The Testament Dative and Inventory of Janet Stewart in Cnappaig, 1725

Janet Stewart The Testament Dative and Inventory of the goods, gear, sums of money and debts that pertained in common betwixt the deceased John McGlashan in Cnappaig, husband to the deceased Janet Stewart in Cnappaig, and her (at) the time of her decease which was in the month of February last, truely made and given up by Alexander Stewart in Marragdow (Markdou), brother germain and executor dative qua nearest of kin, decerned to the said defunct by the Commissar of Dunkeld upon the day and date of this present as the decreet dative following on an edict duly executed and endorsed, in itself more fully bears:

Imprimis (Firstly), there is given up, belonging to the said defunct (at) the time foresaid of her decease, the goods and gear underwritten of the quantities and prices following, viz:

In the corn yard, three bolls of victuall with the fodder whereof the defunct's half is six firlots at 5 per boll. In all 7 10s Scots.

Item, the household plenishing, estimate to 12. In all the defunct's half is 6 money foresaid.

Item, another stack of corn, estimate to two bolls, the defunct's half whereof is one boll at 5 money foresaid.

Item, resting by Donald McKenzie in Rinancoillach, ten merks Scots money, whereof the defunct's half is five merks money foresaid.

Summa Inventory 22 14s

This testament was confirmed at Dunkeld, the ninth day of March 1725 years, and Alexander Stewart of Urchil-beg became cautioner for the executor.


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