The Testament Testamentar and Inventory of John Forbes in Auchghoul, 1761

John Forbes The Testament Testamentar and Inventory of the goods, gear, debts and sums of money which pertained, belonged and was resting to umquhile (deceased) John Forbes in Aughgowale (Auchghoul) the time of his decease which was in the month of May current, Truely made and given up by Donald Forbes in said Auchghoul, executor nominated by the said defunct, conform to the Latter Will and Testament, whereof the tenor is subjoined under a protestation entered for Janet Forbes, the relict, and sustained by the Commissary of Dunkeld. Thus she shall have power to betake herself to the legal provisions or these contained with ration...(?) optionally :

Imprimis (Firstly), there is given up, pertaining and belonging to the said umquhile John Forbes (at) the time foresaid of his decease, and in common betwixt him and his said spouse, the sum of twenty merks Scots money as the value of the household plenishing and labouring instruments.
Item, one hundred and eight pounds, money foresaid, as the value of thirty-six sheep (wedders and year-olds included), being at three pounds Scots each.
Item, thirty pounds money above mentioned, as the value of two old horses and one old mare, all ten pounds each.
Item, fourty pounds money foresaid as the value of two young horses, all twenty pounds each.
Item, eighty pounds Scots money as the value of four cows and calves being twenty pounds each.
Item, one hundred and twenty-four pounds, money foresaid, as the value of eight bolls sowing of oats and bere (barley), computed at the third corn (to produce 3x yield), in all, twenty-four bolls and at six pounds per boll.

Summa Inventory

Follows the debts resting (owing) to the defunct:

Imprimis, there is given up, resting to the said defunct the time foresaid of his decease, the sum of two hundred and ten merks Scots money, contained in a bill by Robert Stewart in Pitcastle, payable to the said defunct dated sixteenth day of February 1755 years, payable at Martinmass then next.
Item, the sum of two score(?) and six merks, money foresaid, contained in another bill dated the seventeenth day of November 1757 years, accepted by Duncan Stewart in Nether Campsie payable at Martinmass then next.
Item, the sum of five hundred and ten merks money by bill accepted by James Kennedy in Struan and Patrick Kennedy in Balmeanach (of Lude) dated the twenty day of February 1760 years and payable conjunctly and severally to the said defunct at Martinmass then next.
Item, the sum of eighty-four pounds Scots money contained in another bill dated the thirteenth of December 1758, payable to the defunct at the term of Martinmass then next, accepted by Donald Stewart in Achmark-beg.
Item, the sum of one hundred and five merks, money foresaid, contained in another bill accepted by Robert McIntosh in Balintoul, dated the fifteenth day of February 1757 years, payable to the defunct against Martinmass then next.
And the sum of twenty pounds, Scots money, contained in a bill dated the eighth day of April 1754 years, accepted by Donald Robertson of Kincraigie, payable to the said defunct against Martinmass the next.
Item, the annual rents (interest) due on the said several sums.

Summa debts

Follows the Latter Will and Testament:

I, John Forbes, in Auchghoul, being perfect in memory and judegement, tho' sickly and distressed in body, am willing to settle my worldly affairs in my lifetime to the end I may not be surprised by death, but being thereby eased and disburdened of the concerns of this life, I may the more devoutly wait God's pleasure, therefore do and make my Latter Will and Testament as follows:
In the first place I resign my soul to Almighty God, my Creator, believing to be saved by the Merits of Jesus Christ, my blessed Redeemer, and will my body, after death, to be decently buried in the Church or Churchyard of Struan.
Item, I nominate, appoint and ordain Donald Forbes in Auchghoul to be my executor, sole legator and universal intermeller with my whole moveable goods, gear, corns, cattle, horse, nolt (oxen), sheep, outsight and insight plenishings, debts, sums of money due to me by bond, bill, decreet(?), ticket(?), by account or in cash and all other moveable goods and effects of whatever nature or quality pertaining and belonging, or that shall be due to me by whatever person or persons (at) the time of me decease, with power to him to give up inventories thereof if needful to confirm the same, defray my funeral (expenses), pay my just and lawful debts, satisfy the legacies underwritten and to use and dispose upon the remainder afterwards.
Item, I hereby legate and bequeath to Donald Forbes in Croftcrombie the sum of one hundred merks Scots money, and to Patrick Forbes in Tullich and John Forbes in Drumnacrich, his brother germain, the like sum of one hundred merks Scots, equally betwixt them.
And to Janet Forbes at Bridgend of Struan, the yearly annual rent (interest) of two hundred merks, money foresaid, during all the days of her lifetime, all payable at the first term of Martinmass after my decease.
And the whole remainder I appoint to be life-rented by Janet Forbes my spouse and after her death to pertain and belong to and used and disponed upon by the said Donald Forbes, the above-named and designed executor and his heirs, executors or assignees as their own proper goods and effects in all time thereof after, hereby excluding and debarring William Forbes in Carie, James Forbes in Drumachuine, John Forbes in Drumchastle, Donald Forbes in Carie and Mungo Forbes in Brae of Foss, all sons of the now deceased Alexander Forbes, late in Drumchastle, and all others whatsoever, who may pretend to be my executors, forever.
And finally I appoint and ordain this to be my settlement and testament in all time coming, hereby revoking, ceasing, annulling and recalling all former Latter Wills, Testaments and Legacies, if any be made and subscribed by me preceeding the date hereof, consenting for the security to the registration hereof in the Books of Council and Session or any other Judge's Books competent therein to remain for conservation and to that effect I constitute (blank). My prors(?) etc in witness thereof these presents consisting of this and two preceeding pages of one sheet stamped paper, wrote by David Rattray, merchant in Blair Atholl, subscribed by me at Auchghoul, the second day of February one thousand seven hundred and sixty one years before these witnesses: Charles Gow in Inverslanie, Alexander Robertson at Bridgend of Struan, Alexander Stewart in Dalginross and the said David Rattray, witnesses also to the marginal note on the second page.
(in Latin - written by Neil McGlashan, public notary and signed by witnesses)

This testament was confirmed at Dunkeld, the twenty eight day of May 1761 years by Thomas Bissat, Commissary Depute, and George Moon, in Ardkincael became cautioner for the executor.


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