Blair Atholl Marriages (1780 - 1789)

Extracts of marriages from the Old Parish Records of Blair Atholl

Although the Blair Atholl Old Parish Record of marriages contains a few proclamations between October 1733 and December 1734, it was not until November 1743 that marriages were properly recorded, and even then the record was not kept very well. The records for the years 1782 to 1784, if ever they were taken, are lost.

Some Blair Atholl marriages only appear in the OPRs of the adjacent parishes of Dull, Fortingall and Moulin, and are given here in bold type.

Where only a proclamation exists, the date is prefixed by 'P'. Some proclaimed marriages did not take place and are shown as (retracted). Entries which are not in strict chronological order but are recorded in the same year are marked with an asterisk * after the date. When an entry appears in a different year, the year of entry appears as a superscript after the asterisk * e.g. *07

The spelling of some surnames may appear erratic, but in some cases the exact spelling is crucial. If the IGI on-line database facility is being searched for the name McGregor, one might have expected the resulting list to include the names MacGregor, MacGrigor and McGrigore, but this is not always the case. Likewise, abbreviated names are a problem, and editorial brackets have been used. For example, Pat(rick) Stew(art) indicates that the IGI database will only recognise Pat Stew as the correct name. Editorial brackets have also been used to provide additional information, or to make educated guesses.

In most cases, the names of homesteads have been entered using a standardised spelling derived from the 1st edition of the Ordnance Survey (1867), rather than the anglecised version of the spoken Gaelic which can be extremely variable and confusing. For example "Balinteapail" and "Chapelton" both refer to Balchapel. It also allows the Gazetteer to be more easily used. Some places, such as Struan, Calvine, Trinafour and Blairfettie, are given in their present form, to help those less famliar with the parish to find locations on current maps.

The location of most homesteads can be found using the "Gazetteer of Place Names in Blair Atholl Parish"

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Groom Homestead Bride Homestead Date
Duncan McElendras
(Duncan McDonald)
of Bohespic
Margaret McDonald Dalcroy
of Bohally, Dull
7 Jan 1780
Neil McGlashan Balinluig Christian McGlashan Margdow
of Invervack
28 Jan 1780
John Moon Cnock
of Drumnacriach
Christian McIntyre Blair Atholl 31 Jan 1780
John McFarlane Pitagowan Isabel McFarlane Pitagowan 17 Mar 1780
Alexander Robertson Blairfettie Margaret Robertson Achleanie 17 Mar 1780
Thomas Robertson Tomnaguie Isabel Robertson Middle Bridge 2 Jun 1780
Thomas Fergusson Blairuachdar Christian McPherson Logierait 2 Jun 1780
Alexander Stewart Tressait Elspeth McDonald Croftdouglas 21 Jul 1780
John Cameron Lude Elspeth Fergusson Carndeassail 11 Aug 1780
Donald Stewart Rieclachrie Amily Robertson Pitagowan 28 Aug 1780
Charles Frazer Monzie Janet Frazer
(Janet Robertson)
Moulin parish
4 Sep 1780
William Irons Drumsoudie,
parish of Rattray
Margaret Shaw Bridgend of Tilt 28 Oct 1780
John McIntosh Tomnaguie Margaret McFarlane Tomvulin 11 Nov 1780*
John Robertson Gaskan of Bohespic Janet Robertson Gaskan of Bohespic 11 Nov 1780*
Niel Stewart Croftcarnoch
of Borenich
Janet Frazer Tomanbuie (also
Fonab, Logierait)
28 Nov 1780
Alexander McDonald Croftcarnoch
of Auchleeks
Margaret McLean Auchdrumnahuagie 9 Dec 1780
John McFarlane Clachan
(of Struan)
Christian Stewart Cailbruar 9 Dec 1780
Donald Forbes Lettochcroy,
Betty Setton Wester Balrobie 30 Dec 1780
Alexander McLauchlen Dalginross Janet Forbes Tom of Fascharie 13 Jan 1781
John Gow Blairfettie Isabel Robertson Blairfettie 19 Jan 1781
John Stewart Craigdearg Margaret Stewart Sloch Dalvorest 20 Jan 1781
Patrick Stewart Port(-an-eilean) Jean Gow Dalcroy, Dull 27 Jan 1781
William McGlashon Pitagowan Margaret Stewart Dundavie, Dull 26 Feb 1781
James Gow Inverslanie Janet Forbes Auchghoul 9 Mar 1781
John Robertson Blackpark
of Ceannamoin
Janet McIntyre Riemoraig 17 Mar 1781
Niel Robertson Miltown
of Invervack
Jean Fergusson Mains of Dunfallandy,
17 Mar 1781
George Richie Dalginross Betty Stewart Tomnamoin,
24 Mar 1781
John Stewart
(Menzies) Esq.
of Caldares Miss Charlotte Robertson
of Tullybelton
at Lude 17 Apr 1781
Alexander Campbell Balnacrie,
not Moulin
Elizabeth Stewart Haugh of Blair 29 Apr 1781
James Robertson Tirinie Katharine Campbell Mualich 12 May 1781
Finlay Forbes Toldunie Elizabeth Stewart Park of Fincastle,
12 May 1781
Donald Stewart Wester Monzie Christian McIntosh Wester Monzie 2 Jun 1781
John McDonald Dalriach of Bohespic Janet Robertson Nether Bohespic 30 Jun 1781
Alexander Stewart Moulin parish Elspeth McDonald Blair Atholl parish 30 Jun 1781
Robert Stewart Dalvorest Betty Stewart Craigdearg 13 Jul 1781
Angus Stewart Blairfettie Katharine Dewar Tombreck, Dull 14 Jul 1781
James Stewart Auchghoul Isabel Forbes Lettochcroy, Moulin 27 Jul 1781
Duncan Fergusson schoolmaster at
Charlotte Stewart Orchil, Moulin 3 Aug 1781
James McGilliwie Toardow Janet Stewart Blairfettie 10 Aug 1781
Alexander McGregor Dalriach
of Bohespic
Christian Campbell Morethidlich
parish of Weem
16 Oct 1781
Angus Robertson Tomnabrack Margaret Gow Ceannamoin 1 Nov 1781
Donald Stewart Clachglas Janet McBeath Clachglas 13 Nov 1781
James Frazer servant to Lude Wilhelmina Rattray Croftvickewan 26 Nov 1781
Archibald McBeath Mains of Renrory,
Jean Stewart Bridgend of Tilt 7 Dec 1781
Donald McFarlane Pitagowan Janet Fergusson Tomnasallan 7 Dec 1781
Donald McKerchar
Blair Atholl
Katharine McGrigor Balintyre,
7 Dec 1781
Donald Farquharson
(alias McKerchar?)
Port-an-eilean Katharine McGrigor Fortingall parish 14 Dec 1781
There are no marriage
entries in the
Blair Atholl OPR from
14th December 1781
26th August 1784
but adjacent parishes
mention the following
marriages (in bold)
Neil Stewart Blair Atholl parish Christian Stewart Dull parish 25 Dec 1781
Alexander Seton Blair Atholl parish
Christian Seton Moulin parish 25 Jun 1782
Patrick Campbell Blair Atholl parish Helen Menzies Dull parish 5 Jul 1782
Alexander Campbell Drumcastle,
Logierait parish
Peggy Robertson Invervack,
Blair Atholl parish
20 Jul 1782
Blair Atholl parish
(Nether Campsie)
Jean Forbes Dull parish 13 Dec 1782
John McLean Blair Atholl parish
(Over Campsie)
Margaret Cameron Dull parish 24 Jan 1783
Robert McLagan Moulin parish Anne Stewart Blair Atholl parish 18 Feb 1783
John Scott Blair Atholl parish Isabel Livistone
(Isabel Livingstone)
Dull parish 8 Mar 1783
Charles Robertson Lurg(ain)
of Auchleeks,
Blair Atholl parish
Kathrine Cameron Camghuran,
Fortingall parish
5 Apr 1783
Malcom McGregor Blair Atholl parish
(Ard Kinaldy?)
Elizabeth McGregor Dull parish 13 Apr 1783
James Stewart Haugh of
Logierait parish
Christian Fergusson Blair Atholl parish 1 Dec 1783
John McDiarmid Fortingall parish Elizabeth Stewart Blair Atholl parish 7 Dec 1783
Alexander Stewart Blair Atholl parish
Isabel Scott Tullipowrie,
Logierait parish
11 Dec 1783
William Cumming Drumchuin,
Logierait parish
Elspeth McLachlan Bohespic,
Blair Atholl parish
13 Dec 1783
Duncan McGregor Fortingall parish May Robertson Blair Atholl parish 14 Dec 1783
John McGregor Blair Atholl parish
of Auchleeks)
Catharine Stewart Fortingall parish 14 Dec 1783
Patrick McGlashan Blair Atholl parish
Jean McCrostie Moulin parish 22 Dec 1783
John McGlashan Blair Atholl parish Isabel McCraw Moulin parish 24 Dec 1783
Charles Stewart Blair Atholl parish
(Easter Invervack)
Janet Ferguson Dull parish 27 Dec 1783
James McLaren Blair Atholl parish
Isabel McCraw Moulin parish 10 Jan 1784
Alexander Scott Boat of Tullipowrie,
Logierait parish
Christian Stewart Balchastle,
Blair Atholl parish
22 Jan 1784
Peter Ghow
(Patrick Gow)
Blair Atholl parish
Christian Wilson Fortingall parish 22 Mar 1784
John McDiarmid Blair Atholl parish Christian McLellan Fortingall parish 22 Mar 1784
John McIntosh Moulin parish Christian
Blair Atholl parish 16 May 1784
Duncan Loudin Blair Atholl parish Katharine McArthur Dull parish 4 Jul 1784
Charles Conacher Breakack
of Lude
Cicel McIntosh Wester Monzie 26 Aug 1784
Charles McGlashan Kilmaveonaig Katharine McLaren Balinluig 7 Oct 1784
Duncan Cameron Clune-beg Janet Robertson Orchilmore,
22 Nov 1784
Alexander McIntosh Toldamph Margaret McIntosh Toldamph 3 Dec 1784
Charles McIntosh Monzie Janet McLauchlan Monzie 7 Dec 1784
John Shaw Cnappaig Janet McDonald Tomkindrochit 10 Dec 1784
William Stewart Easter Monzie Christina Stewart Easter Monzie 16 Dec 1784
Alexander McGlashon Dailvuick,
Katharine McGlashon Runmore 28 Dec 1784
David Stewart Levadge Elspeth Setton Cronnlach,
11 Jan 1785
Donald Campbell Trinafour Katharine Sinclair Weem Parish 11 Jan 1785
James Forbes Lettochcroy,
Janet Setton Wester Balrobie 24 Jan 1785
Donald Robertson Tomnabrack Isabel Campbell Mualich 25 Jan 1785
Duncan McDonald Easter Monzie Elspeth Robertson Mualich-beg 3 Feb 1785
James Robertson Calvine Elspeth Stewart Wester Invervack 10 Mar 1785
Alexander Forbes Balinuarain Isabel McIntyre Riemoraig 15 Mar 1785
Alexander Graham Balmeanach Elspeth Stewart Balmeanach 17 Mar 1785
Alexander Robertson Pitdornie,
Ann Gow Rindow 17 Mar 1785
John Robertson Achleanie Margaret Forbes Fascharie 1 Apr 1785
John Fergusson Mains of Blair Atholl Ann Fergusson Glaickachlay? 2 Jun 1785
Donald Robertson Breakach Betty McIntosh Ceannamoin 28 Jun 1785
Donald Gow Mualich-more Janet Stewart Riemoraig 28 Jun 1785
John Robertson Tulloch Margaret McDonald Chamberbane 7 Jul 1785
James McDonald late in Grennich Janet Robertson late in Grennich 8 Jul 1785
Alexander Stewart Logierait Parish Marjory Stewart Dalchalloch 20 Jul 1785
Thomas Calmanach Tomintianda Christian Stewart Grennich 26 Jul 1785
Alexander Robertson servant at Lude Betty Robertson Middlebridge 28 Jul 1785
John Stewart Shinigaig-more Janet Stewart Ardtulichan 5 Aug 1785
James Stewart Kincraigie Elspeth McIntosh Tomvulin 30 Aug 1785
Robert Stewart Toldunie Janet McKenzie Rinancoillach 2 Dec 1785
Finlay McBeath Rinancoillach Margaret Young Clune-more 6 Dec 1785
James McIntyre Riemoraig Margaret Roberton Kirkton of Lude 8 Dec 1785
John Setton Ardtulichan Elspeth McCraw Spardon, Moulin 13 Dec 1785
James Robertson Dalriach Margaret Robertson Clunes 15 Dec 1785
William Robertson Invervack Isabel Stewart Wester Craggan 16 Dec 1785
Finlay Scott Aldclune, Moulin Janet McLagan Easter Baluaine 28 Dec 1785
Alexander Robertson Tomnaguie Elspeth McDonald Breakach 29 Dec 1785
Donald McLean Riechaile Janet McLean Auchdrumnahuagie 5 Jan 1786
Robert McDonald Grennich Isabel Robertson Bochonie 10 Jan 1786
Patrick Stewart Tomnaguie Isabel Stewart Easter Craggan 12 Jan 1786
Donald Stewart Wester Invervack Margaret McCraw Pitlochry, Moulin 3 Feb 1786
Robert Stewart Chamberbane Cecil Stewart Miltown of Fincastle,
8 Feb 1786
Donald Setton Balintoul Isabel Stewart Balintoul 8 Feb 1786
Patrick McGlashen Clune-beg Christian Cumming Chapletown
of Borenich
10 Mar 1786
John McFarlane Pitagowan Ann Stewart Cailbruar 10 Mar 1786
James McLauchlen Blair Elspeth Robertson Blair 10 Mar 1786
Alexander Hay Wester Baluaine Christian Stewart Wester Baluaine 8 Apr 1786
John Robertson Park of Ceannamoin Isabel Robertson Kilmaveonaig 14 Apr 1786
Donald Gow Pitagowan Margaret Stewart Wester Invervack 24 Apr 1786
Patrick Cameron Wester Baluaine Ann Robertson Pitdornie 4 May 1786
Donald Kennedy Dull Elspeth McIntosh Blair Atholl 27 May 1786
Charles Stewart Pitagowan Katharine Gow Pitagowan 30 May 1786
Lauchlen McIntosh Toardow Cecil Cameron Dalnacardoch 28 Jun 1786
John Stewart Dalnamine Helen Robertson Achleanie 2 Jul 1786
Hugh Fraser Dalnamine Grissel McDonald Dalnamine 17 Jul 1786
Duncan Fergusson Easter Baluaine Margaret Cameron Wester Baluaine 27 Jul 1786
Robert Robertson Bridgend of Tilt Isabel Robertson Bridgend of Bruar 6 Aug 1786
David Gow Shenvail,
of Calvine
Janet McIntosh Pitagowan 8 Aug 1786
Donald Stewart Wester Invervack Elspeth Robertson Calvine 25 Aug 1786
Alexander Stewart Rindow Marjory Robertson Inverslanie 10 Nov 1786
John Gray Breakach Janet Conacher Drumnanagnach 21 Nov 1786
Henry Stewart Balintochich Ann Douglas Logierait parish 23 Nov 1786
Donald McIntosh Parish of Dull Margaret Fraser Tomanbuie 23 Nov 1786
John Robertson Pitdornie Elspeth Stewart Carrig
15 Dec 1786
Alexander Stewart Blair Atholl Katharine Strong Blair Atholl 16 Dec 1786
John Stewart Tirinie Christian McLauchlan Croftmore 22 Dec 1786
James McIntosh Taorvuick Grissel Stewart Balcastle 2 Jan 1787
John McGlashan Drumnacriach Janet McIntyre Tynacraig 9 Jan 1787
Alexander McKenzie Fincastle, (Dull) Amily McDonald Taorvuick 9 Jan 1787
John Robertson Croftdow Barbara Robertson Cuiltalosgin 11 Jan 1787
Donald Stewart Chamberbane Elspeth Stewart Invervack 28 Jan 1787
Donald McLean Fortingall Marjory Robertson Balnabodach 6 Mar 1787
Alexander Stewart Blairfettie Betty Robertson Pitnacree 6 Mar 1787
Patrick Robertson Dalnacardoch Elisabeth McGlashan Kirktown of Struan 26 Mar 1787
Alexander Robertson Dalriach Janet Robertson Bohespic 22 May 1787
John McDonald Riemoraig Katharine McIntosh Monzie 22 May 1787
Donald McGlashan Invervack Ann Robertson Bochonie 5 Jul 1787
Duncan Setton Balrobie Margaret Cameron Aodantian,
(Edintian, Dull)
12 Jul 1787
James Stewart Bridge of Tilt Katharine Gordon Bridge of Tilt 22 Jul 1787
John McDougall Moulin Parish Janet Robertson Shinigaig-more 7 Sep 1787
Fergus McLauchlan Tomnacean? Janet Reid Kilmaveonaig 6 Dec 1787
John Menzies Mains of Blair Janet Menzies Moulin parish 7 Dec 1787
Donald Stewart Balnabodach Christina Robertson Pitaldonich 12 Dec 1787
John McDonald Dalnamine Grissel Cameron Dalnamine 18 Dec 1787
Alexander Robertson Over Bohespic Cicel Calmanach Achinruie 19 Dec 1787
Donald Stewart Wester Invervack Ann Fergusson Easter Invervack 27 Dec 1787
James Reid Kilmaveonaig Sophia Stewart Bridgend of Tilt 9 Jan 1788
William Stewart Bohally, Dull Isabel McDonald Chamberbane 11 Jan 1788
John Stewart Over Bohespic Jean Gow Dalcroy, Dull 11 Jan 1788
James Stewart Dundee Elspeth Campbell Balinluig 23 Jan 1788
John Stewart Wester Invervack Isabel Fergusson Easter Baluaine 1 Feb 1788
John Stewart Levadge Helen Stewart Dauchinlialash 8 Feb 1788
Donald McFarlane Pitagowan Betty Robertson Pitagowan 15 Feb 1788
Donald Robertson Shenvail
of Calvine
Amily Stewart Wester Invervack 18 Feb 1788
Alexander Stewart Dauchinlialash Elizabeth McGlashan Rinmore 26 Feb 1788
Alexander Calmanach Balnabodach Katharine Robertson Dalno of Bohespic 26 Feb 1788
Duncan McLauchlan Tomanraid, Dull Isabel Robertson Pitaldonich 1 Mar 1788
David Gow Pitagowan Ann Reid Nether Bohespic 18 Mar 1788
John Stewart Tombane
of Pitaldonich
Janet Campbell Ardtulichan 5 Apr 1788
Alexander McGlashan Miltown of
Fincastle, Dull
Margaret Robertson Carrig
22 Apr 1788
John Calmanach Achinruie Ann McGillewie Gaskan 22 Apr 1788
Donald Stewart Tomanbuie Margaret Stewart Wester Invervack 3 Jun 1788
Thomas Robertson Croftviatich,
Margaret McLauchlan Dalginross 3 Jun 1788
James McIntyre Riemoraig Ann McIntyre Drumnanagnach 8 Jul 1788*
John Dow
alias Calmanach
Grennich Isabel McIntosh
alias Cattanach
Grennich 8 Jul 1788*
Donald Robertson Craig of Clunes Janet Robertson Bruchriach 4 Aug 1788
Charles Robertson Aonach of Auchleeks Janet Robertson Craig of Clunes 29 Aug 1788
Alexander Gow Kilmaveonaig Margaret McLauchlan Dalginross 29 Aug 1788
Charles Robertson Easter Monzie Isabel Stewart Easter Monzie 28 Nov 1788
James Cameron Lettochcroy,
Elspeth McLagan Aldclune 12 Dec 1788
John Stewart Grennich Betty Stewart Tressait 12 Dec 1788
Duncan Robertson Craig of Clunes Margaret McLaren Caltom 12 Dec 1788
Duncan Setton Loinchollach,
Grissel Robertson Cairnbaddie 12 Jan 1789
John Stewart Bohally, Dull Elspeth Robertson Tressait 3 Feb 1789*
Duncan Robertson Bochonie Janet Robertson Drumcroy 3 Feb 1789*
Donald Robertson Shenvail of Calvine Margaret Stewart Easter Baluaine 20 Feb 1789
George Robertson Bridgend of Bruar Marjory Robertson
(May Robertson)
daughter to Trinafour,
in Mulinvady
5 Mar 1789
William Gow Dalnamine Ann Gow Achinruie 8 Mar 1789
Duncan Fergusson Easter Baluaine Cecil Robertson Wester Invervack 12 Mar 1789
John Cameron Achleanie Marjory Robertson Over Campsie 12 Mar 1789
William Stewart,
Dalchalloch Jean Robertson daughter to
Mr Robertson
of Auckleeks
13 Mar 1789*
Angus Stewart Tressait Margaret McLean Grennich 13 Mar 1789*
James Stewart Grennich Janet McLaren Grennich 23 Mar 1789
Duncan Stewart Lawers,
parish of Kenmore
Janet Stewart Kinaldy 23 Mar 1789
Duncan Robertson Woodsheal Margaret Robertson Achinruie 23 Mar 1789
Alexander Fergusson Over Kinaldy Margaret Fergusson Over Kinaldy 23 Mar 1789
Lauchlan McIntosh Crombruach Amily Robertson Dalinturuaine 19 Jul 1789
Neil Stewart Balinloin,
Shierglas, Dull
Margaret Robertson Easter Balrobie 17 Aug 1789
Donald Stewart Easter Baluaine Margaret Robertson Shenvail
of Calvine
26 Aug 1789
James Man Balnald
of Clune-more
Margaret Robertson Balnald
of Clune-more
15 Sep 1789
Alexander Gow Cailbruar Elisabeth Stewart Ardtulichan 15 Sep 1789
Robert Stewart Auchghoul Isabel Robertson Inverslanie 22 Sep 1789
Charles Stewart Blairfettie Euphemia Stewart Port-an-eilean 22 Sep 1789
Robert Robertson East Boat of Dunkeld,
parish of Caputh
Jean Gow Balnacroft 17 Nov 1789
James Robertson Mains of Blair Margaret Forbes Renrory, Moulin 10 Dec 1789
Donald McIntyre Kinardochy, Dull Elspeth Cameron Kirktown of Struan 11 Dec 1789
George Richie under-gamekeeper to
the Duke of Atholl
Elisabeth Stewart Ardmark-beg 15 Dec 1789
Alexander Robertson Calvine Katharine Robertson Calvine 16 Dec 1789
Donald Gordon Carrick Christian McLaren Grennich 16 Dec 1789*
John Gow Blairfettie Grissel Cameron Wester Baluaine 23 Dec 1789
John Menzies Miltown of Clunie Jean Menzies Aldclune 28 Dec 1789
George McDiarmid Mains of Stenton,
Elspeth McMillan Calvine 30 Dec 1789*90

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