Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Alexander Stewart of Balcastle (1756-1826)

With additional notes by Bill Mains who is researching Families of the Derry (Beckwith)

Genealogical Record of a branch of the Stewart Clan commencing with Donald and Janet Stewart of Balhastle, Loch Tummel, Parish of Blair Athol, Scotland, to the year 1912, being a period of about two hundred years.

(Generation 2) THEIR CHILDREN

Alexander, born about 1758; married and settled in Perth; had a family. He died 1826.
Robert, born about 1760; father of Deacon Rob. and Donald Rob. Stewart of Lochaber, N.S.
John, born July 7th, 1764; died August 1st, 1824. Family came to Westchester, N.S., in 1832.
Christina, born 1768; married Alex Scott; went to P.E.I. about 1806.
Helen, born Sept. 3rd, 1770; married John Stewart (teacher) brother of Girzel, John's wife.

John Stewart, son of Donald and Janet Stewart of Balhastle, and Girzel Stewart of Balnald, were married 27th February, 1798. He died in Blair Athol, 1st August 1824. She died in Westchester, June 29th, 1861; aged 83 years.

The entries in the Old Parish Records for Blair Atholl are as follows:

Donald Stewart in Uchdnanetaig and Janet Stewart in Balintepaill of Fincastle, Parish of Dull were married July 17th 1754

1756 Donald Stewart in Uchdnanetaig and Janet Stewart his wife had a child born April 19th, baptised 25th called Alexander

Alexander married Isobel Scott in the nearby parish of Logierait. The Logierait OPR has the following entry:

21st November 1783
Alexander Stewart in Borenich parish of Blair Atholl and Isobel Scott in Tulipowrie (Tullypowrie) in this parish entered their names for proclamation in order to marriage. Married at Logierait upon the 11th December by Mr Bissett.

It is worth noting that on 22nd January 1784 the Logierait OPR records that his sister, Christian, and Alexander Scott in Tulipowrie entered their name for proclamation in order to marriage, and that they were married at Blair Atholl. Unfortunately the Blair Atholl OPR was poorly kept at this time. However, this suggests that both Stewarts had married into the same Scott family. Alexander Scott's parents were John Scott and Elspit Ferguson (married 21st February 1747, Logierait), and he was born 28th August 1760.

Alexander Scott and Christian Stewart had a son John, born 13th July 1788, but no further information about them has come to light.

1788, 19th July Baptised John, lawful son to Alexander Scott and Christian Stewart in Brae of Tulipourie, born 13th (same month)

Alexander Stewart and Isobel Scott lived at Balcastle where they brought up a large family of eleven children, but Alexander Ross's Genealogical Record provides little information about them. It merely states that the family settled in Perth, and that Alexander Stewart died in 1826.

Initially it was assumed that this meant Perth in Scotland, but no trace of the family could be found in Perth. Although two Alexander Stewarts did die in Perth in 1826, it is difficult to identify their families. The first was a 72 year old draper. He was buried in Greyfriars Churchyard on 20th July 1826. The second Alexander Stewart was buried in Greyfriars Churchyard on 26th December 1826, and his occupation was unknown. In both cases neither the address nor the next of kin are recorded, and there appear to be no memorial inscriptions.

Later research put this notion into doubt. In retrospect, Alexander Ross's expression that the family 'settled' in Perth sounds more like an emigration than merely moving a few mile south. In addition it is now known that at least six of his children emigrated to Beckwith Township, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada.


(Generation 3) The Family of Alexander Stewart and Isobel Scott of Balcastle

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Patrick Jan 30 1785 . . . d.
John Mar 11 1787 Helen (Ellen)
Mar 16 1817 Beckwith
h. Jan 31 1854
w. Sep 7 1872
Jun 18 1789 Alexander Stewart Apr 30 1809 Balchapel and
Beckwith Twsp.
Duncan Oct 16 1791 Christian Kennedy Dec 23 1832 Woodend of
and Beckwith
h. Mar 1 1843
w. Mar 19 1900
(merchant Sandy)
Nov 8 1793 1. Margaret .....
2. Elizabeth Douglass
1. c1818
2. Feb 12 1822
Black's Corner
h. 1892
w1. c1818
Robert Dec 28 1795 Helen (Ellen)
Feb 10 1822 Beckwith
Jan 16 1798 John Stewart Jan 12 1823 Uchdnanetaig h.
Donald Jul 5 1800 . . . d.
Jannet Aug 15 1802 Donald Stewart Mar 22 1829 Croftdouglas h.
James Nov 12 1804 Isobel Stewart Apr 11 1830 Beckwith
h. Aug 25 1879
w. Sep 11 1892
Charles Dec 13 1807 . . . d.


(Generation 4) Patrick Stewart of Balcastle

1785, Blair Atholl OPR
Alexander Stewart in Balchastle and Isabel Scott his wife had a child born January 30th and baptised February 6th named Patrick

Nothing more is known about this son.


(Generation 4) The Family of John Stewart and Helen Lamont of Beckwith Township, Ontario

1787, Blair Atholl OPR
Alexander Stewart in Balchastle and Isabel Scott his wife had a child born 11th and baptised 15th March named John

John, the second son, married Helen Lamont of Balnald of Strathtummel on 16th March 1817, and within a year they had decided to emigrate to Canada. In 1818, three ships (the 'Curlew', 'Sophia' and 'Jane') were hired by John Robertson of Breadalbane to take settlers to Beckwith Township in Lanark County, Ontario. John and Helen were one of the two families from Blair Atholl parish who embarked on the 260 ton brig 'Curlew' bound for Montreal on 21st July 1818. The passenger list shows that they had a 3 month old child (Isabella) and were accompanied by a 16 year old boy named John Robertson. Their arrival was recounted in "The Canada Presbyterian", 1879.

We arrived in Quebec in seven weeks and three days from Grennock. There were but two steamers then running between Quebec and Montreal, "The Car of Commerce" and the "Montreal". We got to Montreal in the first named, early in the month of October. The steamers then had to be drawn by oxen and horses past the current at St. Mary to the place of landing. There was no wharf at Montreal then. Long planks were used for a gangway.

Most of the immigrants who arrived at Montreal continued on to Beckwith, first being sent to Lachine in carts.

Our passage up the Ottawa was by batteaux rowed by French Canadians. In three days we got to Point Fortune, and our luggage was transported mostly in ox-carts past the Long Sault, and the Rev. Mr. McKelligan preached to us. When the boats arrived we reloaded and started. We had to camp in the woods at night. One night we were surprised to see a large canoe putting in to our camp, with a numerous crew, all speaking Gaelic. These men were engaged in the trouble between Lord Selkirk and the Hudson's Bay Company. After three days rowing we arrived at the Chaudiere Falls. As our location was in the township of Beckwith, with no road to it, and as it was now late in the season the people built huts of poles covered with pine branches. When the men were absent choosing their land some of these huts caught fire and some valuable articles were burnt.

On 24th October 1818, the Richmond Military Settlement Office allocated Concession 8, Lot 27 to John Stewart of Blair Atholl and his family. It is recorded that he had two children under 12 and one child aged between 12 and 17 (presumably John Robertson).

Duncan Campbell, the Town Clerk for Beckwith Township, compiled a census of the household heads and their families on 4th June 1820. John Stewart is recorded as having a wife and a female child with him. An unmarried John Robertson also appears in the census. A similar census carried out two years later shows that John and Helen now had a son, in addition to their daughter. Once again an unmarried John Robertson is listed. The Assessor's List compiled by Richard Finlay in 1841 includes John Stewart (C8, L27). In 1852 a John Stewart, farmer on C8, L29 is given as aged 66 years and having a house built of logs with 7 inhabitants. John died intestate in 1854 and the heirs-at-law filed a quit claim deed in favour of their brother John, the youngest son of John Stewart senior.

Both John and Helen are buried in the Kennedy Cemetery, Beckwith. His stone reads "John Stewart, native of Perthshire Scotland, died January 31st 1854 aged 67 years". His wife's stone reads "In memory of Helen, wife of John Stewart, died September 7th 1872 aged 82 years".

Their daughter, Isabella, married her first cousin, Neil Stewart, whose parents had lived at Balchapel in Borenich, Blair Atholl. The two witnesses were John Scott and James Stewart (Neil's neighbour and uncle).


Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Isabella Mar 4 1818,
Neil Stewart Mar 13 1840 Beckwith,
Lanark Co.
h. Apr 28 1904
w. Apr 15 1900
Alexander 1820,
Ann McLaren Apr 3 1847 Parry Sound h. Apr 23 1894
Elizabeth Dec 22 1823,
Thomas Simpson . Goulburn twp
Carleton Co.
h. May 22 1895
w. Jan 13 1904
Neil Dec 8 1825
1. Isabella Cram
2. Ellen Toshack
. Ashton h. Sep 3 1888
1w. Apr 17 1879
Ellen 1829
Archibald Dewar c1855 . h. 1916
w. 1867
Janet (Jessie) 1831
James Conn . Ashton h. 1879
w. Jun 8 1898
John Lamont Jul 27 1833
Catherine Kennedy . Deloraine,
h. Aug 26 1917
w. 1895

(notes by Bill Mains: Thomas Simpson had a son, John, who married a Feming at Ashton. Catherine Kennedy was the grand-daughter of Duncan McDiarmid who settled lot 5 NE, Concession 5, Beckwith)


(Generation 5) The Family of Alexander Stewart and Ann McLaren of Parry Sound

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
John 1849 . . . d.
Alexander Lamont Feb 23 1850 Barbara Mitchell Mar 23 1887 Goulburn township h.
Jessie 1854 . . . d.
Ellen 1856 . . . d.
Robert Murray 1861 . . . d.
Annie Grace Sep 14 1862 Thomas Freeman Carr Dec 27 1882 Trout Creek,
Parry Sound
h. Feb 27 1915
James McLaren Sep 14 1862 . . . d.
Daniel Cumry
1869 . . . d. Oct 11 1900
Isabella Jun 25 1871 . . . d.
Margaretta Alberta Jun 25 1871 Joseph Wesley Arnott Jan 19 1897 . h.
w. Sep 21 1914

Alexander Stewart, 34, millwright, Goulbourn township, Lount township, son of Alexander and Ann Stewart, married Barbara Mitchell, 30, Argyleshire Scotland, Ryerson, daughter of Robert and Barbara Mitchell, witnesses: Duncan and Mary Mitchell of Ryerson. 23 March 1887 at Ryerson (Muskoka and Parry Sound District).

Thomas Freeman Carr, 27, widower, farmer, West Oxford township, Commanda village, son of Thomas Carr and Sarah Jane Thornton, married Annie Grace Stewart, 20, White Lake - Renfrew, Lount township, daughter of Alexander Stewart and Annie McLaren, witnesses: W. and Julia Carr of Commanda, 27 December 1882 at Commanda. (Thomas Freeman Carr was previously married to Susan Dawson who died in 1878).

Joseph W. Arnott, 25, Blacksmith, Ontario Co., Callandar, son of Charles and Fanny Arnott, married Margaret A. Stewart, 25, White Lake, Callandar, daughter of Alexander and Annie Stewart. Witnesses: A.L. Huntington, L. Tippett, on January 19th 1897 at North Bay.


(Generation 5) The Family of Neil Stewart and Isabella Cram of Goulbourn

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Elizabeth c1855 Thomas Fleming Jul 19 1882 Goulburn h.

Thomas Fleming, 28, farmer, Goulburn, same, son of William Fleming and Eliza Simpson married Elizabeth Stewart, 27, Goulburn, same, daughter of Neil Stewart and Isabella Cram. Witnesses: John McShore of Gouldburn and Jessie Snedden of Almonte. July 19, 1882 at Goulburn.


(Generation 5) The Family of James Conn and Janet (Jessie) Stewart of Ashton

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Hugh Stewart c1853 Margaret Amelia Dulmage Jul 22 1885 Goulburn h. c1917
w. Apr 20 1936
Emma A. c1854 Samuel Potter Aug 7 1877 Goulburn h.

Samuel Potter, 23 of Kemptville, born Manotic Co. Carleton, bachelor, Physician, Parents: Samuel Potter and Jane Crawford, married Emma A. Conn, 22 of Ashton Beckwith, born Ashton Beckwith, spinster. Parents: James Conn and Janet Stewart. Witnesses: Hugh Conn of Ashton, Beckwith and Elizabeth Stewart of the same place. Married 7 Aug 1877 Ashton, Beckwith.

Hugh Stewart Conn, 32, merchant, Prospect, Goulbourn, son of James Conn and Jennett, married Maggie Amelia Dulmage, 26, Ramsay, same, daughter of Richard Dulmage and Elizabeth (Morphy). witnesses: J. C. Stewart of Pembroke and Maggie Dulmage of Prescott, 22 July 1885 at Ramsay.


(Generation 4) The Family of Alexander Stewart and Elizabeth Stewart of Balchapel and Beckwith Township, Ontario

1789, Blair Atholl OPR
Alexander Stewart in Balchastle and Isabel Scott his wife had a child baptised 18th June named Elspeth

Elspeth (Elizabeth) married Alexander Stewart of Balchapel on 30th April 1809 according to the Blair Atholl OPR. Alexander was the eldest son of Neil Stewart and Janet Fraser of Croftcarnach and was born at Croftcarnach on 2nd January 1782. Croftcarnach was unable to support several Stewart families and Alexander had taken up the tenancy of the next farm, Balchapel, prior to his marriage.

Alexander and Elizabeth had a family of eight children and were living at Balchapel until at least 1829. In the early 1900s, their eldest son, Neil recounted that his father had been a tenant farmer near Pitlochry, and attended the Moulin church as there was no church in Pitlochry at that time. This would suggest that the family had moved from Borenich prior to their emigration to Canada in 1835. Their last child, Christian (Christina), probably was born 20th October 1832. No record of her baptism can be found so, perhaps, they had moved to the Pitlochry area.


Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Neil Feb 16 1811 Isabella Stewart Mar 13 1840 Beckwith,
h. Apr 28 1904
w. Apr 15 1900
(Alistair Mór)
Apr 2 1813 Margaret Stewart Sep 4 1836 Balintochich,
and Beckwith
h. Jan 13 1889
w. Jan 21 1898
John Mar 1 1815 1. Janet McDougall
2. Mary A. Lawford
1. Jun 20 1848
2. c1856
Lot 3, Conc. 7
h. Apr 3 1899
w1. Oct 25 1855
w2. May 2 1908
Isobel Jan 10 1817 John McTavish Mar 12 1841 Beckwith
Janet Sep 18 1818 . . . d.
Jun 18 1821 Donald Buchanan Dec 24 1841 Bruce
h. Sep 14 1881
w. Feb 6 1898
Duncan May 10 1824 Christina McDougall May 27 1851 Ramsay
h. Mar 9 1909
w. Apr 27 1892
Peter Mar 24 1829 Catherine McDougall . Ramsay
h. Jan 31 1895
w. Nov 3 1904
Oct 10 1832? James McEwan Mar 4 1861 Turnbury
h. before 1922
w. Jun 29 1922


(Generation 5) The Family of Neil Stewart and Isabella Stewart of Beckwith, Lanark Co.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Alexander 1841 died in infancy . Beckwith d. 1842
Ellen 1842 . . Beckwith d. c1865
John B. Dec 16 1844 unmarried . Beckwith d. 1938
Duncan Blair Nov 10 1846 Isabella Poole Feb 26 1891 Brenda, Manitoba h. Nov 3 1928
w. 1961
Neil 1847 unmarried . Beckwith d. Aug 13 1867
Elizabeth Sep 7 1850 . . Brockville, Ontario d. Jan 9 1930
Peter Gray 1852 died in infancy . Beckwith d. 1856
Isabella Lanient Sep 19 1855 . . Beckwith d. Oct 15 1916
Nov 4 1858 Albert Edmund Lewis Mar 18 1891 Brockville, Ontario h. Mar 21 1951
w. Nov 11 1932
Peter Gray 1861 Mary Annie McNeely Dec 6 1893 Beckwith h. Jun 22 1895
w. c1962

(Note by Bill Mains: Mary Ann McNeely was the grand-daughter of Alexander Stewart and Margaret McLaren who farmed lot 19, Concession 6, Beckwith.)

Neil died on 28th April 1904, and the following obituary appeared in the local paper.

The Grim Reaper has claimed another of the old residents of Lanark county in the person of Mr Neil Stewart of Beckwith, who passed away on Thursday of last week at the age of 93 years. In December of 1902 the Gazette had the privilege of presenting to its readers an engraving of the deceased, as well as of his brother, Mr Duncan Stewart, of Ramsay, and short sketches of their lives at that time.

The deceased was born in the parish of Pitlochrie, county of Perth, Scotland, in the year 1811 and was the oldest of his father's family. He came to Canada in 1835 and worked in Bytown, then a small village, for five years. Mr Stewart married his cousin, Isabella, daughter of Mr John Stewart, of Ashton, and afterwards bought a farm on the seventh line of Beckwith. Mr Stewart had learned the trade of carpenter in Scotland and when circumstances would permit he still followed that occupation. His wife died in 1899.

Of the children, three daughters and two sons are still living. The daughters are Mrs Albert Lewis, Brockville and Misses Lizzie and Bella at home, and the sons are John B., 8th line Beckwith, with whom deceased spent his declining years, and Duncan B., of Lennox, Manitoba.

The deceased was a man of stirling character, and was honored and respected by all who knew him, and his name will long be revered as that of a sturdy champion of right and truth. He was for many years an elder in Knox Presbyterian church at Black's Corners. In politics he was a staunch Liberal. The funeral took place on Sunday morning to Dewar's cemetery and was very largely attended. Rev. Mr McFarlane conducted the service.


(Generation 6) The Family of Duncan Blair Stewart and Isabella Poole of Manitoba

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Russell Neil 1892 . . Manitoba d. 1956
John Lloyd 1894 . . Manitoba d. 1950
Jessie 1896 . . Calgary, Alberta d.
Hugh Blair 1898 . . . d. 1968
William McGill 1906 died in action, WW2 . . d. 1944
Eva . . . . d.


(Generation 6) The Family of Albert E. Lewis and Janet Stewart of Brockville, Ontario

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Isabella Pearl Jul 1 1892 died in infancy . Carleton Place d. Aug 20 1893
Neil Stewart Jul 20 1895 Elsie M. Simpson Mar 2 1921 Carleton Place h. 1963
w. Oct 18 1989
Albert Earle Mar 1898 . . . d.


(Generation 6) The Family of Peter Gray Stewart and Mary Annie McNeely of Beckwith, Ontario

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Peter Gray Nelson Oct 11 1894 Edith May Pearl Church . . h.


(Generation 5) The Family of Big Sandy (Alistair Mór) Stewart and Margaret Stewart of Balintochich

Neil said that the whole family emigrated in 1835 on the ship 'Canada' owned by the Allan Lines, but this was not entirely true. His brother Alexander stayed on at Balchapel and did not emigrate with them. The following year he married Margaret Stewart of Knockgarry on 4th September. Margaret was the daughter of Donald Stewart and Janet Stewart (or possibly Robertson) who were living at Balintochich in 1841.

The 1841 and 1851 census returns for Borenich show that Alexander and Margaret moved from Balchapel to nearby Balintochich, where Alexander worked as a handloom weaver. They had seven children while living at Balintochich, but none of them were baptised or recorded in the Old Parish Records. By the mid-1850s it would have been impossible to compete with the weaving looms of the big cities, and by 1853 they had emigrated to Beckwith Township to re-join the rest of the family. Margaret Stewart's brother, Alexander (born c1813), and her sister Jane (born c1815) emigrated with them. Jane died 6th January 1899.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Janet Apr 9 1838 Robert Scott
Conc 6, Lot 20
1861? Beckwith
h. Nov 4 1870
w. Jan 9 1920
Elizabeth 1841 unmarried . Balintochich d. before 1851
1843 Samuel Leach Jun 28 1875 Beckwith
Jun 1846 William Henry
1872 . h. Jan 14 1831
w. Sep 26 1919
1848 unmarried . . d. after 1871
(Alistair Og)
1848 unmarried . . d. Feb 20 1927
Neil 1850 Elizabeth Alma
Mar 23 1915 Beckwith
h. 1931
w. 1985?
Elizabeth Mar 1855
unmarried . . d. after 1911

The circumstances of the death of Big Sandy (Alistair Mór) Stewart appeared in the Perth Courier, January 18th, 1889.

Saturday last Mr. Alexander Stewart, 4th Line Beckwith, designated as “Big Sandy”, came to town to do business. In returning, as a farmer on the 9th Line reports it, he undertook to light his pipe when the young and spirited team, feeling the loosened reins, began to run away. Mr. Stewart leaned over the dashboard to pick up the reins and fell forward and down in front of the runners where he was dragged along till a boulder on the side loosened the king bolt and let away the animals.

He was found by the driver of the next vehicle to whom he said he was very much injured. He was carried into Peter McDougall’s but objected to their sending for the doctor thinking he might recover. He lingered on in great pain until Sunday morning when he died just before Dr. McEwen arrived who was called out of church for the purpose of seeing him. The team ran a mile and a half where steaming and tired out they were caught by Messrs. McIlquham and Pressley who were emerging from the woods after a rabbit hunt.

Mr. Stewart was a farmer with a large business and family connections and his shocking death has sent sorrow throughout many homes both in this section and in Manitoba.


(Generation 6) The Family of Robert Scott and Janet Stewart of Beckwith. Lanark Co.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Robert 1862 Margaret Ann Campbell Jun 30 1915 . h. 1946
w. 1948
Alexander c1865 unmarried . . d. Jan 10 1893
Margaret 1867 Thomas Riley Jan 1 1895 . h. 1935
w. 1952
Ellen c1869 . . . d.
Isabella Jane c1870 John Clark Oct 29 1923 . h. Dec 16 1924

(Notes by Bill Mains: Robert Scott was the son of Robert Scott and Isabella Douglas. He bought lot 20 NE, Concession 6, Beckwith, from Patrick Garland. Margaret Ann Campbell was a great-neice of the four Ferguson brothers who settled in The Derry - Concessions 5 and 6, adjoining Duncan McDiarmid.)


(Generation 6) The Family of Samuel Leach and Jane Stewart of Beckwith Township

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Margaret c1876 . . . d.
Addie c1877 . . . d.
Belle c1881 . . . d.
Mabel c1884 . . . d.
Stewart c1886 . . . d.

(Note by Bill Mains: Samuel Leach was the grandson of Samuel Leach who settled lot 23SW, Concession 6, Beckwith.)


(Generation 6) The Family of William H. Jefferson and Helen (Ellen) Stewart

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Margaret c1873 Edward A. James Sep 1899 . d.
Elizabeth May 31 1876 . . . d.
Jessie c1878 Alexander F. Box May 9 1906 . h.
w. 1944
William Howard Jul 10 1882 Amy Bertha Salter Dec 12 1906 . h. 1919

(Notes by Bill Mains: Ned (Edward) James was a descendant of the James who had a sawmill at Prospect. Alexander F. Box had a son, Argyle, who lived east of Prospect in Concession 3, Goulbourn, when I was a kid.)


(Generation 6) The Family of Neil Stewart and Elizabeth Alma Scott of Beckwith Township

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Alexander E. 1918 . . . d.

(Notes by Bill Mains: Elizabeth Alma Scott was a great-grand-daughter of Duncan McDiarmid who settled lot 22NE, Concession 5, Beckwith. 'Little Alex' lived in Prospect when I was growing up, and owned a portable. He sawed our firewood for years.)


(Generation 5) The Family of John Stewart and Janet McDougall of Beckwith Township, Lanark Co.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Alexander Oct 2 1849 unmarried . Beckwith d. May 22 1924
Peter Jul 12 1851 Elizabeth McDougall Jun 28 1906 Strathclaire, Manitoba h. Aug 18 1926
w. Jun 11 1942
Catherine May 31 1853 Robert S. Allan Jun 23 1898 Hastings
h. Nov 16 1912
w. Jan 3 1936
John McDougall Oct 14 1855 unmarried . British Columbia d. May 3 1893

Janet McDougall died eleven days after the birth of John McDougall Stewart, and was buried in the Kennedy Cemetery, Beckwith.

John Stewart's second wife was Mary Ann Lawford.

(Generation 5) The Family of John Stewart and Mary Ann Lawford of Beckwith Township, Lanark Co.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Elizabeth 1857 John Duncan Armstrong Jul 1 1891 Carleton Place h.
Margaret Oct 1859 John Stewart Mar 23 1887 Crystal City,
Thomas 1862 Elizabeth Sinclair Jan 4 1911 Carleton Place h. Mar 23 1931
w. 1946
Janet C. Mar 1863 unmarried . Carleton Place d. 1909
Neil Jan 14 1867 unmarried . Beckwith Township d. Jan 10 1930
Mary Ann Dec 1867 Edwin Scott Dewar Aug 12 1897 Crystal City,
Agnes Ellen Jan 18 1868 John J. Dopson Dec 25 1895 Ottawa h.
w. Feb 22 1919
Isabella Grace Dec 27 1871 unmarried . Beckwith Township d. Feb 7 1935

The death of John Stewart was recorded in the Perth Courier, 7th April 1899.

A week ago last night, John Stewart, 7th Concession Beckwith, near the lake, received a paralytic stroke from which he never really rallied and early yesterday morning — within a week — the strong man was not and his spirit departed. Mr. Stewart was born in Perthshire, Scotland and came to this country with a contingent of those sturdy Scotch settlers who came out in the early days. Deceased was a man of splendid physique and scarcely knew what illness was until the fatal shock came so quickly, ending his career.

Mr. Stewart was twice married, the first being with Elizabeth (sic) McDougall and by whom four children were born, viz., Alexander now at home; Peter of Strathclaire, Manitoba; Mrs. R. S. Allen of Cooper, Ontario; and John who, it will be remembered, was accidentally killed while falling from a bridge in British Columbia six years ago.

Mr. Stewart’s second wife was Mary A. Lawford who survives him and by whom seven children were born all living: Mrs. J.D. Armstrong of Carleton Place; Mrs. John Stewart and Mrs. Ed Dewar of Crystal City, Manitoba; Mrs. Dopson of Ottawa and Thomas, Neil, Jennie and Bella at home.

Mr. Stewart lived continuously in Beckwith. In religion he was Presbyterian and a member of Knox Church, Black’s Corners. In politics he was a Reformer of the old school. He served his fellows in Council for two years and was a school trustee for many years.


(Generation 5) The Family of Donald Buchanan and Grace Stewart of Bruce Township

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Jennette 1852 . . . h.
Grace 1860 . . . h.
Duncan 1863 . . . h.
John 1866 . . . h.


(Generation 5) The Family of Duncan Stewart and Christian McDougall of Ramsay Township

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Alexander 1854 . . Ramsay
d. 1859
Donald 1857 Sarah Watson . . h. 1928
Alexander 1861 . . Ramsay
d. 1869
John Sep 4 1863 Hughena Roberts . . h. Aug 29 1927
w. Mar 12 1955
Neil 1866 1. Ada P. Culligan
2. Mary Ann Fee
. . h. 1941
w1. 1910
w2. 1939
Peter 1869 . . Ramsay
d. 1873

(Note by Bill Mains: John Stewart was the father of Duncan Stewart of Appleton. Duncan married a Cavers girl, a sister of Stewart Cavers, the electrician in Carleton Place when I was growing up.)


(Generation 4) The Family of Duncan Stewart and Christian Kennedy of Woodend of Port-an-Eilean

1791, Blair Atholl OPR
Alexander Stewart in Balcastle of Borenich and Isobel Scott his wife had a child baptised 16th October named Duncan.

Duncan was married and had his own family before his father and the rest of the family felt that they should emigrate. Perhaps this is not surprising as Alexander and Isobel's children were born over a 22 year period, and Duncan was already 16 when the last of his brothers was born.

1832, Blair Atholl (marriage)
Duncan Stewart in Balchastle and Christian Kennedy in Uchdnanetaig, both of this parish, 23rd December

In the 1841 census Duncan and his wife were living at Woodend of Port-an-Eilean and had a small family: Isabella, aged 6; Alexander, aged 3; and Janet, aged 2 months. Duncan died 1st March 1843 and the settlement of his estate is recorded in the Perth Commissary Court Book (3rd May 1844), which makes interesting reading.

Although he only had just over £40 in the bank and his furniture at Woodend was valued at less than £8, his estate amounted to a large sum of money which was owing to him. These debts were divided into three types: those likely to be paid; those possibly to be paid; and those unlikely to be paid. These debts also provide information about a multitude of other people living in the Strathtummel area.

Debts due

Duncan Robertson, Strowan...................................£9 15s 6d
Robert Douglas, Balnabodach...................................£5 0s 0d
John Fraser, Balnald................................................£3 5s 0d
Donald Stewart, Bridgend........................................£1 3s 0d
Duncan Brown, Mains of Bonskeid.............................£2 9s 0d
Thomas Dow, Tomintianda.......................................£2 8s 0d
Duncan Stewart, Bruchbane...................................£11 8s 0d
Duncan McBeath, Knockgarry...................................£7 0s 0d
Donald Stewart, shoemaker, Milton of Fincastle............16s 0d
Duncan Stewart, Kinloch Rannoch.................................8s 6d
James Scott, Ballnellich.......................................£31 10s 0d
John Dow, Balnabodach.........................................£1 10s 0d
Donald Stewart, Tempar.............................................18s 0d
William Robertson, Invervack.................................£2 10s 0d
Robert McDonald, Balnabruach...............................£1 10s 0d
John Buchanan, Tynaline.........................................£1 0s 1d
Charles McCrosty, Nether Duntulich........................£1 10s 0d
Donald Robertson, Kilichonan...................................£1 0s 0d

Debts due, but dubious from circumstances of debtors, of which it is thought not more than a third will be recovered

Robert Stewart, Balnabodach....................................£4 0s 0d
Donald Stewart, Grennich.......................................£2 13s 0d
John Wallace, miller, Fincastle.................................£1 18s 0d
John Dow, Balnabodach..........................................£2 14s 0d
Neil Stewart, Tempar..................................................15s 0d
James McDonald, Lassintulloch..................................£2 0s 0d
James Robertson, Kinloch Rannoch..........................£11 0s 0d
Alexander McLauchlane, Birkhill.................................£3 4s 6d
John McAil, Inver.....................................................£1 3s 6d
Duncan Stewart, Dundee..........................................£8 0s 0d
John Dow, Lassintullich.............................................£1 0s 0d

Debts due, but considered desperate

John Stewart, Tressait.............................................£2 10s 0d
Alexander Stewart, Blairbuie......................................£1 5s 0d
James Douglas, Grennich.........................................£4 15s 0d
John Ferguson, mason, Dunchavin............................£6 10s 0d
Alexander Robertson, miller, Fincastle.........................£6 4s 0d
Donald Robertson, carrier, Kilichonan........................£4 10s 0d

Curiously, there is no mention of Duncan's trade. As his debtors include a shoemaker, two millers, a carrier and a mason, these trades seem to be excluded. It is also noticeable that the debts rarely have an odd number of pennies, so a grocer is unlikely. Being a blacksmith is excluded as there was one closeby at Balnald. Taking this into consideration Duncan might have been a tailor or a carpenter.

In latter years Janet related that Duncan's widow and her family emigrated to Canada in 1846, and settled close to Duncan's brothers in Beckwith Township.

Christian and her children were living on the 100 acre Lot 15 Concession 8 NE which had been purchased by her brother-in-law, John Stewart, from Gregor McGregor in 1848. The 1852 census gives her name as Janet Stewart, in error. In 1857 Christian purchased the SW half of Lot 15 Concession 8 from Gregor McGregor. The children of John Stewart, who had died intestate in 1854, deeded the other half to Christian. The property was transferred to her son Alexander in 1873 for "love and affection ... and $100", and names Christian's husband as Duncan Stewart "in his lifetime of the same place" (Beckwith).

Alexander probably died on 15th January 1885, as recorded in the Perth Courier (30th January 1885) and in his will he left all of his property to his mother and sister Janet. As his other sister is not mentioned, it must be assumed that Isabella died by 1861 as she does not appear in the census of that year. Christian died in Beckwith on 19th March 1900 and the unmarried Janet lived on at the property with her adopted daughter Ruby until 1924 when both halves were sold to William George Hudson for $3,000. Janet's death certificate has not yet been found and there do not appear to be memorial stones for any of the family.


(Generation 4) Alexander Stewart of Balcastle

1793, Blair Atholl OPR
Alexander Stewart in Balcastle of Borenich and Isobel Scott his wife had a child born 8th and baptised 10th November named Alexander.

There is no definite trace of Alexander Stewart in the Blair Atholl parish records, apart from his birth, but circumstances suggested that he might have been the same person as Sandy 'Merchant Sandy' Stewart of Beckwith Township.

Firstly, Canadian records showed that Alexander 'Merchant Sandy' Stewart was born in Blair Atholl parish in either 1792 or 1793, which was similar to when Alexander Stewart of Balcastle was born. Secondly, 'Merchant Sandy' and his wife emigrated to Beckwith Township on the same ship as John Stewart of Balcastle and his family, and as these were the only two families from Blair Atholl it suggested that two brothers had emigrated together. However, there was no record of Alexander Stewart of Balcastle marrying, and the July 1818 passenger list for the 'Curlew' clearly stated that 'Merchant Sandy' had been accompanied by his wife Margaret.

It is known that the register of marriages for Blair Atholl is incomplete and between 1810 and 1818 there are only two marriages between an Alexander Stewart and a Margaret of any surname. The first is the marriage of Alexander Stewart in Kirkton of Lude and Margaret Stewart in the parish of Little Dunkeld, dated 16th December 1810. However this is not the couple as their son Charles was born in Blair Atholl 20th August 1820. The second is the marriage of Alexander Stewart in Craggan and Margaret Stewart in Auchghoul dated 12th April 1812, and as there is no further information about this couple, this may be 'Merchant Sandy'.

Alexander 'Merchant Sandy' Stewart settled at Black's Corner (Concession 9, Lot 14NE), but Margaret seems to have died soon after their arrival as Alexander is listed as being on his own in the 1822 Beckwith Census. Alexander actually had a half-share of Concession 9, Lot 14NE, with the other half belonging to Robert Scott jnr. from Dull parish. Robert's father, Robert Scott snr. from Dull parish had purchased Concession 9, Lot 14SW. Interestingly, the names of Alexander Stewart and Robert Scott, both of Beckwith Township, are cited as the executors of the will of Donald Douglass of Montague Township which he wrote on 7th December 1850, and was registered on 30th March 1854. The Robert Scott who is mentioned here, appears to be the son of Robert Scott and Margaret Stewart, Mains of Duntaulich, who was baptised in Dull parish on 3rd July 1796. Duntaulich is on the south side of Loch Tummel facing Borenich.

Although all of this is circumstantial evidence, it did suggest that Alexander 'Merchant Sandy' Stewart was the son of Alexander Stewart and Isobel Scott of Balcastle, Borenich. The breakthrough came from the will of Robert Stewart of Beckwith. Robert and his wife Helen (Ellen) Stewart can be traced back to Balcastle in Blair Atholl, and Robert's will which is dated April 1842 names "my brothers John Stewart, Alexander Stewart and James Stewart" as executors. In 1842 there were only two Alexander Stewarts who were old enough to be Robert's brother. One was Alexander Stewart of Balchapel and Beckwith, who was married to Robert's sister Elizabeth. His parents were Neil Stewart and Janet Fraser of Croftcarnach, Blair Atholl parish, and they did not have a son named Robert. So, by elimination, 'Merchant Sandy' must have been Robert's brother. There is additional supporting evidence that 'Merchant Sandy' had a brother John as he is mentioned in connection with the timber mills that were built by 'Merchant Sandy's' sons in Waba.

On 12th February 1822 Alexander 'Merchant Sandy' Stewart married Elizabeth Douglass in Montreal, Quebec. Transcription of marriage record: St Andrew’s Presbyterian church, Montreal, Quebec, folio 6: “Alexander Stewart of the Township of Beckwith, farmer, now in Montreal, and Elizabeth Douglass of Montreal, spinster, were married at Montreal on the twelfth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty two in the presence of the under signed witnesses. [signed]: John McCuan [or McEuan], James McEwen, William McEuan. Minister: Robert Easton. [Alexander Stewart signed name; marked X for Elizabeth Douglass]. Elizabeth Douglass was living in Montreal at the time. It is interesting to note that the Douglass families from Blair Atholl often wrote their name with a double 'S' at the end. In addition her memorial inscription in the Kennedy cemetery, Beckwith, describes her as a 'native of Perthshire'. Stewart family papers mention that her sister Isabella was married to Colin Campbell who emigrated to McNab township from Perthshire in 1853.

The Old Parish Records for Dull show that Colin Campbell and Isabella Douglas were married on 14th February 1823.

1823, Dull OPR (marriages)

Colin Campbell and Isabel Douglass both in this parish gave up their names for proclamation in order to marriage.

Colin's wife, Isabella, was the daughter of Donald Douglas and Isobel McCra(w) or Mackay. She was born on 10th June 1795 at Middleton of Duntanlich. Her sister Elizabeth (Elspet), merchant Sandy's wife, was born at Middleton of Duntanlich on 6th May 1800.

'Merchant Sandy' was an astute businessman and is reputed to have opened his general store in the early 1830s. He owned one of the first stone-built houses in the area and his extensive outbuildings included a small lime kiln and an ash store. In 1848 he paid the Crown Estates $40 for the 200 acres of Lot 2, Concessions 4 and 5 in McNab township. This land lay on both sides of the Waba Creek where there was a 4-metre high waterfall which could be used to power a sawmill. In 1852 the Stewart family constructed a dam across the Waba Creek and built a mill with an upright saw on the west bank. By 1858 Alexander was advertising that he had ...

at his MILLS in McNAB, SEASONED PINE, That is, BOARDS of all kinds and qualities, fit to be used for any purpose. OAK, BIRCH, BASWOOD, and MAPLE. Also to his former Stock he has added about one hundred thousand Sawed Shingles, and in large quantity of SAWED LATHS. The whole will be sold very low for CASH or short Approved Credit.

Having his BARLEY MILL new and in good order, he will exchange Pot Barley, and pay CASH for any quantity of good Barley .... All Country produce will be taken in payment till the 1st of February next.

In 1865 the railway reached Pakenham and the sawmill's sawn timber was shipped by train to Brockville and on to the Canadian and U.S. markets. The railway was another opportunity and the Stewart Brothers of Waba won the contract to build the Waba section. They started construction in December 1873 and were finished by June 1874 for a cost of only $650.

Alexander's son Robert farmed Lot 2 on Concession 4, while Donald and John ran the sawmill and other enterprises, until Donald died of pneumonia in 1883, after which John became the principal partner of the Waba Mills enterprises.

Alexander died in 1892 and his memorial inscription at the Kennedy Cemetery, Beckwith, reads "Alexander Stewart 1792-1892. His wife Elizabeth Douglass. Natives of Perthshire. Their son Alexander and daughter Elizabeth. STEWART".


(Generation 4) The Family of Alexander 'Merchant Sandy' Stewart and Elizabeth Douglass of Black's Corner, Beckwith Township

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Isabella 1824 . . . d.
Elizabeth Jan 9 1826 unmarried . Beckwith,
Lanark Co.
d. Jan 14 1906
Alexander 1829? unmarried . Beckwith,
Lanark Co.
d. Aug 29 1881
Donald Aug 8 1829 unmarried . Waba Creek,
Renfrew Co.
d. Apr 29 1883
Janet Jun 24 1832 Alexander E. Scott . Pakenham,
Lanark Co.
h. Feb 27 1912
w. Feb 8 1911
Robert Apr 22 1833 Elizabeth Rea May 24 1883 Waba Creek,
Renfrew Co.
h. Jul 15 1915
w. Sep 7 1934
Margaret 1835 William Hill . McNab,
Renfrew Co.
Grace Feb 1840 William Young Jan 9 1884 Beckwith,
Lanark Co.
John Dec 21 1841 Margaret Robertson Jul 1 1873 McNab,
Renfrew Co.
h. Aug 27 1925
w. Feb 13 1920

Merchant Sandy's son Alexander was born at Beckwith township and stayed there to farm and run the merchant store with his father, while his three brothers moved to Waba Creek. The 1881 census suggest that he was born in 1829. His sister Elizabeth acted as house-keeper.

Merchant Sandy's son Donald was born at Beckwith township and educated at Carleton Place before moving to Waba. He was a highly regarded local councillor and, in 1860, introduced a motion for the establishment of a public library. He was also generous in his support for the building of the White Lake Presbyterian Church in 1881, when he donated most of the building material. In 1875 he held the office of Warden of Renfrew County. In the 1881 census he was sharing his house with his brother Robert and his sister Grace. One of the labourers living with them was William Young who had been born in Scotland. A few years later he married Grace. Donald died of pneumonia in 1883, and being unmarried he left his fine house in Waba to his younger brother Robert, who promptly married Elizabeth Rae.


(Generation 5) The Family of Alexander E. Scott and Janet Stewart of Pakenham, Lanark County

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Jessie Forbes Apr 1857 unmarried . Waba,
Renfrew Co.
d. Jan 18 1927
Elizabeth c1860 . . Pakenham,
Lanark Co.
William c1862 . . Pakenham,
Lanark Co.
Alexander c1864 unmarried . Pakenham,
Lanark Co.
Isabella c1866 . . Pakenham,
Lanark Co.
Robert c1868 . . Pakenham,
Lanark Co.
John D. May 14 1869 Jane Isabella McLachlan . Waba,
Renfrew Co.
h. May 26 1945
w. May 4 1944
Margaret c1873 . . Pakenham,
Lanark Co.


(Generation 5) The Family of Robert Stewart and Elizabeth Rea of McNab, Renfrew County

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Elizabeth Ann Dec 13 1885 Earle Bremmer Campbell Jun 25 1908 Pakenham,
Lanark Co.
h. Feb 23 1948
w. Sep 10 1952
Margaret Isabella Feb 28 1894 Clarence Duncan Lyon Jul 3 1919 . h. Jun 1 1969
w. Mar 9 1965


John Stewart, 51, farmer, Beckwith, McNab, son of Alexander Stewart and Elizabeth Douglas married Margaret Robertson, 21, McNab, McNab, daughter of Duncan Robertson and Elizabeth Morris, witnesses: Alexander Stewart of Beckwith and Grace Stewart of McNab, 1 July 1873, McNab (Renfrew marriages).

(Generation 5) The Family of John Stewart and Margaret Robertson of McNab, Renfrew County

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Alexander Newton
Aug 23 1873 unmarried . McNab,
Renfrew County
d. Sep 3 1934
Duncan Gordon Jun 27 1875 Ethel Margaret Stewart May 5 1909 Horton,
Renfrew County
h. Oct 3 1954
w. Mar 3 1964
James 1878 . . McNab,
Renfrew County
John Robertson 1879 . . McNab,
Renfrew County
Elizabeth 1881 . . McNab,
Renfrew County
Andrew 1885 . . McNab,
Renfrew County
William 1885 . . McNab,
Renfrew County


(Generation 4) The Family of Robert Stewart and Helen Stewart of Beckwith Township, Ontario

1795, Blair Atholl OPR
Alexander Stewart in Balchastle and Isabel Scott his wife had a child baptised 20th December named Robert.

Robert was the sixth child of Alexander and Isobel. He married Helen Stewart of Achastle in Fincastle before this branch of the Stewarts left Balcastle. The marriage proclamations are recorded in the OPRs for both Blair Atholl and Dull parishes.

Blair Atholl, 1822 (marriage)
Robert Stewart in Castletown of this parish and Helen Stewart in Achastle of the parish of Dull, 10th February.

Dull, 1822 (marriage)
Robert Stewart in the parish of Blair Atholl and Helen Stewart in this parish gave their names to be proclaimed in order to marriage, 8th February.

There are baptisms for two of their children recorded in the Blair Atholl OPRs:

1824, Blair Atholl OPR
Hellen lawful daughter to Robert Stewart and Hellen Stewart his spouse in Castleton was baptised 5th April.

1827, Blair Atholl OPR
Elisabeth lawful daughter to Robert Stewart and Hellen Stewart his spouse in Castletown of Borenich was born 26th December and baptised 30th.

Robert and his wife also had a son, Alexander, born in Scotland in 1828, so the family must have emigrated between 1828 and 1833 as Robert Stewart purchased Concession 6, Lot 25 East, from Alexander Kennedy on 26th June 1833 and later purchased Concession 6, Lot 26 West, from the Crown Authorities in 1835.

Robert is mentioned by the Assessor, Richard Finlay, as the freeholder of the Concession 6, Lot 26 West in 1841, but he must have died soon afterwards as his son Alexander was known as Widow's Sandy, in the Derry. When Alexander was old enough to take over the farm he extended it to 300 acres in 1858 by purchasing an adjoining 100 acres from the Crown Authorities.

Alexander married Margaret Ferguson, the daughter of a near neighbour, James Ferguson, and they had nine children. Alexander's sisters married Sandy 'shoemaker' Stewart, Donald 'the piper' Stewart and Ninian Hyslop of Arnprior. The Stewarts left The Derry in 1887 and moved west.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Helen Apr 5 1824
. . Balcastle d.
Elizabeth Dec 26 1827
. . . h.
Alexander Nov 11 1828
Margaret Ferguson . . h. Apr 15 1911
w. Jun 10 1926
Margaret 1832?
. . . h.
Isabella 1839?
Ninian Hyslop Apr 22 1862 . h. before 1885
w. Oct 6 1885

(Notes by Bill Mains: Margaret Ferguson was the daughter of James Ferguson who settled lot 24, Concession 6, Beckwith. This family moved to North Dakota in the 1880's. Ninian's daughter Catherine married Alexander Cavers, and they were the parents of Stewart Cavers, electrican in Carleton Place, and Christina Cavers who married Duncan Stewart at Appleton.)


(Generation 4) Grisel Stewart of Balcastle

1798, Blair Atholl OPR
Grisel daughter to Alexander Stewart and Isobel Scott in Borenich born 16th January and baptised 21st.

Girsel married John Stewart of Uchdnanetaig on 12th January 1823. John's parentage is unknown, but this is not the John Stewart who was born to Donald Stewart jnr. and Margaret Robertson of Uchdnanetaig on 18th May 1772, as he died in 1860 and his death certificate shows that he was married to Helen Stewart of Balcastle (Girsel's aunt).

The couple had three sons while they were living at Uchdnanetaig. Donald was born 12th November 1824, Alexander was born 8th August 1826 and James was born 28th October 1828.

Nothing is known about the family after this date, but it is possible that they emigrated to Canada with the rest of Girsel's family.


(Generation 4) Donald Stewart of Balcastle

1800, Blair Atholl OPR
Donald lawful son to Alexander Stewart and Isobel Scott, Bailcastle born 5th July and baptised 9th.

Nothing else is known about Donald.


(Generation 4) The Family of Donald Stewart and Janet Stewart of Croftdouglas

1802, Blair Atholl OPR
Jannet lawful daughter to Alexander Stewart and Isobel Scott in Bailcastle, Borenich born 15th August and baptised 19th.

Janet married Donald Stewart of Croftdouglas on 22nd March 1829. There are no children recorded in the Blair Atholl OPR, so it is possible that the couple emigrated. There is a reference to a John Stewart who married Isabella Rennie on 5th February 1869 in Bruce, Ontario, which may be interesting as it gives his parents as Donald Stewart and Janet Stewart, and that he was born in Perthshire, Scotland, around 1833.


(Generation 4) The Family of James Stewart and Isobel Stewart of Beckwith Township, Ontario

1804, Blair Atholl OPR
James lawful son to Alexander Stewart and Isobella Scott spouse in Borenich born 12th November baptised 16th.

James was the tenth child and his emigration to Beckwith Township is beyond doubt as his gravestone in the Kennedy Cemetery, Beckwith, states that he was born 1804 at Balcastle, and died 25th August 1879 at Beckwith, Lanark, Ontario.

James married Isobel (Isabella) Stewart of Dalnancarn in the parish of Moulin on 11th April 1830, and this is recorded in both parishes. According to the 1881 census, after the death of her husband she was living with her son, Alexander Forbes Stewart, and his family. Isabella died 11th September 1892 and is buried next to James in the Kennedy cemetery. Her memorial stone suggests that she was born about 1807, but her parentage is unknown.

James and Isabella had a large family, and as their eldest child was born in Ontario in 1832, they must have emigrated soon after getting married. There exists a document dated 24th May 1836 from James Stewart to P. Robinson, York, indicating his willingness to purchase Concession 6, Lot 10NE in Beckwith. However as this was a Clergy Reserve he seems to have been unsuccessful and by 1852 the family are living at Concession 6, Lot 12A, which was later designated as Concession 6, Lot 11. They must have done well for themselves as James and his 7 children were farming 300 acres and living in a stone house rather than a log cabin, which was the norm for most of their neighbours. His neighbour on Concession 7, Lot 12 was James's nephew, Neil Stewart, the son of his sister Elizabeth.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Isabella c1832 . . . d.
Donald c1833 unmarried . Con 6, Lot 11
d. Apr 18 1905
c1836 Donald Campbell . Pakenham,
Lanark Co.
w. Aug 17 1902
Jan 27 1839 James
. Pakenham,
Lanark Co.
h. Oct 1 1892
w. Jun 9 1911
Jane c1842 . . . d. after 1861
1845 William Henry
Apr 3 1873 . h.
w. 1923
Alexander Forbes 1846 Catherine F.
Nov 25 1870 Carleton Place h. Jul 22 1923

Helen (Ellen) and Janet (Jessie) married the brothers Donald and James Campbell of Pakenham township. They were the sons of Colin Campbell and Isabella Douglass, who had lived at Balcastle, Blair Atholl, before emigrating to McNab township. For details about this family, see The Campbells of Balcastle.

Helen Stewart, the wife of Donald Campbell is buried in White Lake Cemetery, McNab Township, Renfrew County, Ontario and has a memorial stone but her husband seems to have been buried elsewhere. James Campbell and his wife Jessie Stewart are buried in the same cemetery, and likewise have a memorial stone.


(Generation 4) Charles Stewart of Balcastle

1807, Blair Atholl OPR
Charles lawful son to Alexander Stewart and Isobel Scott spouse in Balachastel born 13th December and baptised 16th.

Nothing is known about their last child, Charles.


(Generation 5) The Family of Donald Campbell and Helen (Ellen) Stewart of Pakenham Township

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Isabella c1869 . . . h.


(Generation 5) The Family of James Campbell and Janet (Jessie) Stewart of Pakenham Township

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Isabella Jane 1861 . . . h.
Jessie Forbes c1862 . . . h.
Margaret Ellen c1866 . . . h.
Elizabeth Melinda c1868 . . . h.
Catherine Louisa Douglas Jul 1870 . . . h.
Stewart Jul 12 1872 . . . h.
Murray Colin 1875 Margaret Ann McIntyre Dec 2 1902 Pakenham,
Lanark Co.
Alphreza Delina Dec 23 1877 . . . h.
Lorne A. Apr 9 1880 . . . h.
Earle Bremmer Oct 2 1883 Elizabeth Ann
Jun 25 1908 Pakenham,
Lanark Co.
h. Feb 23 1948
w. Sep 10 1952


(Generation 5) The Family of William H. Code and Elizabeth (Betsy) Stewart of Ottawa

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
J. Howard Jun 8 1875 . . . h.
Lorne Feb 23 1877 . . . h.
Stewart c1880 . . . h.
Elden Jan 17 1883 . . . h.


(Generation 5) The Family of Alexander Forbes Stewart and Catherine Ferguson McGregor of Carleton Place

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
James F. c1872 . . . h.
Alexander Herbert Aug 13 c1874 . . . d. Nov 16 1951
Isabella c1876 . . . h.
Donald A. Apr 26 1878 . . . h.
Malcolm M. Oct 1 1880 . . . h.
Willie John Sep 13 1892 . . . h.
Robert H. Oct 20 1884 . . . h.
Annie Catherine Apr 28 1886 James McAllister
. . h. 1979
w. 1979
Harold L. Apr 22 1888 . . . h.

The 1881 Canadian census shows Alexander and Catherine's family including Malcolm, and finishes with Alexander's widowed mother Isabella. However, there are two people listed between Malcolm and the widow: William J. Stewart aged 23; and Louisa Stewart aged 14. The identities of these two people are unknown.


Family Tree of Alexander Stewart of Balcastle

Family Tree of Alexander Stewart and Isobel Scott of Balcastle

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