Stewart Marriages in Borenich

Extracts of marriages from the Old Parish Records of Blair Atholl

The Blair Atholl Old Parish Record of marriages is very incomplete. A Record of Proclamations was kept between between October 1733 and December 1734, but the marriages of these proclamations are not given. Where only a proclamation exists, the date is prefixed by (P). Where a proclamation is retracted, the date is prefixed by (R).

It is not until November 1743 that the Record of Marriages begins, and even then it was not very well kept. The records for the years 1782 to 1784, if ever they were taken, are lost.

This list shows only the Borenich marriages where either the bride or groom was a Stewart.

Names of Borenich homesteads have been entered using a standardised spelling rather than the anglecised version of the spoken Gealic as this is extremely variable and can be confusing. For example "Balinteapail of Borenich" is Balchapel of Borenich.

Groom Homestead Bride Homestead Date
John Stewart Balcastle Christian Stewart Bonskeid, Dull 30 Jun 1734
Alexander McDonald Croftindouglas Helen Stewart Rinnanairlair, Dull 22 Dec 1743
John Stewart Balnabodach Isobel Cattanach Grennich 16 Feb 1744
Donald Stewart Knockgharie Janet Stewart Milltown of Bonskeid 2 Mar 1744
Duncan Stewart Uchdnanetaig Margaret Stewart E. Invervack 29 Mar 1745
John Fraser Balchapel Isobel Stewart Bohally, Dull 12 Dec 1745
John Cattanach Tressait Christian Stewart Balcastle 30 Jul 1747
John Stewart Balnabodach Christian Lyon Pitcastle, Dull 30 Dec 1747
Robert McGillivrie Balchonie Ann Stewart Balchapel 29 Mar 1748
Alexander Stewart Balchapel Cecil Stewart Nether Lettoch, Moulin 5 May 1748
John Kennedy Tomintianda Elspeth Stewart Tomintianda 28 Jul 1748
John Stewart Croftcarnish Margaret Robertson Bonskeid, Dull 21 Nov 1749
Donald Stewart Balnabodach Janet McKenzie Leiks, Dull 5 Dec 1749
Duncan Stewart Uchdnanetaig Isobel Stewart Balnald of Borenich 28 Dec 1749
John McIntosh servant to Dundavie, Dull Margaret Stewart Balintuim 7 Jan 1752
Charles Stewart Bohally, Dull Isobel Stewart Balcastle 5 Apr 1753
Alexander Calmanach Balnabodach Katherine Stewart Bohespic 12 Apr 1753
Donald Stewart Uchdnanetaig Janet Stewart Balchapel of Fincastle 18 Jul 1754
Thomas McKenzie Portnellan Margaret Stewart Portnellan 26 Dec 1754
Alexander Stewart Balintuim Elspeth Robertson Dailniternan? 27 Feb 1755
Alexander McFarlane Ten shilling of Shierglas Margaret Stewart Nethertown of Borenich 4 Dec 1755
James Stewart Bohally Christian Stewart Portnellan 10 Jun 1756
James Stewart Balintunnie of Strathtummel Margaret Stewart daughter to Fasnacloich,
Lissmore and Appin
27 Jan 1758
John Stewart Tomanbuie Isobel Stewart Drumchaldain
in Duntanlich, Dull
13 Mar 1759
John Stewart Tomanbuie of Boranich Margaret Stewart Leik, Dull 10 Jul 1759
John Stewart Portnellan Ann Stewart Mains of Fincastle, Dull 4 Aug 1759
Alexander Campbell Balnald of Borenich Elspeth Stewart Lurgcastle, Dull 7 Feb 1760
John Stewart Tomanbuie Margaret Stewart Shierglas 7 Feb 1760
Duncan Stewart Athaullathan, Dull Elspeth Stewart Balcastle 7 Jan 1761
John Stewart Nethertown of Borenich Elspeth Stewart Kirkton of Foss 19 Feb 1761
Robert Stewart Tressait Katherine Stewart Dailinrich 19 Mar 1761
John Stewart Balnabodach Margaret McLachlan Daildon of Kynachan, Dull 12 Jan 1762
Alexander Stewart Tressait Janet Calmanich Grennich 5 Mar 1762
Alexander Stewart Croftcarnish Isobel Stewart Balnald of Borenich 7 Jun 1763
John Douglas Easter Duntaulich, Dull Isobel Stewart Balchastle 5 Apr 1764
Duncan Stewart Portneolain Margaret Stewart Bailnabruich, Dull 8 Jun 1764
Donald Calmanich Balnabodach Grissel Stewart Danadamharg 21 Feb 1765
Donald Stewart Eadaintian, Dull Janet Stewart Nether Boranich 23 Mar 1765
George McDonald Balnald of Strathtummel Ann Stewart Uchdnanetaig 5 Jun 1765
John Robertson Croftviatich, Moulin Ann Stewart N. Bornaich 13 Dec 1765
John Stewart Achastle, Dull Janet McGlashan Uchdnanetaig 9 Jan 1767
John Stewart Tombauline of Boranich Christian Robertson Milltown of Bonskeid 23 Jan 1767
Donald McIntyre Dailno of Bohespic Janet Stewart Tressait 7 May 1767
Donald Stewart Jnr Tomanbuie Margaret Robertson Croftcarnish 29 Nov 1768
John Stewart Jnr Tomb of Cluniecragganich, Dull Christian McDonald Chamberbane 20 Dec 1768
Angus McDonald Drumindaghoun, Dull Helen Stewart Balnald of Borenich 23 May 1769
John Stewart Balnabodach Katherine McDonald Tighnacoil of Glentilt 13 Jun 1769
Donald Robertson Croftcarnish Christian Stewart Achastle, Dull 4 Jul 1769
Patrick Stewart Bohally, Dull Elspeth Calmanich Tomintianda 31 Aug 1769
Robert McDonald Balnald Helen Stewart Clune, Dull 31 Aug 1769
Duncan Stewart Croftcarnich Isobel McLachlan Carrick 25 Dec 1770
Patrick Stewart Portneolain Beattie Dewar Portneolain 15 Jan 1771
James Fraser Balnald Margaret Stewart Croftcarnish 18 Mar 1773
Alexander Kennedy Grennich Helen Stewart Chamberbane 22 Mar 1773
John Fraser Balnald of Borenich Eliza Stewart Balnald of Borenich 2 Apr 1773
Charles Stewart Knockgarry Marjory Stewart Ardtulichin (P)19 Nov 1773
John Stewart Balchapel Christian Stewart Knockgarry 10 Mar 1774
Patrick Stewart Balcastle Jean Stewart Kirktown of Struan 15 Feb 1776
Donald Stewart Tressait Christian Fraser Tomnacuag 26 Mar 1776
John Stewart Croftcarnish Christian Douglas Leik, Dull 26 Nov 1776
Angus Stewart Port-an-Eilean Christian Stewart Fortingale 22 Dec 1777
John Young Cnappaig Grisel Stewart Tressait 10 Jun 1778
Neil Stewart Clunecragganach, Dull Helen Stewart Balcastle 6 Mar 1779
William Stewart Balnabodach Margaret Stewart Edinteian, Dull 30 Apr 1779
Alexander Stewart Pitfoulian, Dull Isabel Stewart Balchapel of Borenich 25 Jun 1779
Alexander McGilliverie Over Bohespic Janet Stewart Chamberbane 17 Dec 1779
Alexander Stewart Tressait Elspeth McDonald Croftdouglas 21 Jul 1780
Neil Stewart Croftcarnish Janet Fraser Tomanbuie 11 Nov 1780
Partick Stewart Port Jean Gow Dalcroy 27 Jan 1781
Thomas Calmanich Tomintianda Christian Stewart Grennich 26 Jul 1785
Robert Stewart Chamberbane Cicel Stewart Milltown of Fincastle, Dull 8 Feb 1786
Donald Seton Balintuim Isobel Stewart Balintuim 8 Feb 1786
Henry Stewart Balintochich Ann Douglas Logierait 23 Nov 1786
Donald Stewart Chamberbane Elspeth Stewart Invervack 28 Jan 1787
James McIntosh Fonvuick Grissel Stewart Balcastle 9 Jun 1787
Donald Stewart Balnabodich Christian Robertson Pitaldonich 12 Dec 1787
William Stewart Bohally Isabel McDonald Chamberbane 11 Jan 1788
Donald Stewart Tomanbuie Margaret Stewart Invervack 3 Jun 1788
John Stewart Grennich Betty Stewart Tressait 12 Dec 1788
John Stewart Bohally Elspeth Robertson Tressait 3 Feb 1789
Angus Stewart Tressait Margaret McLean Grennich 13 Mar 1789
James Stewart Grennich Janet McLaren Grennich 23 Mar 1789
Charles Stewart Blairfetty Euphemia Stewart Port-an-Eilean 22 Sep 1789
Donald Robertson Gascon Margaret Stewart Bruchbane 2 Feb 1790
Robert Stewart Grennich Janet Robertson Achinroie 15 Dec 1790
Donald Stewart Uchdnanetaig Margaret Stewart Tomanbuie, Dull 12 Feb 1791
Robert Calmanach Balnabodich Janet Stewart Tomnacuag 18 Jun 1791
Robert Stewart Balcastle Janet Robertson Balcastle 26 Nov 1791
Alexander Stewart Bridgend of Struan Cicel Stewart Tressait 12 Dec 1791
Charles Stewart Balnald of Borenich Janet Stewart Balintockich 31 Jan 1792
Patrick Stewart Balintochich Margaret Stewart Uchdnanetaig 30 May 1792
James Stewart Croftcarnish Isabel Stewart Uchdnanetaig 6 Jul 1792
Donald McLaren Grennich Elspeth Stewart Bruchbane 8 Sep 1793
Duncan Stewart Tomintianda Jean Calmanich Grennich 21 Mar 1795
Alexander McDonald Croftstoknin, Dull Ann Stewart Balintochich 26 Dec 1795
Alexander McDonald Croftdouglas Christian Stewart Mains of Orchil 23 Jan 1796
George Stewart Uchdnanetaig Elspeth Stewart Uchdnanetaig 9 Apr 1796
James Douglas Port Betty Stewart W. Invervack 24 Jan 1797
Neil Stewart Tressait Katherine Stewart Tomb of Temper, Rannoch 6 Dec 1797
John Stewart Balcastle Grissel Stewart Uchdnanetaig 27 Feb 1798
Donald Kennedy Balcastle Grissel Stewart Uchdnanetaig 3 Dec 1798
John Stewart Tomintianda Betty Robertson Achranie 17 Jan 1799
Duncan Stewart Bohally, Dull Christian Robertson Tressait 22 Jan 1800
Alexander Stewart Grennich Ann Millar Parish of St. Martin 6 Jul 1800
John Stewart Grennich Christian Robertson E. Dalriach 1 Dec 1801
Peter Lamont Balnald Jean Stewart Balnambodich 25 Nov 1804
Alexander Stewart Bailcastle Janet Robertson Chamberbane 28 Dec 1805
John Robertson Fincastle, Dull Christian Stewart Balnald 4 Jan 1806
Robert Stewart Birkhill, Dull Isobel Fraser Borenich 29 Mar 1806
Donald Stewart Balchastle Janet Scott Balchastle 19 Apr 1806
John Stewart Fincastle, Dull Grissel Stewart Borenich 22 Jun 1806
Robert Campbell Tom of Kindochiyt Christian Stewart Borenich 22 Jun 1806
Alexander Stewart Balnambodich Christian Stewart Lick, Dull 25 Jan 1807
Alexander Stewart Fincastle, Dull Isobel Fraser Borenich 22 Feb 1807
Patrick Stewart Borenich Christian Stewart Tullich 15 Mar 1807
James Fraser Tomanbuie Ann Stewart Bruchbane 24 Jan 1808
John Stewart Balnambodich Janet Stewart Bruchbane 7 Feb 1808
John Kennedy Kinardichy, Dull Margaret Stewart Strathtummel 12 Jun 1808
Alexander Stewart Balchapel Elizabeth Stewart Balchastle 30 Apr 1809
Robert Dow Grennich Margaret Stewart Balnambodach 27 Jan 1811
Peter Stewart Borenich Elizabeth Stewart Borenich 6 Dec 1812
Donald Stewart Uchdnanetaig Helen Stewart Balcastle 19 Dec 1814
Thomas McLauchlan Fincastle Isobel Stewart Chamberbane 11 Feb 1816
Finlay McDonald Lassintullich, Fortingale Christian Stewart Bruchbane 11 Feb 1816
Alexander Fraser Croftcarnish Helen Stewart Balnald of Borenich 7 Apr 1816
John Stewart Balcastle Helen Lamont Balnald of Strathtummel 16 Mar 1817
Joseph Stewart Foss, Dull Betsy McLachlan Woodend 8 Feb 1818
Alexander Stewart Grennich Janet Stewart Grennich 28 Jan 1818
Patrick Stewart Milltown of Borenich Margaret Cameron Pitcastle, Logierait 8 Aug 1819
William Cathels Tirnie Elizabeth Stewart Balnambodich 2 Jan 1820
James Stewart Borenich Margaret Stewart Calvine 6 Aug 1820
John Stewart Bruchbane Janet Stewart originally from Foss 4 Mar 1821
Alexander Stewart Grennich Margaret Dow Balnambodich 4 Mar 1821
Hugh Stewart Bruchbane Margaret Fraser Tomanbuie, Borenich 9 Dec 1821
Robert Stewart Crossmount, Fortingale Christian Dow Balnambodich 10 Feb 1822
Robert Stewart Balcastle Helen Stewart Achastle, Dull 10 Feb 1822
John McIntyre Blairbuie Grissel Stewart Grennich 28 Apr 1822
John Stewart Tirnie Janet Stewart Woodend 1 Dec 1822
John Stewart Uchdnanetaig Grissel Stewart Balcastle 12 Jan 1823
Donald Stewart Balcastle Helen McDonald Chamberbane 3 Aug 1823
John Stewart Grennich Jean Campbell Foss, Dull 21 Nov 1824
John Stewart Balchapel Margaret Robertson Balchapel 6 Nov 1825
James Stewart Milltown of Borenich Janet Stewart Knockgarry 28 May 1826
John Stewart Grennich Jean Duff Pitagowan 28 May 1826
John Stewart Milltown of Borenich Isobel McLauchlan Chapelton, Dull 5 Nov 1826
Alexander Stewart Grennich Marjory Stewart Grennich 3 Dec 1826
Robert Stewart Balcastle Christian Stewart Chamberbane 6 May 1827
Alexander Stewart Croftdouglas Janet Stewart Croftdouglas 27 May 1827
Donald Stewart Knockgarry Janet McDonald Chamberbane 16 Dec 1827
John Stewart Bohespic Christian Stewart Borenich 4 May 1828
Donald Fraser Strathtummel Isobel Stewart Borenich 4 May 1828
Donald Stewart Croftdouglas Janet Stewart Balcastle 22 Mar 1829
John Stewart Grennich Margaret Stewart Grennich 29 Nov 1829
John Robertson Tullich Christian Stewart Grennich 20 Dec 1829
James Stewart Balcastle Isobel Stewart Balnancarran, Moulin 11 Apr 1830
Donald McDonald Chamberbane Christian Stewart Bohally, Dull 16 May 1830
John Stewart Grennich Margaret Stewart Grennich 29 Nov 1830
William Stewart Tressait Elizabeth Stewart Tomintianda 12 Dec 1830
Duncan Stewart Grennich Margaret Robertson Grennich 19 Dec 1830
Alexander Stewart Tressait Margaret Stewart Tressait 6 Nov 1831
Duncan Stewart Bruchbane Janet Stewart Grennich 22 Jul 1832
Duncan Stewart Balcastle Christian Kennedy Uchdnanetaig 23 Dec 1832
Donald Douglas Balintochich Catherine Stewart Tomintianda 24 Mar 1833
Donald McDonald Balnabruach Elizabeth Stewart Balcastle 8 Dec 1833
Hugh McDermid Dalaroy, Dull Elizabeth Stewart Tressait 15 Dec 1833
Donald Stewart Tressait Janet Kennedy Uchdnanetaig 12 Jan 1834
John Conacher Kincraigie, Little Dunkeld Janet Stewart Tressait 2 Mar 1834
Donald Stewart Grennich Christian Walker Aberfeldy 9 Mar 1834
Alexander Stewart Croftdouglas Margaret Robertson Gaskin 6 Mar 1836
Peter Munro Kincraigie, Little Dunkeld Janet Stewart Tressait 29 May 1836
Charles Stewart Grennich Jean Mackay Grennich 10 Jul 1836
Alexander Stewart Balchapel Margaret Stewart Knockgarry 4 Sep 1836
Duncan Stewart Grennich Catherine McDonald Kinloch, Fortingale 4 Dec 1836
John Dow Balnabodach Janet Stewart Balcastle 17 Dec 1837
John Stewart Balcastle Ann Stewart Bohally, Dull 4 Feb 1838
Alexander Forbes Dundavie, Dull Jane Stewart Balchapel 9 Jan 1842
Alexander Dow Balintuim Margaret Stewart Tomintianda 19 Jan 1845
Peter Stewart Tomintianda Isabella Dow Tomintianda 23 Feb 1845
Donald Stewart Tressait Barbara Robertson Bochonie 16 Mar 1845
James Stewart Balnald Grace McDonald Balintuim 18 Jan 1846
William Dow Balintuim Strathtummel Susan Stewart Balnald of Borenich 19 Dec 1847
William Stewart Croftdouglas Christian Stewart Chamberbane 7 Apr 1849
David Reid Balnald Emily Stewart Bruchbane 27 May 1849
Peter Forbes Balintuim, Little Dunkeld Catherine Stewart Balintuim, Strathtummel 24 Dec 1850
Alexander Kennedy Balintochich Susan Stewart Balintuim 5 Dec 1854


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