The Testament Dative and Inventory of Christian Stewart
in Achastle, 1725

Christian Stewart The Testament Dative and Inventory of the goods, gear, sums of money and debts that pertained to and was in common betwixt John Stewart in Achastle and the deceased Christian Stewart his spouse, the time of her decease which was in the month of April last bypast, truely made and given up by the said John Stewart, executor testator nominate and appointed by the said defunct, conform her Latter Will and Testament of the date underwritten, and whereof the tenor is subjoined.

Imprimis (Firstly) There is given up, belonging in common betwixt the said executor and the defunct, the time foresaid of her decease, the goods and gear underwritten of the availls and prices following, viz.
Item. Twelve piece of horse, young and old, estimate in whole to 164 Scots money.
Item. Nineteen head of cattles, young and old, estimate in whole to 200 money foresaid.
Item. Ten ewes and ten lambs, six two-year-old wedders, one two-year-old ram and thirty-one hogs, estimate in whole to 80 money foresaid.
Item. The sowing of six bolls victuals reckoned at the third curn to eighteen bolls at 5 per boll, is in whole 90 money foresaid.
Item. Six bolls of meall (oatmeal) and bere (barley) in the house at 5 per boll, is in whole 30 money foresaid.
Item. The household plenishing valued at 8 money foresaid.
Item. Resting (owing) by James Young in Kiliorm(?), 20 money foresaid.

Summa Inventory. Follows the Latter Will:

At Achastle, the second day of April 1725 years, the Testament Testator of Christian Stewart, spouse to John Stewart in Achastle, as it was expressed by herself in her own dwelling house before these witnesses: Gilbert Stewart of Fincastle and John Stewart, younger, of Bonskeid.

Imprimis. The said Christian Stewart, being sick and diseased in the body but of perfect and sound mind, knowing that there is nothing more certain than death and nothing more uncertain than the time and hour of death, she recommends her soul to be saved through the Merits of Christ and her body to be decently interred, and being most desirous that there should be no strife or debate about her worldy means after she is departed this life she, out of the love and favour she bears to her husband John Stewart, not having children of her own, hereby dispones and overgives to him after her decease, all moveables belonging to her, all corns, cattle, horse, cows, sheep, sums of money, ottercills and domicills, burdening him not with the legacies after-mentioned with power to him to act as her sole executor and to draw up inventories of all the moveables and if need be to confirm the same.
Item. She legates to Gilbert Stewart of Fincastle one mickle cow (and) to Robert Stewart, younger of Fincastle, one cow and one stirk.
Item. To Helen Stewart, spouse to Donald Robertson in Pitagowan, a boll of meall and two pounds of wool.
Item. To Donald Kennedie, alias McNarlick in Bunrannoch, twenty merks Scots.
Item. To James Stewart, son of the deceased John Stewart, sometime in Lettoch of Fincastle, a luey (a calf).
Item. To John Robertson, a blind man in Strathgarry, five merks yearly during all the days of his lifetime, beginning the first year's payment against Martinmass next.
Item. To Angus Donalach in Edintian, ten merks Scots or the value thereof.
Item. Likewise, notwithstanding, she alleged she had borrowed six and twenty shillings Sterling at one time, and fifty shilling Sterling at another time, about six years since, from her brother Donald Stewart now deceased, in order to keep it abscond betwixt her brother and herself, from her husband, yet she now declares the verity before God and Men that she never borrowed any money less or more from her said brother. Therefore she assigns the said money to her said husband with power to him, ask, crave and if need be to pursue for the same and to receive payment thereof.

Item. She declares she cannot write and therefore in verification of the premisses, she appoints Mr Duncan Stewart, Minister of the Gospel, living at Kindrochit, to subscribe the premisses before the said-named witnesses, place, day, month and year of God foresaid Sic subscribe - Duncan Stewart, minister, Gilbert Stewart, witness, John Stewart, witness.

This testament was confirmed at Dunkeld, the eleventh day of May 1725 years and John Stewart, younger of Bonskeid became cautioner acted for the executor.


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