The Testament Dative and Inventory of John McGlashan in Kirkton of Blair, 1732

John McGlashan The Testament Testamentar and Inventory of the sums of money and debts that pertained to umquhile (deceased) John McGlashan in Kirktown of Blair Atholl, (at) the time of his decease which was in the month of March 1723 years, truely made and given up by Isabel Stewart, relict of the said defunct and executrix testamentar, decerned to him by the Commissariot of Dunkeld upon the day and date of these presents in corroboration of the said defunct, his latter will and nomination dated the nineteenth day of the said month of March and year foresaid, as the decreet dative following on an edict duly executed and endorsed, in itself more fully bears:

Imprimis (Firstly), there is given up, resting to the said defunct (at) the time foresaid of his decease, the sum of two thousand merks Scots money of principal by the deceased John (Murray), Duke of Atholl, conformed to and contained in a bond and tack granted to the said defunct by: William Murray, Lord Nairn, Sir Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre; Thomas Graham of Balgowan; James Oliphant of Gask; John Murray of Strowan; Charles Stewart of Ballechan; Gilbert Stewart of Fincastle; and Mr Leonard Robertson of Straloch, Trustees to the said Duke, dated the third day of May 1711 years.

This testament was confirmed at Dunkeld, the sixteenth day of February 1732 years. Charles Mackglashan, lawful son to the said defunct became cautioner for the executrix and she became bound for his relief.


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