Roll of the Duke of Atholl's Fencible Men (1706)

The Roll of the Duke of Atholl's Fencible Men (1705 and 1706) is listed in volume 2 of the 'Chronicles of the Families of Atholl and Tullibardine'. The fencible men were those men of the parish, aged between sixteen and sixty, who were capable of bearing arms.

The list below provides details of the fencible men in Bohally and Strathtummel, but does not mention the names of their dwellings, or their relationship to each other (e.g. father and son). However, it is known that the Calmanach (i.e. Dow) families farmed the western end of Strathtummel, so the list appears to record the families from west to east, finishing with the Douglas families at Croftdouglas. Interestingly, all of the Calmanachs are listed in Strathtummel with the exception of Patrick Calmanach, tenant in Tarvie, Glen Briarachan.

(8 men)

Name Equipment
John McBeath wants a gun
Donald McBeath wants a sword
Donald McLeish armed
Patrick McVicar wants a sword
Alexander Calmanach armed
Duncan Forbes armed
John Calmanach wants arms
Charles Robertson armed


(35 men)

Name Equipment
Thomas Calmanach armed
Robert Calmanach armed
John Calmanach armed
Donald Calmanach armed
Donald Calmanach wants arms
Donald McIntosh wants arms
John Calmanach armed
Alexander Calmanach armed
John Calmanach armed
Alexander Calmanach armed
Alexander McDouglas armed
John McGlashan wants arms
Robert Robertson wants a sword
John Douglas wants arms
Alexander Robertson wants a gun
Alexander Robertson wants a gun
Patrick Robertson has a sword
David Fraser armed
Alexander McKenzie has a sword
Donald Kennedy armed
Alexander Stewart armed
Neil Stewart armed
Donald Robertson armed
James Stewart armed
Alexander Stewart armed
William Stewart wants arms
Donald Stewart wants arms
Alexander Stewart armed
Alexander Douglas armed
John Douglas armed
Donald Douglas wants arms
James Douglas armed
Duncan Stewart armed
Duncan Robertson armed
William Young armed


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