Footnotes on Christian, daughter of Donald and Janet Stewart of Balcastle

In association with Marlene Chisholm who is researching the Stewart families who settled in Prince Edward Island

Loch Tummel from the Queen's View

Loch Tummel from the Queen's View

The following extracts come from a genealogy published in 1912 by Alexander Stewart Ross of Thomson, Nova Scotia, in which he traced his ancestors back to Donald and Janet Stewart of Balhastle (i.e. Balcastle), Loch Tummel.

Genealogical Record of a branch of the Stewart Clan commencing with Donald and Janet Stewart of Balhastle, Loch Tummel, Parish of Blair Athol, Scotland, to the year 1912, being a period of about two hundred years.

(Generation 2) THEIR CHILDREN

Alexander, born about 1758; married and settled in Perth; had a family. He died 1826.
Robert, born about 1760; father of Deacon Rob. and Donald Rob. Stewart of Lochaber, N.S.
John, born July 7th, 1764; died August 1st, 1824. Family came to Westchester, N.S., in 1832.
Christina, born 1768; married Alex Scott; went to P.E.I. about 1806.
Helen, born Sept. 3rd, 1770; married John Stewart (teacher) brother of Girzel, John's wife.

John Stewart, son of Donald and Janet Stewart of Balhastle, and Girzel Stewart of Balnald, were married 27th February, 1798. He died in Blair Athol, 1st August 1824. She died in Westchester, June 29th, 1861; aged 83 years.

The entries in the Old Parish Records for Blair Atholl are as follows:

Donald Stewart in Uchdnanetaig and Janet Stewart in Balintepaill (Balchapel) of Fincastle, parish of Dull were married July 17th 1754

1757 Donald Stewart in Uchdnanetaig and Janet Stewart his wife had a child born November 1st, baptised 6th called Christian

Christian (Christina) was about 10 years older than recorded in Alexander Ross's genealogy, and she certainly could not have been born in 1768, as a son Patrick was born that year. The genealogical record does not mention Patrick, so it must be assumed that he died in infancy.

It is thought that Christian married Alexander Scott, from Tullypowrie, at Blair Atholl in 1784 but there are no marriage entries in the Blair Atholl OPR from 14th December 1781 until 26th August 1784. However, adjacent parishes do mention some of these marriages, and an entry in the Logierait OPR states that the banns of marriage for Alexander Scott in Boat of Tulliepowrie and Christian Stewart in Blair Atholl parish were called on 22nd January 1784. This entry is difficult to read as it is crammed into a gap between two previously written entries, but in the margin there is a note that the marriage took place at Blair Atholl.

It is worth noting that Christian's older brother, Alexander Stewart, married Isobel Scott from Tullypowrie in Logierait parish on 11th December 1783, suggesting that both Stewarts had married into the same Scott family. Alexander Scott's parents seem to be John Scot and Elspet Ferguson who were married 21st February 1747, Logierait OPR.

Logierait OPR, 1760
28th August John Scot and Elspet Ferguson in Balgowan had a child baptised, called Alexander

Alexander Scott and Christian Stewart seem to have had only one child, John, who was born 13th July 1788, Logierait.

Logierait OPR, 1788
19th July baptised John, lawful son to Alexander Scott and Christian Stewart in Brae of Tulipourie (Tullypowrie) born 13th July.

However, it is evident that John had an older sister named Janet (Jessie) who was born around 1786. She was living at Balcastle when she married Donald Stewart in 1806, shortly before the extended family emigrated to Prince Edward Island as previously mentioned in Ross's genealogy.

Blair Atholl OPR, 1806
Donald Stewart and Janet Scott, both in Bailichastel (Balcastle) of this parish, (married) 19th April.

In 'Past and Present of Prince Edward Island', published by B.F. Bowen and Company of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, 1906, Alexander Stewart the son of Donald Stewart and Janet Scott claimed that his paternal (sic) grandfather, Alexander Scott, had accompanied his parents when they emigrated in 1806 "and remained here for the balance of his life". This account differs from that of Daniel Stewart, schoolmaster in Broughty Ferry by Dundee, who claimed in a letter to his cousin John James Stewart that "I have a child’s memory of my Aunt Scott and her son and daughter, also Donald Stewart leaving Borenich and going to America, and his settling in Prince Edward Island". As Daniel Stewart was born in 1805 it is more likely that he had "... a child's memory of being told of my Aunt Scott and her son and daughter ...". Either way, his letter suggests that Alexander Scott was deceased and that Christian was a widow when she emigrated with her son, daughter and son-in-law.

A pausible explanation would be that Alexander Scott died in Brae of Tullypowrie, shortly after the birth of his son John and, devoid of a means of support, Christian returned to her parents' home with her two infant children.

The year of emigration is also in doubt. As previously mention, Alexander Stewart gave the year as 1806 and this is supported by reference to a letter from Alexander's father, John Scott, to the father of John James Stewart, giving the same date. However the descendants of of Donald Ferguson of Craggan Farm, PEI claim that their family emigrated on the same ship, and that an old family diary notes that the ship arrived at Pictou on 1st May. Firstly, if Donald Stewart and Janet Scott were married on 19th April, it would be physically impossible for them to take their possession to Oban, a 2-3 day journey, and then arrive in Pictou 10 days later. Secondly, their first child Christiana was born at Pictou on the way over. This points to 1807 as being the correct year.

The Ferguson family history names the emigration ship as the barque 'Romulus', and the voyage itself was not without incident. At one point the 'Romulus' was order to heave-to by a British man-of-war. Fearing that some of the male passengers were about to be forcibly enlisted into the navy, their captain ordered the passengers back to their hammocks below deck. When the naval sailors came aboard and asked where the passengers were, he replied that they were all down below with smallpox. The boarding party left the 'Romulus' in a great hurry.

At Pictou the families were given shelter in a cartbox-making factory overnight and then hired a boat to take them across to Prince Edward Island. Christiana was born at Pictou on 5th May 1807, so the Stewart family probably followed on, as soon as Donald's wife and child were able to travel. In a letter to his father, John James Stewart reported that he had been told by Donald Ferguson that Alexander Stewart's widow, Christian, died at her new home in either 1836 or 1837.


(Generation 3) The Children of Alexander Scot and Christian Stewart in Tullypowrie, Logierait parish

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Janet ~1786 Donald Stewart Apr 19 1806 Marshfield, PEI h. May 1833
John Jul 13 1788 Elizabeth Kennedy ~1818 Marshfield, PEI h. 16 Mar 1866
w. 25 Jun 1851


Donald Stewart and Janet Scott in Balcastle and Marshfield, PEI, Canada

The identity of Donald Stewart is uncertain. He does not appear to be a son from any of the Borenich Stewart families.

Senator Donald Ferguson said that "Janet (Scott) married Donald Stewart, a cousin of her mother, in Scotland about 1806. This account cames from a letter sent by John James Stewart, editor of the Halifax herald, to his father William Stewart, dated 13th April 1886. Donald Ferguson had been in Halifax awaiting the arrival of a shipment of thoroughbred stock, and had met up with John James Stewart. After reading a letter from J. J. Stewart's father, Donald Ferguson concluded that they were related to each other, and proceeded to outline the family genealogy of the 'Appletree' Stewarts and others. As Donald Ferguson's mother was Isabella 'Appletree' Stewart, his information would have been first-hand.

Donald Stewart and his family settled a 120 acres farm on Lot 34, Queen's County, and became fruit farmers. Lot 34 was a large strip of land running from the north coast of the island to the Hillsborough River in the south, being about 23,000 acres in area and home to nearly 200 families. The land was owned by Sir James Montgomery and his family but many of the tenants eventually bought their farms. The farm had a large orchard of French russet apple trees, which gave rise to the family being known as the 'Appletree' Stewarts.

Donald Ferguson told John James Stewart that Donald Stewart died in May 1833, while his wife Janet Scott died 1852.

The Islander – Dec 17, 1852 (Deaths)
At Appletree Farm, St. Peter’s Road, on Wednesday the 8th inst., Jessie, wife of the late Mr. Donald Stuart, in the 67th year of her age. Mrs. Stuart was 35 years a consistent member of the Baptist Church; endeared to all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance, especially to her children whose spiritual welfare she watched over with the most maternal anxiety. From the first of her illness, which was of short duration, she was impressed with the fact, that it was her last sickness, and expressed her entire resignation to the Divine arrangement, anticipating the deep rapture of a Meditator’s presence, where there is fullness of joy and pleasures for ever more.


The family descendants of Donald Stewart (the 'Appletree' Stewarts), with the exception of Jessie, appear in 'Marshfield and Area - A Grand Legacy', page 83.

(Generation 4) The Children of Donald Stewart and Janet Scott in Marshfield, PEI, Canada

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Christiana May 5 1807 Alexander McGregor Dec 5 1835 Marshfield, PEI h. 13 Jan 1871
w. 2 Jan 1896
Janet (Jessie) ~1809 James Wilson Feb 11 1841 Marshfield, PEI h. ~1880
w. 1853
John Sep 21 1810 Mary Ann Chandler Jun 29 1871 French Fort, PEI h. 4 Jan 1881
w. 28 Oct 1878
Margaret Aug 12 1812 James Thom(p)son . . h.
w. 7 Mar 1890
'Big Alex'
1814 Flora McLean Mar 29 1842 North River, PEI h. 21 Nov 1873
Isabella 1816 John Fergusson Mar 2 1837 Craggan farm h. 8 May 1878
w. 7 Oct 1872
Donald Feb 5 1820 Priscilla Amelia
Aug 14 1853 Appletree farm h. 11 May 1899
w. 31 Dec 1916
Jane ~1821 William Scott jnr. Jan 18 1855 East River, PEI h. 29 Jun 1890
w. 9 Jan 1901


Alexander McGregor and Christiana Stewart in East River, Marshfield, PEI, Canada

Christiana 'Appletree' Stewart married Alexander McGregor, the son of Archibald McGregor and Christian Anderson. In the book 'Marshfield and Area - A Grand Legacy' it says that "Archibald McGregor, his wife Christian Anderson and their son Alexander came from Appin, Perthshire, on the ship 'Claredon' which sailed from Oban, Scotland on 6th August 1808 with James Hines as shipmaster and anchored in Charlottetown Harbour on the 21st of September 1808".

The 'Claredon' sailed from Tobermory where it had been taking on passengers from Mull and nearby Colonsay. The Perthshire contingent probably were ferried across to Tobermory from Oban, which was the normal practice. The passenger list says that Archibald McGreigor was a labourer aged 28, Christian McGreigor his wife was 24 and their son Alexander was three years old. Their previous residence was given as Appin, Perthshire, which would mean Appin of Dull - the old monastic abbey land between Loch Tay and Aberfeldy. Archibald MacGregor and Christian Anderson were married 27th December 1806 (Dull parish OPR). They settled on Lot 34.

It is said that the couple had at least seven children. There is a memorial stone column in the Marshfield Pioneer Cemetery, with the names of the family members on four sides.

In memory of Christiana, wife of Alexander McGregor
Died Jan 2 1896 - age 89 yrs
Also their daughter Isabella
Died Nov 9 1887 - age 39 yrs
Also their daughter Jane
Died Apr 21 1937 - age 94 yrs
Also Christiana McGregor
Died Dec 11 1912 - age 79 yrs
Alexander McGregor
Died Feb 2 1927 - age 85 yrs
Alexander McGregor
Died Jan 13 1871 - age 66 yrs

The Islander – Jan 27, 1871, Deaths
On Friday the 13th inst., at his residence, East River after a few months illness, Mr. Alex. McGregor in the 66th year of his age, much and deservedly regretted by his family and a large circle of acquaintances and friends.


(Generation 5) The Children of Alexander McGregor and Christiana Stewart in Marshfield, PEI, Canada

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Christiana ~1836 . . . d. 11 Dec 1912
Daniel ~1838 . . Frenchfort d. 11 May 1858
Alexander ~1842 . . . d. 2 Feb 1927
Jane ~1843 . . Dunstaffnage d. 21 Apr 1937
Isabella ~1848 . . . d. 9 Nov 1887
Robert . . . . d.
Margaret? . . . . d.
Grace? . . . . d.
Archibald? . . . . d.


James Wilson and Janet (Jessie) Stewart in Marshfield, PEI, Canada

For some unexplained reason the Apple Tree genealogy in 'Marshfield and Area - A Grand Legacy' does not mention Janet (Jessie) Stewart, but an obituary in 'The Islander' or 'Prince Edward Weekly Intelligencer and Advertiser' leaves little doubt of her existance.

"At Apple Tree Farm, on Sunday the 13th inst. (February) 1853, Jessie, the beloved wife of Mr. James Wilson, and second daughter of the late Mr. Donald Stewart, of Apple Tree Farm, (died) in the 44th year of her age. her illness which was long and severe she bore with resignation to the Divine will. She departed this lie with a full assurance of a blessed immortality beyond the grave; leaving a disconsolate husband and four small children to lament her loss".

James Wilson may be the farmer at Lot 26 in the 1861 census, aged upwards of 60, with no wife but two girls aged 5-18 and another two girls aged 18-21.

The fact that Jessie (Janet) was Donald Stewart's second daughter sheds a different light on his parentage. Donald Stewart seems to have adhered to the traditional naming pattern for his children. The eldest daughter, Christiana, was named after the maternal grandmother. The second eldest son, Alexander, was named after the maternal grandfather. Using the published genealogy it might be concluded that Donald's parents were John Stewart and Margaret (unknown). However, as it is now known that Jessie (Janet) and not Margaret was the second eldest daughter, Donald's parents would have been John Stewart and Janet (unknown).

Assuming that Donald married when he was about 30, and that he came from Blair Atholl parish, then the most likely parents were John Stewart and Janet Calmanach in Tombane of Pitaldonich who had a son Donald, 30th August 1778. Although possible, there is nothing to link this couple to the Stewarts in Balcastle, except that tha Calmanachs were fairly localised in the Strathtummel area.

If the search for the birth of Donald Stewart were to be widened, then Dull parish would be the obvious choice. Dull parish encompasses the south side of Loch Tummel, Glen Fincastle to the east, and the area around Tummelbridge to the west.

In this case the most likely parents were John Stewart and Janet Scott in Croitchaite who had a son Donald, 15th December 1776. Croitchaite does not appear on any of the early maps of Dull parish but 'croit' is synonymous with 'croft'. Thus Croitchaite is most likely to be the same as Croftchait of Grandtully.


(Generation 5) The Children of James Wilson and Janet (Jessie) Stewart in Marshfield, PEI, Canada

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Elizabeth Ellen 1847 Joseph Benjamin Rogers Jan 25 1867 Arena, Iowa Co., Wisconsin h. 1898
w. 1921


John Stewart and Mary Ann Chandler in Marshfield, PEI, Canada

The Islander, 30th June 1871 page 3
Mr. John Stewart of Appletree Farm was married yesterday evening the 29th by Rev. J. Davis, Hillsboro River to Miss Mary Chandler of Lot 48.

Their first child was born at Lot 35 in 1871 but by 1877 the family had moved to French Fort. Mary Ann Chandler died the following year, aged just 29 years.

The Will of John Stewart of Appletree

This is the last will and testament of John Stewart of Appletree in Queens County in Prince Edward Island, farmer.

First I give and leave to my executors and trustees herein after mentioned all my real estate consisting of one hundred and eighteen acres of land together with my personal property and all my personal effects, in trust to sell and dispose of the same at such time after my death as they may think fit and to grant convenance of the same to the purchasers thereof, and to invest the proceeds of the sale thereof on interest on real estate or such other good and sufficient security as my executors and trustees shall deem reasonable and sufficient with powers to sell the same by public auction or by private sale, and together or in parcels as they shall deem proper and to pay the interest arising therefrom for the benefit and support of my four children in equal proportions till the youngest of them shall have attained the age of twenty-one years, and upon the arriving at such age of twenty one years by the youngest of them, then to divide the money so invested among the said four children or the survivors of them in such manner that each of the boys shall receive twice as much as each of the girls provided always that my executors and trustees shall not be personally liable for anything done by them in the execution of the foregoing trust except through their wilful act of default.

I appoint Alexander McGregor and William Scott my friends, and Donald Stewart my brother to be the trustees and executors of this my last will and testament. I revoke all wills formerly made by me.

Signed by the said testator John Stewart in presence of us who in his presence at his request and in presence of each have subscribed our names as witnesses this eighteenth day of December 1880.

Signed, John Stewart, C. H. Schurman, George Stewart


(Generation 5) The Children of John Stewart and Mary Ann Chandler in Marshfield, PEI, Canada

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Daniel Sep 29 1871 Alma Dewitt Sep 9 1903 McAdam,
New Brunswick
h. 12 Jan 1961
Jane Louise Aug 6 1873 unmarried . . d.
James Jul 6 1875 Lila Nelson . Truro,
Nova Scotia
h. 28 Feb 1977
Mary Ellen Nov 10 1877 Emerson E.
Jun 5 1907 McAdam,
New Brunswick
w. 1 Aug 1967

(Generation 5) The Children of James Thomson and Margaret Stewart in Marshfield, PEI, Canada

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Elizabeth L. 1840 . . . d. 29 Sep 1916
Ann D. 1849 . . . d. 2 Sep 1921


(Generation 5) The Children of Alexander Stewart and Flora McLean (of North River) in Marshfield, PEI, Canada

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
~1843 . . . d. 1904
1844 . . . d. 1904
Jul 10 1846 . . . d. 29 Dec 1877
Apr 7 1848 . . . d.
Oct 27 1849 Annie Swan Jan 15 1884 . h. 1936
1850 . . . d.
Elizabeth Jane May 31 1851 unmarried . . d. 1911
Alexander Bannerman
Jan 1853 Anabella Nickerson . . h. 1882
William Snodgrass
Feb 13 1855 . . . d. 1938
David Bruce
Nov 24 1856 Charlotte Ellen
. . h. 22 Mar 1892
Evalina S.
Oct 29 1858 Henry W. Henderson . . h.
w. 11 Jan 1888
Oct 29 1858 unmarried . . d. 1897
Flora Helen Sep 19 1860 unmarried . . d.
Alfred Bruce
Jan 16 1863 . . . d.


John Fergusson and Isabella Stewart in Craggan farm, Marshfield, PEI, Canada

John Fergusson was the son of John Fergusson and his second wife, Janet (Jessie) Robertson, born 2nd February 1807 at Craggan, Blair Atholl. John inherited Craggan Farm in Marshfield. Four of their first five children died of a plague in 1846.


(Generation 5) The Children of John Fergusson and Isabella Stewart in East River, Marshfield, PEI, Canada

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
John Jan 4 1838 died in childhood . Craggan farm d. 5 Sep 1846
Donald Mar 7 1839 Elizabeth Jane
. Tulloch farm * h. 1909
w. 1927
Jessie ~1841 died in childhood . Craggan farm d. 8 Sep 1846
James ~1844 died in childhood . Craggan farm d. 3 Sep 1846
Jane ~1846 died in childhood . Craggan farm d. 8 Sep 1846
Jane Helena ~1847 . . Craggan farm d. 20 Oct 1876
Isabella ~1850 died in infancy . Craggan farm d. 20 Oct 1850
John A. Mar 9 1852 Emma Weatherbie Mar 8 1882 East River h. 1917
w. 1935

* It is stated in 'Marshfield and Area - A Grand Legacy', page 298, that Tulloch Farm was named after a place in Inverness-shire. Obviously the writer was unaware that Tulloch was the name of the hill in Blair Atholl, on the opposite side of the river Garry from Craggan. The Fergussons would have seen it every time that they came out of their front door.


Donald Stewart and Priscilla Amelia Vickerson in Marshfield, PEI, Canada

Priscilla Amelia Vickerson was the daughter of George Vickerson and Mary Alchorn, born 15th March 1832.


(Generation 5) The Children of Donald Stewart and Priscilla Amelia Vickerson in Marshfield, PEI, Canada

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Apr 3 1854 . . Marie d. 11 Dec 1926
Jessie Ann Mar 19 1855 unmarried . . d. 6 Feb 1935
Mary Jane
(Mary Ellen)
Nov 17 1858 Charles Munn Feb 2 1881 . h. 26 Oct 1932,
w. 17 Feb 1933
William Sep 3 1860 Jane A. Jennings . . h. 27 Sep 1890
Jane 1864 Malcolm Gillis . . h.
(on PEI railway)
. . . d.
~1867 Harvey B.
. U.S. h.
Hammond ~1869 . . California d.
Peter D.
May 13 1870 . . Appltree farm d. 19 Mar 1949
Jan 23 1872 Mary E. Godfrey . . h. 29 Jun 1951
Daniel ~1875 . . . d.
Maude Lavenia Dec 24 1876 died in infancy . . d. 28 Jab 1879
Jacob Carvell Mar 4 1877 . . U.S. d. 11 Dec 1926


William Scott jnr. and Jane Stewart in Marshfield, PEI, Canada

William Scott jnr. was a farmer and mill-maker. His parents were William Scott snr. and Janet (Jessie) Forbes.

William Scott snr. emigrated to Canada on the 'Claredon' in 1808 and the passenger list describes him as a 25 year-old labourer from Strathbrand (now Strathbran) in Perthshire. The river Brand flows into the river Tay between the village of Inver and the Dunkeld bridge.

Dunkeld and Strathbrand

Dunkeld and Strathbrand

The parentage of William Scott snr. is uncertain as he was not born is Strathbrand. Taking into account that his birth was around 1783 ('Claredon' passenger list), and his family probably lived close to Strathbrand, then a possible record (serious doubts) for his baptism is:

17th July 1785, Caputh OPR
William Scott in Cult had a child baptised called William (name of mother not given)

On 16th November 1813 he married Jessie Forbes, a month after paying James Montgomery £89 for 8 acres of land (S.14) close to the river and next to the farm of Donald McBeath. In the 1841 census for PEI he was described as a distiller with 13 members in his family, two from Scotland and the rest born in PEI.

The William and Jessie had seven children: John, b 10th May 1818; Grace, b 9th June 1820; William jnr., b ~1822; Alexander, b ~1825; Jessie, b 7th January 1827; James and Charles. He died 6th February 1870 and 'The Islander' included a tribute.

"Died, on the 6th inst. in the 84th year of his age, Mr W. Scott, farmer of East River. He emigrated from Scotland to this island in 1808. On his arrival he settled on East River and now he has died there after a residence of sixty-two years. He stood high in the esteem of the community and was most honored where he was best known. In his last years he was a firm temperance man, and a sincere and zealous Christian; and now he has fallen asleep in Jesus; and rests in the hope of the Gospel. The memory of the just is blessed".

The will of William Scott snr., registered two months after his death, left everything to his wife and stated that if his son William jnr. "shall continue as a dutiful and affectionate son, labouring and cultivating the farm during my and his mother's natural lives", he would inherit the farm. he was also charged to maintain his two sisters, Grace and Janet (Jessie), if they remained unmarried. William's son John Scott, a wagon-maker in Charlottetown, acted as executor. The other three sons, Alexander, James and Charles received small bequests. William's wife, Jessie Forbes, died ten years later on 6th August 1880 and was buried in the Marshfield Pioneers Cemetery.

William Scott jnr., farmer and mill-maker, married Jane 'Appletree' Stewart. His obituary in the 'Daily Examiner' said that he "was one of the best farmers and mechanics in the province and was highly esteemed in the community in which he lived for his solid worth. He was for many years a consistent member of the Baptist church". In his will he left everything to his wife and, after her death, to their son William. He also directed William to take care of his brother Charles and to give his niece Jane Louise two hundred dollars. (Jane Louise Stewart was the daughter of John Stewart and Mary Ann Chandler).


(Generation 5) The Children of William Scott and Jane Stewart in Marshfield, PEI, Canada

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
William James ~1856 . . East River, PEI d. 1937
Jannet Jan 1859 died in infancy . East River, PEI d. Aug 1859
Charles A. ~1860 unmarried . East River, PEI d. 16 May 1892


John Scott and Elizabeth Kennedy in Marshfield, PEI, Canada

Information regarding John Scott's life in Prince Edward Island is scant as there are few references to marriage and births, few family details in the census returns, and even the accounts of his descendants are unreliable.

The Montgomery Papers, deposited by the British Linen Bank in the Scottish Record Office, contain a list of tenants and freeholders of Lot 34, Prince Edward island (GDI/409/15-16). This shows that in 1809 John Scott paid £90 Sterling for 81 acres of farmland, itemised as plot '179'. In 1886 John James Stewart, editor of the Halifax Herald, wrote a letter to his father saying that Senator Donald Ferguson had given him the following information: that John Scott married a Miss Kennedy of PEI, at some time around 1818; and that he died about 1880. The Senator knew John's family, saying that John's son Alexander was still alive, his son Donald was still living on the old homestead, daughters Christian and Margaret were both dead, Janet Susan and Charlotte were still alive. None of the daughters had married.


(Generation 4) The Children of John Scott and Elizabeth Kennedy in Marshfield, PEI

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Alexander Sep 29 1825 Janet (Jessie)
Feb 12 1857 Lot 33, Marshfield
(Brackley Pt. Rd)
h. 8 Sep 1906
w. 23 Apr 1899
Sep 15 1839 unmarried . Lot 34, Marshfield d. 16 Jan 1907
Christian . unmarried . Marshfield, PEI d. by 1886
Margaret . unmarried . Marshfield, PEI d. by 1886
Nov 8 1835 unmarried . Marshfield, PEI d. 31 Mar 1909
Susan . unmarried . Marshfield, PEI d. after 1886
Charlotte May 6 1843 unmarried . Marshfield, PEI d. 8 Oct 1924


Alexander Scott and Jessie Scott in Marshfield, PEI

Alexander Scott married Jessie Scott, the daughter of Peter Scott and Janet Robertson.


(Generation 5) The Children of Alexander Scott and Jessie Scott in Marshfield, PEI

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Peter ~1860 . . Lot 33, Marshfield d.
Frank . . . Lot 33, Marshfield d.
Elizabeth H.T.
Jan 1 1858 . . Lot 33, Marshfield d. 23 Oct 1910
Annie ~1865 . . Lot 33, Marshfield d.
Margaret Etta
Dec 15 1865 James Alexander Stewart . Lot 33, Marshfield h.
w. 4 Jun 1930
. . . Lot 33, Marshfield d.
Lottie ~1873 . . Lot 33, Marshfield d.

Obits fromm The Islander ... 1852 At North River, on the 30th January, after a long illness, which he bore with great fortitude, Mr. John Stewart, in the 73rd year of his age. He was native of Athol, Perthshire, Scotland, and emigrated to this Island in the year 1806, and has left a numerous connection to mourn the loss of an affectionate parent and a kind member of society. 1853 At Apple Tree Farm, on Sunday the 13th inst., Jessie, the beloved wife of Mr. James Wilson, and second daughter of the late Mr. Donald Stewart, of Apple Tree Farm, in the 44th year of her age. 1854Died. Melancholy Accident – On Thursday last, the 21st inst., William, aged four years, eldest son of Mr. John Stewart, North River, was accidentally burnt to death. It appears Mr. Stewart was absent from home, and Mrs. Stewart had in the morning gone to the house of her Mother-in-law, and had left the deceased, and two younger children in the house, and when the Mother returned she found William on the middle of the floor, having fallen into the fire, almost burned to death. It is supposed the poor child had been trying to reach something off the mantelpiece, and had fallen. He lived for about two hours, in the greatest agony, and then expired.

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