The Testament Dative and Inventory
of Ann Robertson, daughter of Faskally, 1755

Ann Robertson The Testament dative and inventory of the debts and sums of money which was resting to umquhile (deceased) Ann Robertson, second daughter of the deceased Alexander Robertson of Faskally, and lately spouse to James Stewart of Urrard, at the time of her decease which was in the month of (blank) 175.. years, faithfully made and given up by Katharine Robertson, third daughter of the said Alexander Robertson and sister germain, and executor dative qua nearest in kin, decerned to the said defunct by the Commissary of Dunkeld upon the day and date of these presents as the decreet dative following on an edict duly executed and endorsed in itself more fully bears.

Imprimis (Firstly), there is given up, resting (owing) to the said Ann Robertson (at) the time foresaid of her decease, the sum of three thousands merks Scots money contained in a bond of provision, granted by the deceased Alexander Robertson in favour of the said Ann Robertson and bearing fifty merks, money foresaid, of liquidate expenses on each one thousand merks in case of faillie, and also containing other sundry provisions in favour of his other children therein named, dated the twenty seventh day of July 1731 years, payable at the next lawful term subsequent to his decease, or her marriage, which of them should first happen, and annual rent (interest) of the said sum thereafter during the not payment, registered in the Books of Council and Session the 23rd February 1738.
Item, the annual rent of said principal sum since the death of the said Alexander Robertson.

Summa Inventory

This testament was confirmed at Dunkeld, the eighth day of April 1755 years by James Bisset, Commissary, and Neill MackGlashan, write in Clune, became cautioner for the executor.


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