The Testament Dative and Inventory
of Donald McLauchlan in Tomgoulach, 1733

Donald McLauchlan The Testament Dative and Inventory of the goods, gear, sums of money and debts that pertained to the deceased Donald McLauchlan in Tomgoulach, the time of his decease which was in the month of (blank) 17.., truely made and given up by John McLauchlan in Tomgoulach, father to the defunct, executor dative qua nearest of kin in name and for the behoof of Jannet McLauchlan, only child to the said defunct, decerned to the said defunct by the Commissary of Dunkeld upon the day and date of these presents as the decreet dative following on an edict duly executed and endorsed in itself more fully bears.

Imprimis (Firstly), there is given up, belonging to the said defunct time foresaid of his decease, the third part of the goods and gear underwritten, viz.

Item. Four horses at twenty merks each, in all three pounds six shillings eight pennies.
Item. Two cows and a luey (calf) at fifty merks.
Item. Thirteen sheep and ten lambs at fourty pounds.
Item. Seven sheep and two year-olds at fourteen pounds.
Item. The increase of five bolls sowing valued at fifty merks.
Item. The household plenishings, valued at twenty pounds.

Summa the dead's third - 100.

Debts resting (owing) to the defunct:

Imprimis, the sum of fourty five pounds as the two parts of a hundred merks tocher (marriage money) promised to him by Thomas McLachlan in Kylevrochan (Coille bhrochain) with his daughter.
Summa said debts.

This testament was confirmed at Dunkeld, the twentieth day of March 1733 years. John Duff, merchant in Balmackneill became cautioner acted for the executor, and the executor became bound for his relief.


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