. A door at 1s 8d
Item. A strule (stool?) at 2d
Item. Curiels (?) at 9d
All Sterling money.

Items. there is also given up, unsold, consisting of lint yarn, old iron and a few other articles valued at 15s Sterling money.

Summa Inventory

Follows the debts due to the defunct

There is given up, resting to him, the time foresaid of his decease thirteen shillings four pence Sterling money by Duncan Robertson at Bridge of Bruar as the price of a young stott. Item. Nine shillings Sterling by Donald Donaldson in Blair. Item. Ten shillings Sterling by Alexander Gow in Pitagowan. Item. By John Campbell in Wester Baluaine, two pounds seven shillings money foresaid.

Summa said debts.

This testament was confirmed at Dunkeld, the eleventh day of April 1772 by Mr Thomas Bisset, Commissary of Dunkeld, and Alexander McGlashan, junior, in Wester Invervack became cautioner for the executor by bond.


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