The Ancestors of Peter Stewart in Tomnaguie (Tom-na-gaoithe)

Riemoraig by Loch Moraig

The ruins of Riemoraig by Loch Moraig, Glen Fender

According to the Blair Atholl OPR, Peter Stewart in Tomnaguie and Christian Stewart in Tomnaguie, married 13th January 1850.

Christian Stewart was the eldest daughter of Allan Stewart, shoemaker, and Janet Seaton in Balinloan of Shierglas, born 15th August 1828.


The Family of Peter Stewart and Christian Stewart in Tomnaguie

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Isabella 17 Jan 1850 . . Tomnaguie d.
Jessie 4 Sep 1852 . . Tomnaguie d.
Ann 6 Oct 1853 . . Tomnaguie d.
William 27 May 1855 . . Tomnaguie d.
James 28 Feb 1857 . . Tomnaguie d. 20 Aug 1864
Peter 27 Oct 1859 . . Tomnaguie and
Mary 20 May 1861 . . Tomnaguie d.
Christian 14 Jul 1863 . . Tomnaguie d.
Grace 22 May 1865 . . Tomnaguie d.
James 4 Feb 1867 . . Moulin d.
Catherine 14 Feb 1868 . . Moulin d.
Alexander 25 May 1867 . . Blairgowrie d.
John ~1874 . . Murthly and

Peter's death certificate gives his parents as Peter Stewart and Isobel Fraser, but there is no record of a marriage between a couple having these names, so his origins were obscure. Certainly he was not related the the previous Stewart tenants of Tomnaguie who had been evicted by the Atholl Estate Factor, but there were some clues.

When Civil Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Scotland commenced in 1855 the first birth certificates required so much family information that the Registrars insisted on them being simplified in subsequent years. Luckily Peter Stewart had a son William born in 1855, and the birth certificate states that Peter Stewart was born at Black Park, Blair Atholl, which was part of Ceannamoin.

There is no record of any Stewarts being tenant farmers of Ceannamoin after 1803. However the Lude Estate census, 11th October 1822, lists Isabella Stewart, aged 36, with two daughters (Isabella and Catharine) as being the head of a family at Ceannamoin. Normally the head of a family would be male, but the census does not refer to her as widow Stewart, which suggests that Isabella's husband was working elsewhere.

An Isabella Stewart appears in the 1841 census, as head of a family at Riemoraig, which is next to Ceannamoin. Peter Stewart, presumably her son, was farming Riemoraig with the help of a McDonald family who were living in the second house on the property. In addition there were two servants living in the same house as Isabella and Peter. The house must have been fairly large as there were two visitors, James Stewart and Alexander Stewart, presumably father and son. The ScotlandsPeople database have the son listed as 'Alan', but the entry is difficult to read and it actually is 'Alex'.

1841 Census for Riemoraig, Blair Atholl

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birthplace
1 Isabella Stewart 55y independent Perthshire
Peter Stewart 20y farmer Perthshire
Catharine McIntosh 20y female servant Perthshire
William Wallace 13y male servant Perthshire
James Stewart 35y independent Perthshire
Alexander Stewart 4y Perthshire
2 Alexander McDonald 65y male servant not Perthshire
Betsy McDonald 60y not Perthshire
William McDonald 25y not Perthshire

By 1841 the tenants of Ceannamoin had already been removed to make way for sheep farming, with Cairnbaddie and Riemoraig being cleared soon afterwards. Most tenants were offered alternative properties.

Tomnaguie (Tom-na-gaoithe) had been farmed by a series of Stewart families, but none of them seem to have been related. Patrick Stewart in Tomnaguie, aged 80 years or thereabouts, was called as a witness in 1792, and his sons Peter and John held the lease until 1825. The Factor recorded that the farm was tolerably well managed, but considered the tenants as bad and worthless fellows. Normally this meant that the rent was in arrears, and in 1825 there was a farm roup and the tenants were evicted. The new tenants were Robert Stewart and his wife Elizabeth Scott. They farmed Tomanguie until 1842 when they moved to Clune-beg. The estate records show that the farmhouse was repaired in 1845 and Peter Stewart probably took over the lease at around that time, and was certainly living there when he married Christian Stewart in January 1850. Isabella Stewart does not seem to appear in the 1851 census, but it known that she died at Middlebridge on 2nd June 1864. The informant was her son Donald Stewart in Clachan of Struan.

1851 Census for Tomnaguie

Dwelling Name Relation Status Age Occupation Birth-place
1 Peter Stewart head marr 32y farmer of 16 acres Blair Atholl
Christian Stewart wife marr 22y Blair Atholl
Susan Stewart servt
u/m 17y house servant Dull
Peter Keir servt u/m 18y farm servant Dull
John Seaton servt u/m 15y shepherd Dull
2 Isabella McIntosh head widow 61y former agricultural labourer Moulin
Betty McIntosh dau u/m 22y agricultural labourer Blair Atholl

Their son James died in infancy on 20th August 1864. There is a monument inscription at Blair Atholl parish church (O3).

The family were at Tomnaguie until around 1866, after which they moved to Moulin parish where James and Catharine were born.

The family then moved to Blairgowrie where Alexander was born.

And by 1881 they were at Cairney Hill (now part of Bankfoot).

1881 Census for Cairney Hill, Auchtergaven

Name Relation Status Age Occupation Birth-place
Peter Stewart head widower 55y poultry dealer Blair Atholl
Christina Stewart dau u/m 18y housekeeper Blair Atholl
Catherine Stewart dau u/m 13y scholar Moulin
Alexander Stewart son u/m 11y scholar Blairgowrie
John Stewart son u/m 7y scholar Murthly

As stated earlier, Peter's death certificate gives his parents as Peter Stewart and Isobel Fraser, but there is no record of a such a marriage. Not all children were baptised and recorded in the Old Parish Registers, but virtually all marriages were recorded. So the parental names must be in doubt, and likewise the move from Riemoraig to Tomnaguie has no proof.

One point of interest were the visitors, James and Alexander Stewarts, in the 1841 census for Riemoraig. James Stewart was described as 'independent', so he was not a farm servant and having a child with him, but no wife, suggested that he might be a visiting relation. In addition he was the right age to be Peter's elder brother. Assuming that this was the case, and taking into consideration that his father was not a tenant farmer, then one would expect James to be working as a farm labourer near the family home, and possibly marry a local girl. A search of the Glen Fender area showed that there was such a marriage.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages
James Stewart in Monzie and Catherine Stewart in Kilmaveonaig, married 9th February 1834.

This looked promising, but there was no record of any children being baptised in Blair Atholl parish. The only possible children were born in Blairgowrie, not Blair Atholl: William Stewart; 5th July 1839 and Margaret Stewart; 23rd September 1841. The 1841 census for Blairgowrie showed that William's mother was Catharine Stewart, and that his father appeared to be absent.

1841 Census for Blairgowrie

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Brown's Place Catharine Stewart 25y handloom weaver of linen Perthshire
Isabella Stewart 6y Perthshire
William Stewart 2y Perthshire

Although the 1841 census merely states that Catharine Stewart was born in Perthshire, not Blair Atholl, this information seemed to match James Stewart and 4 year old Alexander being in Blair Atholl, and the 1851 census gave confirmation that this was the same family.

1851 Census 33 High Street, Blairgowrie

Name Relation Status Age Occupation Birth-place
James Stewart head marr 49y butcher Blair Atholl
Catharine Stewart wife marr 39y Blair Atholl
Elizabeth Stewart dau u/m 15y scholar Blair Atholl
Alexander Stewart son u/m 13y scholar Blair Atholl
William Stewart son u/m 11y scholar Blairgowrie
Margaret Stewart dau u/m 9y scholar Blairgowrie
Ann Stewart dau u/m 6y scholar Blairgowrie
James Stewart son u/m 3y Blairgowrie
Peter Stewart son u/m 9m Blairgowrie

The entry giving their eldest daughter as Elizabeth seems to be a clerical error as she is named as Isabella in the 1861 census.

1861 Census (46) Rory Street (became Reform Steet), Blairgowrie

Name Relation Status Age Occupation Birth-place
James Stewart head marr 58y flesher Blair Atholl
Catharine Stewart wife marr 50y Blair Atholl
Isabella Stewart dau u/m 25y domestic servant Blair Atholl
Margaret Stewart dau u/m 18y domestic servant Blairgowrie
Ann Stewart dau u/m 16y scholar Blairgowrie
Peter Stewart son u/m 10y scholar Blairgowrie

James Stewart, flesher (butcher) married to Catharine Stewart, died at Reform Street, Blairgowrie, on 27th July 1869 aged 65 years. His parents were given as Alexander Stewart, deceased farmer, and Margaret McIntosh, deceased.

So, contrary to expectations, James Stewart was not Peter's elder brother. There is no baptismal record for James in the Blair Atholl OPR but his parents appear to be Alexander Stewart in Baluaine and Margaret McIntosh in Balnacroft, who married 6th December 1799. They had a son John, born 7th August 1802, and a son Alexander born in Moulin parish, 22nd January 1809.

Catharine Stewart was still living in Blairgowrie at the time of the 1881 census.

1881 Census 8 Reform Street, Blairgowrie

Name Relation Status Age Occupation Birth-place
Catharine Stewart head widow 70y flesher Blair Atholl
Peter Stewart son marr 30y painter Blairgowrie
Christina Moncur g.dau u/m 16y scholar Blairgowrie
James Moncur g.son u/m 15y tinsmith Blairgowrie
Alexander McFarlane servt u/m 25y labourer Kirkcaldy
David Brodie visitor u/m 24y painter Montreal

Peter Stewart had married Isabella Moncur, 17th September 1837, Blairgowrie, and his older sister Margaret had married James Moncur. It is quite likely that the Moncurs were related.

Catharine Stewart, widow of James Stewart, flesher, died at 12 Reform Street on 14th August 1891, aged 73 years (which was a bit less than the 80 years quoted in the 1891 census). Her parents were given as William Stewart, deceased cattle dealer, and Isabella Fraser, deceased.

So, if Isabella Stewart in Tomnaguie is Isabella Fraser, then things fall neatly into place. Peter Stewart's death certificate said that his mother was Isabel Fraser, which was correct, but his father was incorrectly named. Catherine Stewart in Kilmaveonaig was Isabella's daughter and Peter's sister, and when her husband James Stewart was visiting Isabella in Tomnaguie in 1841, with his 4 year old son, he was visiting his mother-in-law. The fact that Isabella's husband was a cattle dealer may also explain why she was 'head of family' in the 1822 Lude census, and why there was no obvious trace of him in the Atholl estate records. However, William Stewart and Isabella Fraser are mentioned in the Blair Atholl OPR.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages
William Stewart in Kincraigie and Isobel Fraser in Tirinie, married 12 Feb 1801.

Isobel Fraser was the daughter of Donald Frazer and Ann Stewart who married 20th November 1778. She was born 29th August 1781. Her parents were at Wester Monzie before moving to Tirinie. Her father had been born at Wester Monzie in 1753.


The Family of William Stewart and Isobel Fraser in Kincraigie

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Ann 4 Dec 1801 . . Kincraigie d.
James 21 Jan 1803 . . Kincraigie d.
Donald 22 Nov 1804 Ann Stewart 11 Dec 1831 Kilmaveonaig
and Bruar
h. 23 Apr 1883
w. after 1883
John 16 Dec 1806 Christian Robertson 21 Feb 1836 Middlebridge h.
Isobel 20 Sep 1808 . . Kincraigie d.
Catharine 15 May 1810 James Stewart 9 Feb 1834 Blairgowrie h. 27 Jul 1869
w. 14 Aug 1891
Peter 22 Sep 1811 Christian Stewart 13 Jan 1850 Tomnaguie h. after 1881
w. before 1881
Charles 6 Apr 1813 . . Kincraigie d.
William 4 Apr 1815 Vere Seaton 16 Jun 1850 Fenderbridge h. 23 Sep 1871
w. 1909


It is worth remembering that Isabella's daughter Catharine (Peter's sister) was living at Kilmaveonaig when she married James Stewart, the butcher. It is most likely that she was living there with her brother Donald and his wife Ann Stewart who came from Auchghoul in Glentilt. Donald's death certificate says that, like his father, he was a cattle dealer.

Blair Atholl OPR, marriages
Donald Stewart in Kilmaveonaig and Ann Stewart in Auchghoul, married 11th December 1831.

The family initially lived at Middlebridge where William and Isabel were born, but had moved at Tomkindrochit (Tom of Lude) by the time of the 1841 census.

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birthplace
63 Donald Stewart 35y farmer Perthshire
Ann Stewart 35y Perthshire
William Stewart 7y Perthshire
Isabella Stewart 4y Perthshire
Robert Stewart 2y Perthshire
Ann Stewart 6m Perthshire

By 1851 Donald was farming 86 acres at Clachan of Struan.

Dwelling Name Occupation Related Status Age Birth-place
5 Donald Stewart farmer of 86 acres head marr 47y Blair Atholl
Ann Stewart wife marr 47y Blair Atholl
William Stewart son u/m 16y Blair Atholl
Robert Stewart scholar son u/m 12y Blair Atholl
Ann Stewart scholar dau u/m 10y Blair Atholl
Grace Stewart scholar dau u/m 8y Blair Atholl
Mary Stewart scholar dau u/m 6y Blair Atholl
James Stewart son u/m 3y Blair Atholl
Peter Robertson farm servant servt u/m 34y Blair Atholl
James Crearer shepherd servt u/m 28y Fortingall
Alexander Stewart cow herd servt u/m 10y Blair Atholl
Helen McKenzie house servant servt u/m 27y Dull
Mary McDiarmid house servant servt u/m 20y Fort Augustus?


The Family of Donald Stewart and Ann Stewart in Clachan of Struan

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
William 1 May 1834 . . Clachan d.
Isobel 12 May 1837 . . Clachan d.
Robert 12 Mar 1840 . . Clachan d.
Ann 5 Jan 1841 . . Clachan d.
Grace 7 Mar 1843 . . Clachan d.
Mary 1 Aug 1845 . . Clachan d.
James 12 Aug 1847 . . Clachan d.


Blair Atholl OPR, marriages
John Stewart in Kincraigie and Christian Robertson in Drumnabechin, married 21st February 1836.

The Family of John Stewart and Christian Robertson in Middlebridge

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Donald 7 Mar 1836 . . Middlebridge d.


Blair Atholl OPR, marriages
James Stewart in Monzie and Catherine Stewart in Kilmaveonaig, married 9th February 1834.

The Family of James Stewart and Catharine Stewart in Blairgowrie

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Isabella ~1836 . . Blair Atholl
Alexander ~1838 . . Blair Atholl
William ~1840 . . Blairgowrie
Margaret 23 Sep 1841 James Moncur 1864 Blairgowrie
h. 1869
Ann ~1845 . . Blairgowrie
James ~1848 . . Blairgowrie
Peter ~1850 . . Blairgowrie


Blair Atholl OPR, marriages
William Stewart in Bridge of Tilt and Vere Seaton in Aldgirnaig, Moulin parish, married 16th June 1850.

His death certificate gives the following information. William Stewart, day labourer married to Vere Seaton died 23rd September 1871 at Bridge of Fender. Parents given as William Stewart, deceased, cattle dealer and Isabella Fraser, deceased.

The Family of William Stewart and Vere Seaton in Bridge of Tilt

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Helen 31 Mar 1851 . . Bridge of Tilt d.
William 27 Sep 1852 . . Bridge of Tilt d.
Grace 6 Apr 1854 . . Tomnambrack,
James 12 Sep 1855 . . Moulin
Donald 28 Sep 1857 . . Blair Atholl
Alexander 8 Jun 1862 . . Blair Atholl
Isabella 29 Jun 1865 . . Blair Atholl
Christina 31 Aug 1869 . . Blair Atholl

Vere Seaton became the sub-postmistress at Fenderbridge after the death of her husband.