The Testament Dative and Inventory
of Jannet Stewart in Calvine, 1746

(see - John McFarlane in Calvine, 1744)

Jannet Stewart The Testament Dative and Inventory of the goods, gear debts and sums of money which pertained and was resting to umquhile (deceased) Jannet Stewart, relict of the deceased John McFarlane, sometime in Calvine, (at) the time of her decease which was in the month of September last (1746), truely made and given up by Alexander Stewart in Blairuachdar, executor nominate by the said defunct, conform tp her Latter Will and Testament of date the tenth day of March 1746 years, whereof the tenor is subjoined.

Imprimis (Firstly), there is given up, pertaining and belonging to the said defunct (at) the time foresaid of her decease, three cows with stirks, estimate to 46.
Item. A young luey (calf) at 8.
Item. Two old horses at 20.
Item. A young mare at 10.
Item. Twenty three sheep at 2 each, in all 46.
Item. the growth of four bolls of corn sowing, reckoned at the third corn (3-fold yield) at 6 per boll, in all 72.
Item. The household plenishing and husbandry instruments, estimate in cumulo to 13 6s 8d. All Scots money.

Summa Inventary - 215 6s 8d.

Follows the debts resting (owing) to the defunct:

Imprimis, there is given up, resting to the said defunct, the time foresaid of her decease, the sum of two hundred merks principal contained in a conjunct bill drawn by the defunct upon and accepted by John McFarlane and Alexander McFarlane in Craigmore, with the interest thereof since Martinmass 1744.
Item. Twelve pounds twelve shillings money Scots, resting by Alexander Stewart of Tulloch.

Summa said debts.

Follows the Defunct's Latter Will:

I, Jannet Stewart, relict of the deceased John McFarlane, sometime in Calvine, being perfact in memory and judgement, though sickly and distressed in body, am willing to settle my worldly affairs in my lifetime to the end (that) I may not be surprised by death, but being thereby eased and dis-burdened of the concerns of this life, , I may the more devoutly wait God's pleasure, therefore do make my Latter Will and Testament as follows:

In the first place, I leave my soul to Almighty God my Creator believing to be saved by the merits of Jesus Christ my Redeemer, and will my body after death to be decently buried in the churchyard of Strowan (Struan).
Item. I nominate, appoint and ordain Alexander Stewart in Blairuchdar, my nephew, to be my only executor, sole legator and universal intromilter with my whole moveable goods, gear, corns, cattle, horses, nolt, sheep, outsight and insight plenishing, debts, sums of money, either due by bond, bill or otherways and in cash and others thereso pertaining and belonging to me (at) the time of my decease, with power to him to give up inventories thereof if needful to confirm, defray my funeralls (expenses), satify the legacies underwritten and to use and dispone upon the remainder as his own proper effects at his pleasure, secluding and hereby debarring all others who may pretend to be my executors.
Item. I legate to Isobell Stewart, spouse to Donald Robertson in Mealdoulaish, and to Elizabeth Stewart, spouse to John McIntosh in Blair, the sum of one hundred merks resting to me by Duncan Robertson of Dalnamine, by bill, equally betwixt them.
Item. I legate and bequeath to Katharine Stewart, sister to my said executor, the sum of one hundred merks due to me by John McFarlane and Alexander McFarlane in Craigmore, their conjunct bill for two hundred merks with the last Martinmass interest of said hundred merks. The said Katharine Stewart being by acceptation herself obliged to discharge her said brother of all annual rents (interest) due to her upon the provision left her by her father, preceeding Martinmass next, and legate to her my clothes chest, a gown petticoat and some clews of blew yearn (threads of blue yarn).
Item. I legate to Jannet Stewart, my brother's relict, a guinea resting (to) me by Alexander Stewart of Tulloch.
Item. I legate to Donald McFarland, my neighbour here, the old black mare and a young black luig and four sheep if they can be recovered out of the Parks from the soldiers.
Item. To John McMillan, my late servant, a dun and white pied mare and her foal, which I legate to him.
Item. And to the said Elizabeth Stewart, John McIntosh's wife, my wearing gown and petticoat and a single plaid which I further legate to her.
All which legacies I appoint and ordain to be satisfied by my foresaid executor immediately after my internment by getting up from the said Donald Robertson in Edindoulash (Aldindoulaish), my papers (which) I gave him lately in keeping and delivering the bills of the legacies as written to the legatures and this I appoint and ordain to be my Latter Will and Testament in all time coming, hereby revoking, annulling and recalling all former Latter Wills, Testaments and Legacies if any be made and subscribed preceeding this date, consenting to the registration hereof in the Books of Council and Session or any others competent for preservation. I constitute (blank) my creditors(?)
In wiutness whereof these presents, consisting of this and the preceeding page, are written by Neill McGlashan, writer in Clune and subscribed by me at Calvine, this tenth day of march 1746 years, before these witnesses: Alexander Stewart of Tulloch and Alexander McGlashan, student at Clune. (Witnesses to deed in Latin)

The foregoing testament was confirmed at Dunkeld, the second day of October 1746 years by James Bisset, Commissary, and Charles McGlashan, tacksman at Inver Mill became cautioner for the executor and he bound for his relief.


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