Fortingall Parish Marriages relating to Blair Atholl (1742 - 1840)

Extracts of marriages from the Old Parish Records of Fortingall

The Blair Atholl Old Parish Record of marriages is very incomplete, but some of the missing or forgotten entries are to be found in the marriage records of the adjacent parishes.

The following list shows only marriages between people living in both the parishes of Blair Atholl and Fortingall. Those entries which appear in both sets of Old Parish Records are shown in normal print, with the respective dates given in the last two columns. Those entries which appear only in the Fortingall marriage register are shown in bold print.

Like Blair Atholl, the Parish of Fortingall identified the bride and groom by where they were living. The specific places of habitation have been taken from the Blair Atholl records for the sake of clarity, so that they can be compared with the records of Fortingall parish.

The marriages in Fortingall parish are not recorded between 1840 and 1855, and those prior to 1800 are still in preparation.

The location of most Blair Atholl homesteads can be found using the "Gazetteer of Place Names in Blair Atholl Parish"

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Name of
Parish Name of
Parish Date
(Blair Atholl)
John Stewart Dalriach,
Blair Atholl
Katharine Campbell Dunan,
3 Feb 1782
John Stewart Crossmount,
Margaret Robertson (Tomnagash?)
Blair Atholl
30 Nov 1800 14 Nov 1800
Duncan Campbell Sleiach,
Blair Atholl
Margaret McGregor Innerhadden,
29 May 1803
Duncan Campbell Blair Atholl Margaret McGregor Fortingall 14 Jun 1803
Duncan Campbell Sron a' Choin,
Blair Atholl
Margaret McDonald Achtarsin,
24 Dec 1804
William McNaughtan Balnacraig,
Margaret McLean Grennich-more,
Blair Atholl
27 Mar 1806 29 Mar 1806
John Cameron Fortingall Helen Robertson Blair Atholl 29 Mar 1807
Alexander Robertson (Bohespic),
Blair Atholl
Elizabeth Robertson (Camghouran),
16 Apr 1809 16 Apr 1809
James Fraser (Croftcarnach),
Blair Atholl
Ann Campbell
(Christian Campbell)
17 Sep 1809 23 Sep 1809
John Stewart Dalnaspidal,
Blair Atholl
Ann Stewart Craigelich,
20 Nov 1811
Alexander Robertson Camghouran,
Margaret Robertson Gascan,
Blair Atholl
23 Jun 1813
Robert McGregor Fortingall Catherine Campbell Blair Atholl 6 Dec 1820
John McCallum Innerhadden,
Susan Stewart Bohespic,
Blair Atholl
17 Apr 1824 18 Apr 1824
Donald Stewart Tomcraggach,
Blair Atholl
Catherine McGregor Innerhadden,
15 May 1825
Alexander McFarlane Glen Errochty,
Margaret Campbell Mount Alexander,
24 Jul 1825 31 Jul 1825
Duncan Forbes Achtarsin,
Margaret McDonald
(Margaret Campbell?)
Blair Atholl
7 Aug 1825 21 Aug 1825
John Robertson Invercomrie?,
Jean Robertson Achinruie,
Blair Atholl
1 Apr 1826 2 Apr 1826
John Stewart Nether Blairish,
Jean Duff Pitagowan,
Blair Atholl
29 May 1826 28 May 1826
Lieut. Colonel
John MacDonald
91st Reg. of Foot
Miss Adriana
eldest daughter of
James McInroy esq.
Lude House,
Blair Atholl
12 Sep 1826 10 Sep 1826
Alexander McDonald Achtarsin,
Margaret McGregor Blair Atholl 2 Mar 1828 13 Apr 1828
Alexander McDonald Glengarry,
Mary McGregor Liaran?,
23 Jan 1831 23 Jan 1831
Alexander Stewart (Bohespic),
Blair Atholl
Janet Campbell Aulich,
16 Apr 1831 17 Apr 1831
Patrick Robertson Blair Atholl Isabel McCallum Innerhadden,
1 Apr 1832
Peter Robertson Kinloch,
Helen Lamond (Bohespic),
Blair Atholl
8 Dec 1832 30 Dec 1832
John Stewart Blair,
Blair Atholl
Christian Dewar Achtarsin,
13 Apr 1839
Donald Campbell Sleughach,
Blair Atholl
Lilias Stewart Urlar Bolfracks,
(Dalno?) Fortingall
24 Nov 1839 24 Nov 1839

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