The Testament Testamentary and Inventory of Isabell Steuart, 1741

Isabell Steuart The Testament Testamentary and inventory of the goods and gear which pertained in common betwixt umquhile (deceased) Isabell Steuart, spouse to Patrick McGlashan, miller at Auld Clune and the said Patrick McGlashan, at the time of her decease which was in the month of March 1738 years, faithfully made and given up by the said Patrick McGlashan, executor testori nominale and appointed by her conform to her latter will and testament whereof an exact copy is subjoined.

Imprimis (Firstly), there is given up, pertaining and belonging in common betwixt the said defunct and her said husband (at) the time foresaid of her decease, their whole goods, gear and household furniture, valued in all to 72 Scots money.

Summa Inventory.

Follows the latter will and testament

I, Isabell Steuart, spouse to Patrick McGlashan, miller at Auld Clune, being perfect in memory and judgement, albeit sickly and infirm in body, considering that nothing is more certain than death and nothing more uncertain than the time when and manner how the same may happen, and by the pleasure of God there being no children existing betwixt us, and to prevent any trouble or debate that may arise after my death anent (about) the half falling to me by law of the moveable goods and gear that are, or shall be in common betwixt us at my death, therefore I hereby make my latter will and testament as follows.

In the first place I leave my soul to Almighty God, my Creator, hoping to be saved through the merits of Jesus Christ my blessed redeemer, and will my body after death to be decently buried. Item. I nominate, appoint and ordain the said Patrick McGlashan my well-beloved husband to be my only executor, sole legator and universal intromellor of my moveable goods, gear, corns, cattle, horse, nolt (oxen), sheep, outsight and insight plenishing, debts, sums of money whether due by bond, bill or other way and in cash and other whatsoever shall can be interprete to fall, to pertain, access or belong to me in any manner of way (at) the time of my decease.

With power to my said executor to give up inventory thereof, confirm the same as use is, defray my funeral, pay my just debts, satisfy the legacies underwritten, and to use and dispose upon the remainder as his own proper goods and gear in all time coming, excluding and hereby debarring my brothers and sisters and all others who may pretend to be my executors in time coming.

I ordain my said executor to allow Christian Steuart, my sister, to uplift from Robert Steuart, younger, of Fincastle the sum of 20 Scots money, legate, by the deceased Alexander Steuart in Pitdornie, my uncle, to me, and lying in his hands, which I legate and bequeath to my said sister, as also my body clothes.

Item. To Neill, Donald and John Steuarts, my brothers, equally betwixt them, the sum of 40 Scots money resting by my said brother Neil foresaid and for which he promised my said husband his accepted bill.

Item. For the Kirk Session of Blair, for the use of the poor in the parish, 4 Scots money, and for the Treasurer of the Meeting of Ald Clune for the use of the poor, 4 money foresaid. All which I legate and bequeath in manner said, assigned to be paid after the first term of Martinmass next, after my decease, and finally appoint and ordain this to be my latter will and testament in all time coming, hereby revoking, annulling and recalling all former latter wills, testaments and legacies of ...... made and subscribed by me, preceeding the date of this present one.

In witness whereof I subscribe the same written by Neil McGlashan, writer in Clune, at Ald Clune on the fifteenth day of January 1737 years, before these witnesses: Donald Steuart at Ald Clune, and Henry Steuart at Tomgoulach. Witness also to the marginal note on the preceeding page (followed by latin text that Neil McGlashan (Nigellus McGlashan, notarus publicus) wrote the will and the signatures of witnesses.

This testament was confirmed at Dunkeld, the twenty-fourth day of February 1741 by James Bisset of Gleneld, Commissary of Dunkeld, and Neil McGlashan, writer in Clune, became cautioner for the executor.


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