Letter written by John James Stewart, Editor of the Halifax Herald
to his father William Stewart, dated 13th April 1886

My Father,

Your favor of the 8th inst. came duly to hand on Saturday night. Mr Ferguson (1) was still in the city awaiting the arrival of a shipment of thoroughbred stock, and I read your letter to him. It was conclusive. It established our relationship beyond doubt. He then gave me, from memory, the genealogy of your aunt's family, a summary of which I enclose. From this it will be seen that both of our cousins are dead, and that several of the third generation have passed away. Those that remain are, however, in good circumstances, many of them occupying influential positions. Mr Ferguson himself has been Provincial Secretary of the island for the past 8 years, and his government is stronger today than ever.

His father came from a place called Craggan (2) between Blair and Pitlochry, near what is sometimes called the King's Island. He came to the Island in the same ship as our aunt Christian (3) and her family. Mr Ferguson thought the year that they came was 1807, but the first letter from John Scott (4) to your father (5) would indicate that they came in 1806, that is if you have copied the date correctly (6). He said he would like very much to have the letters to show his mother's cousins, Alex and Donald Scott (7), who would be greatly interested in reading their father's letters.

Mr Ferguson also knew the Alexander Stewart of Beckwith (8), whose letter to Rev. Donald Stewart (9) you will remember. He was at his place about a year ago. It is about 40 miles from Ottawa. He says he is a very fine looking patriarchial looking old man, of about 80. Of course he knew nothing of his genealogy, further than that he is related to the Scotts; was a cousin of John Scott (your cousin) and has two daughters married to Scotts, sons of a cousin of John Scott (10) , who also came to P.E. Island about the same time that your aunt came.

He is going to write me more fully, after he gets home, and I will let you know what he says.

Your affectionate son - J.J. Stewart


Alexander Scott of Loch Tummell married Christian Stewart, daughter of Donald and Jane Stewart of Balhastle in same parish, about 1786.
Alexander Scott died in Loch Tummell sometime before 1806. Christian Stewart died in P.E. Island in 1836 or 37.

Had children -
Janet, married Donald Stewart, a cousin of her mother, in Scotland about 1806.
John married a Miss Kennedy of P.E. Island about 1818.

Donald Stewart of Loch Tummel married Janet Scott, daughter of Alexander and Christian Scott in the parish of Blair Athol about 1806.
Donald Stewart died May 1833. Janet Stewart died 1855.

Had children -
Christian, born in Pictou on the voyage out, married a McGregor who died some years since. Has a son, a millionaire in Montana, and several other children. Was in very delicate health when last heard from, by Mr Ferguson.
Alexander, died several years ago. Has a son, a leading lawyer in Charlottetown, and several other children living.
John, died five years ago leaving a large family.
Donald, still living.
James, still living.
Margaret, married a Mr Thompson, still living.
Isabella, married a Mr Ferguson, is Hon. Donald Ferguson's mother and still living.
Jane, married a William Scott, a second cousin of her own, and still living.

John Scott, son of Alexander and Christian Scott married ..... Kennedy of P.E. Island about 1818.
John Scott died about 1880.

Had children -
Alexander, still living.
Donald, still living on old homestead.
Christian, dead, never married.
Margaret, dead, never married.
Janet, still living, never married.
Susan, still living, never married.
Charlotte still living, never married.


(1) Donald Ferguson of Tulloch Farm, the son of John 'Craggan' Ferguson jnr. and Isabella 'Appletree' Stewart.
(2) The farms of East and West Craggan were situated just to the south of Kilmaveonaig church.
(3) The daughter of Donald Stewart and Janet Stewart in Balcastle, widow of Alexander Scott.
(4) The son of Alexander Scott and Christian Stewart.
(5) James 'Ban' Stewart.
(6) A Ferguson family diary records that the emigrants arrived at Pictou on the barque 'Romulus', 1st May 1807.
(7) The sons of John Scott and Elizabeth Kennedy.
(8) 'Merchant' Sandy of Black's Corner, Beckwith, was the son of Robert Stewart and Janet Robertson in Balcastle, born 1795.
(9) Probably 'Deacon' Robert Stewart, 'Merchant' Sandy's younger brother, living in Lochaber, Ontario.
(10) William Scott,

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